Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October First!!!!

I can't believe it is 
Can you?
I stole this graphic from a friend...

I am doing a bit of 
today after not much
sleep for the last few days.

As sad as it was
the funeral for our friend, Ken, yesterday
was heartwarming.
So many people that turned out to pay
their last respects.
The little country church was full with
standing room only.
He was an wonderful man
and his absence will leave a
hole that will not be easily filled.

Back tomorrow with my regular nonsense.
And for your smile today...
Does this prove that 
"all those that wander are not lost"?

Looks like MyHero tossed the 
out of the way trying to find his way home.

ps..  I did NOT drive off and leave him there.

~Have a Happy October 1st~

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  1. Happy October,
    "Here there be musing" blog

  2. I feel so bad for ones left behind, he sounds like such a great guy, must have been a hard trip for you, beautiful photos today, is that your husband walking a way, you didn't make him walk home did you, lol, I'm getting the new voice activated program soon, I'm going to be so high tech it won't even be funny, will it will be funny speaking into the computer, I must watch what I say!!!

  3. Happy October to you Diana. I am glad that Ken's funeral was one of tribute to him. That helps the family so much. I find that the lonely time comes for people after the funeral and company have gone. It's quiet and then you truly grieve. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. I love the visual of the gathering in the little church...all there to share their love of your dear friend.
    xxx, T.

  5. So glad to you're back. Funny picture of your honey wandering amongst the dilapidated picnic table... hmmmm, and you say you didn't drop him off there?? You weren't dumpter diving and making him go get the wood from that table? See how rumors start?

  6. I'm glad that there were some happy moments in such a sad time.
    Yeah, its October. My favorite month. My son turns 40 today. Seems impossible.

  7. You may be right, he may be looking for a way home,

  8. So glad that you were able to attend Ken's funeral. I am sure his wife really appreciated you being there. What happened to the table? Did your Hero get mad and kick it to the creek?
    Rest up dear friend and slow down.

  9. Happy October 1st to you too! I sure hope we cool down below the 90's during this month. The a/c has been running strong since March. :) I'm still praying for Ken's family. God bless them. Love the funny pic of your Hero!!

  10. A month filled with crisp air and Autumn joy I wish for you Diana. Rest up and thanks for sharing the visual of Ken's funeral, I'm sure he smiled down on everyone. Funny photo of your Hero.
    Pumpkin kisses!

  11. That was a hard trip for you to make, Diana. I continue to have Ken's family in my thoughts and prayers. Here's hoping the new month ahead has many unexpected pleasures awaiting you! xo Nellie

  12. I know it's only October but as quickly as this year has flown by, I'm already dreading next summer :( Where does the time go? Have a super October 1 and go back and get that guy you left :) Blessings, Cindy

  13. Welcome back, Diana! I said a prayer for your friend's family.

  14. We don't take enough time to wander any more. Looks like your hubby is enjoying his quiet time.

  15. Why does he look like he's sulking, Diana?? Are you sure you didn't just drop him off somewhere and take off? : )

  16. I'm remembering your friend and his family in prayer. Such a loss for that dear family. You mustn't let him roam around like that!! He could get lost and then what would you do? LOL


  17. Happy October 1st to you to!!!! Love the fall picture, so darn pretty. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend and for his family. You hubs does look a little what really happened? The weather has been beautiful here...and wishing you peace and happiness.

  18. Happy October my sweet friend.

  19. I'm glad for it to be October! September was a stressful month around here; hoping for better times in October. And I hope your October is just wonderful!

  20. Sad nice of you to be there..Time for you to rest a little..Happy October..

  21. ou make the sun shine even in the evening. You are a delight. But aside from THAT, loved seeing your hero walking off into the nether'er to be seen again. Heehee. BTW, I have three other lady bloggers from your State and they are THE best women. Fabulous senses of humor, honest as the day is long and just all around great friends. AND your State is gorgeous. So is mine, but yours is in a different way,

  22. Happy Fall my friend. I think it's been a hard summer for so many...time to embrace the change of seasons! Have a wonderful week! Sweet hugs, Diane

  23. Hi Diana, I've been praying for your friend and family. I know God will give them comfort and peace. Hope you can rest when you return for a bit.
    Happy October.

  24. Hi Diana, It will be hard for your friend's family, but he doesn't have to suffer any more. God will be there for them. October is a special month for us considering we will be married 51 years the 19th. The weather has been beautiful for the most part. My favorite time of the year when the trees turn to their beautiful colors. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  25. Hi Diana, It's so nice to have you back among us. I know that we all missed you being here in blogland.

  26. Happy October Diana. So sorry about your friend passing away. Hang in there.

  27. I am so glad that you got to go to the funeral....I'm sure it meant a lot to his family. Happy October....hugs, Penny

  28. Yep, Sept.flew by so fast, no reason to think Oct will be slow in passing...Christmas gonna be here waaay before most of us are ready.

  29. Safe travels. You are a good woman. Good as in great. The way you care and love for people is truly a blessing for many.

  30. Get some rest friend and a very Happy October to you as well!!!! Nicole xoxo

  31. Good heavens! He tossed the picnic table? :) GOOD man! I'm playing catch up too. Well..more or less. I start and stop and start again.
    :) I hope you are doing better than I am!

  32. oh sweetie that must of been so hard for you that funeral. My heart breaks for you and his wife. So young a man he was. Happy Oct dear friend. Get some rest.

    Love ya girl.

  33. I'm glad you were there for Ken's family.
    Love that last pic and that you didn't drop him off and leave him!

  34. I'm so sorry about your friend Ken, Diana. I hope his family can find some peace thru their loss, knowing that he isn't suffering any more and is in heaven.


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