Monday, July 1, 2013

I Hope I Don't Disappear

I am not sure 
WHAT is going on!
I am NOT ABLE to sign up
for Bloglovin'.
It says I am already there but
I can't find anything anywhere.
If I disappear think of me
as the 
Ghost of Blogger Past-

Bear with me as we hit July 1st.
I may be struggling to find
my way back!

I will be here pondering my future.
Summer has finally come to 
Wisconsin and the backyard is

Have a wonderful day!

ps. I THINK I figured it out.
BUT~Somehow I managed to 
"drop" some blogs yesterday.
I think I am no longer following some of you.
I was trying to put blogs into 
categories and hit the wrong
button.  If I have "unfollowed"
you by accident, please forgive me.
I will try and find you again!
your photo name


  1. I've been trying out bloglovin and feedly for about a month now. I think feedly is a great choice if you read a lot of blogs (you know I do). And having every single blog truncated on bloglovin just kind of makes me crazy. But they are both great options to try! Sad to see google reader go, but I think we'll all adjust just fine! ... And hopefully you will get your problem figured out quickly!

  2. I have returned to blogging just as chaos breaks out!

  3. You Better not go anywhere !!!!!!

  4. me too diana.. i dont get it!!! very confusing! but i see you are still on my blog list... you could try to hide from me but i d still find you again!

  5. Am I supposed to do bloglovin' now? Why do I never know what's going on? LOL

  6. I see you, Diana. You're on my "list." hehe.

  7. Diana, I too am confused about what to do. Believe me girl, that doesn't take much for me to get to that stage LOL. Your blog looks fine. I am writing a comment....we'll see if it goes out. I did a bad thing with my favorites file and am trying to get everyone back on it. I still have not had my daughter help me put all of you on my sidebar. Cause I sure can't get it done. xoxo,Susie

  8. you still come up in my blogger blogs but I will go into bloglovin to make sure you are there. you gave me my first morning chuckle!! :)

  9. it's me again. You are coming up in bloglovin.

  10. I switched. I see you on my list. Amen!!! I have no idea what all this means..... afterall, I do not even know what google reader is/was. LOL!

  11. Technical things are tricky, aren't they? I have issues all the time. When I do I walk away and sometimes it works when I come back.

  12. You can't get rid of me that easily!

  13. on fait toujours des erreurs
    moi aujourd'hui
    j'ai effacé tous les commentaires
    en voulant supprimer des spams
    bonne journée
    reposez-vous bien
    edith(iris) France

  14. I don't know what is going on with blogger and such but I can still find you..if not I will search until I can. Have fun!

  15. What is Bloglovin'? I've never heard of it. Hope you don't get lost in the Bermuda Triangle (er, would that be "Green Bay Triangle?!")!

  16. Don't worry, we'll find you. In fact, I'll never lose you because I already follow you via Feedly. So you'll have at least one follower . LOL (just kidding, of course. Your following will find you!) :-)

  17. well its the first and my google reader is still working, were we conned? I switched and you came up on my bloglovin list so you're there, its all a bit un nerving, maybe we didn't need to switch, don't worry, it will all work out

  18. Great place to be! I hope you get to spend many glorious days outside - before it snows! LOL!! Gotcha on bloglovin!

  19. You didn't disappear from my blog spot.
    Yeah...summer in Wisconsin!

  20. Well, you are still here for me this morning, Diana! That big noise you hear may be me falling off into cyberspace! I am still signed on the way I was.:-) xo Nellie

  21. Sometimes this computer stuff is overwhelming and exhausting. Let us know if you figure out your bloglov'n problems. Your property is gorgeous. I'm sure it's a lot of work, but I love when you share your photos with us.

  22. You are on my bloglist on my sidebar! YAY!!!

  23. I hope you got everything figured out! I use my blog list on the sidebar to keep up with everyone, too! Enjoy your week my friend!

  24. ...not everyone who wonders is lost. LOL

  25. I have been battling this for 3 days and it is so annoying...I will find you..hang in there. I had to change my password 3 times. I think we just expect all computer issues to work and sometimes they just don't!

  26. Such a lovely yard. Are you still thinking of moving?

  27. I picked up all of the ones I follow on Bloglovin'. I am still getting the reader feed on dashboard though.

  28. I think I lost some when I switched over a couple months ago, too. I hated it at first, but now that I'm used to it, I'm a fan of Bloglovin'.

  29. I'm coming from are here for me!

  30. Your home is just STUNNING!!! Winging my way back up there today!

  31. I hope you get it worked out. I haven't changed yet. I don't know what I will do. Your yard is so beautiful! I would love to live on the water!

  32. I am so stinkin' confused. What is blog reader??? I don't even know if I have ever used it and why do they have to keep messing up everything for us anyway!!!! Help!!!!

  33. I follow blogs from my blog roll. That shouldn't be affected should it? Glad that you got your situation worked out. The pics of your property are beautiful!

  34. Hi there, You always make me laugh. I still am getting e-blogger reader which is good but I also signed up for bloglovin too. I also have Feedly on my Ipad. Hope you find those you lost!
    Hugs, Noreen

  35. I promise to use all my Nancy Drew skills to find you Diana.

  36. I hate technology! Your grounds look beautiful- so nice and green. Hope you have a wonderful 4th, Diana!!

  37. It's a learning curve, give it time, it will work it's self out.

    And don't forget they are most likely overwhelmed with signups...

    Still have you on my bloglovin list...


  38. You are still there Diana. Now I hear rumors around blogland that our Google friends Connect might disappear - oh dear - what next?

    xo Danielle

  39. Hi Diana, I hope bloglovin is working for you now. I started it early spring and just transferred all that I follow over. There is an import area that you can do this with. Also after you add the button to your blog, you can check your own following this way. So far I have had no problems and I like it okay.
    Google reader ended for me last July so I have been without a way to find blogs for a year already. That's why I added bloglovin months ago.

    Lots of changes but maybe it will be better.
    Love your gorgeous pics.
    Have a great night.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  40. Wisconsin looks beautiful .. LOve all that green.. More pics please..

  41. I still get you so I guess we're good..I don't have to send the cavalry out to search..

  42. I lost a follower, I can't yet tell if it was you.
    Come back my friend!!!! :)

  43. Oh Diana,
    Your yard looks perfect!
    And the water and view, oh my,
    Wisconsin is a beautiful state!
    I don't know about that blog lovin thing much either.

  44. You didn't disappear from my bloglovin' feed...hopped right over today :) I hate learning new things...just when I get something figgered out, it changes or disappears.

    I'm considering getting a laptop, and boy howdy did my eyes cross when computer-whiz hubster took me to Best Buy. I'm old.

  45. i can barely keep up with changes...when i changed my blog to a .com, --i lost every one of the people on my sidebar--freaked me out.
    i will track you down, if you disappear, diana:) happy 4th!

  46. OK I'm lost... what is bloglovin? and why would I want to use it?

  47. Naw, you're not going to disappear - we won't let you! I'm already following you on Bloglovin'. I never did even use Google reader, I've always just used my blog list. Probably won't use BL either but I'm all hooked up! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  48. I'm still there! Love you, Diana! I'm following by email, but have signed up for Bloglovin'. It is confusing!

  49. I'm following you via email so you're still here! Why do they keep making these crazy changes and confusing us all? I can confuse myself all by myself, thank you LOL! Hope you find your missing blogs! Hugs, Leena

  50. Wow-your yard/view is amazing!! I haven't made the switch yet...I hate change (unless it's the decorating kind-ha!)

  51. Followin' you on the lovin' bloggin' thing-n'

  52. Diana, I don't know what is going on either. I thought I followed all the rules but then I didn't come up on the side (I'm probably not even explaining this right). But finally I did so I guess it's all right. I didn't go so far as to 'claim' my blog What in the heck does that mean?? Except for things being in another place, I don't see the benefit of all these changes. I go through Google Chrome, so maybe that makes a difference. I am in the dark!!..Happy Monday..Judy

  53. I love the photos of your 'green-ness' on the water. Ahhhh. So very refreshing!!

    Yesterday I finally moved my feeds to both Feedly and Bloglovin' -- I'm really not sure which I will prefer...change is change and eventually we will all adapt. Hope you figure out your problem.


  54. Hi Diana!

    Here you go, I am throwing out a life preserver to you.... grab on and I will pull you back to safety! :)

    But seriously, I am not familiar with BlogLovin' or I would help you out.

    I had such a tough time two weeks ago. Tried to get rid of pop-up ads all over my blog and ended up spending three days trying to un-do all of the "remedy" commands which created their own set of issues.

    Still not quite back to normal but what are you going to do? I spent HOURS and HOURS trying to fix things!!!

    Hoping you will get your glitches cured quicker than I did.


  55. I don't really know who is following me, but I have you on my Bloglovin...just fyi!

  56. Don't lose me girlfriend, I haven't signed up for Bloglovin yet...I thought it was easy!


  57. You can't get rid of me that easily. Wherever your ghostly self goes, I'll find you. Creepy, eh?

  58. Dianna,
    Thanks so much for stopping by! I depend on my blog rolls a lot for following people because i don't seem to have the time to sit and read from a reader service.

    I laughed when I read in one of your posts about a disney song.

    Here is one that I hate ..

    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It off to work I go!!

    Can't wait for retirement!!



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