Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Moon Moon Moon Shining Bright And Gifts From Bloggers

Oh- Don't you 
I love it OUTSIDE over the water.
I love it INSIDE,too!
I popped by Patty's blog
Patty's Pretty Things
She was sprucing up her booth,
getting ready for a show.
I told her
She SENT ME some moons!
Seriously-Aren't bloggers 
the best people in the world
for sharing of themselves and their talents?

Thank you SO MUCH, Patty.
I love them!!!
Sorry it is night when I am taking these
pictures and the lighting is horrible.
She makes the moons into banners.
I had to find the perfect place for MINE.
A place where I would see them often
and it wouldn't get lost in the  mix
of Fall decorations.

Gramma Hazel's gateleg table acts as a
as you leave our foyer and head into the
family room.
It's the PERFECT spot for them!
 I love it and it makes me smile
every time I walk past it.
on the OTHER END of the spectrum..
I love the SUN, too!

Nancy @ Wild Oak Designs
was talking about Jerusalem Artichokes
which produce plants/flowers.
They are also called
She sent me a whole package of them 
I am going to try to grow them in Wisconsin.
I'll let you know how THAT goes!
She EATS the tubers, too.
Me?  Nope- Not gonna do it!
I will grow it..but, honey, I'm NOT gonna eat it!
(sorry, Nancy) 
Here is what they look like growing.
Aren't they pretty and happy looking flowers?
Thank you SO much, Nancy.
I am so hoping they grow here for me.

 And because I started with a MOON
I thought I should end with one....

Oh- Wait...sorry...
MyHero says he is NOT going to let me  post
Showing his burnt tightie whities yesterday
about did him in.

Well, ya win some-ya lose some!
Hope you all have a 

your photo name


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I have a table like that! :)

Love the moons and the pretty flowers

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

That first picture of the moon is stunning! Love the moon garland and your grandmothers gate leg table. After reading about the Jerusalem Artichoke I see it is in the Helianthus family. It looks as though the tubers were quite popular to eat at one time (1600's) and have a low glycemic level. I would have a hard time eating them too- but that was nice of her to send you those!

Susie said...

Diana, Those are very nice gifts. I like the flowers and the banner. I need to go to Noblesville and check out all the pretty things in Patty's booth. It just south of my hometown. Hope you enjoyed the blood moon this morning. I have been outside looking at it through the binoculars. I love things like that. But boy it's cold out when it's before 7:00. xoxo,Susie

JoAnne said...

Very cute moon banner. I was just reading about the 'blue moon eclipse' that is occurring, kind of interesting. I love the sunchokes but I probably wouldn't eat them either! : )

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Love that first picture! Very nice gifts!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Diana! I am busy getting ready to be a hostess at our church's annual Harvest tea. My theme this year is White and Gold Christmas...


Maria Elena said...

Love your moon banner, Diana! How pretty! I hoe your sunchokes grow nicely.How nice of these bloggers to send you these gifts! :)

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

No Honey-Bunny. Tonight is not the Harvest Moon.

It is the Full Hunter's Moon.

Plus an eclipse.

"Here there be musing" blog

Musings from Kim K. said...

Blogging friends are so generous. Absolutely love the moon bunting. You are reminding me that I made a moon garland last year. Wonder where I put that? Like I need to add more decorations right now to our Halloween chaos, but I'm going to have to do a search for that.

Jettie said...

I have those flowers, had no idea what they were called, one year our field was covered in them, I have photos somewhere of waves of them across it.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We got up early this morning to stand outside and watch the eclipse! It was amazing....the blood moon! I didn't even try to take photos though...just stood and enjoyed it! Love your moon banner and all of your sweet pressies. We have such wonderful blog buddies that know just what we love. Enjoy your day my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Blogging friends are so your gifts...the moons are so cute and you'll have lovely flowers next summer!

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

I love your moon banner completes your fall vignette! Hugs, Penny

Stephanie said...

Good morning, Diana! I love your moons :) And yes, bloggers are the BEST! Have a happy day. Hugs!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Oh that moon banner is really sweet! I'd love to see more of this room, hint, hint!

Patty Antle said...

Thanks for the shout out. So glad you are enjoying your moons. They look wonderful there!

Nellie said...

Wonderful picture of the moon over the water! Such a special place to live so you are able to see it like that! You've received some nice gifts from bloggers! Will be wanting to see how those flowers grow where you are. xo Nellie

Cranberry Morning said...

Cute moons! Love how you decorated with them. You know I had to go back and look at the microwaved undies. Please tell your husband I'm sorry I looked. LOL

J said...

A Harvest Moon is one of a handful of fall things that takes my mind off of what is headed our way weather-wise! Beautiful! Your personal view of it, unobstructed over the water is amazing!

Patty Patterson said...

Beautiful moon! And tell your hero thank you for not mooning us! :-)

Connie said...

Hi Diana, you have such a fun sense of humor . . . maybe not always to your hubby, LOL
What lovely gifts, those moons are adorable and my favorite group of flowers are the ones with daisy type pedals.
I sure hope they grow well for you, I think they will:)
Have a lovely day.
Connie :)

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

What wonderful gifts! I've never ate a sunchoke tuber and doubt I ever will!!! Moon garland is darling. Your Mr. Hero is one heck of a good natured guy!

Wild Oak Designs said...

Diana, thanks for the shout are sweet....and I love your blog....

Kelly said...

That is a gorgeous picture of the moon over the water! I love the gifts you were given. I hope those flowers bloom for you too. I know you will give them lots of TLC to make sure they do! I don't think I would eat them either.

White Lace and Promises said...

When used to have sing-a-long at the nursing home when I was the activity direction. I can still hear them singing "Shine on harvest moon up in the sky, I ain't had no loving since January, February, June and July....

Susan Newbigging said...

I could not see the harvest moon last night due to it being overcast here. I love that beautiful table and your harvest sign is a cutie. I do not think I would eat the tubers either. But they do make beautiful flowers.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Such sweet gifts! We were up early this morning to see the blood moon. Kinda freaky. :) Makes me want to watch the movie "Moonstruck" again. :)

Tete said...

Let me know if this gets to you. Having problems leaving comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana....well I noticed you have "anonymous" so I shall try leaving a comment as I can't with the other options. The moon was beautiful and bright last night when I went to bed, but at 6am it was overcast so I didn't get to see the Harvest "red" moon. Oh I remember Jerusalem Artichokes....the tubers weren't so bad, we peeled them, sliced them and boiled them then put butter and salt and pepper...seems to me they had a nutty flavor. The church we were going to at the time was growing them to try and raise money. The pastor had us planting them and harvesting one bought them.....we had lots of artichokes to eat. Yes, they do grow in are nice too.

Tete said...

This should come from the gmail addy. Let me know- thanks.

Merlesworld said...

We were having a blood moon according to the news but I couldn't see it to much cloud maybe.

Kim - Exquisitely Unremarkable said...

I'm with you...I like to look at flowers, not eat them! ;) Lovely gifts!

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Aw, such sweetness!!! You found a perfect spot for the moons and I will be looking forward to seeing how the Jerusalem artichokes work out. Jane

Chatty Crone said...

You have great and wonderful blog friends for sure!
I have to say the first picture has my heart.
The blue and the water. Love it.

Amy said...

Good Afternoon, Diana!

Yes, I think you do have some awesome bloggy friends! It's so nice when you get something in the mail, isn't it?! Those moons are too cute! And what an amazing time to display them. To be honest with you, I've been so tired at night, that I haven't even checked out the moons at all. Sheesh!

I love those little yellow flowers. So bright and cheery. I agree... I wouldn't eat them either! Some things are better left as a pretty than in a salad! :-)

I hope you have a wonderful week!


Simply LKJ said...

What fun surprises to get in the mail. The flowers are so pretty in bloom.

Missy George said...

Beautiful moon picture. Love what you did with The faces. Yes Blogger's can be very generous. I have a gateleg table just like that except it's only about 6 inches wide which makes it perfect.You can eat the tubers. Think of them as sweet potatoes. The flowers are pretty though.Have a wonderful evening Diana.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Diana, love the moon banner. Yes, bloggers are so generous and giving. It looks great on your drop table with the moon sign. Love the tubers you received to plant. The flower is gorgeous. I hope they grow well for you.
Have a great evening.
Blessings XOXO

Gypsy Heart said...

What special treats! LOVE the moons! I so hope that your flowers will bloom ~ the photo is so pretty. You know you can always call on me if you need gardening help ~ :)


Beatrice Euphemie said...

You always make me laugh.....seriously though, that is one gorgeous shot of the moon over the water! Love your moon banner - what a sweet gift. I have almost the exact gate-leg table, although it is not a family heirloom - yet. :) I have heard of sunchokes but never grew them. Hope they grow for you - they are such a cheery flower. xo Karen

joanne said...

I made sure to set the clock so I could get up at 3am and see the moon. I got up and wondered why, had some water and went back to bed. Good lawd I've completely lost it. Love your gifties.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

You are to funny - almost fell out of my chairs reading this post. The moons are great and what a nice gift.
Have a wonderful evening.

Red Rose Alley said...

I love that moon banner. It's so whimsical and perfect for this season. And I have to tell you, I love Gramma Hazel's table. It's a beauty. You know, Harvest Moon by Neil Young is Nel and her husband's song. Listen to it sometime, it's so pretty. Your posts are always so delightful, Diana.


Renee said...

You make me laugh. Love the big harvest moon.

Maureen Wyatt said...

That's a really cute banner!