Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What Would YOU Do For A Dozen Red Roses?

I'm not sure what is going on with MyHero.
He is tryng to get into my good graces, I guess.

Well, darlin',. you bring me flowers and I will 
for you!
Yes-it is something I can share here-
thanks for asking.

I will make you
Oh- Baby!
This is SO GOOD-AND easy!

Look- Did you know that when you slice a chicken breast
in half you get a heart?
Is it just me or is a meat "heart" kind of disgusting?

Here is what you need.
Forget the Uncle Ben's- You don't need THAT for the chicken.
Plus flour- I forgot to show you the flour-
Can you remember the flour?
So---remove the Uncle Ben's and substitute FLOUR- Got it?
Oh-I must be having a blond day!
Never mind-I'll put the recipe at the end.
Coat the chicken in the flour mixture
Fry in a medium hot pan until browned
on one side-then flip.
flip the chicken-don't be doing flips
Cover and cook until chicken is done.

Meanwhile, make a package of 
Uncle Ben's Original
Long Grain & Wild Rice.
I always add mushrooms and
 chopped  water chestnuts.

Serve with green beans and wallah-
See how nicely that worked out?
Works for me!!!
So...I am still pondering the
unexpected roses.
Do you suppose it is because he is

Nah- Not MyHero.  He is Brave!
And NICE now that he brought me some roses.

So...Here's the recipe ~

Parmesan Coated Chicken::
Mix together:
1 cup flour
1 Tablespoon Lawry's Seasoned Salt
1/2 cup Parmesan and/or Parmesan/Romano Cheese 
1/2 Teaspoon pepper

I wash my chicken-even though they say NOT TO anymore.
While it is wet I flip it into the flour and roll it a couple of times to coat it.
I fry it in a Medium-Hot pan with 
1/4 cup melted butter.
The trick is to put the chicken in and then cover it. Don't turn it for at least 20 minutes.  
You should have a nice brown coating on one side and the top will look all doughy.
Turn and fry until done and crispy on the outside.

Serve with: 
Uncle Ben's Original Wild Rice Mix with mushrooms & water chestnuts (if desired)
Whole green beans

AND...Maybe if you make this first your hubby just might get YOU some roses!
For some reason the whole time I am typing this 
the song Lizzy Borden 
is running through my head.

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  1. Maybe dh felt bad about McDonald's on Valentine's Day! Can you bake the chicken?

  2. The chicken looks delicious. I mentioned getting a little bouquet of flowers for my Pfaltzgraff table setting post and John says, "Well, you know the cats would bother the flowers." Lame excuse!!! I think I'll sharpen my knife today!

  3. It looks delicious and sounds easy...a winning combination in my book.

  4. Sounds yummy! We love chicken this way. I have also made something similar using shredded cheddar and tuscan seasoning. So good.

  5. I'm sure HE was doing FLIPS over that chicken!

  6. YUM!! I will have to make that this week, thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Parmesan coated chicken is what my daughter and I had at Olive Garden and it was delicious! thanks for sharing the recipe. Now i can make it at home.

  8. I have made this recipe before and love it. It tastes like a gourmet dish without all kinds of trouble preparing it. Of course the cookbook I got it from didn't have your hilarious story accompanying it! What a hoot! But your roses are gorgeous and YourHero is on the right path!

  9. Funny you say that. My hubby bought me the same roses with the baby breath. Maybe was a sale on roses. You think.

    Ha.ha. Yes I agree you know your mans heart. They say a mans heart is through his stomach.. You accomplished it. The mission for him. Good girl.

    In my case. My hubby is the cook.

    So now I have to figure what to do.

    Oh I did. I made him a heart card to go with the flowers he bought me. Tee, hee. So I am okay.

    Phew. Oh Only thing. He bought me a Valentines card. Okay will have to slip on my red valentines nighty.

    Nah. Not sure my figure would becoming in that red heart-shape . He would rather have a meal. Rats.

    So your meal looks good. Make it to-morrow for him.( Kidding)

    Love your blog.

    You make me laugh reading your post. Oh that knife looks pretty dangerous girl.

  10. He is trying to get into your good graces for some reason, Love the knife....

  11. The roses are so elegant with the baby's breath! I love this dish and make Parma chicken from an old old recipe cut from a lady's magazine. I put mine in a foil lined pan, put a little melted butter on top and bake it. It comes out like oven fried chicken....so good! Enjoy your day my friend!

  12. Diana, Your hero is wanting to show you some love :):) Your dinner looks very good. I am washing that chicken..eewweee no way am I cooking it right out of the package. I clean everything , counters, sinks, cutlery, so the chicken getting cleaned too. Did you have the roses on the dinner table? Hope you have a good day. It's suppose to start warming up. xoxo,Susie

  13. How sweet!! The recipe looks delish. By the way, loved your comment on bathrooms and historical houses. Never knew the reason for putting the bathroom next to the front door. Now I don't hate the location as much!! Have a wonderful week Diana!

  14. I like my roses on a bush, not in a vase, so he buys me rose bushes that last for years. I know its sappy, but that's the way it is. Maybe you shouldn't be cooking healthy for him...you know...clogging the arteries kind of has a nice ring to it. But you didn't hear that from me and I am sure you want him around there another 50 years or so....

  15. Men will do anything for food...lol! That chicken looks delish..will have to try it! Hugs, Penny

  16. HA you always make me laugh! Like actually laugh out loud. You might be the only other person in blogland as nuts as I am! Nana Borden!
    What have I done for a dozen roses? Not even I want to remember.

  17. Roses are stunning! And Miss Diana, that knife, I'm cracking up again! The special dinner looks scrumptious!

  18. Yum, that looks so good, Diana! Would you fix that for me if I brought you roses?:)

  19. What time's dinner?? I'll bring roses :)

  20. New York steak with sauteed mushrooms, mega baked potato and brussel sprouts...that's what I did for the roses!
    While the roses are still alive, I will also go the meat heart chicken!
    (We are so appropriate blog viewing and readership, Sweet D!)

  21. The roses are so pretty and the dinner looks so yummy. Your hero is just knowing how wonderful you are and how deserving you are of these beautiful roses. You are the sweetest and most loving wife and mother and Nana so he just realizes that and got the roses! Let's go with that theory!! It could happen ha ha! Have a Happy Day.

  22. Lovely rose and I am sure you deserve them. I bet you he enjoyed the dinner as well. It looks delicious!

  23. Haha...cute post!
    I like that you shared a really quick and tasty dish. So many of the recipes on the blogs are tasty but take a bit of planning and time. It is refreshing to see that others are using those nice shortcuts that are available to us all...no excuses for 'take out' here! xo

  24. Oh yum! I'll bring you roses to if it means a meal like that :) Actually, you're just so sweet that giving you roses for being you would be enough for me - did that even make sense?! Happy Tuesday, friend! Hugs

  25. Lol you are too funny! That recipe sounds good and looks easy enough- which is my style!

  26. Awww, he's just bringing you roses because he wuvs you!!! The chicken looks yummy. I don't think I've ever made Parmesan chicken before. Who knew it was so easy! I really need to get out of the "frozen meals that come in a bag and you poor into skillet" rut I'm in.

  27. What would I do for a dozen red roses? hahaha look who you're asking. I saw your red roses on my blog, and had to come over and take a look. Tell your husband they are wonderful! Your parmesan chicken looks so delicious. You are always making something special in your kitchen, Diana. And that was so clever with the chicken heart - I'll have to try that sometime.

    Have a great day, my sweet Diana.


  28. hummmm maybe that is where the saying comes from..."you chicken heart" thats kind of neat slicing the chicken breast and make a heart. One Valentine day, husband came home with a steak shaped in a heart. Last year I made husband a pizza shaped in a pizza. Well beings this is Valentine's month. Did you get flowers on Valentines too??? You two have alot of ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ flying around your house!!!!

  29. ****Last year I made husband a pizza shaped in ♥

  30. A meat heart is pretty disgusting. I think hearts should be reserved for cakes, candies and pastries. Yummy stuff! And the dinner looks good. I'm just not in the mood for dinner. Give me the cakes, candies and pastries. You only live once - and to die is gain so there is no use wasting my taste buds on healthy stuff. LOL

  31. I love roses AND parmesan chicken! Actually, roses used to be my all-time favorite flower. Hubby brought them home a lot, even planted me bushes and rose trees, etc. Once we moved from that house, 14 years ago, I started in on my hydrangea kick which has lasted to this day. Still have a soft spot for roses, though:) You're both pretty sweet to each other, I'd say. It seems like a fair trade to me:) xoKathleen

  32. The roses are probably because he recognizes you as a very good blogger! Hahaha!
    Chicken looks so good, the photos make me smell it!

  33. That looks delicious Diana. Your roses are gorgeous too.

    xo Danielle

  34. If you get MORE Roses, then you know he wants MORE food! Like my Momma says....A woman can train anything! Your meal looks scrumptious and your roses are beautiful! Perfect match! Blessings~~~Roxie

  35. Mmmm - looks delish - no dessert?
    A dozen red roses and no dessert?
    I always wash my chicken - I didn't know you weren't supposed to anymore !
    ( and I hate cooking it - although I love eating it - there's something about chicken
    that grosses me out preparing it lol )
    But I could soooo go for a plate of that tonight!
    p.s. love your roses!

  36. Your dinner looks delicious! Sounds like you both got the best of the deals!


  37. Hi Diana, If I send you roses can you cook for me?? LOL Gorgeous red roses and the dinner looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  38. Your chicken looks wonderful and I am going to try that the next time I have chicken. Thanks so much for the recipe. Your roses are beautiful.

  39. That looks really good! Love your roses. Always a good day when a girl gets those.

  40. I love the "switch the uncle ben's for the flour" I'm sure his reason for giving you roses is pure and simple!

  41. Amazing meal - and beautiful roses! Lucky you! xo Nellie

  42. Maybe this is the year of unexpected gifts, flowers, diamonds, whatever. :) Beautiful roses and the chicken looks good too!


  43. Looks like a nice Valentines Day to me.

  44. Yes, I like your equation. Beautiful roses for a lovely dinner. The chicken looks awesome. Yum!

  45. The chicken looks good......and easy. If I cook again I will have to try it. Can your hero talk to my hubby???? I don't remember the last time I got flowers.

  46. Maybe he forgot Valentine's last week and then when he saw the leftover roses on sale afterwards he decided to get them? haha! Looks to me like you both won in the end!

  47. Love you X-rated post! It really made me laugh!!!

  48. That looks good Diana...have to pin this! Love those roses too!

  49. Recipe looks yummy Diana! Roses are beautiful too!! Nothing like roses to create a little romance...hmmmm???!! LOL!!~~Angela

  50. That sounds delicious! Those roses are beautiful!

  51. yes, a 'meat heart' is rather icky. But that dinner does look tasty and you know what? I have those same plates. Are we sisters separated at birth??? That could explain alot, that and the blonde thing! Ha, love the flowers, been a long time since I've seen any of those, guess i better get cookin'...;j

  52. mmmmm! looks delish!
    worth the roses Id say!
    happy day!

  53. I think my husband thinks that if he sent me flowers that I would give him the axe. Because I told him so. I regret that.

  54. Thanks for posting that great recipe...sounds Southern what with the frying and everything...I am not a very good cook but YOUR recipe sounds delicious and doable. I LOVE the Uncle Ben's long grain and wild rice...an oldy goldy with a new twist thanks to you! I hope your daughter feels better soon...she probably will if baby girls gets off her last nerve!

  55. You're funny! He brought you red roses because he loves you girl.

  56. Oh this looks good! I love mushrooms and water chestnuts. I used to have a recipe for bacon wrapped water chestnuts...I might need to look for it soon. :) Love your roses too! I bet they smell wonderful!

  57. Maybe he was making up for the McDonald's dinner, LOL!


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