Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun On Father's Day

Wondering what I did
for fun, are you?

You know,
there is an old saying.
Fun is different things
to different people.

Now THIS little guy
looks like a bundle of fun
doesn't he?
Whoa- BigBoyE
slow down so I can get
a picture of you!
Well, he IS fun...and 
WHAT does HE like to 
do for fun?
See this?
Here's what a clever boy
can do with 
Want to see more?
Do you want  to know that
this was on every  door upstairs?
And on several walls?
Thank you,  Crayola,
for providing us with 

after WE are tired of
coloring on walls
what else can we do 
that is fun?
Oh. Yes. 
We. Love. Books.
Let's go into the girls' room
and see THEIR books.
As a matter of fact,
let's take every single 
book out of both
bookshelves and look
at them up close and 

One book shelf....
Two bookshelves...
Where was MyHero
(who was supposed to be
watching BigBoyE)
while all this was happening?
Now I'm not saying he sits
for long periods of time
but do you notice
anything ODD about this 
Diana-Diana-WHAT is so funny?
I say...
Who needs fancy urns?
I have my own special
planter...and I'm keeping him..
cuz he is good for a laugh
he takes all my nonsense with
a grain of salt and
laughs at himself, too.

Tomorrow if you promise
not to let anyone color on 
I will show you some 
really sweet pictures 
of babies and 
proud Papas!
your photo name


  1. Now I'm gonna run out and get me a ManVase too!

  2. I think it looks like your Hero is wearing a Royal Crown. One that is green and therefore complimenting the toddler art work :)

  3. uh oh, that looks like trouble, alot scrubbing to get all that off, did you make your husband clean it up with the little man,

  4. Yours looks like a house thats truly lived in :-) It's the best kind!! Especially if the crayons are the washable variety.

  5. I'd think he was napping instead of watching BigboyE

  6. I'd think he was napping instead of watching BigboyE

  7. Thank you Diana....I had forgotten about colored walls, it's been so long since I have seen any.:):) LOL love the plant growing on the top of your hero's head. I needed that laugh.Smiles, xoxo, Susie

  8. Did those big boys get into trouble??? Hmmm, looks like they had too much time on their hands.
    I wish that they had washable crayons when my kids were growing up.
    Love the fern hair piece. Cheaper than those implants anyway and alot easier to tend to.
    Looks like you had a good day there.

  9. I'd remind him of this next time he complains of a teensy bit of rust! Loving his hair style, he is a real trendsetter!

  10. Now that is some funny stuff, your hubby is wearing his sprout with pride.

  11. Haha ~ he does look like one of those vase heads, Diana! Except yours talks! : ) Did you show him that picture? BigBoyE seems to do the same as my granddaughter. She pulls everything out of her baskets at my house, finds one little thing and walks away with it. So far, we've been lucky with the crayons.

  12. I'm smiling...actually laughing. Glad it was at YOUR house. Does your hubby read your blog? He does make a fine planter. Tee hee.

  13. Looks like you're having loads of fun at your house! In any case, it's providing some funny thinkgs to write about! Your hubbies urn planter (head) is too funnY! Thank goodness for washable crayons, yikes!

  14. Oh no! I could just tell from that first picture that Baby E was up to no good! lol

    Your hero makes a great planter. It also looks like he's wearing a crown of sorts. Maybe it's best he doesn't know that though. He may want to be known as "your majesty" instead of "your hero!"

  15. I'm sorry about all the antics, but your last picture is a classic. hehehe

  16. Oh my gosh this was too funny! yes thank goodness for washable crayons....and who had to do all the washing? You or your hero or you and your hero? Love the planter. So funny the things you see when you really look at a picture....altho I must say this was pretty obvious! HA! thanks for entertaining me this morning! Carolyn

  17. BigBoyE is quite an artist! You must be very proud!

  18. Maybe you have Dennis the Mennis Grandson? Ever thing of that.

    I think every family has Dennis.

    My hubbys brothers kids when they visited us. Went in to the adding machine back then. Took the paper and ran with it all through the house.

    My hubby was not a happy camper when he got home.

    He said. What was I doing

    Well I think when two ladies get talking. They really dont notice till it is done.

    Like your blog.

    Funny with hubby.

  19. Oh I love it, Diana. Good thing for washable crayons. I used to love their coloring, and would plaster their pictures on my kitchen fridge. Yes, your husband does look like a keeper. Oh, I saw SweetCheeks video. She is the sweetest child, and I loved what she had to say.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  20. I guess that's what happens when you leave a planter to babysit. Thank heavens you didn't leave an indelible marker lying around! ~ Maureen

  21. This post reminds me of the book "Harold and the Purple Crayon." You know, crayons once weren't washable.:(

  22. Laughing out loud!!! Welcome to my world, Nana! Oh, but wait! That's times TWO! All day, everyday! Needless to say, all the "destructive" things are jam packed into the cabinet over the fridge! Helpful Hint: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! I buy them in BULK! xoxo, Amber

  23. Oh Diana,

    You sure know how to start off the week with a laugh and a smile!! Love it!

    Looks like the little guy drew hair on the back wall for the big guys head! he he he!

    Love to come visit you and can't wait to see the babes and their papas!


  24. The first words out of my mouth were "oh boy" but the artwork is ever so beautiful and now after seeing your hubby with the plant, I keep singing,
    ch ch cha chia pet!

  25. Uh Oh! BigBoyE was very busy.You have me cracking up, that picture is too funny. Oh my goodness I cant stop laughing!!

  26. You certainly had your hands full - little boys can be a terror and hard to keep up with. My granddaughter left me little presents on the wall that I found months after they had gone to California. I only found them when I was getting the room to paint which I have prepped but still haven't painted yet.

  27. Oh no! Thank goodness the crayons were washable, but still . . . Guess the little devil is lucky he is so cute -- bet you can't stay mad at him for more than a minute.

  28. Man vase. I like that. LOL.

    I was just cringing when you said all the upstairs doors had crayon on them. Then you mentioned washable crayons. I never knew they made those (no kids in my life).

  29. You always make me laugh!! I saw the "artwork" on the walls and thought "ohhhh no!" lol Good thing they're washable!
    Hugs, Cindy

  30. What a perfect planter. Thank goodness he has a good sense of humor. Isn't it amazing how fast little boys can create so much havoc. :)

  31. Bwahahaha - grass don't grow on a busy highway so you can tell that somebody isn't using his noggin'! Not sure whether to laugh or cry when I see alllll that green crayon artwork.

  32. Thank goodness for technology and washable crayons! Love the "man-vase" LOL!!!

  33. OMGoodness! I've been thankful for washable crayons many times! Cute post!

  34. Looks like my house yesterday! No walls colored but Leggo's everywhere...and trucks, dolls, etc! Was to fun. Wish I had a planter like yours!

  35. Crayon walls, I remember those days when they weren't washable!
    Your husband looks so funny with the fern growing out of his head, sort of like Chi Pet!

  36. I sure hope all that crayon came off. My he was a busy boy.

  37. The picture of your hero is too funny for words! Naughty Diana!

  38. You are never at a lost for things to post about and we love it. Even if you had to scrub the walls, you do it with humor.

  39. That is SO darn funny!!!!!!!!!! Well, at least your little guy chose a pretty shade of green : ) And the green coming from your husband's head is a pretty green too!!!!!

    hugs from me...

  40. Ha! Only you Diana can have the man urn. Oh my what a mess. I still have that look around here with legos!

  41. Crayon graffiti could be a new look for you...just give it a chance. I love the fern crown, he looks like a king! Hope you all had a nice Father's Day.

  42. Reading your post really gave me a chuckle! I miss those days of having a little "muralist" in the house. Love your Hero's crown, too! :-)

  43. OOOh, naughty not baby E!!!! thank goodness those crayons come off!!! Laura xxx

  44. OOOh, naughty not baby E!!!! thank goodness those crayons come off!!! Laura xxx

  45. fun post, diana! i had a nephew just like your little guy! love your man urn:)

  46. What's the problem - it's the Packers' color? He's just getting an early start on the football season this year.

  47. The "My Hero Chia Pet"! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser is wonderful at taking out crayon!


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