Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Be My Guest- Be My Guest -Put My Service To The Test

Is that Disney song running through your head now?
I like it when I can pass those
"songs in the head" along to someone else.

We'll chat and dine
and get to really know each other.
Which chair would you like?
Pretty lovely, huh?

Oh-The palm tree?
We have palm trees in Wisconsin.
Yes we do.
They are potted plants in our living rooms.
That is NOT my porch.
(click on photo for source)
You want to see MY dining porch
off the dining room?
Prepare for a surprise!
I did NOT say it was a NICE SURPRISE!

Have a seat!
Um....So.....I  ASKED MyHero.
Could you cut me some replacement seats for this set?
Sure!  2 months later I get
that have been left on top of
the table and are warped and moldy.

Me: Umm....These are NOT going to work here.
MyHero:  Double them up and cover them with fabric.
Me:  You're kidding right?
MyHero:  No, Diana, I'm NOT kidding.  It will STABILIZE them.
Me:  Helllloooo-You need EXTERIOR plywood!
  I can't use these.
MyHero:  Well, you could show a little appreciation for the work I did.
Me:  Yeah- Thanks a lot!
MyHero:  Your don't mean that.
Me:  You're right.
MyHero:  Fine!!!  You do it yourself then.
Me:  Fine!

Don't you love REAL LIFE?
That's what you get here!
All the bumps and warts and realities of
everyday life.

So...right now the porch looks like THIS:
Guess what?
When MyHero wasn't looking I begged his friend, Mark,
to cut some inserts for me out of
He DID.........shhhhhhhhh.....

I'll be back tomorrow
with a prettified porch.....
I'll get on that right after I finish my coffee.
Come see me tomorrow and I'll
save a seat for you!

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  1. YOU probably have a lot of Disney princess movie songs playing in your head with all the grand girls that you have in your family! Can't wait to see your "new" porch seating. The pictures of your yard that you posted are so lush and green...just beautiful.

  2. Diana, How much material does your Hero think you own??? Too funny. :):) I can't wait to see the finished porch. I know it will be gorgeous. I am having a hard time getting ours shaped up...what with all the rain . Then when it stops raining , the bugs will take over. Not a good porch season so far. xoxo, Susie

  3. I would cover every seat except hubby's and then see if he changes his mind! cant wait to see your space!

  4. I like Laura's idea! Men. We love 'em anyway.

  5. Laughed as I read this! That is real life for sure! Loved that first picture, it would be great to have a porch like that! Yes, the song is in my head, but it brings back sweet moments of when my own daughter was a child and loved that movie!

  6. Too funny...many can relate! I know you and you will no doubt work your magic and turn out something fabulous! You had me thinking that first picture was yours....lol. Enjoy your day and July 4th holiday.

  7. I have a thing for vintage wrought iron, especially tables and chairs!! I lOVE your set,even as-is!! But I can't wait to see the finished product. I know it's gonna be beautiful....I'm working on covering a little bistro set as we speak.....isn't it a "small world?" Happy Independence Day!! Roxie

  8. I thought the FIRST photo was your porch!

    Well, I need a new seat too. Three of them but I won't count the one I wear. John drug home a pair of lawn chairs and small table from a neighbors trash. Really cute but with frayed webbing. I searched the web and cannot find anything to repair them with so I asked John to make something of wood that I will cover. The frames are strong and nice and not ready to be trashed.

    Can't wait to see your re-do!

  9. Oh, I so understand those jobs done by hubby. I am still waiting for my bike to come down from the garage ceiling!

  10. Ok, So this is funny I awoke with that song in my head as I was thinking of a guest post I planned on writing today. Your a hoot! One day I am gonna meet you in person.
    Here or There!
    Have fun with the porch makeover!
    Blessings, Roxy

  11. I do sympathize Diana. Men just don't get that we need these pictures of befores and afters for our blogs. DUH?

  12. I have to nag my hubby to death sometimes to get things done. Can't wait to see the improved porch.

  13. Love your look on life!! I think every wife can identify with that conversation. I know I can!! Have a wonderful 4th!

  14. I'd love to join you on that porch, Diana! I'll even bring my own cup of coffee! xo Nellie

  15. Oh I can't wait to see your refreshed porch!... Boys can be so silly sometimes. I'm sure SweetCheeks would agree!

  16. That is real life and real marriage for sure! We all fight, we just get over it, too! I want to see these new cushions, I love the white chair frames!

  17. LOL! Sounds like my house sometimes, Diana! I can't wait to see them done up.

  18. Yeah, been there, done that and will do that again. Glad you got Mark.

  19. hahaha...this sounds amazingly familiar in my ears!

  20. Diana
    I can't wait to see the porch tomorrow.

  21. I'm sure that [almost] exact conversation is held in many homes across America. LOL

    Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve!

  22. I will be waiting to see the porch tomorrow!

  23. still laughing!
    i'll be back. can't wait to see what the REAL seats will look like!
    I love that table. love it.

  24. Oh, husbands can be so frustrating.
    Hope you get it all put together so you can enjoy your summer.

  25. LOL! I learned a loooong time ago that if you want it done now, you do it yourself. :)


  26. good for you Miss~! there's more than one way to--- get a sea cut:)

    I shall return to see what I know will be the amazing result..


  27. Hi Diana,
    Looking forward to see your magic reveal!

  28. I just love it when a man thinks he's done a good thing and you are looking at it appalled! Can't wait to see the dining space all done up (and not with warped chair seats)!

  29. Can't wait to see what you do! I have a similar set, the seats need recovering badly and I can bet whatever is inside looks about like that!!

  30. PS, my husbands name is Mark but my Mark can't be the same Mark because I would have to nag him to death to get it done!!! LOL!

  31. I can't stop laughing, and cannot WAIT to see your porch tomorrow.

    You go, girlfriend!

  32. Look forward to seeing it all!

  33. Well...the table is very nice!


  34. OMGoodness Diana, LOL!!! This is too funny! I shared this with my hubby and you had him laughing! I can't wait for tomorrow. Enjoy your evening, Gail

  35. Once you work your magic they will be beautiful I'll bet..Can't wait to see them..

  36. Diana,
    One question. So, how are you going to explain the seats to your husband? I actually love the table and chairs. I look forward to seeing the final project. I bet you have a few surprises up your sleeve.


  37. Lol, maybe he's on strike ever since you bought him that speedo!

  38. LOL!! I've had a couple of those conversations with my dear hubby!! They just don't get us sometimes!! Thank goodness for his friend!!!~~Ang

  39. Diana LOL this is too funny. I have had the honor of some of those same conversations. LOL
    Looking forward to seeing your pretty porch.
    Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  40. Thank you sooooo much for that little ditty!! And I already had my seat picked out. Your conversations with your hero are very similar to the ones we have around here. And we too have a friend who comes through with some of those kind of projects!

  41. Ha! I love your set though...it has great potential :)

  42. Too cute! I was already to get my ticket and come for a visit! Your porch has the gorgeous view though! I can't wait to see it "prettified"! It has great bones!

  43. Bwaa haaa haaaa!! You make me laugh Diana! Glad to hear hubby and I aren't the only ones who "disagree" every now and then. ;) Can't wait to see your prettified porch.


  44. I know it will be a delightful transformation. ;-) You going to let the Hero dine at this new beautiful table?

    Oh, you can't follow me on Bloglovin. It doesn't recognize my blog for some reason. You can subscribe for email updates or put me on your sidebar.

    See you tomorrow........Sarah

  45. Oh, you got it. Reminds me of the Christmas I didn't decorate our prelit tree... Just let it stand there, prelit... I was complaining to my son on Christmas Eve.... It didn't have any balls! He asked stupefied! Didn't even notice.

  46. lolol! Sometimes our men can be such slackers, can't they, Diana? lol! I'm doing the exact same thing, though. I asked a friend of ours to build me a craft cabinet for my studio. Shhhhh! Don't tell my hubby! lolol! Now, get busy on prettifying that porch! :)

    xoxo laurie

  47. I definitely love real life. Those chairs ate hilarious. Now, about that song running through my head 😢 xo Laura

  48. Funny. Reminds me of the time I ask my hubby to paint the basement paneling and he insisted it would be easier to replace. Eight years later, I have white paneling on only one side of the room. Blessedly he only tore out the one side. He admitted quite rapidly that I was right, we should have done what I wanted. Oh, well. Gotta love them!

  49. that's the reason why I use power tools and build it myself. If I had to wait for my husband to do it...it would not get done. Good call on asking the friend. You are a smart woman

  50. Sneaking blogs from a Colorado motel room. You always bring a smile. Can't wait to see the transformation.

  51. You are SO FUNNY! Thanks for making me smile. Looking forward to seeing your new outdoor seating; save me a place, will you?

    And yes, now I'm singing that song, but it's fun to have Angela Lansbury's voice running through my mind. :)

  52. I see you have a tomorrow handyman too but I'm a bit that way now too.

  53. Too funny, Diana! Thank you for keeping it real here, you are always a breath of fresh air:)! Is that Starbucks you are having in your coffee cup? Can't wait to see your big reveal!

  54. ahhhhh yes, been a little too much of real life around here lately. The hubs finally did get a ramp up for me so I don't have to spend the summer inside the house, with my nose pressed up against the windows like the dog...

  55. So, are you going to tell him that your neighbor cut the wood or make him think that you called his bluff and did it yourself? I vote for making him think you did it yourself, at least for a little while! Just make sure to fess up before he decides you can do all of your projects yourself! LOL! Hugs, Leena

  56. If your friend mark ever ends up with nothing to do; i have a few projects here that could keep him busy!!! just send him my way!!!

  57. We all need a Mark - what our hubby's don't know won't hurt them!!


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