Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Little Ria

I remember the day she was born.
We felt so blessed to know that
Lulu was going to have a little sister.
We wondered if we could 
EVER LOVE another little girl as much
as we loved our Lulu.

Well-Guess What?
She was an easy baby.
I don't have any pictures of her as a baby
on my computer because back then it was
all shoot and develop pictures.
However, as bad as I hate to show
MY PICTURES here this was taken
when she was about 20 months old..
a candid shot taken at a wedding.
My son had it blown up and framed for me.
It is huge-about 24x30
and hangs on the wall of our bedroom
so this is a picture of a picture.
It was a hot, steamy day.
When Lulu saw it she said---
Nana- LOOKIT your hair..
Lookit my hair, indeed! (please don't).
Ria was our sweet little thumbsucker
and had the curliest hair when she was tiny.
Mom braided it sometimes.
She loved Disney and playing dress up.
And she loved riding on the 
City Parade float for her school
No KRIS (from Chicago) she is NOT rooting for

She looks up to her big sister, Lulu.
And sometimes shares a secret with her~
 much to SweetCheek's distress.
She made her first communion
and is here with her Great-Uncle Paul...MyHero's handsome brother.
She is sweet and loving and a good girl.
She loves all babies-especially 
her little boy cousins-
She likes feeding CJK.
We love it when she got
all primped up for her dance recital.

She got all dressed up for the 
Daddy/Daughter dance this year, too.
She's gonna be a heart-breaker, I think.

She is our "free-spirit" child.
The one who likes music and dance,
long flowing skirts and untethered hair.
I hope that she flies free and high as she grows
but will always come back home....
home to hold her sisters' hands
during her life journey.
There is no one that can love you
quite the way a sibling does.
Happy Happy 10th Birthday
Sweet Little Ria!
I love you to the MOON and back!
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  1. Happy Birthday, Ria! What a precious baby girl and what a beautiful ten year old! She's got such sparkling eyes and oh my, what a sweet smile! Hugs to your little darling Ria! xo

  2. Aww.... Happy Birthday Ria! She shares my sister Jen and my Dad's Birthday! The picture of you two is precious.

  3. Such a sweetheart! The pictures are so grow up way too fast. Happy Birthday to your precious cutie, Tia (pretty name too!) Jane

  4. Happy Birthday to Ria! What a beautiful little girl!

  5. Happy birthday to your darling Ria!! Great pics. Have a great weekend, Diana.

  6. Happy Birthday,Ria! How sweet, all are so pretty.
    Have a blessed weekend,

  7. Oh, Happy Birthday, Ria! I love that last photo.

  8. What a sweet post. Happy Birthday, Ria.

  9. Happy Bithrday Ria, have a great year.

  10. Happy - Happy Birthday, Ria! Enjoy your special day, she is absolutely precious. :)

  11. Now just why do I have a tear in my eye?! Must be something about walking the road of life together.

    A very happy birthday to a beautiful gal!

  12. awwww.....this is such a sweet HAPPY BIRTHDAY post.
    Happy 10th, Ria.
    xo bj

  13. Happy Birthday, Ria! And in Dutch tradition, congratulations, Diana, on Ria's 10th birthday. Actually I love that tradition that more family members get to take credit for the birthday person. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  14. Happy Birthday to Ria. She is a wonderful girl. Ten is a special age. I love the photos. The one of her holding hands with her sisters is card worthy. Adorable. I know our children have to grow, but it is sad also. Hug Ria for me . Diana, you do get to have great times with them and that will be in your memory bank for when they are grown. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  15. Birthday blessings to your sweet granddaughter. So many beautiful pictures of all your girls. I really love the picture of you holding Ria.

  16. Happy birthday sweet Ria! I hope you will always be a free spirit!

  17. Happy Birthday Sweet Ria! She looks so grown up for 10! I love all of the photos, especially the one of both of you! And Ria and her sister's pics are just beautiful!!

  18. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! Love that shot of you and her Diana and I love that last shot of the three girls!

  19. Awww.... what a beautiful post. And such a sweet beautiful girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RIA!!!!! We've all grown to love you through your Nana's blog.

  20. Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl with a warm smile. How I love all these pictures you have shared. Thanks for sharing your "blessings" with us.

  21. You are so blessed to have such special grandchildren, but then you already know that, don't you! She's a beauty and sounds like a lovely little girl. They grow up so fast. My son just turned 10 this month and I can't believe it. Love that last picture the best. I am known for making my three kids walk away from me slowly so I can get a picture of the three of them from behind. They think I'm crazy:)

  22. what wonderful sweet photos. Lots of love to you. and Happy b-day to the special one today. My joe is 26 now and he is a leap day baby. he is Feb 29th birth. Have a great day and enjoy those darling gals !

  23. She is a sweetheart. I do think that grandchildren are our best gift in life.

  24. she's so precious diana...our little taylor will be 10 in did that happen!?!?!?! yes, they grow up wayyyy too fast.

    i agree with you...she will definately be a heartbreaker!

  25. Aww what a beauty, and how absolutely lovely is that photo that your son had blown up and framed?? Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  26. Happy Birthday to Ria! What a beautiful girl.

  27. Happy Birthday to Ria. She is lovely. What a great picture of the two of you!

  28. Sweet, sweet post, Diana. Happy Birthday to Ria! xo Nellie

  29. What a precious doll! Happy Birthday Ria!

  30. She is a precious girl.
    Thank you for the priceless photos of sweet little Ria through the years.
    I especially love the one of her snuggled safely on your shoulder and cuddling close to her Nana's neck. Isn't that the most wonnnnderful feeling in the world! The love and security you both feel is indeed evident.
    Happy birthday, sweet Ria.
    May God's blessings always be with you and with those you love.

  31. Happy Birthday Ria! I hope you have a great day!
    Great pictures!

  32. what a sweet post and birthday wishes for your precious Ria. Hope she has a great birthday!

  33. Happy #10 Birthday Ria!! And many more birthday's to come. I like that last picture....3 angels walking hand in hand.....sweet!

  34. How sweet!! Happy Birthday to Ria! That last picture is absolutely adorable :)

  35. What a beautiful little shout out to a lovely little girl. I know she is a treasure. Neat, neat memories. The years are zipping by.

  36. Happy Birthday RIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. How beautiful! What sweet children you have. And the memories you are saving with those precious pics are priceless!

  38. Diana, are you a beauty or what in this picture? These are such cute pictures of Ria. The one of SweetCheeks whispering in her ear and the last one of them walking can be on a greetings card.

    From one "free-spirited" child to another, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET RIA!


  39. Precious and beautiful! Happy birthday dear Ria!

  40. Happy Birthday to beautiful Ria! What beautiful girls all of you. You included Diana! Wonderful! xoxo

  41. She's a beautiful girl. Happy Birthday Ria!!

  42. Oh my Word, what a beautiful girl Ria is! Happy birthday and many blessings to such a lovely, sweet and angelical girl! All of you are beautiful girls, starting from you dearest Nana! The pictures are amazing, they're are magazine worth!
    Thank you for your sweet and lovely comments on our anniversary, I so appreciate them.
    Have a lovely weekend sweet pea!

  43. Happy Birthday to your sweet Ria.

    Oh that last photo... Of the 3 of them. So precious.

    And thank you for taking a picture of a picture, and showing you and your little one. I've taken pics of pics too. Don't have a scanner. It works very well.

  44. Happy Birthday to Ria. They are going to have their hands full when those three beauties get in high school. I love that picture of you. It's important to have pictures of yourself with your little ones. xo

  45. Happy Birthday Ria. You are such a beautiful girl, inside and out. I love the way you love your sisters and the way you tilt your beautiful head when your photo is being taken. Have a fun filled day! And try not to say anything about g'mas hair, she's very sensitive you know!

  46. Beautiful, beautiful pictures of beautiful babies. I absolutely love the one with you holding that curly headed blonde, adorable angel.

  47. Beautiful picture of you and Ria. Such a beautiful young lady - please wish her Happy Birthday from me and many many more. So glad that she is a free spirit. Have lots of fun.

  48. Diana, I love reading your sweet posts about your family. How I wish all families were so close and loving!

  49. She is so cute along with her sisters. Don't they grow up so quickly? Enjoy the good time and memories.

  50. Aren't you something!! An awesome Grandma with some awesome g-kids!

  51. This was so sweet and special; you have logged and blogged some amazing memories! I always come away feeling like, life is fun and sweet and special. Blessings Always, Roxy

  52. Happy Birthday, Ria! These are the most adorable photos. Especially love the one of the three sisters walking hand in hand. ;-)

  53. Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl! Of course her sisters are too. Such a sweetheart ~


  54. Oh I love this beautiful post...The pic of you is priceless and the pic of the girls is beyond precious!...Happy Birthday Ria!!

  55. LOVE that last photo,,,totally precious!

  56. Beautiful words! She has the most lovely smile. Yes, she'll be a heartbreaker!

  57. What a sweet post for an adorable child. That last pic of the three girls is a masterpiece. I mean it!

  58. Happy Birthday to sweet Ria! What a lovely girl and she seems to have such promise in her. Those three girls are so lucky to have one another! That is a lovely pic of you and Ria! You have such a lovely profile!

  59. She looks like such a sweet, lovely girl!
    Happy Birthday to Ria!
    what a treasure your photo together is.

  60. This post, Diana such a special gift, she will treasure forever!!! Happy Birthday to you Miss Ria!
    LIVE, LAUGH and the greatest LOVE <3

  61. What gorgeous pictures of her and her sisters and starting out with you and her...just lovely! What a sweet birthday post..those girls have a wonderful grandmother, that is for sure! :) :) :)

  62. What a beautiful birthday post Diana!! Happy Birthday sweet Ria!

  63. Happy birthday, beautiful Ria! How sweet to have that picture blown up for you! I love that last pic...looks like a sweet Hallmark birthday card for a sister. :)

  64. Happy Birthday, Ria! Such a pretty girl, and sounds like she is as beautiful on the inside. Love both that last photo, and the "sharing secrets' one.

  65. Happy Birthday Ria..Hope you get that car you wanted !!

  66. Catching up with you this evening Diana and wanted to wish beautiful Ria a Happy Birthday!
    I just LOVE the photo of you two!


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