Monday, October 28, 2013

There's A Ghost In My House- Or Two- Or Three

Years and years ago I cut
this out of some magazine.
I thought it would be fun to do this
for one of the old houses we lived in.
Isn't he sweetly spooky?
And, he has a friend!
I don't know the source of these because 
I have had the clipping for so many years.

SweetCheeks and Ria and I 
decided that it might be fun
to make our own little ghosts.
I used plain old tissue paper like you use for gifts.
click image for source

Don't laugh- After SweetCheeks
cut out the first one I ironed the
tissue paper with a dry iron to flatten it out.

We commenced to cutting-
Yes! We do wear our princess dresses for crafts.
And cutting.....
Some of us wear our bride dresses......
And...when we are done we have some
Do you love it?
I used magic marker on a couple of them
for the eyes and mouth.
Pretty skeeery-----
I wish I could show you how eerie they look from outside
but it was hard to get a picture.
This is the best I could do.
They look better from outside!

This was taken in the backyard with the 
tree reflected in the window. know what else is skeery inside?
It's the
Caught after he flew in to 
steal some donut holes!
Oh- I am SOOO going to get it now!
If you don't hear from me in 24 hours
please call and tell someone that
I went missing!

I will be doing a disappearing act
for most of the day but I will 
to catch up with all of you~
your photo name


  1. those ghost look great! What a great idea and we all have tissue don't we, we call do nut holes Tim bits here, and they are very good , too good!

  2. I love it that the girls dress so stylishly when crafting. The ghosts look very spooky. Was YourHero thinking that was an invisibility cloak so no one would see him taking the donuts.

  3. Deeds and I will be making these ghosts....too cute !

  4. What a fun and simple craft to do with your grands!! I'm not sure about anyone else but I agree with your grands....way more fun to craft in your costumes!!! I do it all the time, only mine is a bathrobe and slippers!!

  5. ok, I eat donut holes too, not so fattening.

  6. I think everybody should wear a wedding dress to do crafts and a cape to steal snacks.

  7. Diana, I love the crafting....especially in the proper attire.:):) Where is the other granddaughter?? Lulu? Sneaking caped Hero:):) He likes your cooking, what can I say. hehe. Please tell the girls, their ghosts look great. xoxo, Susie


  8. AWESOME SWEET SPOOKIES !!! LOVE IT AND THE OUTFITS ARE SIMPLY PERFECT .. Tell those girls they did a great job .. TOODLES

  9. Josie would love to make those. Great job, girls!

  10. oh, those ghosts are so cute. If I had the grands here we'd definitely do that. My granddaughters love to wear costumes too! enjoy while you can.

  11. I love your Casper the friendly ghosts....tell the girls they did a great job! Hugs, Penny

  12. I love those spooky ghosts! Of course, I would expect no less than wearing the appropriate attire to make these! It looks really scary at your house! Better watch that Caped Crusader!

  13. It sounds like you had a fun time with the girls, Diana! Were you wearing your princess dress, too? : ) Your ghosts are a cute craft to do with the kids. Mine is still a bit too young yet, although she has started making things with my daughter as she learns the alphabet {they do a craft to go along with each letter}. I can't wait to go into my craft room with her and pull things out to make.

  14. Oh! I love it, Diana! How spooky! Better watch that character with the cape! xo Nellie

  15. I really DO love that idea!!! I like that it's simple (something even I could do) and cheap. My 12 yr old son could even help out. I love the idea of taping them inside the window so they show up outside. Thanks for the tutorial. That's an oldie but goodie. Hey! I'd swoop in for some donut holes too if they were in my kitchen. LOL!

  16. What a great idea!! Sweet Cheeks looks so intent as she is cutting out the ghost.

  17. I just loved those ghosts. And the bridal dress - gosh she was pretty in it. You have a lot of fun in your home. And I love donut holes.

  18. What fun! And they turned out great...

  19. I just HAD to show the photos to my hubby. One of them looks very much like him! heeheehee! Love your cute ghosties! Have a happy day my friend!

  20. Oh I do like your idea you did of the friendly Ghost. I can see they look pretty cute from outside.Looking in.

    Your cape man after he has got into what he is getting into.

    A friend told us that he noticed on a tv show this week.

    People are getting water mellons

    and carving out them for spooking rather then pumpkins.

    And letting the red seeds druel
    from the mouth they have cut.

    Then the eyes because watermellon has white looks scary for the eyes and eye brows.

    So I though your man might like to create that to chase the gooblins away or are the ghosts planning to do that ?

  21. What a great idea. I bet they look spooktacular at night, Diana!!! xo

  22. Love the idea! And am loving all the Halloween-ish posts, showing up. Fun.


  23. What fun! The girls are so cute in their princess and bride outfits. We will be sure to send out the Calvary for you!! LOL

  24. I love that you have dress-up clothes for your Princesses!
    I remember my G'Ma always had her old lacy night gowns and dresses for us to play in.
    Thanks for the easy, but cute ghost idea.

  25. Those ghosts are really cute. I love the caped crusader's costume. What is your costume for Halloween?


  26. What a cute spooky idea to make with the girls. Love it! Your capped crusader looks pretty content...I can't imagine he'd ever get upset with you. :)

  27. Diana,
    These are so great. I love the way they look from outside the window. The girls look so cute making them too. Have a great day and great start to the week.

  28. So cute! I think you cut that out of October 1998 Martha Stewart Living...just a guess :)

  29. You absolutely crack me up.

    You know making tissue ghosts is a fabulous idea - may do it for an upstairs window so the kiddies can see it when they come up the drive for their treats on Beggar's Night!!


  30. Princess and bride dresses for crafting in is just perfect in my book! Love the ghosties!

  31. Love the ghosts and such a good idea. All little girls love their Princes dresses and wear them everywhere. My Kelly had one of each, wonder who bought them LOL.
    I see your hubby has on his cape as he was getting a treat. Sounds like you and the girls had a fun weekend.

  32. Those ghosts look sooooo real! And that's a priceless caught in the act pic of your hero! Looks like great fun around your place!

  33. Hi Diana, What a sweet project with the girls. Those ghosts are too cute. Love the crafting princess dresses.
    Your Hero in his cape stealing donut holes is priceless. Hope your reading this!!! LOL

  34. How cute! Do I have to dress up to make them??? LOL

  35. Just Love it..The caped crusader...never a dull moment around there..Love the ghosties..Cool idea..You have so much fun..

  36. such a sweet thing to do with your grands, making great memories. donut holes, eh? aren't they rather light in calories?

  37. Sweet Cheeks eyelashes are awesome. Caped Crusader was probably hungry from protecting you girls from the ghosts. He needed to renew his super strength and we all know donut holes are are magical.

  38. This is a great idea. What special memories you are making with the Grandchildren. Blessings, Martha

  39. You are just nothin' but fun! I wish I had been there in my princess dress to help!

  40. There's always fun at Nana's house! One should always dress appropriately for ghost making...those cuties know how it's done. :)

  41. I'm pinning this cute idea. Love it. I remember when my daughter lived in her tutus and wedding fun!

  42. I love this!! You are an awesome grandma friend! Seriously!!! How cute are they wearing their fancy bride dresses while crafting!! And those ghosts are just perfect for the windows! Thank you for the inspiration..may be doing these tomorrow with the beans as the weather man is calling for rain!!!

  43. Too much FUN.....Granny knows how to have a good time with her little princesses! Blessings~~~Roxie

  44. Oh, these are so cute and scary!! Whoo...Hoo....

  45. Love the scary ghosts, and I love the fact that everyone makes their own and there is no pattern, just create, scary and fun, love this and will surely use this wonderful idea...

  46. How fun. I bet the grils had fun making those.

  47. And the girls too. I can't type this early in the morning.

  48. Love the ghosts, so easy! Now, your Super-hero needs a cape, and some snacks too ;)

  49. I love this idea! I already have tons of tissue paper in the house, so I could make some today. I must say...those are some beautiful girls!! Love the caped crusader pic too! When there's donut holes involved, you just do what you gotta do, right? LOL!

  50. Cute chalk board, though I don't know how you rate so high to get one in the the ghosts, and the caped one. Kind of a fancy girl's cape, though. That dip you can keep, I so agree with SC. Her face says it all.

  51. LOL the caped crusader! I love your ghosts and it looks like the princesses had fun too!


  52. Very cute! the ghosts and the girls! Oh and the hubby... so funny!


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