Friday, August 9, 2013

Two For Tea- Or Three-Or Four-Or Five- Or- WHAT? How many?

Don't you think this
is beautiful?
It is probably my favorite~
at least for the moment.
Do you remember when I showed
you Ruth's cabinet filled with teapots 
the other day? You can see it here
Several of you expressed
an interest in teapots and
asked for a closer look.

So-I snapped some quick pictures
of some of her teapots.
I didn't take them out of the cabinet
so you will have to take what you get here!
I am SO nice, aren't I?

Take a peek at a few of them.
Did you notice that about half of the teapots
have porcelain trivets under them?
I don't think I ever saw these before.
They are as pretty as the teapots.
Here's a close up of three of them.
This set has two matching cups-
Ruth sure does like PRETTY, doesn't she?
She has MANY pretty things.
Remember when I said she willingly gave me things?
I am drawn to things that are a bit offbeat.
(which explains why I married MyHero)
Well...look at this sweet little thing!
Guess what!!!!
While you are making tea
I will be 
Warming My Buns-
And NO! I am NOT sitting on a heating pad-
Thanks for asking!
Hope you have a great day.
Back with more staging pictures tomorrow.
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  1. I always love to see what people collect. Those teapots are pretty.

    I think that I am going to blog about what people collect today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Beautiful teapots. The trivets take it up a notch! She sure has had fun collecting! Keep those buns warm!

  3. These are beautiful. I like the trivets too, what a good idea. That bun warmer looks very useful. It would need to be considerably larger if I was warming my buns!

  4. I can never beat you to the puter in the morning. The teapots are BEAUTIFUL, especially the union jack pot, love it. I few a old cups, but certainly no pots. Man, she has the collector's eye.

  5. Diana, Those teapots are so beautiful. I have never seen the trivets before that matched. Sweet. That bun warmer sure brings back memories for me. The lady that was my guardian angel, had one. Some times when she served me breakfast at her house she would warm us some sweet rolls and give me a cup of Postum...does anyone remember Postum. I think it was a grain coffee.Thank you Diana for this post. xoxo,Susie

  6. such beautiful tea pots, I have never saw the china trivets before, you will have toasty warm buns with that device, it looks like it must be from the 50's or sixties,

  7. such beautiful tea pots, I have never saw the china trivets before, you will have toasty warm buns with that device, it looks like it must be from the 50's or sixties,

  8. Beautiful Tea pots with their trivets! favorite is that BUN WARMER! I have never seen anything like that. So Unique to me! I would have that in my kitchen in a heartbeat and hubby would love playing with that!! Blessings and a wonderful weekend~~~from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  9. What a pretty collection!!!
    Love that bum - er sorry - bun warmer!!!

  10. I've already picked out a favorite from the collection. Simply beautiful collection. Cheers to warm buns too!

  11. Ruth has a beautiful collection. I've two favorites, the one in the center of the mosaic and the all white one.
    Cute bun warmer!

  12. So pretty. I love the pot with blackberries.

  13. LOOK at those and the trivets too? I have NEVER seen a teapot trivet! LOVE these.

  14. Oh wow, what beauties! I am having a hard time picking a favorite because they are all gorgeous and unique :) Thanks for showing us.

    Hugs to you!

  15. So pretty Diana. She has a nice collection.

  16. Gorgeous teapots. I don't think I've ever seen the trivets that match the teapots. But then, by the time the teapots get to a garage or estate sale or flea market, the trivets are probably already gone! LOL


  17. Oh lol dear Diana, you c racked me up! I too love the 'bun warmer'!!!
    Gorgeous collection of teapots..all of them! I love the beauty of the teapot you chose too. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend.

  18. You can keep the bun warmer. I'd must rather have a tea pot. And really - I only began liking tea pots when I had grand daughter come along wanting to tea party. And... well.... someone has to help them eat all of those sweet treats... right?

  19. I love teapots! There is something about them... They whisper... come over, sit down, relax and chat.
    And... would you like another?

    Have a wonderful weekend Diana!



  20. What a pretty teapot collection - now just add some cookies and it's a party.

    xo Danielle

  21. That is truly a wonderful teapot collection. I've never seen one with a porcelain trivet underneath, though. It's almost time for that afternoon cup of tea here. Join me? xo Nellie

  22. Always and absolutely love to see peep's teapots and teacups and all things tea.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  23. My grandma had one of those bun the teapots...wish I could display all of mine!

  24. Diana, just a note....I think I corrected my no-reply are welcome to try it...let me know!! Thanks for the info!! Had been working on it, then forgot! my e-mail is if you need to get in touch with me. Roxie

  25. So beautiful ~ and the trivets so unique. My mother used to use one of those bun warmers! :)


  26. The teapot trivets are fantastic. So are the bun warmers! I like to have my buns steamed! ;P

  27. You're so funny..Love the one with the Lilacs too..Happy Bun warming..Have a great weekend..

  28. What a beautiful collection, they are all so beautiful. I love how you are displaying them, so beautiful and you can see them. Keep those Buns warm, lol.

  29. oh such beauty!
    my favorite... the lilac one with the cups.
    i knew a lady once who collected china tea cups. she had tons of them. each one different.
    whenever she had a party for the ladies... she set all the cups on a beautiful lace clothed round table. you could choose your own cup and saucer for the evening.
    fun! and a perfect ice breaker! everybody compared their cups!

  30. What a beautiful collection of Tea Pots. I bet she hates to part with them. And oh-what-a-job to go through all those things. She must be a very dear friend.

  31. I well remember using one of those bun warmers and yes, Ruth sure does pretty well.

  32. Fabulous collection of teapots! I have never seen one with a matching trivet. Love, love the bun warmer. Be careful, you might get some hot crossed buns!

  33. They are all so pretty! The lilac one is my very favorite!

  34. Tea pots are lovely and bun warmers toasty!

  35. Oh my...those teapots are beautiful! I have never seen the little plates under tea pots before either...very cool!


  36. What a pretty collection of teapots. Makes me want to dig out my white gloves and crook my little finger. :)

  37. Diana, you are always so full of good energy...

    I do love her collection of teapots...she has some beauties.


  38. a bun warmer, hehe. I'll make us some tea and you warm the buns and we have us a fabulous English tea party...

  39. So reminds me of my mama....she and a friend owned a tea room back in the late '90s, and hosted little girl etiquette parties, birthday parties, bridal showers, etc. Little girls were her favorite though....mama collected china cups and saucers as well as tea pots. The birthday girl got to choose which pot would be used at her party, and all the party goers would pick which cup and saucer they would use for the afternoon. Mom also had an entire room filled with dress up clothes, hats and accessories. Each party goer gor her picture with in her 'get up' holding her tea cup in front of an old antique dresser.

    Thankfully, mom kept all that china and my sister and I will be dividing it up for our own granddaughters someday. :)

  40. Okay I usually can pick a favorite - but I really couldn't with the tea pots they are all beautiful! sandie

  41. Those tea pots are wonderful. I'd love to have a cuppa right now!

  42. Hi Diana...I LOVE tea pots..but mine are all over the house..I never thought of putting them all in a cabinet..what a great idea! I don't really collect them..but no, I have never seen them with trivets. How neat!! And YES, You ARE very sweet to take the time to show them to us in a nice close up!!
    What a gal!! :):)

  43. My, she does have a lot of pretty things! I don't know which teapot I liked best! I never thought that you meant those buns....I wouldn't be so cheeky! Mind makes an interesting picture! Thanks for visiting me and leaving a sweet comment! Joan

  44. Love the teapots! And congratulations on the new baby.

  45. Such a beautiful collection! I didn't notice the trivets at first, very pretty too.

  46. What a beautiful collection! I've never seen the trivets either but what a wonderful addition to the tea pots!~~Angela

  47. Beautiful teapots. She does indeed love pretty and she does pretty very well.
    As for you young lady! You may like offbeat but after accepting the gift of the bun warmer, I suspect you like BUNS as well. Hmmmm!
    xo Ginger


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