Sunday, October 5, 2014


I have recently been reading that
I am not ready to agree with that-
although I will say that many of those
that were blogging when I first started
4-1/2 years ago are no longer blogging
so they miss things like this.
But this survey 
is NOT about blogging being dead.
I am working on the assumption that
blogging is alive and well.  So....

There are several thoughts about these questions.
I already know how a few of you feel
about these things
but I would like to hear from
as many of you as feel inclined to answer.

Here we go!
Question #1-
When you leave me a comment-
Do you LIKE it when I respond
or do you wish I wouldn't because
it clogs up your Inbox?

Question #2
Sometimes you leave me a comment
and there is NO WAY to reply to you.
Do you KNOW that you are a
No Reply blogger?
(more on this later in this post)
Please know that I ALWAYS respond
to comments with a reply to you.
(unless you have asked me NOT to do so)
I do this IF your email is available.
(Personally, I feel GUILTY when I don't respond)

Question #3
I see there are several bloggers that reply
to their comments right on their blogs.
Do you EVER go back to a blog
to read a reply to the comment you left there?
I never do that.
I just don't have the time.
I wonder if anyone else goes back to 
check for a response to their original comment~
Did that make ANY sense at all?  lol

Question #4
This is something I would like
to know for my future blog posts.

Okay- here goes-
I write about a variety of things.
I am all over the place.
What would YOU like to see on my blog?

Family Stories
Holiday Decorations
Rehab Projects

Decor- Inside
Outside-Gardens & Decor

Sorry- You don't have a choice on that!

Just because I CAN
I want to tell you that I 
HATE Google Plus!
IF you use Google Plus there is often
NO WAY to find you.
You often become a NO REPLY blogger
and there is NO email address 
available for you
AND there is hardly ever a 
LINK back to your blog.
Often when I go to leave a comment
I have to jump through all kinds of
hoops to do so and sometimes,
even then, it won't let me leave 
you a comment.
IF you are a Google Plus user
please check your profile 
to make sure 
that I can find you to say Hello!

So- That's it!
That's my Sunday Survey.
If you have a moment leave me
your thoughts.

I really appreciate every single
reader and every comment.
You guys/gals-whatever/whoever- are 
special people.

I'll tally up any results and let you know
what everyone else thinks.

The end!
Happy Sunday!
your photo name


Susie said...

Diana, I like to get replies to comments. I some times go back to blogs to see a reply or read others' comments too. I like that you are always very good at replying. I love seeing every kind of events, decorating, crafts, cooking, all of the everyday things that people do. That how I can feel connected to bloggers. Please don't ever stop. I have noticed that some have stopped or I can't find them any longer. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Kirby Carespodi said...

I read that blogging is dying, as well. I don't think it is. I think that folks who have let it consume their lives are leaving blogging because it can consume your life! I think folks who are blogging for fun will continue to do so. Second, I don't go back and see if someone has left me a reply on her comment thread. It is time consuming, and sometimes I forget where I've commented. Third, sometimes folks are no reply and they don't even know it. This hurts my heart because I like to respond to everyone. And I'll read anything. I'm a reading 'ho.

boopnut said...

I like things the way they are! I like to read other's blogs and see how different each of us are! I wish I had more followers, but I wouldn't know when to read all those blogs! I don't want to do a survey, cause people might say hang it up. It is actually therapy for me. Does that make any sense?

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Let's see...I'll go backwards.

I come here to see you pick on your Hero. Ha ha have a nice variety / don't change.

I am a no-reply mostly to avoid canned emails saying "thank you blah blah blah " from people who never bother to visit other people's blogs, ever.

You visit people / probably don't have to email too, is my thought...unless it is for something aside from a standard response. Too much work! :0 )

Having said that I do go back and forth in email with bloggers sometimes if it is important ( send me your address or things like that ) and I am not avoiding email contact info is on my home page.

I have seen people ask these questions before....and it seems to be up to what people want or expect...but I don't reply to a blogger in my comments / I visit them as soon as I get a chance. For readers that don't have a blog, I reply. Or if someone ( blogger or not ) asks a specific question then I'll reply in the comments.

I'll only email them if it something extremely complicated.

Hope that makes sense on my end :)

Laura @ Top This Top That said...

I don't read your posts because of the variety of topics ( although I enjoy alot of everything) I read them because of your wit, your sweetness and your heart. You leave me with a smile each time I read your blog. Thank you for that.

Sylvia said...

Diana, I love comments and I do try to reply back but sometimes if I don't it's because I am in a hurry (sorry for that bad excuse) I do go back to my blog and see if there is a comment that I didn't get an email from. I don't like to see "noreply" when an email comes into my inbox, they get to comment and I don't get to answer. I love to receive comments in my inbox! I do try and visit all the blogs that are on my dashboard whether they visit my blog or not. I love all that you post, so keep it coming! Your nonsense makes my day, we all need laughter in our daily lives.

Dee said...

Are you kidding? I love when you leave comments on my blog. It really makes my day.

I am happy to say that I am no longer with Google plus... yeah! I just made this change last night so this is brand new. I shouldn't be a no reply blogger any more, but if I still am, let me know, please.

Sometimes, I check back for responses on different blogs, but it's too time consuming.

Your blog is one of my favorites so whatever you post is fine with me... :)

Vee said...

1. Oh I always enjoy hearing from you. ; >

2. No reply commenters are a pain. That said, there are sometimes legitimate reasons for a blogger to go that route.

3. Yes, I will return to a blog if there is a discussion going on such as the one you have going here.

4. Bloggers should write about what interests them. I am here reading on any topic whether I comment or not. Commenting takes a lot of time.

5. Agreed on Google + as it has single-handedly done more to destroy/frustrate what was a very good thing than anything else other than Blogger itself not working terribly well.

Now did you already know what I thought or was this a clever ruse to get folks talking? You know how much I feel that everyone is entitled to my opinion. LOL!

vivian said...

I say... you just keep on doing exactly what youre doing. and No, I dont go back to read comments so if there is a reply I would never see it. You are very good about responding to comments.. I am not. I read and appreciate every one and try to reciprocate by visiting and leaving comments on their blogs. I love how attentive you are to each of your visitors!
I think blogging is not as popular as it was since facebook and instagram are around.. as well as the other things.. though i dont know what they are. but its not dying as long as we are here! lol! I dont plan on going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I have read that blogging is losing popularity too, thats sad, I jumped on the band wagon late but love it, I would read your blog no mater subject you choose because you can make folding towels a treat to read, thats why we love you, I get very frustrated with no reply bloggers, I never remember to back to a blog where the comment is answered under the comment,

JoAnne said...

These are great questions, Diana. Many of them I have wondered myself. I love rehab and decor posts (and definitely the nonsense too) but you are such a good writer that all of your posts are great! I appreciate when you reply to my comments but I don't expect everyone to reply to every comment I make ~ I realize people are busy and I definitely don't keep track of who does or doesn't reply to my comments. To be honest, commenting on posts sometimes feels more like a chore. I want the blogger to know that I visited and enjoyed their post but I feel like I'm saying the same things over and over again. So trying to think of something different to say is the hard part for me. I know what you mean about G+!!
I've tried using it but it does make commenting difficult and confusing IMO so I have just about given up on it.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Don't change a thing about your blog...I love it!!
As for comments ~ I never go back to see if someone responded to mine. I think it's just as easy to respond to the comment in one's email.
I agree that blogging isn't what it used to be...but I still like it!
Happy Sunday!!

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Good morning,

Some quick answers to your Sunday Survey:

#1. I leave comments on blogs as time allows. I prefer the back-and-forth visiting that occurs naturally when a new blog post is published, and don't expect a return comment for every comment I leave. Hope that makes sense!

#2. I am a no-reply blogger on purpose. Too, too many emails otherwise. My email address is on my sidebar if someone wants to write me, but I don't want all my comments emailed to me in addition to having them on my blog. I just respond back to the folks that leave a comment by visiting them back.

#3. I rarely ever reply back to a comment on my blog. I do so if I believe it is a question that others have/might ask about too & then email the person to let them know that I left a reply. For blogs that regularly reply to comments on their blogs... no, I do not return to read the reply.

#4. Write about what you love! I love it all. Especially the nonsense! :)

#5. I never signed up for Google Plus, and plan not too. I agree - it is confusing trying to contact a blogger through Google Plus!

P.S. I hope blogging stays. I never signed up for Facebook (and won't), and love blogging.

Have a happy Sunday, and thanks for asking us what we all think!

Kay G. said...

1. An email from Nana Diana is ALWAYS welcome.
2. You don't have to worry about me being a no reply blogger!
3.I also try to reply to all my comments. And I do look back to see if anyone has responded, but only for a few days. I have sometimes responded to comments when I have noticed them months later!
4. My dear, you write about ANYTHING, I love it ALL.
5. I hate Google Plus too, it is from the Devil.
For my final word, let me leave you with my favorite quote...I think Churchill said it, but it is also from the movie "Galaxy Quest"...'NEVER GIVE UP....NEVER SURRENDER!!!

Olivia said...

Hello my sweet and beautiful friend! I still love blogging! Although, due to some problems in my hands I am not able to visit everybody's blogs and leave comments like I used to. Thank you so very much for your kind words, they bring JOY and beauty to my heart.
Bless you my dear!
xoxo '

Nellie said...

I absolutely LOVE the replies I receive from you to my comments! It sets up our own little conversation! I don't ever return to a blog where I have left a comment to see if the blogger has replied there. I like your blogging style, Diana - a little bit of everything!

Patty Marker said...

Good topic Diana. I went to commenting after the comment because it sometimes took me so much time to find a way to respond to a comment and I would feel guilty if I opened a comment as an email and didn't have time to get back to someone and then time got away from me and so on and because so many are no reply bloggers. I don't know how many come back to read my response but at least I feel like I have responded. It is easy to take a few minutes and sit down and write replies that way as well. My thought on blogging is to blog from the heart but don't stop. Blogging needs just regular bloggers and not just the big girls.

bj said...

whew..I just wrote a comment 10 pages long and too HOT to leave as a comment....:)
I'll come back later when my boiling blood settles down...your questions opened the flood gates of things that have bothered me for a long time...bothered me enuf that I've been thinking of closing down my blog.
See ya later, alligator...

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

#1...-giggles- Please do not always always "reply" to my comments, in your blog....with an email reply to me. BECAUSE it takes tooo much of YOUR time! Please! too much of YOUR time. Not necessary! Not being impolite! JUST please come read/comment in MY blog, now and then! That is all the politeness, you need to practice, for me. Hugs...

#2...If you notice that I have somehow slipped back into being a No-Reply-Blogger, please TELL ME! I do not want to be thus.

#3...Bloggers replying to their comments right on their blogs... -grrrr- -bahhh-humbug- -moan- -sigh- This is one of the worst moves,
Blogger ever made! This reply on comments! No, I do not return, to peruse a blog's comments, to see if the blogger has
DEIGNED to reply to me, there! Good freakin' grief! Same as above, come over to my blog, and comment on it. Duhhhhhhh...

#4...What do I want to see, on your blog??????? WHATEVER you want to blog about!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but another Duhhhhhh. Why in
hell should any of us, mold our blogging, to the wish of others?????!!!!!???????? Why? Why? Why?

#4A..If any reader, wants just one of those types of blogging in particular (recipes, crafting, family pics, decorations, re-hab, etc.), let
'em go find blogs which zero in on their chosen topic. Do not expect any particular blogger, to cater to their individual wishes.

#5...Google+ ---- One of the worst new-fangled-crap, which has been foisted on people!!!!! &*^%#%&((&^%% to Google+ !!!!!!!!!

Good grief Woman, you know how to get me rillllled up!!!!! So many of my favorite peeves... In one post. Asking me to comment on them!!! Wheeeew... I think I need to go take a morning nap now. to calm down And get my panties from being in a twist. -giggggles-

Thank you for asking!!!!

More bloggers should ask questions.

Said by one, who is always asking questions. lol

"Here there be musing" blog

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

Great topic, Diana!
I have enjoyed your comments back to me; I certainly count you as one of my blogging friends! I never think of you clogging my inbox! "No reply" comments bother me too. I feel bad that I cannot respond to that person. I feel like they took time from their day to comment and I cannot do the same. I think some people may not connect that they need their email to receive a comment back. I never go back to check for comments from a blogger that respond on their blog. I have signed up for their feed and received all of their comments and I don't like that at all! I do see that as a clog in my inbox. I love anything you write about; I really don't have a preference. You have a gift of story telling and I enjoy your blog so much! Speaking of Google+, I left it some time ago. I just don't have time for all the things that are required in blogging these days.
I realize many of the big bloggers are making money from their blogs. It's big business, for them. They travel, receive free items, press and magazine articles for their ideas. I guess each blogger has to decide what the purpose of their blog will be and head in that direction. I definitely, feel like you blog from your heart!

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

Oops, I should have proofed my comment better! Yikes, I see errors! Sorry!

Judy said...

i'm not sure if blogging is dying or not but i know that a lot of bloggers that started out and got what some people call "big time" really need to get an attitude adjustment....i'm going to leave it at that! i just delete them from my blog roll.

i hate when i get a comment and can't respond/reply....very frustrating! as far as bloggers that respond to their comments on their own blog...i think i only go to 1-2 to see if they reply to my comment but i don't like that concept.

i moderate my comments and don't mind at all seeing when you (or anyone else) leaves me a comment via email notification....there was a blogger a year or so ago that actually said she deleted all comments b/c it clogged up her emails...she took a lot of flax for that and i immediately quit following her....what a dumb thing to say!

Cass @ That Old House said...

I guess I kind of answer "whatever you want to do," on some of those questions. I do sometimes reply on the blog comments section, but I don't really expect people to go back and find the reply, but sometimes i do it because it contains extra information that might be useful.
I never have a problem with you clogging my inbox, my dear! :-)

I hope blogging isn't dead -- it's been such fun. I've been away from it, but I'm going to get back into the habit, or writing AND reading! As for the topics ... again, whatever you want to write about. It's your inspiration, your blog -- go with your heart!
Love, Cass

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

I don't believe blogging is dying- like everything else it is just evolving. The "old timers" complain about the way it was but I say just adjust! If you don't like it then quit- there certainly is no one forcing a person to blog. I blog to keep myself busy and interactive plus I see it as sort of a journal about what I've been up to. I don't like the ads on some blogs especially since it can take so long to load their page, but if I like the blog enough I deal with it. I don't mind responses back to a comment through email- it's a pleasant thing to see! I'm with you about the no reply blogger but I've decided a lot of people don't understand what that means so they dismiss it and do nothing about it. I stopped replying on my blog because unless a person goes back to verify and see if you did respond it's a waste of time. Occasionally I have replied on the blog if the person is a no response-blogger since I can't reach them that way. No I don't go back to a blog to see if there is a reply- too time consuming. I think a good blog covers all sorts of things so I'm okay with all of the above! I also hate Google+ and find it annoying when I can't get to someone's blog more easily.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Well, I missed you all summer! I read your blog because you read my blog and comment. I consider you a friend. Some blogs are ready religiously and commented, those individuals never visited my blog or commented. I prefer the blogs that are about real life, not all the glitz and advertising. Some I think are auditioning for HGTV! I love getting a email from you. I wish I knew a easy way to do that myself...but I make sure I respond by visiting and commenting on their blog. Keep it up, just the way you are!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Question 1 ... We know my love of words - so I always appreciate, welcome and enjoy comments left and also email exchanges. But only if someone has the time and desire to correspond.
Question 3 Please don't change your blogging style, I adore it all and actually know a new post of yours will most likely make me smile, laugh and know my day has been enriched by you.
Now on a personal note I started blogging at a time that was extremely heartbreaking for me, the sincere warmth and kindness I have encountered by people in blog land has meant more than I can ever express. I know schedules are demanding and time is precious but to me blogging is precious and I hope will last.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

1 - I don't mind getting emails, but I certainly don't expect them because I know how much extra time it must take. I do find it odd - and you are not one of them! - that there are those who will take time to email me but not come to my blog and leave a comment. We love our comments, don't we? And that is why I answered #3 as I did.

2 - I'm not a No-Reply blogger as far as I know. My email is on my blog.

3 - As for going back to read comments, I only do that on blogs where I know the blogger always responds in that way...when I remember to. :) I try to respond back to a specific question asked on my blog in a comment on the their blogs because I know bloggers love getting comments. And I will send an email if the question requires a lengthy answer.

4 - Blog about whatever you want to, it's your blog! I read blogs that fit a particular niche such as the decorating blogs once in a while, but the blogs that I prefer are the ones I call "real life" blogs that cover a variety of topics.

I hope blogging isn't dying, but I know that some (me, included) have been very busy and are taking longer breaks. Great questions and I'll be back to read all the comments!

Stephanie said...

Happy Sunday, my friend! You have some exellent questions, questions that I have often wondered about. Here are my answers....

1. I love hearing from you, Diana, so your replies are a blessing in my inbox. Even if it's just a "Thanks for stopping by!"

3. I hardly ever go back to a blog to see if that person replied to my comment. There are a handful that I will revisit because I know that's how the reply, but for the most part I just don't have time and I visit so many blogs that I honestly forget who needs revisited. The only time I will reply on my blog post is if the person is a 'No-Reply' person and if they asked a question.

4. As for your posts and what you write on... I love it all! I think you have a great variety of posts, Diana, and I really like that :)

And finally...I agree with your views about Google+. It truly is frustrating. Great survey, Diana. I am looking forward to reading what others thing. Enjoy your Sunday! Hugs

Debbie said...

If you change anything about your blog, I won't come here anymore!!! LEAVE it just the way it is! If I want more of just one thing, I'll go visit a blog that's honed in on just one subject. I love your ADD style of writing, Diana. Why do you think so many people follow you??? Because they love you just the way you are!!!
If I cannot respond to a comment, I will do it at my own blog. Other than that, I either email, or visit the blogger's site. I myself don't go back to a post to see a response to my comment.
I LOVE hearing from you! comments, or emails...doesn't matter...just stay in touch!!
I've noticed some bloggers have stopped blogging, too. Some have turned into billboards for advertisers. Some focus on that next magazine shoot. etc, etc. Whatever works for them. There are times when I've questioned why I blog, myself.
I agree with Ann. I read your blog, you read my blog. I consider you a friend. The end.

20 North Ora said...

Don't change anything about your blog! You are the highlight of my mornings. You seem to always make me smile and I've had a hard time doing that lately. I love your comments coming to my email. Like you said, I rarely go back to a post after I've commented. So, friend, stay true to your funny self!


J said...

I LOVE discussions like this! Thank you for inviting our replies!
At the risk of sounding arrogant, I will say that I do not "suffer fools gladly." Therefore, I will faithfully read (and excuse) anything from only a dozen or so of my faves, commenting to them on a regular basis. Your personal replies to me (very specific, caring messages!) are what established our friendship. However, if your method was to reply to my comments on your site, I would return to look for them there. I have a handful of others who reply that way and I enjoy returning to see what they've said. For myself, I return-visit all of my commenters and leave my message on their current post. The exception is the G+ people. I feel badly about not reciprocating to those, but "oh well!" I also have discovered that my comments on WP blogs disappear after submitting and go to spam. Again, only my fave authors (when contact info is available!) get a personal email from me informing them of this and they are always grateful and able to fix it.
Is there a demise in blogging? It does require commitment and talent. I think many want to get on board for ad revenue that just won't come if there's no meaningful content amid pages of blinding, flashing ads. Others find it fills a need for a short time and then they move on. If insincere bloggers drift away, that will leave only a smaller core of quality ones - a good thing, I think!
In summary, I guess I will really go the extra mile for a favorite blogger - others, not so much!
Your content, Diana, is perfect! Never know what I'll find when I click on your latest post. I feel like a treasure hunter who never goes away empty-handed! All recipes or all of anything can get stale. You have the best variety out there! And your wit and charm is so appealing and definitely "one of a kind!"

Susan Newbigging said...

Diana I love that you visit my blog and comment. I sometimes reply on my blog if there is a question, but you made me aware that most people would not come back to check for the answer to their question.
Diana I enjoy everything you write about , be it family, projects or whatever. You have such a sense of humor it brightens my day. I took a break from blogging and recently came back. So I really do not know if blogging is declining. What I do know , people are using other social media these day ie : google plus. I prefer the old way of blogging, but I do both.

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

I love and enjoy reading your blog. I also appreciate your sweet comments at my blog. No I like your comments sent to my email not back on your blog as I don't check back again. You are a down to earth blogger too and so kind. So glad we connected through blogging.


I also enjoy reading about most everything. It's like talking to a friend :) I know it takes a lot of time to reply to comments, and I'm fine if you don't unless I ask a really important question! LOL!!! I don't use google plus...I still enjoy blogging...I don't check back to blogs for replies. I forgot all of your questions...LOL!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

No, I don't go back to blogs to see if there is a reply to my comment. I do like when you email back, Diana, but it is not necessary. I don't reply back to every person who comments on my blog, sometimes I just go visit them. I figure they would appreciate a comment on their blog more.

Yes, please, to all of your offerings. : )

I agree about Google Plus. Sometimes I get so frustrated, especially after floating around trying to leave a comment and wasting so much time doing so.

I do think blogging is changing. Maybe not dying. It's changed to me in that you don't get the visitors you used to because no one does linky parties the way they are supposed to. You get the one or two (or those that have been around awhile and know you are supposed to visit the others that link up to the parties you link up to) who do. I've stopped joining in on linky parties because of it, among other reasons.

At any rate, blogging has lost its shine in my eyes and so that affects how, when, why I blog.

And that's my two cents! : )

Cozy Little House said...

Blogging isn't going anywhere. I don't know what fool came up with that nonsense. I've been blogging for nearly six years, and I just don't believe that. I think that bloggers burn out and quit. I see that all the time with Welcome Wagon. Okay, as for your survey, I like when I get a response from you/whoever. If I asked a question. If I didn't ask a question, it doesn't matter to me. On my part, I get the comments in my email, so often I email them and I also go back to my blog and answer them there. I don't usually go back to see what they responded to my response, unless I'm already there. What do I like to see, whatever you're doing is fine with me. But if hard-pressed to answer, mostly I like decorating and gardening.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Okay here goes - my opinion...... #3, I always go back and read all my comments and if they come in on the post I answer them. If I get an email comment I always answered that. Hopefully, I have not forgotten anyone, if I have please forgive me. My intention is - to answer them all. Some bloggers NEVER EVER leave a comment even when you read all if there's.
I like #4, because you are so very interesting and have so many wonderful pictures to share, stories to tell and project that you have been working on. Sooooooooooooooo keep up the wonderful posts - I love them all, dear friend.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Okay, here's my two cents worth...

1. I love it when you respond to my comments! Makes me feel like we have a real friendship. :)

2. Yes, it is frustrating when there's no way to reply to someone. If that's the case, I have no choice except to just reply in the comments section and hope they see it, but they probably don't. (see below for my answer to #3)

3. This is one of my pet peeves. I NEVER go back to check and see if they replied to my comment. I think a lot of bloggers don't even know that we don't see those replies unless we actually take the time to go BACK to their blog and check. And like you said, who has time to double back and check?!

4. I love ALL your posts!! I think you have a good mix of family, decor, etc. You've achieved a good balance of what people like. :)

I TOTALLY agree about Google Plus!! Hate it!! So many bloggers don't know that it automatically makes them a no-reply blogger, and if you click on their profile, it takes you to their google plus page where you can't even figure out what their blog is or how to reply to their comment! I'm so glad you brought this up. It's been bugging me for a long time!

Whew! That was really cathartic for me! Ha!


Sonny Gianetti said...

I very much like an email responce to my comment. Comments left on the original posters blog is annoying and nope, not going back to see if they commented back to me.. I try to make sure the blogger can easily reply to me ,so short of leaving a clickable link in my comment, I'm not sure how to make it simpler..
I have google chrome. Does that make it hard to send me a reply?

I like you fun stories- pics of not doesnt matter to me. I mean seriously how many times can you move the same vase/lamp/chair and post about your latest Renovation? lol lol

I can see why some might predict the death of blogging.. It has become so very repetitive and advertisement ridden. again there are only so many posts of putting on paint and knocking it off-- OPPS I mean distressing it, that anyone wants to look at or respond to. That sort of thing has had a nice little run but how long can it seriously last.
Times change and posts will have to change with them for any momentum to continue.

I had my kitchen cabs painting 2 weeks ago but havent been in any rush to show them. I googled white painted cabinets and 1400 links popped up- Yikes. I'm thinking folks have seen painted cabs- right?
Maybe its just me and I'm sorta bored with the whole decor thing- or oh loookie loo and what I bought.
so those are my feelings on the subjects you mentioned.
big hugs

Simply LKJ said...

1. Love your replies!!
2. You know where to find me ;-) I moderate my comments, and I do believe I may even have it set so Anonymous cannot comment. Had issues before with random comments from the peanut gallery.
3. BIGGEST PET PEEVE!!! Personally, I think it just screams "I want you to read, I want your comment, but can't be bothered to take two seconds to reply." Yes, you can subscribe to follow up comments, but I don't need to see all the comments EVERYONE is leaving and you are replying to. I personally think this is a HUGE problem with the now BIGGER, I have SPONSORS, I use tons of AFFILIATE LINKS, I am IN THIS FOR THE MONEY blogs. I have actually stopped following quite a few because to be honest, I originally followed them because I liked THEM personally, their style, their projects, etc. Not the walking billboard they now are for the many companies they have as sponsors. It irks me when I am kind enough to leave comments, almost daily and yet they never even bother to pop over to say hello and only leave a reply on their own blog once in awhile. This is also why I see blogging coming to an end or needing a HUGE readjustment. It is not what it used to be. Some of the larger blogs have taken a hit lately because of the lack of personal connection to their readers.
4. I love reading ALL your posts, regardless of topic. I have to say, your sense of humor and joy in all you do and write is why we all love you! Not necessarily the content.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Don't change a thing!
I don't use Google + anymore...just wasn't worth all the trouble it created.
I don't go back and read comment replies on on a blog much...every once in awhile.
I quit visiting blogs that are so loaded with sponsors and ads because it's so distracting and off putting.
Their content gets completely lost in all the chaos.
I'm like you...I blog about all sorts of things and I wouldn't have it any other way.
So please just remain YOU! :)

living from glory to glory said...

Hello There! I have noticed a change in blogging also. But I think we that love this form of creativity and humor and relationships will continue till Blogger dumps us. Okay, I love it when you comment back to my Email. But only if your time allows it. Also, I never go back to see a response to my comment on another's blog,and as you stated, I do not have time! I think no matter what you blog about I read and respond as it tickles my fancy. Google+ is like a web and it takes your personnel stuff to circles of people who you never intended to be involved in.
My complaint is with all the advertisements on blogs.
Love Ya

Stacey said...

Here are my thoughts:

I too hate Google +. I read somewhere that it has been a failure and will likely go away. My fingers are crossed.

I loved blogging so much in the beginning and have been at it for 6 years. I don't want to give it up because it truly feels like friendships with some people and a record of life. But...I miss old school blogging when we just wanted to connect over common subjects. It feels like everyone wants to tell me "how to" at this point and thanks.

Diana, I love your kind of blog. It's like getting together over coffee and visiting. I want to know about your family too because they are the reason you make your pretty home!!

I don't like the way blogs have become so "styled" now. For example, sitting the cute mud boots next to a chair because the leopard boots match something in the room. Yes it's beautiful and it matches but it isn't real and that can be saved for a magazine or something.

I miss when people replied to comments and left comments more. I appreciate that you do leave comments, Diana. ♥ You know there have been posts that I've done that popped up with hundreds of views but just a few comments. I'm sure you feel the same way. That's kind of like peeping in someones window to me without knocking.

I'm just done with all the ads that pop up and move the page around and all that.

Kind of grumpy today so I'll hush now. I need coffee.

Anne Launius-Berbling said...

Hey, Diana! What a great, thought-provoking post! I feel exactly as you do...I think I actually AM signed onto the Google-Plus thing, but I thought it was the "face of things to come" and just did it. Maybe I should "undo" it because I don't like it, either. It is confusing to me...and as much as I may like/love someone OR their blog, I don't need another "sharing" point....Ohhh, that sounds mean, doesn't it? But you know what I mean...I just get overwhelmed. I like it when I get a response for a comment directly to me, yes. I don't get upset when someone doesn't, but like you, I feel guilty if I don't, myself. Sometimes someone will leave the sweetest comment, and I will go to respond and, darn it, it will be a "no reply". Used to be (before I about burned myself out on blogging a while back) I would go to their blog, if they had one, and respond on one of their posts if possible, just not to leave it "out there" with no response back to them. That got to be REALLY overwhelming, as I would venture to say that at least half were "no reply". Now...I just read them (as they come directly to my email as I imagine yours do), and move on. Feeling guilty. I thought about replying to the "no replies" directly on the blog, but then that would start a whole other "thing"...replying only to them, on the blog ~ or everyone? And sending direct comments from my email, too? No, just too much. I don't EVER go back and see if a comment was responded to myself on a blog. I have read that, in making the post, that the blog's author has already fulfilled their part in the "conversation" and that unless a direct question is asked, no further comment back is necessary, but I still feel rude if I don't! I don't leave a lot of comments, honestly, but I enjoy reading lots of blogs...I will "catch up" on multiple posts at one time. I do hope that blogging isn't dying, because I have found that in sharing with others, it keeps the creative juices flowing...I truly missed the time I stepped away from it, and am glad to be back now. As for your subject matter, I love it all! I all over the place myself, and just expect everyone else to be, too! Keeps it interesting! (Also, sometimes it takes me a LONG time to respond...and a few times...yes, a has gone so long that I have just "started over"and cleared my inbox...but I have felt guilty about that, too... ;) )

Anne Launius-Berbling said...

*I am* all over the place...also have OCD. ;)

Nonnie said...

Happy Sunday, Diana. I'm so glad you asked!

I enjoy your blog and family and appreciate very much that you respond to comments by email, rather than commenting on the actual comment on the blog page. I try to comment as much as possible on blogs I read.

I also appreciate your comments to my blog and I always try to respond to you and others who comment if only to say thank you.

Since you do respond to me, I'm assuming ;/) that means I'm NOT a no reply blogger.

I haven't been blogging but a couple of years, and I miss some who have stopped. Everybody seems busy, but I will continue as often as I can because it is my scrapbook and photo album of my family memories.

I like family stories, recipes and nonsense. I also enjoy photos of the scenery where bloggers live. I'm not a decorator or crafter or project person. Other people are, I know, so you should post what interests you and your followers.

I also enjoy encouraging and reading thoughts of bloggers.

Rick Watson said...

You do a good job Nana. I'm one of those people who went to Google + and it's a pain to respond to my my comments.
I don't do as good a job as I should being a good blog buddy, but I don't think blogging is dead.
I use my blog to develop ideas for stories and columns that I write for the news media. It allows me to share ideas and I can tell by the responses I get whether or not they will resonate in my newspaper columns.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Ah, I don't blog like I used to, like you I've been blogging a long time and see that it has changed and feel at least for me it is dying a slow death. It doesn't matter to be if a person responds to my comment or not, unless I've asked a question :) I'm hit and miss with replying to comments but then I don't get many lol blog about whatever you feel like, it is your blog!!! xo

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

I think I am the only non-blogger to reply! I love your blog. After all.... you are also in Wisconsin!! I like that you don't constantly post the same things over and over. As others have said, do you really need to show us every single time you change a vignette or a chalk-board sign? Just sharing your daily life is such fun. I also love the compassion you show for others and asking for a few prayers when you know of someone in need. I find that a lot of bloggers don't often answer a comment left by a non-blogger. Regardless, I follow about 20 different blogs and I do sometimes comment and often wonder if bloggers care about non-bloggers. There are a few who always/ usually respond because they always respond to their comments. I know that must be quite time-consuming! Anyway, I would be sad if blogging was dead! I was sad when Young House Love took their break but certainly understand and appreciate the time and effort each person puts into their posts! Thanks, and On, Wisconsin!! :-)

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

First, don't stop doing anything as I love your variety. But add a little more of the rehabs. Second, I saw a blog recently that had a statement saying something like "I love your comments, but instead of responding I will come to your blog and leave a comment." I think this is a great way to payback. I will do this when I figure out how (or if you do this let me know how) to create the statement. Third, I leave a reply on the comment when I think others may be interested in the answer. I also try to reply when it's a question or feel I want to respond. I have met ladies who I would want as my best friend if only they were closer. Fourth, never lose your fantastic sense of humor!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I am on Google+, but rarely use it...and I agree it has led to a lot of no-reply users. People have to make a special effort to visit their blogger profile and enable their email. I don't reply to all my comments anymore...unless there is a question. There just isn't enough hours in the day. I try to visit the commenter if they have a blog. I never expect a response to my comments, and if a blogger responds on the blog, sometimes I will enable comment notification, just in case. I am always amazed that you are able to answer your comments with as many as you receive!
I enjoy reading whatever you want to share, Diana!

Missy George said...

I would like to see family and nonsense and you are the queen of nonsense! I get tired of decorating yard sales are are absolutely right. There is no point and responding to a comment in the comment section on your blog. No, I don't have time to go back and look at every blog to see if you answered my comment or reply to my comment.i'm with you! Call me crazy! And another Thing,since you asked, my old brain can only retain so much. Some blogs have a wealth of information and pictures and by the time I get to the comment section I have forgotten half of that even if I have enjoyed seeing there you have it. I enjoy blogging and my buddies inblogland...

Consider It All Joy said...

I love the way you blog ~ just continue being you and you'll not have any issues :) I Never go back to see if someone left me a response to my comment, that's just weird! I love it when you respond and I am learning to do the same. I just don't know how to connect my personal email so I can respond to comments on my blog. I have to go find the person's email and then go over to hotmail to respond, kind of takes extra time but it's the only way I know how to do it! I have used google plus/hate it/don't know how to get rid of it forever!!! That's all :)

Donna said...

You brought up some great points, Diana! I am SO with you, I hate Google Plus! It makes no sense to me!! In answer to your ??, I do love it when bloggers drop me a line when I leave a comment on a post of theirs. While I don't "expect" it every time, one of my biggest Blogging Pet Peeves are those bloggers who NEVER, EVER acknowledge a comment. Or return the favor of a visit. I have stopped leaving comments on their blogs, I just think it's plain rude to never visit or comment in return. I am not a no reply, though a few times darn Blogger has changed that without my knowing. So please let me know if I ever am, ok? And I just don't get why some people leave their replies to their comments on their own blogs. Who bothers to look for that???

As far as what I would love to see on your blog? Well, you know I love hearing about your family, especially your grandkids, I would LOVE to see more projects and craft ideas that you have!!! And keep up the weekly voting for favorites, pretty please!! Like favorite table settings, etc. Love that!! Most of all, thank you for being YOU, and keeping it real, and for making us laugh:)

Gypsy Heart said...


Gypsy Heart said...

I agree!

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

1) If I leave a comment at someones blogs I expect them to come to my blog and comment. If I'm asking them a question I would expect them to comment by email. I don't feel they clog up my email. what does is advertising and spammer comments.

I don't like if I take the time to visit someone's blog I get an email....I wouldn't go back and visit them. Sometimes I comment on someones' blog and they have their comment on goog'e +, and they answer me that way. It's just common friendship to go visit someone after they've
visited you.

2) I hear all the time I'm a NO reply blogger, but here's the thing, that applies to non-wordpress bloggers. I am on wordpress, if bloggers do not have the option "URL/Name" open to comment I can't comment. They've given me no way to comment. So I created a blogger ID just so that I can comment. Even though my blogger ID shows my email is clicked correct, I think because I do not have an actual blog they don't allow replies. Here's a reason there are no replies...I have many bloggers I like and follow and I want to comment...this is the only way I can.

3) I comment to them on my blog, cause I don't want visitors to think I don't.... AND I always comment on their site too. So actually I comment twice.

4) The bloggers I follow i consider to be friends, I like knowing what going on in their lives and projects they are doing... so I don't care what your posting about cause it all about getting to know you more.

PS - you don't allow "name/url" so I can only comment on your site through blogger, which has me as a no-reply.

Gypsy Heart said...

I typed a long response and now it's can tell a full moon is approaching! :)

I love that you respond to comments! I know it's time consuming but it's like chatting with a dear friend and sometimes we even have a bit of a conversation if time allows. :) I am getting tired of visiting some of the "bigger" blogs as they are referred to and never a response or a visit and/or comment. Bottom line, I feel that is rude! I don't know how you do all that you do in blog land...posting, photos, respond to everyone and visit others & leave comments but it is so appreciated!

I hate the ads and pop-ups on many blogs! It gets so "busy" that you can't see the forest for the trees.

I never go back and check to see if someone responded to my comment ~ :/ "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"

I love all the subjects that you mentioned. That is "you" and we would all miss that!

I hate Google+ too! It's so annoying and it's like entering an inner sanctum! You're locked out and can't find anyone. I just stopped looking.

Very good post my friend ~ thinking I should maybe do the same.


Shirley said...

Hi Diana, I left you a comment, but it must went to outer space. I did that on some others that said they were published, but didn't. I don't want you to change what you blog about because I enjoy it. Your friendship, comments, and e-mails are greatly appreciated. I just wish I had more time to spend on my blog reading then I do. I don't go back to see if they left me a comment on their blog because at times I just don't remember who I have visited and left comments for. To much going on in my mine. I don't like google plust. I have really enjoyed catching up with you and your family. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

sweetvintageofmine said...

Evening Diana, Replies are so thoughtful and nice.......It tickles me to think someone took the time to respond when I never really expect one to! Where does one get the time?? I rarely respond over and beyond....I actually was surprised to see so many do! I would never tell someone to stop ....that is up to you! If you didn't, that's ok too! Keep doing what you enjoy doing....more or less! Don't stop being you.......Blessings~~~Roxie

Gayla said...

Great questions! I don't think blogging is dead at all... Maybe changing it up, but still going strong! I think your replies are sweet, but I don't know how you do it! Sooo many comments! You don't have to if it ever seems you are tired! But I appreciate them! I love a blogger we both visit who comments right there. I have a feeling I've missed some replies and I've checked back a few times...or many times! And she didn't reply to me... So I think for the commenter it's much easier to get a note. Think blogger should send a note when we get replies. It would be easy fix. I too myself off google plus cause I got a comment on a pic I never shared! Eek... I don't have any undies..thank God, huh? But I do have a few pics I don't want online! It's too confusing.

I think you should write whatever you want. I like a mixture. I always get something out of it as long as you share what's going on in your heart and mind! Love ya!

Gayla said...

Nudies! Lolol not undies. Lolol. I have undies! Just not pretty 'nuff to share! Lolol

Junkchiccottage said...

Hello my friend. Looks like this has really opened up the gates!!!!! I love you and your blog just the way it is. My opinion is our blogs should be reflect us and what we love and if someone shares that and leaves a comment that is wonderful. I usually will respond back to comment through email. The only time I will leave a reply on their comment on my post is if they have asked something and they are a no reply blogger. I figure they will come back to check for an answer knowing I have no other way to contact them. I have never thought to ask someone if they do not want me to comment back on their comment through email. That is interesting that you do that. I guess I just have never had anyone say they did not like me to comment back to them. If they are a reply blogger then I guess I just assume they do not mind me emailing back on their comment. I just feel if someone takes the time to leave a comment I will respond back. It seems thoughtful and nice to return an email on their sweet visit and comment. Great questions on this post. Very thought provoking. Love your sweet posts each and every one.

joanne said...

OK here's the thing...I like to read your blog, whatever the subject you post about. I might not always comment because I just don't have much to say or I'm too busy, crappy excuse I know.; I LOVE that you answer me back. I don't answer comments on my blog and never look to see if I comment I made was answered back on their blog, I don't have time to bounce back and forth. Answer me by my email link, just like you do now. Also don't forget to comment on my posts. I don't want blogging to go away as I've seen is the trend also, I love sharing, I love the friends I've made and I don't want to lose that. As for "sass?" I wouldn't know it was you without a little sass!

Patty Antle said...

I feel sad when I hear that blogging is dying. I hope to continue for a long time. I love how you reply so quickly. I'm not so good at that. I try to reply when I can sooner or later. I do not respond on my blog. It seems like a waste because that person is not going to go back and read it. I like variety so keep writing from your heart. I love reading your blog.

Laura said...

As someone coming off a blogging break, it is so refreshing to read all of these wonderful comments!
In answer to your questions-
don't change- write about whatever you want, I agree about Google +, and comments by email are great and convenient.

I prefer a mixture to all the DIY projects I see everywhere. That just wears me out!

Keep it up Diana- you are doing great.

I am just going to write about what I want when I want to.

White Spray Paint

Linda said...

Great questions, but I am afraid you won't be able to figure me in your survey results. I blog for myself. If someone out in the World Wide Web wants to follow me or comment, then that is good. I check my Stats and have a pretty good idea of my readers. My family members who might actually enjoy what I write think blogging is nonsense. I actually have a sister-in-law who complains that my mom won't share her recipes, while I published all of my mom's favorite recipes on my blog in 2012! I will keep on blogging and look forward to hearing from you. Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

Maureen Wyatt said...

It's nice to have a reply to a comment but I understand if you don't have time to answer everyone. I like a mix in a blog. It's more interesting and helps the reader get a better view of the person and their life. Google+ has the advantage of gaining readers but the no reply issue drives me crazy. In short, just keep on doing what you do. We like it!

Anne Launius Berbling said...

Oh, Diana, of all be a "No-reply" and not even realize it! I took myself off Google +; would you mind to see if that took care of it?
Many thanks, Dear!

bj said...

Hi, Diana...hate Google+ and no-reply...I don't revisit blogs on th.....oh, I just can't do this...too many things are bothering me about blogging and I am wondering if I need a long break or just stop blogging. Gonna have another cup of hot tea and am working on a project.
I sent you an email this morning...:)

111 LaLa Lane said...

I love replies to my comments, although I am bad about leaving them myself. I love to read anything you write, especially the nonsense. I can always use a chuckle. I don't know if blogging is dying or not, but for me I find having an audience changes my reason for blogging in the first place. I love my readers, I really do! But the reason I blog is to capture life's memories for those who come after me. And I most certainly will always have a memory to jot down. That little stint that Charles pulled is exactly the stuff blogs are made for. Lol!! Loved it!!

Down On The Farm said...

I love replies to my comments, but they aren't necessary because I know you are busy as well!! But, I love the personal touch of really getting to know someone. I do not go back to check to see if someone has replied on their blog. If it doesn't come to my e-mail, I won't see it. I want you to write about what YOU want to write about. When you write about what interests you, its more interesting to me. But each of the topics you listed, I love!!!

Kelly said...

When it comes from the HEART it's always the BEST! You MUST continue in any way that keeps YOU feeling true to yourself and not for what We want. I come and visit every post and feel your Sincerity and I believe the amount of people who stop by to read YOU, is because u have this rare quality of being REAL. Heck, I wish you lived next door!!! Anyways, You cant possibly continue to post, reply and have a life. Replies are nice and yet you need not to reply unless you have a question to answer or if someone replies to you in a way that "calls" you to respond. I never miss reading what you have to say cuz ultimately It brings my heart joy! Life is crazy and I love to visit certain blogs that keeps me continuing on my path of being hopeful. Keep it REAL Diana and thanks for caring soooo much!!!! <3

Gypsy Heart said...


bj said...

...just to say...when I see a blogger "replying" to all her/his comments IN HER/HIS OWN BLOG, I just don't go back. It is, by far, the rudest thing a blogger can do.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

I know there are quite a few bloggers who have given up. Ran out of steam or ideas, so they use Facebook instead.
I personally am an all around blogger who loves all I like to read all about the things you listed.
I do not go back and read the comments left by the author of a blog. I appreciate your comments, I would never complain about my inbox.
I also use Google+. It does take some time to see how it works. Keep on blogging on whatever tickles your fancy....xo

Candy S said...

I really appreciate when you take your time to respond to a comment that I make on your blog. I try to answer my comments too but can not always get back as promptly as I should. You are the person that taught me how to fix the no-reply blogger thing, otherwise I would have been wondering why no one was replying to my comments over the last year. I t is very tiresome to have to fix it every week or two. About the only time I will reply on my blog to a commenter is to check and see if Google+ has switched me inexplicably to no-reply again. No I do not go back to a blog to check for an answer to any of my comments. There was a blog that I was fairly found of that replied to all of her comments that way, I thought it was rude and fairly lazy (unless you had no other way to reply). I stopped visiting there because of that. I love reading about projects, crafts, rehabs, decorating, holidays, and all of you beautiful grand babies. Keep on blogging as you have been - it works!

Red Rose Alley said...

OK, I just wrote this looooong comment, and it didn't go through. GO FIGURE! I thought this was a really good post and I was wondering some of the same things.


Doreen@househoneys said...

Diana, Ive been unable to comment on your blog the last few days! Nothing to do with you, but I updated my iPad last week and it's been a disaster! I think this comment will go through (fingers crossed).

I'm not going to answer all your questions because 1: the survey is over and 2: I don't know if this comment will get published! Ugh! So frustrating!

One thing I will say is I don't know what 'no reply' means. I'm on WP but it seems to be a Blogger issue. Does it mean, for example, if I was a no reply blogger you can't respond to this comment? If that's the case, then unless someone is asking a question, why is that an issue? Can't you go to the persons blog? Isn't that the best thing to do anyway? Most people don't ask questions when they comment, so for me personally I don't respond to most comments on my blog, but what I DEFINITELY do is visit the person who comments. It might not be immediately, but I will get to it for sure. Otherwise, it's sorta the social equivalent of not saying 'hello' when someone says it to you!

If this comment goes through I will be doing a happy dance!



Oh, please don't change one syllable of your blog dearest friend...and I do consider you my friend, that if you stopped blogging I would stop too!!!
I love people that comment me back and I always try and make sure I answer everyone and take the time to comment on many aspects of their posts, otherwise it's lazy and selfish to just say...'Thanks for your visit!' I don't like it when they answer right in their posts too, I don't even see them! I don't care if some people work from their blogs, what can I say, I don't want to and won't, it'll take away the fun I get out of it now. I get proposals all the time.
Blogging for me is an scape many times from problems and worries and the best part is meeting so many lovely and wonderful people like you, that-is- priceless. I think if I monetize my blog, than it won't be spontaneous, or worse, not have time to answer like some can't, specially the party hostesses, who never acknowledge your presence, or don't care for your style of posts, whatever, like I said before at your other post... I need to be told, you're ok, or not the style we like, period! sum it up, yes, I like comments and to comment back.
I know I'm late, but I answered it anyway, even if it's just to let some steam out! You my friend, I love dearly and feel I know you from way back. Love your gorgeous family and you forever make my smile and sometimes even laugh, just when I so need today with your other post about the burned undies, lol!
Love ya,

Mindy said...

I'm sorta late to the survey party, but here goes....
Yes, I like a reply to my inbox. I rarely check back when I leave a comment on blogs that reply in their comment section. Unless I have a specific question about something. I HATE Google Plus, as well. It's a nightmare trying to find someone's contact info. As for content, I like the randomness, but I am a little partial to rehabs, gardens, and food. :)