Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Request For An Injured Hero

One of the blog friends
I have made is
named Marcia.
Her blog is called
There is nothing
simple about Marcia.
She is a lovely
person, sweet,
deeply loving.

She has asked a favor.
Her nephew,
Jordan, was
injured in the line
of duty in
They really did not
expect him to survive.
But this man is a fighter..
and he is fighting his way
back for his wife
and son and family.
You can read about him

He has a birthday
this week and
I would love it
if anyone that
could would send him
a card...a card of
thanksgiving for his
life and for all he has
done for all of us..
that he has
survived and will
be here for his

Here is his address..
No last name needed.
8901 Wisconsin Avenue
Building 10 Ward 5 E
Room #17
Bethesda, Md.  20889

If you have a moment,
If you have a card,
If you have a stamp,
If you have a son,
If you have a heart,
please send Jordan
a birthday card.
You'll be glad you did!
(and don't forget to
say a prayer for him
and his family)
your photo name


  1. Will do.... Thanks for sharing this with us, allowing us the opportunity to Thank him.

  2. I just read this on another friends post...sure will do Diana.

  3. I'm all over it! Thanks for letting us know and sharing this special story about such a brave young man.
    Hugs- Tete

  4. I'm babysitting today and I know I don't have a card - but maybe I could get Grace to make one. Aren't kid-made cards the greatest, anyway? And she loves Birthdays, so I'll try!

  5. Sending out the door this am! So nice of you to post this!
    Many hugs and smiles~

  6. sending one this morning - you are a wonderful person, always thinking of others. I knew there was SOMETHING I liked about you ;-)

  7. I am aware of him and am doing for him too...I just put this on my face book site. ;D

  8. Diana, thank you so much for sharing Jordan's info. He's such a hero in our family, and we're so blessed by the way the blogging community has embraced him. You are such a sweetie!

  9. I have been following Marcia's blog for awhile. Thanks for the info, Diana. You have a warm heart.


  10. My card went out with todays mail. I used a blank card, so I could write my own message.
    Thanks for posting this. I'm going to ask grandson to see if his teachers will allow them to do a card as a class, and mail it.

  11. Hi Diana,
    I'm so glad I came by or I wouldn't have know about Jordan. We have 3 nephews in Afganastan right now. I want them home so bad. All of our soldiers are heros to me, as they should be to everyone in our nation. My prayers are with Jordan and I'll spread the word.
    On another note... I'm a terrible blogger. I'm sooooooooo busy sewing and the bloggers out there are so amazing. I wish I could be half of what they are.
    Thank you so much for stopping by today. And each time you do.

  12. Oh Diana, thank you so much for posting this--I will send him a card and pray hard for him...Bless you my sweet friend for being so caring.

  13. Hi Diana,
    i will be sure to say a prayer for Jordan and his family!!!!!

  14. I've got the perfect card here. Will send it out this morning!

  15. Ohhhhhhhhhh...this is just killing me!

    m ^..^


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