Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sweet Cheeks Review of Waffle House and Bob Evans

When we travel I LOVE to
stop at 
I know you won't believe this
I always get the same thing.
A pecan waffle and grits.
Waffle Houses are always the same.
The outsides look the same.
The insides are full of characters.
I love to listen to the banter
of the employees.
TOO funny!
After our third morning stop at
Waffle House
SweetCheeks decided enough was enough.
I don't like Wahffle House, Nana.
Why not?
Cuz I want pancakes!
have pancakes cuz they are a 
Well-that makes sense.
Where to then?
Bob Evans is the unanimous agreement!
Okay- That sounds good!
MyHero and I took SweetCheeks
there on a previous occasion
where we had this wonderful conversation.
You will LOVE Bob Evans SweetCheeks.
There's your pancakes, SweetCheeks.
SweetCheeks is looking around the place.
What's up,. SweetCheeks?
I was just wondering....
(wait for it- wait for it)
Where's BOB?

Yeah---where IS Bob?
After all, it IS his restaurant!

Still working at my friends' house.
We are making lots of progress.
I will be around late today!
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  1. LMHO............well did she get to meet Bob???

  2. I think i'll stick to Irish Oats but, where is Bob?

  3. So cute!! She is adorable!

    Love those pecan waffles too! I always get them when we go there.

  4. She is adorable.

    My dad always loved to eat at Bob Evans!

  5. She's so cute. I've never had the pleasure of going to Bob Evans. The last time I was at a Waffle House was in North Carolina where my husband and I were picking our children up from camp. We pulled up in our rental car which had Colorado plates. All of the people in the waffle house started asking us if we were from Colorado. Like a whole restaurant full of busy bodies!

  6. I love Sweet Cheeks! Love this cute post! Diana, you are truly a hoot. Love your personality. I think if we were ever to meet we'd have a ball! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. He's still in the barn. Gotta skim the cream!

  8. Diana, Our Emma calls Bob..Uncle Bob. SC is always thinking, bless her heart. Tell her Bob is the one in the sock hat and striped sweater..oh wait, that's Waldo.:):) Waffles , yum. Emma has them every breakfast here. Those toaster kind. Hope you get lots done today...but be careful with this heat. xoxo,Susie

  9. Good Morning Diana, Thank you for the chuckle this morning. You never know what kids are going to say or do. We have a Bob Evans and we have never met Bob. We have to love them because they definitely make it interesting. Age doesn't mean a thing either. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  10. Out of the mouths of babes!!!!! She is so adorable.

  11. That Sweet Cheeks keeps us smiling. Thanks for sharing her sweet little personality with us!

  12. I'm sure if BOB had knows Sweet Cheeks was coming he would have been there!!!

  13. LOL.... I was kind of expecting her to decide she wanted waffles.

  14. Should you tell her Bob is dead? Probably not :) Our local restaurant has a HUGE picture of him on the wall - sort of like a wallpaper mural. It's sort of unnerving to eat with a big head looking over your shoulder.

  15. You and I like eating at the same places! lol I love Waffle House. And I would love it if Bob Evans opened here in GA, I have been waiting for years. I don't think they are. I love the biscuits and sausage gravy. Sandie

  16. The pancakes look pretty good. Did SC like them? I love waffles, too, but haven't been to a Waffle House in years! That's funny how kids think about things like that. We were looking at pics one day and mentioned a cousin named David. Kate wanted to see because she wanted to see what David looked like ... you know, the one that killed Goliath.

    You are a very good friend to your friend who is moving.

  17. How stinkin' adorable is she! I wouldn't be able to contain myself with laughter with a question like that. I'm sure I'll have many questions like that to come with my little one.
    Thank you for coming to visit me:) I look forward to following you!

  18. Love your blog Di and sweet cheeks as usual and your hero. I feel like I have known your family for years. The blog conversations just burst out joy and funnies as well. Love those choices of food. oh my,my . Yummier.

    Your my morning Sunshine girly beside the Lord first.

    My Grandson Chef is on my blog today. Cooking us our first supper that night of our arrival . We had three days with them before they took off to Sunny Florida they so love.

    I am home noe but now doing the load up of pictures daily to my blog.

    You have a good day my dear friend and your everyones friend for sure.

  19. Hey, I love the Waffle House!!
    Tell Sweet Cheeks Bob was at the Waffle House that morning. Cause he was tired of pancakes... We gotta switch things up once in awhile.I always order the same thing, I like their coffee and the batter taste so light, yet crisp! Oh my I could do a commercial!! :)
    Blessings, Roxy

  20. Yummmm, the waffles sound devine! Sweetcheeks sure is growing up. Pretty, pretty!

  21. Children are so sweet and innocent! (and funny!) Too bad, you couldn't have taken her to the ORIGINAL BOB EVANS FARM and Restaurant in Ohio....that would been an experience...she would have seen his home and barn! And My Mom and Dad loved Waffle House (so does my hubby)...My mom told me a story the other day, when her and Dad left on Christmas day (years ago)to go to Florida, they didn't think about no restaurants being opened.(Back when they're weren't many restaurants) They had to stop and eat at every Waffle house from Ohio to Fla.....they were the only thing open!!......FUNNY! They didn't want to eat at a Waffle house for a while after that!! LOVE those stories! Blessings~~~Roxie

  22. I tend to eat the same foods over and over! When I taught school I had
    crackers, fruit and cheese for lunch
    for over twenty years and never got tired of it!
    Smiles, Dottie

  23. Where's Bob indeed? That Sweet Cheeks cracks me up!!

    Waffle House!! They are from Georgia, you know! Started by Joe Rogers, Sr. in 1955, I know this because I worked for the Waffle House Offices in the late 70's!
    They have the Yellow/black colors in honor of Ga Tech! See the things you learn from me!! :-)

  24. She would get along great with my youngest son because he prefers pancakes too. He eats them a lot!! We are Waffle House people too when we go on vacation. We love to get breakfast there. My husband likes waffles and hash browns, but I prefer eggs, sausage, grits etc. We plan on eating there this Saturday morning when we leave for our vacation. It's kind of our tradition. I just want to know if missing teeth is a requirement to working there though! Doesn't that company offer dental insurance??? LOL!

  25. Thanks for the chuckle! Sweet Cheeks is a character :)


  26. What a doll! Can't wait to see your progress at your friend's house!

  27. we like waffle house also

    and I eat at Bob's every Sunday morning after church with my gang

  28. First off, let me tell you this Girl Raised In The South loves GRITS! My sister and I still laugh about our late Uncle Bus who LOVED eating at Bob Evans. We went to St. Louis to visit him once and out of everything to see, that was the one thing he wanted us to do. We both ended up with what in my house is called "the tricky gut". No more Bob Evans for this chick. Glad Sweet Cheeks had fun!

  29. I'm with Sweet cheeks, I'd rather have pancakes. ;-)
    I heard a rumor that it's the Hero's birthday. Happy Birthday to your guy!

  30. HA! That's the best! :)
    I adore Waffle House pecan waffles! Haven't had them in awhile...hmmm, I think a WH run is on the horizon!

  31. LOL, she's too cute.

    I have never been to WH - but I am a big BE fan....but my favvi fav place for breakfast is called First Watch. Do you have them where you live?

    If so, you absolutely must try it.

  32. As always Sweet Cheeks makes me laugh. What an incredible friend you are! Hope you have a great evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  33. I guess sweet cheeks usual?? I like waffles too..It's been a long time..hungry for one now..Thanks a lot!!

  34. She had a pretty valid point. I've often wondered the same thing. I mean really. Where is Bob. Maybe he is back there cooking those pancakes. xo Laura

  35. Diana, this is a very nice picture of SweetCheeks!

  36. So sweet! I have never stepped foot inside a Waffle House. I had better get with it, right?

  37. she is so cute and fun! I remember when I thought Bob should be around too!

  38. Im with Sweet cheeks! I love pancakes! in fact Ive had them twice in the last week! which could account for the 2 pounds that I gained!
    have a great weekend

  39. if she likes pancakes, you should take her to IHOP (we have them in the south). Did she find BOB??? that is hilarious

  40. You should have told Sweet Cheeks Bob now lives under the sea with Patrick and Squidward....and they work for Mr. Crabs....serving Crabby Patties.

  41. Out of the mouth's of babes......
    so glad she got her pancakes. She is such a cutie and I bet she keeps you hopping.

  42. I just want to pinch her cheeks!!! So adorable!~~Angela

  43. Oh there's something about Bob! I'd rather have that waffle if you don't mind...I'll be home all day so drop in when you have a chance, my growling tummy will be waiting.

  44. Oh yes..where is that Bob?...never saw him in all the times we have been there! :)
    My granddaughter loves Bob Evans...but she loves the waffles!..and those smiley face potatoes!...
    Cute story!!

  45. I can figure out a pecan waffle but grits, what are they.

  46. I love waffle house, and always get the pecan waffles and sausage. I drive about 25miles to get there, but I'm never disappointed.
    Enjoy your trip. So? Did Bob ever show up?

  47. I hope you and sweetcheeks had a great breakfast. I have not been to waffle house in years, now I want to go and get the pecan waffles and grits. See what you started!

  48. I have a buy one get one free for the Waffle House and there is one near my office! Maybe the hubby will take me there tomorrow! Nick is wanting to go to the Original Pancake House before he returns to college! They have greta pancakes! Sweet CHeeks would love it! Yum!

  49. Bob Evans is hands-down my favorite restaurant. I'm so weird. We stopped there twice a year growing up in Columbus OH....which was exactly halfway to my gramma's house in Pittsburgh. :) My youngest son begs us to go to BE for pancakes at least once a's in the genes.

  50. Sweet cheeks is hilarious!
    I LOVE waffle house too. I have one here who doesn't like waffles, but prefers pancakes. Sigh. What can you do??

  51. Sweet Cheeks needs her own reality TV show and I want to be her agent.

  52. Awww, she is sweet. We used to have a Bob Evans but it closed. I like Waffle House. They make very good omlets.


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