Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tuesday Was NOT My Day On The Bay

The day started off beautifully,
A cup of hot coffee to sip.
Sitting on my back stoop off the kitchen
watching the sun come up from behind
the house and lighting the trees and 
bay in front of me.
The cloud covers the sun for a moment.
A new boat appears and seems
to be scouting the area for fish.
I have not seen a boat this size
this close to shore in the time
we have lived here.
Look at all the birds following it.
It has been a long few days
and I decide to take a drive to the other shore-
the Lake Michigan side.
I leave the house and
start driving.
Now - these are the things that
NOBODY EVER talks about
on their blog so you might want
to quit reading here and come
back tomorrow.
Still here are you?
Okay- You can't say I didn't 
warn you.
I am driving along.
Uh-Oh- Wait!
I have to make a stop!
Back in the car -off I go.
I have to make another stop!
At least this time I know no one is 
peeking over from the next stall.
Now I make one last stop before I head for home.
This is my new best friend.
Ever heard of someone having a
crappy day?
Now I know what that really means!
sorry for the crappy post
It'll be much better tomorrow,
I promise!
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  1. Feel free to stop here anytime when you're touring the Lake!! We even have Imodium!!!

  2. Hopefully, your tummy is better today. The girls are begging Chris to take them to Lake MI this week. The beaches are less than 40 minutes away. It's his last week of freedom before the return of school and I think he'd rather be playing with his tools. We'll see who wins.

  3. Never never never go for a long drive with a bad stomach LOL - never!!!
    I feel for you - there's nothing worse!
    But you managed to get some gorgeous photos in their Diana!

  4. Diana, Having a fun day planned...then ruined my a bad no fun. Sorry you missed your fun day. Last time I went to my daughter Kathy's, I was so excited and started feeling poorly on my way there. But after having some brunch at her house and coffee, I felt great again. Hope you are doing better today Diana. I am surprised you aren't just wore out with all you do.xoxo,Susie

  5. oh no, yup, best stay close to home, your lucky there was a few restrooms, a long drive around here would find you behind a tree, with maybe a bear for company!

  6. Oh, no. Thankfully there were some restrooms available. Nothing like being stuck in the car and nothing but cornfields in sight. Hope you're feeling less crappy today :)

  7. Today will be better !!!!!! Had a great one

  8. LOL... nothing like having to visit public restrooms at a time like that!
    Hope things got better!

  9. Could we be passing germs in blog land?
    That was me last Friday!
    The good thing is, that mine was only a 1 day'er!
    Hope you are better on this new day, Sweet D!

  10. Thanks for sharing Diana!

    Seriously, I hope that you feel better!

  11. That is the worst feeling ever....and being 'away' from home makes it worse!
    I hope today is a better day!

  12. Oh no! Hope you are better today. That sort of thing stinks. ( sorry, couldn't help myself...just a little potty humor ) :)

  13. I have one of those days all too often. I hope you are feeling better today.

  14. WELLfrom one crappy day to someone else's, I have days like that and they make you stay close to home.

  15. Oh No... feel better..
    & next time you are in the mood for a road trip, drive on down & around the lake & come & visit me : ) I promise a good cup of coffee.... : )

  16. I hope you're feeling better. But - at least you still have your sense of humor. And where did you find that creepy peepy sign? That's hilarious. But - I've never seen one.

  17. Ah yes. I have had many of them! So frustrating and annoying, not to mention exhausting! Feel better, my friend.


  18. Diana,

    Tomorrow for sure will be a better day. Do I dare say it? This will all pass quickly. :)

    Thank you so much for writing me back. I have to ask, how do I change my blog from a no reply to a reply? I looked in settings but could not find anything on how to do that

    Wishing healing thoughts your way.



  19. ON NO! We had a few of those days with my cousin before she got her Gallbladder out! It would be STOP NOW! We laugh about it now.

  20. stress will do that to you, so calm down, relax and go to starbucks.

    I love the blog with the photos of the staging but didn't get around to posting on it, you do great work.

  21. Diana,

    I think I just fixed my no reply problem. Thank you for letting me know about it.



  22. Oh no Diana! That is the worst and has happened to me many times! Imodium is a good friend to travel with :)
    Hope you are feeling better!

  23. Oh, dear! Not the best day for you to be out taking a trip!:-( I hope you are feeling better today. xo Nellie

  24. Imodium is part of my travel kit. Never leave home without it. '-)
    Hope you are feeling better!

  25. Oh poor you! That is bad enough at home, but when you are out.... I hope you are soon feeling better xx

  26. Oh sh*t, I hate it when that happens! At least you found rest spots along the way! LOL!!!

  27. OMG! You silly girl. I took my kids to a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant while on vacation and soon after - imodium was one of their best friends for a whole week. On vacation - no less. Buggy!

  28. At this stage of our lives, we have to allow extra time for potty breaks on every trip it seems! LOL


  29. How miserable...I'm sure we can ALL relate! We've all had days like that...or drives like that! We were on the interstate one time....oh never mind. It's a long 'c' story! hahaha! Sweet hugs!

  30. Hey! How about a series of posts about outhouses (or I should say way stations) in Wisconsin??? Been there, done that. Visiting them I mean. I hope you feel a lot better today!

  31. What a beautiful view! Thank you for sharing. I too have crappy days (LOL)! Hope the tummy gets better, your post made me laugh!

  32. Diana: Mama said there would be days like this, mama said, mama said. And believe you me I've had days like this. but you never heard that from me! I'm just so thankful you were able to make good friends with the facilities along the way. Maybe we should make a 'portable' one like I used to use and take it with us..Better Happier Days..Judy

  33. Oh, and I forgot to say..You took some beautiful shots so it wasn't all crappy! J

  34. Geez woman, do you have no shame??? There is nothing worse...well, except for the worst thing. Not making it to your umm....stop. A very crappy day, indeed!

  35. sound like one of my crappy days, when my boy thinks that playing with his poop is the greatest gift for mommy's birthday. Unfortunately That was not the only time. :) hope you feel better

  36. here is another side of the story....better to have a crappy day than a non-crappy week.....if you get my gist!! My opinion, but after years of experience....I think I am on to something!!

  37. Oh crap, you make me laugh! By the way, I hate that word but I couldn't help myself. The picture of the boy peeking over is hilarious! Hope the Imodium did the trick!

  38. Diana, I hope you are all better now-what we would do without Immodium-wait don't answer that!
    Loved the pics.
    Have a great night.

  39. Nothing worse than being away from home when you have "a crappy day". Not fun. I once went through Disney World swigging a bottle of Pepto Bismol. When you've paid for the tickets and maide the 17 hr drive, you go to the park, REGARDLESS. I'll never forget it!

  40. Ah yes! The ever popular public restroom tour! Sorry you had to cut your trip short. Worry not for this too shall pass (sorry, couldn't help myself) Hope you're feeling better now! Hugs, Leena

  41. Hope you're feeling better! ~~Angela

  42. Diana, you poor thing :(

    I sure hope you are feeling better now. Crappy days are never fun. I've had several in the past couple weeks. Yuckie.

    Still looking for a better place too.

    Take care of you. xox

  43. Not a good feeling it's all stop or all go.

  44. Well.....that ONE way to start a crappy day! lol Hope you're feeling better today, dearie!

    xoxo laurie

  45. I have had days like that - Hope you
    are feeling better.

  46. Okay, that was really sad, but lets just say we can really appreciate the pictures! After all the potty stops you deserve a Blue Ribbon for your photos!!
    Love ya! Roxy

  47. Made me laugh. Hope your crappy day is all better now.

  48. I have had a pretty crappy last two days... not your kind of crappy...but your crappy day made my You are so funny!!

  49. I thought I had cornered the market on immodium the last few days. So sorry to hear that you've been crappy too...get better soon.

  50. I hope you feel better soon Diana!
    Boy I loved the bay pics.
    I didn't realized you had lived in Sturgeon Bay...I have always loved that town.
    If we ever do a bloggy get together for Wisconsin bloggers, I think we should meet in Door County.
    Wouldn't that be picture postcard perfect!

  51. Oh no, Diana. Hope you are feeling better. Seems to be a lot of that going around. xo Laura

  52. Only you could make that situation funny..Hope you're feeling better..

  53. Oh Diana,
    I hope you're feeling better now. I always love to see pictures of the Bay. It is so beautiful. And that tea cup is gorgeous. I know I've said it before, but it's a real beauty.


  54. Diana,
    I loved your comment today. was one of my favorites.

    Me :~)

  55. I love keeping it really, real! Hope today was a better day. I really know what you mean. Hugs, Ginger

  56. I am always so embarrassed about public restrooms. Once, we were in a VERY crowded IKEA. I had to go SUPER BAD. I made my husband drive me to the Taco Bell down the street, where there wasn't a line 8 people deep waiting to get the next available stall. We are ladies, of course!

  57. I hope you made it there okay.I have had stomach issues too and it is no fun using a public bathroom.

  58. Oh, No! I did laugh as I read this post. Sorry girl friend! Hope you are feeling much better!


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