Sunday, November 1, 2015

GOOD-BYE HALLOWEEN! Hello Sign Winner &Happy Birthday to my Son-In-Law!

Time to pack away the
and say 
Time to pack away the
that my son so lovingly made for little CJK.

CJK wanted to be a BOAT---
Nope!  A BOAT!
As you can see, he is pretty happy with
the boat his Daddy made him.
(I overlaid his real name with 
CJK'S Lil' Boat)

And he can walk around in it.

I need your address and this is 
Your Sign!
 Hope you like it!

If you don't know Kim-go visit HERE.
She is a great person!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone
that entered and signed up to 
follow the kids on Facebook and Etsy.

I wish they could send
but they won't let me
the brats!
Thanks again and I hope you have a 

We will probably do this again
in Spring with another giveaway.
Meanwhile, please look at their site
and consider a sign for a 
Christmas or Birthday present 
for someone you love.

Speaking of Birthdays!
Happy, Happy Birthday to my wonderful
SON-IN-LAW   -  Big J!
Love you, buddy!

Did you remember to set your clocks back?
And you thought I never posted pictures
of myself and my dog!

your photo name


  1. Diana, I love CJK's boat. He is so cute. Congratulations to KIm...she'll love her sign. We did not set the clocks back last night...and Ted was up at five this morning...yikes . Here's hoping our November is a wonderful month for all. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Wow, wow, wow!!! I am so excited and totally surprised!! What fabulous news to wake up to and a great way to start November. Thank you so much, please thank the boys and that adorable boat for choosing me! I absolutely love it and my head is spinning with places to put it. xoxo Kim

  3. Congrats to Kim for wining the sign!
    That little boat and cute little one inside it was perfect for Halloween!!

  4. What a great costume! Congratulations to Kim!! I am envious of that sign! They do have some wonderful items in their shop.

  5. Oh that boat is so cute and sweet CJK looks extremely happy! Happy birthday to Big J, many blessings to him.
    Congrats to Kim for her lucky win of that cute sign! Your pic is cute...oh Dianna, you're so funny!
    Have a lovely week, ahead.

  6. What a cutie! Love that idea! I'm sorry I haven't been able to read all your posts or respond by email. It's been a crazy week.

  7. Gee, Diana. You are so inconsistent. One minute I am smiling at your beautiful grandson and seeing how much you love him, and the next minute you are using your words like brats! ;-) Such a beautiful little boy. Happy birthday to your son-in-law and many more.

  8. Happy Birthday to your son-in-law, Diana! Can you believe I put away all my Halloween stuff so I can be ready for the month of November? CJK looks so cute in his little boat. He has the sweetest smile, has anyone ever told you that? (maybe it's his eyes that are smiling). Oh, my gosh, I didn't know about setting the clocks back today until I saw on my computer what time it was.

    Good Morning, Maxine hehehe.

    love, ~Sheri

  9. I think the boat idea is much cooler than a sailor

  10. Now that costume is down right amazing! Been in the basement all day working on faux painting and all the Halloween décor will remain at least for today. Congrats go to Kim.

  11. Ha ha ha! I love Maxine!
    Cute sign!
    The boat is adorable, too.
    November 1st is a good day. Halloween was a BIG day and now I can putt around TRYING to organize myself with no pressure!

  12. Toooooo funny. I thought that was a picture of me and my dog! Congrats to Kim. I'm jealous. Have a great Sunday. Your grandson is adorable!

  13. Great post, and congratulations to the lucky winner. The boat costume was awesome...what a great Dad! xo Enjoy your Sunday!

  14. What a cute boat costume. CKJ is adorable! Love it and so nicely done!! Your family is just full of talent. Congrats to Kim. She will love it and so deserving. Happy birthday to your sil. Have a great week ahead. xo

  15. I do the same thing. I had Halloween packed up before noon. I only have a couple of Thanksgiving things, but I love them! Congrats to Kim! I'll go and check out her blog.

  16. Congrats to Kim - such a great giveaway! Love little CJK' s boat. Yep, bye bye Halloween, a quick stop at Thanksgiving and then uh oh.....

  17. What an adorable costume!
    I thought of another idea for signs:
    Happy home in French=Maison Heureuse

  18. i love kim's blog and kim! so happy she won that cool sign!
    and oh... that little boat. how adorable IS that child!!! and genius design of the walkable boat!
    and your soninlaw... what a hunk!
    and could i possibly get ONE more exclamation point on this comment?

  19. Congratulations to Kim!! I LOVE his Halloween costume! How adorable!! Signs are just lovely! Enjoy your evening.


  20. Congrats to Kim! She won a great sign! I love CJK's boat- it's so cute! Talent runs in your family! I love Maxine; she's one of my favorites and nailed just how I fell right now! Happy Belated Halloween!

  21. I turn my clocks back on Sundays; I'm still getting up at 5 anyway...I think I've lost a couple of hours, not just one -lol-.

  22. Happy birthday big J! Congratulations to Kim. happy birthday big J! Congratulations to Kim. Cute boat !cute captain as well..I hope you got an extra hours sleep last night. I think I just stayed up an hour later.

  23. Diana, what a sea captain you have there. Darling costume..I love Kim and I'm so happy she won the sign. I did forget to turn the clocks back until about 4:00 today. Good thing we didn't have any appointments..Happy Weekend..Judy

  24. remind me of my daughter in laws! I've been getting texts all day long from them about NOW is the beginning of Christmas season....only so many more days till they can put up their trees. Down with the pumpkins and up with the turkeys!! oh my! I told them they are making my life disappear right before my eyes!!!! But their youth makes them blind to wishing their days away......sigh**
    Precious boat!!

  25. That was a cute boat costume. I don't decorate for halloween anymore? So I'll keep fall up until the week before thanksgiving. No turkey till thanksgiving week! Congrats to Kim!

  26. Congratulations to Kim. WOW, great costume for your grandson. He was so cute in it. I packed away all the Halloween decorations and left up the Fallish stuff for November. I will start on my Christmas decorating about a week before Thanksgiving. Since I will not be cooking, I can start.
    Have a great week Diana. When will you know about the results of the test?

  27. Three Cheers for Kim. :-)) How fun!
    Have a blessed week.

  28. P.S.
    Go Pack Go. ;-))) Big Game tonight!!
    xx oo

  29. Congrats to Kim! And best of luck to your son with the new business! Sweet hugs, Diane

  30. Congratulations to Kim! Love the apple cider sign. And your little CJK is just too cute in his boat costume.
    Let the craziness of the Holiday season begin! :)

  31. Congrats to Kim. Your little grandson is so his boat costume.

  32. Congrats to Kim. His boat looks beautiful. Nice to see his enjoyment in it...

  33. i know.......can you believe it's NOVEMBER??! time to put away the halloween and get out the thanksgiving!

  34. The ship costume is it!. Took down the Halloween yesterday...on to Thanksgiving.

  35. That boat costume is the cutest thing EVER! The placement of the pole sticking out in front of him made me laugh...a lot! hugs...

  36. Happy birthday, Big J! Love the boat costume! Very clever!

  37. Congrats to Kim! CJK's boat with him inside is adorable! I believe Halloween is all about the little ones. :)


  38. That little boat for CJK is precious! Congrats to Kim- I know she'll be thrilled to hang it. And happy birthday to J!
    "Your mouth sure gets a workout" - hahahahahhahahaha.
    xoxo, T.

  39. I love the little boat! What a great costume. He is adorable! Have a great day!

  40. Happy birthday to your son in law. Congrats to Kim. And I love CJ's boat - who cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Congratulations to Kim! I'm glad she won.


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