Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Morning Breakfast....

Every few weeks my
daughter will come up
from Milwaukee
for a day or two..
usually when her
The Island Scout,
is traveling for
Wasn't she a beautiful bride..
Wasn't he a handsome groom...
And, after they were married
for about 3 years,
they blessed us with this
wonderful little

Now my son-in-law
being a Southern boy
likes to eat!
So, for Sunday morning
brunch I made
Quiche Lorraine... Baked apple stuffed
French toast...(SO GOOD)

Here's the quick version of it..
French bread sliced about 1/2" thick.
Layer it into a heavily buttered pan.
Top with 1 can of apple pie filling.
Top with 1 more layer of 1/2" slices of French bread
Whip together: 8 eggs and about
                       3-4 cups of milk and 1 t vanilla.
                       (should be enough milk to thoroughly soak bread)
Pour egg mixture over bread.
Pop in fridge overnight.
Next morning-heat oven to 350º
Top bread mixture with 1/2 cup softened butter
          mixed with 1/2 cup brown sugar and
          1 teaspoon cinammon or apple pie spice
Sprinkle with pecans..
I only sprinkle half because
we have some that like nuts..
and then we have some nuts
that don't like nuts!
Bake about 45 mins to 1 hour until golden brown.
Most top it with syrup here
but I like my own naked!

And  you need a big old
baked ham on the side!

Even the little guy
loves to eat...
and will eat
just about anything...
And imagine this...
"reading" him a story..
Can you imagine?
Imagine that?

I think we might just
get lucky and
he will grow up
normal in spite
of SweetCheeks
Either that or he
will have a
phenomenal imagination!
I can hardly wait
til he starts talking
and interacting
that ought to be
good for a movie!
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  1. That French Toast sounds so good. I'll definitely be filing that away for future use. How lovely that you got to spend sometime with your lovely family. Yes, I think everyone will enjoy Sweetcheeks Baby E interactive posts. Double the fun.


  2. How sweet and your food all looks so good! You just might have another sweet cheeks there! ;D

  3. Your girl is gorgeous! Hubbs ain't hard on the eyes either! :) But...BabyE stole my heart away!

    As for the food...well...worth bustin' loose off Weight Watchers for a bite of that yummy lookin' confection! :)


  4. Hi diana, my favourite lady! Yes, your daughter did look amazing on her wedding day! You must have been so proud of her! That ham looks toooo yummy!! its one of my favourites! And my husbands too - making me hungry now as i think about it!!! sending love and hugs!!!
    Laura xxx

  5. How nice that you got to spend some time with your daughter and grand baby. How cute that SC loves to read to him. That french toast looks yummy! Are you trying to make us hungry cause now I am.


  6. Delicious, Diana! I am always looking for something that can be partially made ahead. Yum!


  7. Hi Diana,
    You have such a beautiful family.
    I would love to try your recipe. It looks and sounds delicious.


  8. OOMG that french toast sounds divine and as i read the recipe my butt started expanding!!!!
    My husband would love you for a mother in law! (ME TOO) he loves to eat!!!

    Your grandson is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

    Pamela xo

  9. Hey, girl! Love the photo of BabyE! I can't even begin to imagine what he is going to say when he starts talking, being the only boy and having you and SweetCheeks warping his little mind. LOL

  10. Not sure what to say.....YUMMO! xo

  11. Okay, i'm SOOO making that french toast...sounds AMAZING! :) thanks for the recipe! And I agree...your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! And what a handsome little man she has. I LOVE his curls and his blue eyes! :)

  12. Ok, I am coming over for breakfast for sure, Diana! Wisconsin is not on our route, but we will make a detour for some of that delish looking French Toast! I'll have mine with pure maple syrup, thank you very much! And that is just too funny about Sweetcheecks and the story telling:)

  13. Yumm. That looks so good. And Baby E is just so cute!

  14. Beautiful family and Baby E is so cute! All that food is making me hungry! Thanks for sharing, Vicky

  15. Adorable lil' guy! My Grandson who is two has long curls just like your sweetcheeks! ;) Thanks for sharing the yummy recipe this will be terrific for Easter at the Farm! Hugs~Ginger

  16. You have the sweetest babies! This little guy is a blue eyed doll.
    It's after midnight and suddenly I am craving breakfast! Yummy!

  17. Beautiful couple ~ that's why your little guys is so super cute!

    Really special breakfast! Yum!

  18. The french toast sound delicious! I think I'll have to try taht. But, I'd better wait until someone is here to help eat it!

  19. Gorgeous couple and that baby is precious. Now you serve that good ole southern boy some grits, even though that breakfast sounds fit for a king Ÿ

  20. I want to buy my ticket now for that performance! Congrats on winning the duchess too!

  21. Oh my word ~ I am starving right now! This looks and sounds delish. Will definitely try it when I have company...or take it to the grands. Both of yours are totally adorable! I'm glad the little guy is a healthy eater ~ some are so finicky aren't they?


  22. How wonderful that she was able to visit with your grandson, which is absolutely adorable by the way with all those blonde curls!!! The breakfast looks so good! I have made stuffed french toast before but not with apples, I will have to try that. :)


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