Wednesday, September 18, 2013


You know I am on the road
this week with limited ability to blog.
I thought you all might  
enjoy watching me squirm
want to ask me questions.
You can 
I promise to try to answer 
any and all questions-
well-there might be a FEW

I have people emailing me and asking me
how I connect with bloggers 
and never join 
any reindeer games
link parties.
So-There you have it-
Ask away!

ps.  Jettie & Tete you are NOT allowed to play!!!!

edited to add:
I will answer the questions in tomorrow's post
provided I have steady internet.

edited 2nd time:
My kids are not allowed to play either!;>)
your photo name


  1. Well, golly're no fun! Wait till I tell Jettie what you're up to now!

  2. hmmmmm...... what questions would I ask of you?? I dont know. whats your favorite holiday to decorate for? whats your favorite meal? How long have you been blogging? .. hows that for a start..
    happy day my friend!

  3. oh boy now you have me intrigued, my qestion is,,, " why can't Tete and Jettie ask you a question and what are their questions you are afraid they may ask, ha ha ha,

  4. Well, poo on you, just wait, Tete and I can post everything we know about you while you are traveling, and everyone will know what we do, before you get a wifi signal again.

  5. Oh, boy! It looks like you may have started something by not allowing Jettie and Tete to join in.:-) I wonder how you seem to know so much about all the other bloggers. In my mind, you are the "go to" person if I ever want to know something specific. Stay safe! xo Nellie

  6. What's something we would be surprised to know about you??

  7. Diana, Do you like antiquing?? Or just junking and doing a make over of something? We have seen you paint many things. Have fun and be safe.xoxo,Susie

  8. Are you enjoying this time off??


  9. I just have 1 question.
    why arent we next door neighbors.?

    imagine the fun:)

    I know the answer to how you connect to blogs and bloggers without joining parties..
    Because you leave comments that make folks smile and bring joy to their souls. So of course they come to see who this amazing human being is that's named herself- Nana Diana.

    have a great time on your break]

  10. I want to know why you refuse to reveal your true identity. You are Doris Day or Loni Anderson. Fess up.

  11. Are you having fun on your journey? What's the most interesting thing you've seen so far?

  12. Ok, this could be fun!!! Are you still drinking loads of Starbucks?
    Am I allowed to ask more than one question? (oh, I just did, haha!). If you could be anything, what would you be? And tell the truth, how often do you REALLY eat sugar???
    Oh, and just how many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

  13. When did you start? How did you start getting followers? And why don't you do parties/meme's? And how long do you do this every day?

    I have questions for the ones who didn't.

    Love, sandie

  14. How do you blog every day, especially when you're so busy? I think my main question of any blogger is how they balance blogging with real life! It is so time-consuming. Thanks!

  15. have a blast where ever you may be!

  16. This is to make me long are you on the computer each day. I know I am on way too long but it isn't hurting anyone or no one is neglected, right.
    We all love you, you know.

  17. My question hmmmmm I guess would be where are you now and what yummy foods are you eating on your trip.
    Ha Ha you know me what are you looking at , are there any cute shops and what's to eat?!!!

  18. I can answer the question about why you have so many followers without linking to parties. I saw you commenting on other blogs and wanted to be your friend. You have such a sweet response every time. Hope you are enjoying your trip! My question is where did you go?

  19. Ooooh, I could be really naughty. But I won't. :)
    Let's see here, I'll stick with food, since that's MY favorite thing to talk about. :)
    What's your favorite thing to cook and what's your favorite thing to eat?

  20. How do you find time to do everything you do? Just trying to do over the simplest, most basic thing would take me more time than it would be worth.
    And where do you find room to put all those things you re-do?

  21. Does your Hubby and Family support your Blogging? Are you amazed at all the blogging friends you have made? Because everyone just loves you! Okay that was a statement!
    Blessings, Roxy

  22. Hey Nana Diana, I'm going to turn this around on you, when you get a chance to read current my post, you tell ME what my question should be. OK, GO!

  23. Here's my question - What was the most interesting job you have had in your life?

  24. Hope you are having an amazing time! Question, are you finding any fabulous treasures to share with us when you return? I hope so.
    Big hugs,

  25. It looks like everyone else has asked my questions, so I will just wait to see your answers. :)

  26. THIS is why you are so popular- you are just so danged FUN and so truly likeable.

    OK: my question is:


  27. Diana... I'm just gonna read the answers! Hope you're having fun.

  28. I don't know how to do the Linky thing either..I think I'll just plead ignorance..

  29. No question from me, Diana. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy you and I am glad that we found each other.

    I'll answer the question about link parties ... it's easy to make contact online, but you have to actually MAKE CONTACT. Broadcasting projects and posts on countless link parties doesn't do it. Read blogs, comment on and follow the ones you like and identify with, email personal replies to your commenters, and (pretty soon) you'll have a circle of blog friends that you cherish. Easy, huh?

  30. This sounds like fun. I'll be sure to tune in tomorrow!
    Mary Alice

  31. Well- I have a list but you'd probably not answer them all and you'd call me nosey! Hmmmm.... How about- what's your favorite fragrance? Cheesy question - I know. :-)

  32. Dear Diana: I have been reading back to your last blog before this one. First let me say Happy Anniversary to your kids. How nice of me to say Happy Anniversary to MY kids in a post, but the bat episode did take precedent. I did send flowers however. Now to my question: In this same post referenced above, I noticed an ever so tiny error? You stated that you would visit as a can this week. Did you mean you are a can or you will be on the can when you visit. If it's the latter, please don't visit me!! Happy, happy, happy time off..Judy

  33. How young are you? Why are tomatoes fruit? Why do some lady bugs bite? Why do we all put off visiting loved ones so much? What color are my eyes? How did you get to be such a great Mom, friend, and poet? Where does the white go when the snow melts?
    I'll save the rest of my questions until the next one. Love ya

  34. Miss Diana!! May I have a word with you?? I KNEW someone out there was "hanging onto Summer" because this heat has been relentless, and now I find out it's my dear friend, Nana Diana!
    Honey, Please, PLEASE let Summer go. I'm cooking out here!! :):)

  35. I are on your second HONEYMOON!? Can I ask that question? Roxie

  36. Ok, I thought of a few more questions:
    Name one place in the world that you haven't visited, that you would love to see. And, if you could change one thing about the world, anything, what would it be? Oh, one more (I can't seem to stop!!), what do you like best about yourself?

  37. Oh I can't wait to read your answers. I already know why you have followers with out linking are real. By just being your genuine self you have built you blog to what it is today. I have wondered how you manage to comment as often as you do. I have the absolute hardest time keeping up with that. Advice would be welcome!

  38. What a sweetie you are! How do you find time to leave all the nice, encouraging comments you leave? I think it is so funny that often when I comment on a random blog, I will look through the other comments and you are there, too!

  39. Ask you anything?
    I don't know.
    What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
    Yeah, thats it.
    Ice cream. It's the dealio.

  40. Hi Di,
    Here's my question... You are such a good blogger and leave comments for everyone. I never have enough time to visit and leave comments. How many hours do you spend on blogs a day????
    Love ya,

  41. Dear one, I have a couple..
    If you were just starting to desire a lot of comments, how would you encourage that...?

    Do you favor blogs that are all sunshine and joy...or ones with the occasional down in the dumps honesty... In other words, should blogs pretend joy if they are glum? Or just not post... Lol

    How do you organize yourself to read/comment/and respond to comments in such a beautiful way?

    And, yeah... Where are you going? Lol

  42. What is the CRAZIEST thing you have ever done (that you are willing to share) and I want to know what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

    xo Danielle

    PS I think you are so brave to play this game.

  43. Do you forgive easily???
    ( first day in a week I'm able to visit everyone - so hoping the answer is yes !!! )

  44. I know how you get followers---it is because you genuinely answer EVERYBODY back. That is no secret to me.

    Let's get down to REAL the dirt...

    1) Where did your hero first lay eyes on you and say, "I must get to know her,"
    2) Were you ever caught doing the hanky-panky,
    3) Is Sweet Cheeks- aka the Nana Diana in training- yukkin' it up in school with her hilarious comments yet and how successful has she been keeping those boys at bay,
    4) My husband calls you Loni Anderson, too...spill it, we all know....
    5) Best line yet that you've used to get out of a traffic ticket after being pulled over (I know you can talk you way out of anything)

    We'll all be waiting for your detailed report!

  45. Well, I was going to ask if that was your real hair but it seemed rude. So...have you ever worn a thong?

  46. Well darnit to heck I was a little late to this party....

    But here's a great question: Who's your favorite James Bond?


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