Sunday, June 10, 2012

How To Fillet An Octopus

I know some of you 
read some of my very first
posts. One of them was 
about the kids'
favorite meal
when they visit 
Nana's house.
That was 
that pictures were
important when blogging.

Their favorite meal
Octopus On The Rocks.
for those of you that 
aren't familiar with
preparing octopus for 
children here is what 
you must do.

Go to the store
where you will find
the octipi in tube form
in the meat case.
Some may call them
weiners or hot dogs.
When you get home,
gently unwrap them 
and lay them out to fillet.
Then, you fix some
macaroni and cheese.
They really like it if it 
looks like a Mickey Mouse head.
He has that 
look- don't you think?

Next place mac and cheese
(or the rocks as I like to call them)
center stage on a 
Princess plate. 
Surround with broccoli or spinach
and top with 
Oh-I forgot to take a picture
of him with his ketchup eyes
and mouth drawn on.  Sorry.

Dish up three plates
and serve outside in
the fresh air.
One plate for Lulu
and one for Ria & one for 
As you can see,
SweetCheeks has her
Octopus in a 
strangle hold...
the better to eat him.
Ummm..MOST Wisconsinites
 DO use forks when
dining on octopus.

As we are eating,
SweetCheeks notices a
sailboat going by
and wonders if
THEHY, too, are having
Ocotpus On The Rocks
for lunch.
Hmmm...Maybe so but
I'm betting 
THEY THINK they are
just plain old hot dogs.

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  1. how precious!!!! this was one of the cutest posts ever! i just substituted the octopus as a veggie dog : ) LOL!!!! thanks for sharing the smiles! hugs...

  2. Such cute girls. I had forgotten about this dish. Now I will plan on having that while Emma is here, this coming weekend. Smiles, xo, Susie

  3. I had completely forgotten about hotdog octopus! Emma used to love that! I need to introduce Josie to this one. Darling pics.

  4. I've never seen a hotdog octopus before. I think it's really cute.

    When I was a kid, we lived in Italy for a while. My dad used to scuba dive and he would often bring home octopus ... which my mother would cook ... just like other hunter's wives, but in a weird way.

    Happy Sunday!

  5. I fell for it hook line and sinker Octopus in tube form. Ha Ha. I should have known being it is you there was a twist.

  6. Ha! I was really thinking you served octupus to those kids, Diana! Such a cute idea to cut hot dogs that way. Love your Mickey baking dish.

  7. the girls are so pretty, I haven't made those octopus dogs in a lonnnng time,

  8. Cute idea! I bet your little dolls love it.

    That sailboat. That view. Lucky you!

    BTW-I got my cowboy boots last night. You have to get yours now!

  9. I wonder if Mr.S. would think this was REAL octopus...he is always wanting to try to cook the real thing....and I just won't DO IT! Cute Cute Cute...I am pinning this!

  10. Such a cute idea. Love your dining view. Your such a good Grammy.

  11. I think my kids would love this idea even at 14 & 10 years old. That's why you're the Nana with the mostest!

  12. What a view with your meal. I love to make food fun for the kids too. At least my littlest. You should like this up to the party today over at my blog. Such a cute idea.

  13. You sure are a fun Nana! What a place to sit and eat lunch, it is perfect.

  14. LOVE this idea Diana! You are so creative!!

  15. I want to come live with you and the girls!!!... those are the cutest things I have ever seen... you are so creative and I know your little precious girls just adore you (I do too!)... I want to make those... not sure what Jack will think of his, but oh well... I'll have a good time!... xoxo Julie Marie

  16. I've seen these other places...hope to get a chance to make them for my granddaughter one of these days.

    Lovely pictures of your grands and the beautiful scenery. :)

  17. My goodness,Diana, at first I thought how does she get children to eat octopus?!! Then I got suspicious when you mentioned "octopi in tube form in the meat case" and you had lines on top of weiners or hot dogs?!! You almost had me there, you sneak! Those plates look delicious and the girls look so happy. A very good way to get them to eat their veggies. Does SweetCheeks really talk like that because it must be very entertaining.Have a nice Sunday! I'm sure you'll be very busy!

  18. And to think I was always squimish to try octopus. What a stinkin cute idea. Love it! Patty

  19. Whew, I was a little scared there for a minute! ... Totally fun, just like it should be at Nana's house!

  20. So cute! Kids love the special treats. Others may have hot dogs, but they have octopus. Have a great day.

  21. Guess what we're having for lunch? The boys are gonna love it! ;)

  22. File under: "Grandma's House"~made with love by my virtual friend and grandma mentor..Sweet D.

    It will be awhile before H.G. and the new one on the way will try this, but it's such a keeper!

    Soooooo darn cute and fun!

  23. My kids love this too, usually I put theirs on a bed of green spaghetti LOL

  24. Diana your such a good gramma, your girls are all so beautiful!! How precious they are.

  25. Cute. I had heard of the octopus idea, but I like the way you sneak in the vegetables by calling it seaweed! Clever!

  26. You are the best grandma ever!

  27. You are the most adorable grandmother, and I bet your kiddos absolutely worship you!

  28. This is just the perfect summertime meal...and to think I have never heard of it before! heehee! You make everything FUN! I wanna play...and eat at your house!

  29. I can't wait to serve octopus to my grandchildren. They are going to love it!

  30. I'm taking care of Kelly's little ones next week. I think they will enjoy eating something new....
    Thank you for such a neat idea!!
    Blove to you sweet Diana.

  31. I remember when you did this post, Diana! I made it for my two younger kids and told them I was fixing octopus! They thought it was a lot of fun! I like that you added the broccoli and called it seaweed!

  32. Super idea, Diana! I can tell your girls enjoyed it, too.:) xo

  33. I bet they love eating their octopus. What a cute idea! Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.


  34. Adorable gr-kid-lings, Diane. Love that stove, perfect for displays.
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  35. You are the best. How fun to eat that.


  36. Diana: You are so fun. I bet those grandbabies just love to be around you. I'm going to the store now to ask for octopi in a tube!!Happy Sunday..Judy

  37. This is adorable! I love it! You are the best Nana ever!!!

  38. Oh, I want to go to NaNa Diana's and play in the lovely playhouse and have Octopus for dinner. What a fun Grandmom you are!

  39. Diana, You sure had me-I was so impressed that your grands would actually eat octopus. Of course we love calamari and other seafood but our daughters and their kiddos like to stay with beef, turkey, chicken.
    Thanks for giving me some ideas on how to prepare a fun meal for the grands.
    Hugs, Noreen

  40. You almost fooled me Diana! I have never seen this done, I wonder what my girls would think of it:)
    Beautiful veiw btw!

  41. What a cute post and such darling kidlets! When I read the title of your post, I thought it was real octopus! I just had my very first octopus this weekend and it was fabulous... sorta like lobster!
    I thinks you granddaughters like your octopus better!

  42. Diana
    That is such a cute way to serve
    hot dogs. I've got to pass that on to my daughter.
    The g' daughter are sure lucky to have such a creative g'ma!

  43. I do remember this from before diana!!!! you are such a good nana, seriously, i wish my kids had u for a nana!!! love your old stove too; i thought that you were probably going to put it in the childrens little house in the garden, but i love the way you have used it! hope you had a wonderful weekend! we are in the middle of storms and cyclones here!! crazy weather!! love and hugs to you.. laura xxx

  44. LOL..I may give that meal a try! Grandgirl loves mac & cheese and hotdog.
    Love how the old stove is working as a planter.

  45. Love it. I'll make those for Lucas and Lucie for sure this summer! Thanks in advance for adding some to our summer meals! They'd love those Mickey bowls! So cute!!!!

  46. Wow, a gourmet meal fit to feed three princesses! How fun, Nana!

    Yeah, they probably did think they were plain old hot dogs ~ no imagination!

    I may have to make these for the kids one time they're here!


  47. how stinkin' cute is that? This is one for my "grandma to-do list," as soon as they get a little older and can actually eat real food!

  48. Now that's an octopus I wouldn't mind eating. I think mine would have to be a little bbq'd first. Do they have charcoal colored octopus?

  49. Nom nom nom!!! I'm going to give "her" your octopus on the rocks recipe and see if "she" will make me my very own! If not, mind if I come over next time you fix it? I'll sit next to Sweet Cheeks and show how to really get that octopus - the ferocious way!



  50. Now that's a brilliant meal! Why didn't I think of that when my kids were younger!

  51. I'm going to have to remember that one. It looks easy. And I'm guessing my girls would like it as much as yours do!

  52. I'm going to have to remember that one. It looks easy. And I'm guessing my girls would like it as much as yours do!

  53. I'm going to have to remember that one. It looks easy. And I'm guessing my girls would like it as much as yours do!

  54. There you go with another Nanarific idea! You are the coolest grandma on the lake for sure.

  55. That's adorable. I'll have to remember that if I EVER have grandchildren. I think the dog would like it in the meantime.

  56. So cute! I made this for the little girl (she's 3) I sit for today. She thought it was hysterical to bite off that poor octopus's legs! ;) Thank you for providing us with a way to have such a fun afternoon. :)


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