Saturday, November 9, 2013

Shipping And Sitting And Sipping

One of the best parts of waking up in
the morning is looking out my 
window towards the 
Bay of Green Bay.

This time of year the shipping lanes
have slowed down.
Soon the channel will be closed for the winter
but right now the freighters are coming in
and going out.
Isn't she a beauty?
She is riding low in the water laden down
with salt for the icy roads this winter
or she's laden with coal.
It's hard to get a good picture of  her.
The rising sun shines on her hard and bright.
The old boat on shore is no longer water worthy
but she is a fun place to sit and jump on.
I sip my coffee and stroll down to the 
cold beach.

There is someone else here to keep me company
this morning.
Do you see them?
They blend right in with the shore, don't they?

Here is what I am sipping on this morning.

I am driving to Madison, WI for a seminar
and I won't be home until  
3 or 4 am Sunday morning.
So be nice to me if I don't get to visit you until
late tomorrow sometime and 
please pray  that I don't fall asleep
driving home.

I am taking a couple of these along just in case
I need them to hold my eyes open.
I get to use them first an then I will pass
them along to MyHero.
My motto is-what he doesn't know won't hurt him (much)
Have a good day-see ya tomorrow!

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  1. Diana, Need I remind you that Christmas is 46 days are naughty girl. You do not have long to polish up the old halo.. I thought sure you would have one of those nice red starbucks cups. Be safe on your trip.xoxoxo,Susie

  2. you are so bad! Beautiful shot! We have been watching the ship unload salt for Northern Michigan for weeks, tons and tons of it, I wonder if its the same ship,

  3. Safe travels!! Gorgeous pictures of the big lake. I never grow tired of looking at it.

  4. What a beautiful place. You must never tire of those views.
    Have a safe journey, and drink extra coffee to stay awake!

  5. Diana you live in a gorgeous place on earth. Love your pics.
    Safe Travels and keep that cup filled!!

  6. You are too much, Diana. I think maybe the husband will notice the toothpicks have been used.

    What a great view you have. I love watching "traffic" on the river (or in your case the bay).

    Have fun this weekend and be safe.

  7. Wow that view is gorgeous. Safe travels.

  8. How lucky you are, to live on water.

    Mmmmm, do you really have to come home so late? Late driving can be tricky. Wouldn't it make more sense, to get a hotel room, and start out fresh, Sun. morning????


  9. Beautiful view,Diana, such a lovely place to relax. I will be praying that you can stay awake and get home safe. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Have a safe trip to and from Madison!

    I hate to think of winter coming on but not a thing we can do to stop it.

  11. Just beautiful, what a great way to start your morning! Thanks for sharing!

  12. What a cool thing to be able to see from your house! Have a great time, and a safe trip home from the seminar!

    xo Kat

  13. I would never get tired of looking at that view, Diana. That's pretty amazing! You be careful on the road. Coffee up!

  14. Nice view, thanks for posting. I don't envy your drive one bit. Stay safe!! and awake!!! I am going to have a quiet, boring day, I hope. :-)

  15. Green Bay Starbucks!
    Get your RED ON! LOL
    I'm not "pick"ing on you!
    Safe travels dear one!

  16. What a beautiful view you have from your home. I would probably be walking on the beach everyday.
    Be careful driving late at night.

  17. That's a gorgeous view, Diana! Happy travels ;)

  18. What a beautiful view Diana! Don't tell anyone I said this but......if I could I would move to your beautiful state in a minute!I am practically there already! Don't worry about getting back.I am not keeping up with reading as much as I would like to.I just have less and less time to do it now.So if you don't see me all the time I will keep on checking back.It was a hard decision but I am so far behind in projects as it is.
    Have a fun and safe trip!

  19. STUNNING view Diana!! Safe travels my friend!

  20. Visiting from Stephanie's blog - your apple cake sounds so good!

  21. Gorgeous views to wake up to each morning!

    I send wishes for safe travels to you! Hopefully you won't have to resort to those toothpicks.

    xo Nellie

  22. Please be careful, I would so miss your funny posts. I think it is so wonderful that you have this right in your front yard. I never saw those shipping boats until this summer in Sough Carolina. I couldn't believe how many stacks of railroad cars they carried. I was shocked. I guess the are a big international waterway. Be careful with those toothpicks.

  23. Hi Nana Diana! I am visiting from The Enchanting Rose and I pinned your recipe! Yum! I am a nana too but pronounced NahNah! Your pictures remind me of watching the big ships go by on the St. Lawrence River in Clayton NY as a kid. Following you via Bloglovin

  24. I truly didn't know you had big freighters like that. Very cool. xo Laura
    P.S. I bet you could find a couple more use for those toothpicks before you pass them on :)

  25. I can't believe that is your view when you look out your window, it's amazing! Jess and Nel would be going to the beach every day. Oh yes, I love my Starbucks too.

    Have a relaxing weekend, Diana.


  26. Drive carefully Diana..I'll miss you..My favorite things to watch are fires and bodies of water..Lucky you..

  27. You do have such a wonderful view. Wish I was close enough to drive to the beach whenever I wanted. You cracked me up with the toothpick story. Hopefully, you won't need them!

  28. You live in such a beautiful part of the country with a fabulous view. I hope the seminar has gone well and you get back home safely. Sending you bunches of hugs tonight!

  29. Travel safely and have a good time! '-)

  30. Have fun Diana ~ you always bring me a smile!

  31. Have fun Diana ~ you always bring me a smile!

  32. oh dear second hand tooth picks.

  33. Wow, wow, wow...What a few...You are one lucky blessed girl. Now, keep your eyes open. Why don't you stay over night? I hate to have to driving into the night


  34. Safe travels sweet Diana! You are so lucky to live on the water.

  35. Diana, you must feel like you wake up to a little bit of heaven everyday. You have a spectacular view. Be safe on the road and drive carefully.


  36. What a beautiful view to wake up to, even on a cold morning! Have a good time at the seminar and drive safely! Hugs, Leena

  37. What a view! It looks rather chilly too! Can't wait to see some winter photos. Stay warm and I hope your drive is safe!

  38. What a gorgeous view you have, Diana. I bet the boats you see are way bigger than the ones I see here on the canals!! lol.
    I prayed for safe travel for you, and the Hero you travel with.
    Have fun this weekend.
    Love you Thiiiiis much!

  39. Pray you had a safe trip, Diana.
    Oh, your beautiful lake pictures sure make me miss my last home....
    It's the best way to drink ones morning coffee!

  40. Have a good, fast, and safe trip. What a lovely view..sigh. I miss the water.


  41. Hope that you got home safely! Did you use toothpicks AND Starbucks for the ride home? Thanks for posting those great photos of your view of the Bay...just gorgeous!

  42. What a beautiful view and a Starbucks works anytime! Take care!

    Flora Doora

  43. What a beautiful view! Have a safe trip!

  44. And you want to leave home WHY?
    Wow what a view, thanks for sharing. Kathy

  45. And you want to leave home WHY?
    Wow what a view, thanks for sharing. Kathy

  46. Okay, just let me confess... I am jealous. I am jealous of the view, the coffeeeeeee and the view.
    Not the toothpicks. or the long seminar. But of the view. Yes. the view. and the coffee.
    Have a great week Diana :)

  47. What a gorgeous view, Diana! Hope you had a wonderful trip and didn't need to use the toothpicks! Have a great week.

  48. I would LOVE living that close to a large body of water...heck fire..I love living close to a SWIMMING POOL...hahhaa...
    Stay awake...and be safe.
    xoxo bj

  49. That is a wonderful view to enjoy with a cup of coffee. Be careful on that drive. Sounds hard!

  50. oh my what a beautiful view ND
    lucky girl u(:)
    oh too funny tooth pics..
    stay awake!!!
    yes those little baskets with the animal pics are so cute..hugs..patty

  51. If I got coffee , it's all good :)

  52. Can that view be any prettier?!

    I had to smile about the toothpicks...guess it's better you use it first for your eyes then the other way around.

  53. Safe travels. I hope you don't have to use the sticks. Use the Starbucks instead!

  54. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to wake up to that either!

  55. Hope you made it home safe and sound and didn't have to use the toothpicks! Beautiful photos of that wonderful view you have.

  56. wake up to that beautiful view every morning! Enjoy every second.....Blessings~~~Roxie

  57. Enjoy Diana! I really enjoy that view you have. Must be lovely to sip that starbucks and enjoy! XO That Gingerbread flavor they have is delish...pumpkin is too!

  58. You are a hoot and 5 hollers! Wishing you a safe trip!

  59. I do not think I could leave that spot seeing the sheer beauty of the water….magnificent!

  60. Beautiful view! I would LOVE to wake up to that! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle


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