Friday, June 15, 2012

The Crush And Kissing - A SweetCheeks Video

I love the conversations
that happen on warm
summer days on
the front porch swing.
This is 30 seconds long
and I think it will 
put a smile on your face.
How old were YOU when you
kissed your first boy?
The truth- the whole truth please~ 

ps...notice how she looks away
at the end?
I don't think her Daddy said 
that at all!
your photo name


  1. what a sweet heart sweet cheeks, where does she come up with this stuff.

  2. Oh my goodness, Sweet Cheeks is so cute! I bet there will be alot of boys who have a crush on her...this is just the beginning! Best part is, you know no boy will ever tell her what to do! lol

  3. So cute, you can't help but have a chuckle.

  4. What is that old saying about paying for your raising? Someone must have been a real stinker when they were growing up.

  5. Levi has very good taste!

  6. Take Sweet Cheeks to a wedding. And then have her listen carefully to the preacher. At some point he will say... You may now kiss the bride! Then, the couple kisses. Then tell her that the reason the preacher says that is because until you hear those words - you don't have permission.

  7. Kid's do come up with the darndest things. Reminds me of the old Art Linkletter segments. Now I'm dating myself.

  8. I have sneaking hunch Dad said something more like 21 before she can date. Don't you? ~ Maureen

  9. She is wonderful. and it does sound like she just decided 13 was a nice far away age to pick for a real kiss. when I was 13 I was so afraid of boys. I kissed my first boy at age 6 or 7 and I think we also got married by my older sisters (giggle - giggle by them...) My first really real kissing started my freshman yr in high school and went crazy from there on... ( and the rest of the story is -censored)

  10. I can just see her to have first kiss. She will be in the living room of her home and her dad will be in the kitchen.

    She will yell out. Dad can I kiss Ronnie now?

    She is so cute. Goes perfect that video clip for Fathers Day.

  11. Precious SweetCheeks! One never knows where talks on the front porch swing will lead.:)

  12. She is so precious, Diana! 13 - yeah, think she might have the numbers off a bit. Dad with three beautiful gals like this probably said he has 13 bats!

    Blessings, Diana, for a great weekend!

  13. Sweet as candy and smart too! I have the best conversations with my grandson, he'd kill me if I video'd though!

  14. That is adorable Diana!... thirteen huh?... gee... I don't think I kissed my first boy till I was 21 tee hee hee... we thought boys were YUCKY when we were little girls!... (except I think I was in love with David Janssen in The Fugitive!)... xoxo Julie Marie

  15. I was kissed at 12 by a friend but then it didn't happen again until I was sweet 16.

  16. I was kissed at 13 by the neighbor what a kisser. But hey , I was 13, what did I know.
    The next kiss was the sweetest ever. At 15 ,my future husband kissed me...he had the taste of Pepsi on his lips. No other kiss has lived up to that first"I am in love" kiss. xoxo, Susie

  17. So sweet. She looked very shy during the interview! Have a wonderful weekend, Diana!

  18. Diana- we can always count on you to proviue the daily chuckle. My first kiss was when I was 16 (kinda old, I know) on BLUEBERRY HILL (can you believe). I found my thrill on Blueberry HIll. I was on the Appalachian Service Project with my high school friends and there was a big make-out hill behind the volunteer center and that's what they told us the name of it was. I can remember at least four other couples up there makin' out the same time we did! Hilarious!

  19. She is a real cutie pie, what a wonderful treasure this is. I was 14 when I got my first kiss. I didn't know the boy very well. I really don;t know why I let him kiss me, maybe I just wanted to know what the big deal was...
    this is a fun post, adorable, I am still smiling...Hugs Mary

  20. Oh I'm cracking up now, that was precious! No kissing until your 13!! Great post Nana! Sweet cheeks...just could hug her, aren't grands great??

  21. LOL that was so funny and cute.

    13 because her dad told her so LOL

  22. Thanks for sharing this video of Sweet Cheeks. I think she must of thought of kissing boys before or she wouldn't of had that "talk" with her dad. LOL!


  23. I have my doubts too! But..if he did, thinking that 13 was forever thirteen it will be 26!!

  24. Objection! I think you were leading the witness...a little bit there. 13? I think her dad might have said 113.
    Tell poor dad that he might want to invest in some hockey masks so all that kissing doesn't start sooner. He's going to have his hands full with 3 girls. Can you imagine his job? Glad its him and not me. That could make you crazy faster than you can say pucker up.


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