Thursday, June 7, 2012

A One An A Two An A Three Little Dancers And WHAT?

We had a lot of excitement
last weekend.

Not only did we have a
brand new baby, CJK,
enter the world 
we had a 

The 3 little girls
have been taking dance
classes from this sweet
woman since Lulu was 4.
I won't tell you how old
Mrs.D is but lets say
she won't see the upside
of EIGHTY again.
She has been teaching for
about 60 years and is
now teaching the grandkids
of the kids she used to teach.
Something to be said for
doing what you love, huh?
It keeps her young!

Anyway, Saturday night
found us in an auditorium
watching the girls dance.

The babies always go first.
They always steal the show 
and this time was no exception.
SweetCheeks is the 
biggest one in her class.
She is in the 
"babies class"
She is the little
"mother" to them all....
even though she is the same age.
See the monkey?
Her dance was
5 Little Monkeys.
They were ALL little monkeys!
See the kid on the left?
He watched SweetCheeks 
every move
and copied her.
One full step behind, of course.
She started watching him
and grinning.
She started laughing out loud
watching him.
Everyone else roared.
Lulu's class was the next one up.
They "get it"
and I have to say that she is
has very good stage presence
and performs beautifully.
And our little Ria is 
She makes everything
look completely effortless.
We were blessed to see
the first half of the recital
before we headed to the 
hospital for the birth of 
our little CJK.

The true highlight of the
My daughter, TPot,
(Mom of SweetCheeks)
got up to perform with
some of the other Moms
of the "babies class".
She is front and center
right in the middle~
No surprise there!
The funny thing is...
She looked out to see if 
her Dad (MyHero)
was watching her.....
just like she did when
she was a little kid.

It's never gonna be
1980 again!
Trust me!
Don't quit your day job,
your photo name


  1. Diana, TPot looks so's good she has her girls dancing.:):) They just look so happy. I hope you get a private performance, from the girls. smiles, Susie

  2. very very sweet. What a fantastic teacher. Adorable pics. Especially love the flashback pic of your daughter!!

  3. So funny that that boy had to watch her in order to even move. Glad she stopped and stared at him. Priceless.

  4. You really did have a fun weekend! I really love the picture of SweetCheeks looking at the clueless kid because you can just tell what she's thinking and it ain't pretty! lol
    All your granddaughters are so adorable!

  5. What a cute post..I remember when my niece was in kindergarten..(she is now a newly minted lawyer..Ha!)..anyway it was her first little thing in school. She came down the aisle wearing felt moose antlers..I just burst out in tears...she made me so happy and still does to this day!

  6. What a hoot! I love dance recitals, although sadly neither of my girls took dancing. Apparently it's not too late for me though?

  7. Oh Diana, love this precious post! Sweet Cheeks in charge and T-Pot, in charge~ They are just adorable and that dancing instructor, now that is something else~

    And a new baby, what a weekend!


  8. So cute, I loved the story about Sweet Cheeks. She sounds like a lovely little girl. You are so blessed to have so much blessings in one evening. Congratulations on the new baby too. What a wonderful evening.


  9. Ah, I actually got teary over the part where you said your daughter looked out to see her Dad, Diana. Some things never change ~ once a Daddy's girl, always a Daddy's girl! I remember going to my daughter's dance recitals. She's already talking about signing my granddaughter up! I love how Sweetcheeks is looking at that boy-who-has-no-clue in the first picture.

  10. awww, thats so sweet and to think you have your own daughter dancing like she did before is even sweeter, what a great event,

  11. Ofcourse, Sweetcheeks had them all laughing & I am guessing she had plenty to say about it, after..
    Then that pic of your daughter had me chuckling... oh the 80's
    ...all the ruffles & lace... : )

  12. What a great time you must have had watching the little girls and your big girl! They are all just cute as can be.

  13. Sounds like TPot was (and still is) a Daddy's girl!
    And the girls look adorable. I'm glad that clueless boy had Sweet Cheeks to show him what to do.

  14. What a special - and exciting - evening you had! All the "little girls" are cute!:) xoxo

  15. So cute. Love the pictures. I am laughing at the people that laughed when Sweet Cheeks did. I am not surprised at all.
    YOu did have a busy week-end.
    How is the new little one doing? Can't wait to see more pictures. ((((HUGS))))

  16. It looks like a fun-filled evening. How sweet does TPot look in her 80's outfit.

  17. Oh Diana! These pics are so cute! it reminds me of when my daughter was taking dancing classes! Sweet Cheeks as usual stealing the show! :) TPot's pic is just adorable!
    and a new family addition? I missed some posts! I'm going to check them out!

  18. Women like that dance teacher are such good role models. She makes us want to go on even when we're tired, right? But, it's so true what you say about enjoying what we do in life. Your granddaughters look so sweet in their costume. And, it must have been so funny to see SweetCheeks laughing on stage. In that last photo, your daughter looks so sweet! You're quite a busy woman, aren't you? Never a dull moment in your life! I don't know how you do it.

  19. Too funny! Looks like all the girls are born entertainers! Hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder if they get that from their Nana?! Love that 80's get up!!!

  20. Oh Sweet D!
    What joy surrounds Mrs D! Your little granddaughters darling! They are at home on the stage! SC is a natural for musical theater!

  21. How sweet, it reminds me of my nieces, they all do dancing and love it :)

  22. I remember being in a dance recital when I was 5, there always seems to be someone who doesn't remember the moves and follows you. Interesting that mommas still want to get in on the act.

  23. Just adorable! I love that this lady still teaches and yes, I know it keeps her young. Such a blessing to have her with the young girls.


  24. Just adorable! I love that this lady still teaches and yes, I know it keeps her young. Such a blessing to have her with the young girls.


  25. Oh how fun and such sweet memories. Love your pics. Hugs, Marty

  26. This is all so cute! What great memories!

  27. Precious, Diana, just simply precious! The girls all look so beautiful, even T-Pot all these years later, still wants to see her daddy looking back at her! Little girls are always daddy's little girls, aren't they?

    Sweet Cheeks always steal the show! Bless her heart!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


  28. What a great post, filled with such cuteness and inspiration!!

    And Congrats on the new baby!!

    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such kind comments!!


  29. Wow! You had a day full of blessings! I love dance recitals and those girl are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Congratulations on your newest blessing!

  30. What an incredible teacher! MORE THAN PRECIOUS! Love that 80's costume. :)

    Love to you~Rebecca

  31. Hi there! I haven't been around nearly as much as usual lately and have so missed making rounds to my favorites! I see the talent and cuteness keeps on coming over on your end:) And a HUGE congratulations to you on the new addition...SOOOO exciting!

  32. Now how precious are these pic's. I love that you shared these with us. What fun!
    Congrats honey on your new Blessing.
    Hope all is well with you.
    I wanted to come by and say hello and to tell you I am having a Novica giveaway that ends tonight.
    Hope you can come by and enter.

  33. fun, fun, fun! Your girls are so cute. I can just imagine how much fun that recital was!

  34. How cute and what fun! A very special night for sure! I am so happy you shared your family memories with us!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  35. Isn't life great! Sweet granddaughters and a brand new grandson.

  36. So cute Diana!... love the looks on Sweet Cheeks face, and also that your daughter looked out to see if her daddy was watching!... your posts are always so much fun!... xoxo Julie Marie

  37. Oh how I wish Miss B would take dancing lessons like Sweet Cheeks....her mother bought her Goodwill tap shoes (they were brand new) while she was here and she tapped her little heart out on my talent at all !!.......I have to read back and see who had the new baby but congratulations....and love the last picture...they don't make costumes like that anymore...

  38. So cute. Love seeing little ones learning and enjoying dance.

  39. Congratulations on your new grandchild, God bless him .
    The girls are adorable!
    We go to our gdau's recital Sat. Her 3 little bros have to sit through it, torture! 3 and a half hours!
    I am all caught up here. Love your view! Do you have a beach there so you can swim?

  40. Fallin' on the floor here...I burst out laughing and PH had to come see what was going on!
    What adorable photo's..
    I MEAN ADORABLE.. Sweet cheeks laughing did it... :)


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