Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Son Is Having An Affair

Well, don't come here if you don't want
to know everything about our family.
I know this is not something that
most people would talk about in Blogland.

My son has a beautiful wife and their little
CJK is just darling.

I would never imagined that my son would
have a love affair
but - it's true.

Friday night he called me
and asked ME to drive him to Milwaukee
to meet HER.
I was surprised but when he offered to buy me a
I decided I would go.

Me:  Does your wife know? 
Son: Well, she has an idea but she doesn't
really know for sure that I am going
to bring her home to meet the family today.

Me: What's she like?
Son: Mom- She's got a body that just won't quit.
She is smooth and sleek and I  can handle her
in any situation.

Me: Hmmmm! Well.......I'm anxious to meet her.
Son: You won't be disappointed, Mom.
She's a beauty.

And-she is as sweet inside as she is outside.
As much as I love the other girl in his life
I have already found a special spot for this one, too...
and I don't even know her name.
I may be a little scarce for  the next day or two.
I have two sweet little boys staying with me
while their Mom works.
I'll visit when I can!
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  1. wow wow wow.

    they'll enjoy every moment with that Beauty..

  2. Nothing like getting the heart pumping this morning! You keep us on your toes!!

  3. Great looking! Have fun with the little ones.

  4. Great looking! Have fun with the little ones.

  5. Congrats to your son! She's a beauty!

  6. Indeed a beauty! You may have to double up your Starbucks to keep up with those two ;)

  7. Hi Diana,
    The car is soooooo pretty. I bet that will take them on many adventures. Good luck with the boys.

  8. I never know what I'm going to find on your blog when I go by your post titles, Diana! : ) Forget the coffee in the morning, I woke up right away when I saw this title. She is a beauty!

  9. You are so funny! You gave me quite a shock to start with.

  10. well! I thought it was going to be a dog! ( a woof woof dog), you fooled me, I knew for sure it was not another real live woman, he's much too good a guy for that!

  11. Hmmmmm.... I'd be worried about that son of yours. That girl he's having his affair with doesn't look like a girl at all. Could she be a cross-dresser? I think it's a HE?

  12. Oh Diana, you know how to get someone's attention! :) The new car is certainly a beauty. Hugs!

  13. Congratulations to your son.. She is gorgeous.. I would so love one.. ONe day.

  14. Lol Diana, you are funny! But yes, she's a beauty so I can see why he is in love with her! ( the rest of the family will be too, I bet!). Sweet of him to take you along and buy you some coffee! Enjoy your littles!

  15. Ha, an affair mom can approve of! She is purdy...

  16. Please congratulate your son on his recent affair - she's a real Black Beauty!!!

  17. OMGoodness, we have a lot in common...my 'son in law' has an affair with one of this girls too!!! Cingrats to your handsome son, and I don't blame him for having this type of extra-marital affairs, lol!
    Big hugs,

  18. S use me....if you mean those in the UK ( you all usually say England when you mean all of us!). No we don't all complain about seeing families.....that's what this is all about, isn't it...sharing lives!? Anyway. Loved the photos....yes you had me fooled over his other woman...and who says the mother's always the last to know?! Hope you enjoy your time with the grands. Joan

  19. You are kind of a brat! Hope he enjoys his new beauty.

  20. I'm sure the whole family will enjoy that gorgeous thing!

    Enjoy the kids.


  21. I knew there would be a catch!
    These babies are great for exploring the old two tracks!

  22. Diana, When I first starting reading this post, I got a big tummy ache...You know I was thinking "oh no". Can't tell you how happy I am that "she" is made of metal.Whew... That little guy is growing too fast!! Hey you got to go to starbucks too. xoxo,Susie

  23. Phew! I'm glad that took a sharp turn to the right! = D

  24. I just sold m'y car and bought a Land Rover took it to Santa Barbara to meet up with Fifi on a wedding shoot for her new book. On my 2 1/2 hour drive I noticed a strange howling noise so back it went for them to tell me it's was a defect and nowmI am on the hunt for another one of choice. I am hooked. I drove mine for two weeks and did not want it to go back. I am in hopes they can fix the problem easily or that will replace it.

    They are such a fun SUV.


  25. A good gal, for sure! I love it.

  26. Nice car! You thought you had us fooled didnt ya??

  27. Have fun with the boys! I suppose you have had practice with more than one kid at a time, but two little boys seems so hectic. Fun, but hectic :)

  28. at first I thought you were going to show us a picture of a hairy lady...aka a dog. lol

  29. I was expecting a dog too.

  30. You crazy woman! You should write commercials, you really can grab ones attention. This "she" is gorgeous!

  31. Wow..I was expecting a dog...You never disappoint..LOL

  32. I thought for sure it was a dog too! Nice that you got to spend that time with your son. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  33. You had me, just as the rest. I was looking for a puppy!
    Don't know which would eat more?

  34. ROTFLMAO you had me going there....

    How pretty!!! When does Sweet Cheeks get her first driving lesson?

  35. Wow! What a beauty this one is!

    I know you will be loving on those grands a lot!

    xo Nellie

  36. At first I was like, seriously?! Then i was like - this is Diana - she has something up her sleeve!
    Great way to write about a cool new vehicle!

  37. She IS definitely a beauty Diana!!! I can see why he just had to have her.
    I won't tell a soul about her :)))
    many hugs...

  38. Hello Diana,
    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi! and thanks always for your sweet visits and comments. What a darling picture, and most of us enjoy you showing off your most wonderful treasures.

  39. Can't wait to meet her lol! Have fun with those little ones...

  40. fully loaded...I think the Mrs. will be just fine with the new woman. have fun with the boys!

  41. You always bring a smile to my day! Lovely girl....I can see why he strayed!! LOL~~ Ang

  42. HA! I knew it would be a car, I am from the South, where men love their cars and tolerate their women!

  43. What a fun post! I'm so happy for him - he sure is excited!!

  44. Oh oh OH what a wonderful new girl in their lives! I hope to read her name soon?

  45. That 'lady' looks like a 'dude'...if you know where I am leading here...
    'nough said on this one...

  46. Ha! Your son is very much like my husband....a big ole cheater! LOL!!! I think it's just a 'man' thing.

  47. That is one sweet ride!

  48. Yep, this is my dream car for sure!!!


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