Friday, June 5, 2015

Got a little NAME IT CONTEST for you!

I suppose many of you already know
Yes- It's true-
She always looks like this when she gardens!
Don't we all?

If you don't know her 
you are missing a woman that is 
a fount of knowledge about roses and
plantings and gardens and..
dogs..and did I say roses?

Yes. Yes I did!
Which brings me to the purpose of this post!
Doesn't that roll off the tongue beautifully????
Purpose of this post....

She went out to her 
EXTENSIVE rose gardens and 
The link to her blog is here
Now the Mama Plant is this one...
(Lilian Austin)
and there must be a daddy plant around somewhere
(cuz we all know how THOSE things work)
This little sucker looks guilty to me...
 like it might be his handiwork
(a Noisette rose-Frazer's pink musk-hope I got that right)
So----What's YOUR JOB you ask...

Well, YOUR JOB is to name the baby!
So have at it!!
Name away.
You want a prize?
Well.....the prize that Connie will send you a
24" x 36" framed photo of her wedding picture
for your living's that one
you see above!
Nah---I just made that up.
Hope I didn't  give you a heart attack, Connie.

The prize will be that 

I'll throw the first name out there...

Your Turn....GO!
Connie will pick the winner
and the rest of you are all losers...
okay just kidding....

your photo name


  1. Thanks for the tip and the photos of the roses. Happy weekend!

  2. Oh, Diana, I love that name!! Blushing Baby ... . (I should probably get busy and order that print of my wedding photo, so I have it on hand for the winner.) Seriously now, you are the sweetest thing for doing this. I can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks up. Hugs to you!

    1. How about Connie's Surprise? Or Connie's Blushing Surprise?

  3. I thought of two....Little Austin...or,,,,,,Frazer Austin. What do you think?
    Since I love roses, I did go over and visit Hart Wood Roses and will follow her blog, thanks Diana!

  4. beautiful couple!

    I'm not very good at naming things but Pink Surprise comes to mind,

  5. I have to check out her blog. I love roses and bought my house because it had 16 rose bushes in the yard.

  6. Diana, I want to name it Pink Sweet Cheeks. LOL I hope Sheri at Red Rose Alley sees this. Roses seem to pop up where ever she goes. Connie sure is a beauty. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. I am a happy lady knowing I won one of your books. I can't not wait to read it. XOXO

  7. I love Blushing Baby... So instead of trying to think up another name I vote for yours!

  8. Ok, I'll play...though I'm not so great with names....
    How about Pink Star??
    It is beautiful.....

  9. I have to say I love your name. Blushing baby sounds perfect!!!! Have a great Friday my friend.

  10. Oh Diana, you crack me up! You know, a framed picture of Connie's wedding day wouldn't be too's actually quite cute :)

    How fun to name a rose! You know me, I love my roses. Your "Blushing Baby" is quite pretty :) Lets about "Baby Pink Divinity" or "Misty Rose." Happy weekend!

  11. That is a beautiful "Old Rose"....

    And since it is an "Old Rose"... Me-thinks this new baby, is simply an old baby, resurfacing.

    My husband loves and has Old Roses. Not that I know anything about them... Other than that they are beautiful.

    No name suggestion... :-) Just this thought....

  12. Diana, I think you know how much I liked this post today because I love roses. The name you picked is cute, very clever. I actually have the same white rose growing in my garden. ok, now for a name, how about................."Humble Annie."

    What a fun post.

    love, ~Sheri

  13. "BLUSHING PINK" is my name pick.
    Beautiful Old Roses my friend, just love them and the color is so lovely and sweet.

    Enjoy your weekend sweet pea!


  14. I just changed my mind! I think "Sweet Cheeks" is my fav choice!

  15. I think it should be Pink Girl. I don't know where you get your ideas from, but they are always great.
    Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully your writing your new book. I just love t and I am going to re-read it again.

  16. How about Baby Rose - not original, but I gotta run to an appointment.

  17. It really is lovely and such a sweet color. Georgia's Cherokee Rose is shaped like this.
    I will choose "Connie's Surprise."

  18. Blushing surprise! Didn't know that mommy and daddy produced a young one! Dusty rose is another one that came to mind.

  19. What a pretty rose! "Cotton Candy" comes to mind as a name. Or maybe "Sugar and Spice." Hmm...I think this means I'm craving sweets. :)

  20. I like your thought, Blushing Baby. Love that one.

  21. Replies
    1. and I should tell you why. Lillian is a very good dog rescue friend of mine and Frasier is my rescue mutt.

  22. I'd name this rose "Beyond Bermuda" because I've always wanted to go there and surely the depth of the pink is ever so deeper than Bermuda pink!

  23. How about....."New Kid On The Block" cause it looks like a fighter.
    That's what popped into my mind as I read your post and comments.
    Have a good-good day!! I must go to her blog and check it roses....I have 5 bushes and contemplating buying a 6th one now that I have more sun in the front yard.

  24. I like your name. But I'll make one up just for fun! Summer softness. Hugs, Diane

  25. Naming a rose? That just seems so official-- like registry kind of official-- I know nothing about his sort if thing... Since I'm from Texas, I'm going to go with AUSTIN PINK

  26. I'll have to give that some thought...Pretty..

  27. Girl, I will give it some thought. And hurry over after I have.

  28. Building on your suggestion, how about Connie's Blush?

  29. I think it should be called Princess Charlotte. Blessings

  30. Well, I'm kinda late to the party! All the great names have been spoken already! However... one thing I have to say is that this beautiful new rose looks amazingly similar to our gorgeous wild roses that grow here in Idaho! I really have to wonder if a wild rose from Idaho is the daddy of this beautiful rose! I can't post a picture here to compare, but check out my blog post Mountain High Vistas, and I have a beautiful wild rose photographed there, and they look quite similar! anyway... So I guess my name for this rose would be Wild Idahoan Rose... your post is lovely, and funny as always... just love your humor Diana! Have a wonderful evening!

  31. I love roses and my aunt and uncle had the best rose garden ever! I must get to know Connie as I would love to plant some roses. Beautiful share. I am thinking about a good name. Thanks for posting Diana. xo

  32. Chloe's Blush...I love roses especially pink ones but do love them all! I hope you are doing well Diana, I'm just now starting to feel like my old self again!


  33. I am voting for your name...that's a good one....Blushing Baby.

  34. You are a hoot, I really wanted that picture! lol I would name it "Love Child". L'm sure that there are a few of those in the world. lol Especially since daddy wouldn't owe up. lol Diana you have me on a roll now. Have a lovely evening and I will stop over and introduce my self to Connie. Jo

  35. Here is a thought for its name; Dusting Rose Sunrise!
    Really, what a dainty rose...
    Hugs, Roxy

  36. Lily Frazer. It's a beautiful rose, can't wait to see it grow into an adult bush. But Blushing Baby is an adorable name.

  37. It has to be Blushing Baby! So lovely! Just like Connie--♥

  38. As much as Connie pours herself in everything she does, including her home and her gardens, how about "Hartwood Squeal"? Rose names are important just as people, pets etc. People research rose names (ok, maybe crazy people like me). Let's imagine many many moons down the road, and someone will discover that there was a rose garden in Hartwood Manor in Virginia and that the person who was ever so gently owned by those roses squealed when she discovered the first seedling.. and that is when Hartwood Squeal was born. Brings a smile just imagining it. It's high time ;-).

  39. Immaculate conception! Virginia Sunset, Gypsy Blush, Blushing Bastard, or since I'm so fond of her dogs, Ruby's Blush! That's my favorite :)

  40. Tequila Sunrise

  41. Cheery Cherry, Jello Mold (the kind with kool-wip mixed in!), It's the color of cold borscht with oure cream mixed in! Did the plant survive what was it named?


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