Friday, January 24, 2020


After the post about things 
from the 1960's-
I thought it would be fun to 
show some of the things a lot of you
remembered from the 60s & 70s.
Many of you mentioned scents that you wore
or remembered.

That set me off on a scentsory sensory overload...
just the mere mention 
of some of those scents
took me back to the moment 
I related to that smell.

Here we go!

Remember this?
Love's Lemon Fresh
DID you get FRESH with him?
I wore that and I wore
Love's Baby Soft.
I also loved
Sweet Honesty by Avon

Then, I went through a
My lemon favorite shampoo was this one~
Why did we all want to smell like FRUIT?
It was SUCH a fresh scent, wasn't it?

This wasn't really a cologne either-
but I think a lot of us smelled like
Herbal Essence.
Guys used to tell me how good
MY PERFUME SMELLED... was Herbal Essence.
By the way-you can buy it today
but it smells NOTHING like the original.
How about
Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific?
And don't forget the conditioner.
Tame Cream Rinse 
was about the best we had back then.

And- to clean our faces
many of us used Noxema~
To soften our rough skin we used

Back to the colognes....
Then there was a little heavier scent.
Remember the music that went with that?
People would always come up and 
ask me what I was wearing when I wore this~
Yves St. Laurent - Rive Gauche
Oh- I think I might have thought I was 
when I wore this!
Anyone remember 
Sweet Earth Sandalwood 
that came in solid form
along with a couple of other scents?
Oh!  I loved that scent.
How about 
Jovan's MUSK OIL?
My sweet roommate, Donna, wore
L'Aire Du Temps by Nina Ricci
Donna was gone way too soon.
She died of cancer at 36 years old.
Every time I smell that scent I miss her.
And then there was 
Oh! de London
My friend, Ruthie, told me this was a 
when she was young!
Remember that, Ruth?  I know you do!
Shhhh-it'll be our secret that you wore it
every time you left the house.
And...while I am thinking about 
TABU TABOO subjects
I might, or might not, have dated 
a man that wore
He might, or might not, 
have asked me to marry him...
He might, or might not 
have sent us a brand new
camera for a wedding gift.
My Hero MIGHT HAVE lost it---
the camera that is.
Pretty sure that was on purpose
And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

back to the 60's/70's?
What memories go along with them?
Please tell!
It'll be our secret!
Pinky swear~
your photo name


Brenda said...

Oh I miss Tame. Mother started me on Noxzema at a young age, and I have never had a blemish. Not sure if it is still sold.

Brenda said...

Chanel Number 5 and Shalimar were the two I wore from high school through middle age.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

I can't wear a drop of perfume now - the scent bothers me , but back in the day I was a L'Air du Temps girl. Then I discovered Cinnabar by Estee Lauder in university. It was my "evening scent" ha ha! Herbal Essence shampoo - oh yes, I remember that, too. My housemate in university washed her face with Noxema. The house always smelled like that. -Jenn

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

That was fun going through all the oldies! I probably used 90% of them at one time or the other. Have a good Friday and upcoming weekend.

Vee said...

Wind Song...and English Leather...heady combination...

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I never have used much perfume and now I cannot abide by any strong scents at all. They give me a bad headache and make me nauseous. Anything Estee' Lauder makes me sick. I did wear Sweet Honesty from Avon I think. And It seems like I had something called "White Shoulders". Now when I was in high school and then when dating my hubby to be, the scents I loved on a guy were: British Sterling, Canoe, English Leather, Brut. I do remember "loving" those scents, but can't stand them today. I even have to give my hubby's deodorant the sniff test in the store before we buy it. Seriously! The musk smells really make me sick. So, there you have it. If you wear strong perfume/cologne, etc., please don't hug me. It gets on my clothes and face and then I have to go wash it off! And those scented hand sanitizers..oh please don't give me another one of those for a gift. I just have to "regift" them to someone else who won't be shaking hands with me anytime soon. LOL> Sorry. Scented candles do the same thing, although I like them from a distance. At my last place of work all of us ladies in the office had similar issues, so we actually put up a sign saying "No Scents Please" or something like that. (It was a church office). But people didn't pay any attention. The biggest huggers were the worst offenders.
Sorry to take up all this space...but I've discovered that scents allergies are a very real thing. I loved them as a teen, but something changed. I still enjoyed this walk down memory lane with you.

Sandi said...

I remember a lot of these, Diana. Ha ha...what would you do today if a stranger came up to you and said, "Gee, your hair smells terrific!"

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I don't wear scent now but still have a bottle of favorite! My Aunt used My sin....not sure how that's spelled. And I always used Tame in the 70s when my hair was long to my waist. I loved the fruity lipstick too...lip gloss. Hugs!

Julie said...

I remember all of the items that you mention! Jean Nate - I think it was something lemony.

Theresa said...

Oh SO many of these take me back:) TO days I want to remember and some I'd love to forget! Thanks for the look back thru scents! HUGS!

Dawn P. said...

Oh my GOSH - I LOVED Cody Sweet Earths solids; there was a 2nd one that was herb scents too and I have them both. They were my go-to winter scents and in summer? ALWAYS lemon / citrus based scents - light and nice! I would love to have those Sweet Earth solids again by Cody though!!!

Mevely317 said...

Youth Dew … yesssss! And Aramis, *swoon*! Suppose I was 22 when a coworkers father came to visit -- not only was he George Hamilton-gorgeous, but smelled heavenly. I probably made a fawning fool out of myself; but hey, who cares?

I think it's a little sad, how few people wear cologne/perfume anymore -- everyone's so concerned about offending others' senses of smell.

Mevely317 said...

P.S.! A couple of years ago I discovered Jergens ORIGINAL SCENT lotion and wasted no time putting it in my shopping cart. Funny how many people commented, "What is that you're wearing … it smells so good!"

Simple Pleasures said...

I would love to smell all of those again! I had a lot of those colognes and totally forgot that my favorite was the sweet earth scents were a favorite! Great post my friend!

jack69 said...

Chanel #5 and Old Spice. MY girl fell in love with Chanel when I spent a million $ an ounce for some, well for a 17 yr old it seemed like a million dollars. When she dresses UP There walks Chanel. Imma sailor so Old Spice when I shave! Enjoyed reading this to my girl. Of course she remembers them all!
Love from a beautiful Florida Tank you guys up North for closing THAT DOOR!
Sherry & jack

jack69 said...

PS: I cannot believe you would THINK any husband would accidentally throw a gift from a formerly 'good smelling' suitor away!

Susie said...

Diana, If I had to smell those scents, I would probably be sick. I can not stand those heavy colognes. Now I know what people mean when they say"she took a bath in her perfume" LOL. A little goes a long ways. I so remember wanting some of those colognes though. I never had money for much when I was young. But I remember my MIL getting me Avon for birthdays and Christmas. I will wear a light scent now. I know it goes on the wrist and behind the ears. There's a girl I know who wears her scent so heavy, our car smelled like her for 3 I am not kidding. I try not to drive her anywhere. LOL. I say..we should not smell you before you enter the room or after you have left. LOL Blessings to you. xoxo,love, Susie
p0.s. the blond in the Tame ad looks like you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I still loee and wear L'aire Du Temps by Nina Riccie. It's a favorite of mine!

Debbie said...

It was Chanel#5 and Brute....mmmmmmm…….so long ago in a far, far away land called youth. Now I'm lucky if I can remember to put on the Secret deodorant!

Rain said...

Oh my gosh Noxzema for sure...that reminds me of sunburns when I was a kid lol...I used to love the Avon Skin So Soft and they had a musk perfume, that I can't very well remember, but that musk scent really reminds me of the 70's!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I remember almost all of these! I had totally forgotten about Charlie! They had an awesome Baby Soft was something I loved and wore. A few years ago, I saw it in a drugstore! I read something interesting. Our sense of smell is stronger than any other sense when it comes to memory. What a fun ride back in time!! now I am wondering how many of these we could buy on Amazon...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I used Tame conditioner -- lemon scented Tame! And I STILL use Jergens lotion -- only the original scent (cherry almond) will do!


Ah yes, I remember all of them and will add another Ambush that was a favorite around my area as well! Diana, you favor the Tame Girl..she is beautiful just like you! I love these posts!

Sandra said...

I still use Noxzema for some things. Charlie takes me back to nightmare of mother who sprayed Charlie all over her clothing and then got in my car... I did not have scent allergies then, but do now and it smothered me. the one scent I loved was Old Spice. all mens scents make me ill but that one. we had to tell my sons they could not ride with us if they put on cologne or after shave.. i don't care for men that wear anything with a scent. except of course when daddy wore old spice.

bobbie said...

I remember all of these, even if I didn't wear all of them. The 2 I remember as being favorites were the Coty "Sweet Earth" woods, and Shalimar. And I remember my Dad wearing Aramis Sandalwood ~ I LOVED it!

Thanks for another great trip down Memory Lane!
Hugs ~

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Well that was funny, but the funny thing is I still use Noxzema on my face every day (love the cooling feeling it gives) and Taboo was and is my favorite perfume. Still have a bottle sitting on the bathroom sink to use every now and then. Ha...think I will take a spray today!!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

PS...which reminds me, need to buy another jar of Noxzema on my trip to!!!

Wanda said...

I was so busy having babies in the 60's and 70's I only remember a few of these. But funny how seeing a picture can tickle a memory.

This morning for no reason at all I was trying to remember who was in the tub with the Candle Stick Maker in Rub a dub bub, three men in a tub....finally remembered the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick maker!! The brain is a complex thing....Oh it was on the couch having my morning coffee, with all my candles lit.

Thanks for memory and hugs.

wisps of words said...

In the 60's and 70's, I was a wife and mother. So I wasn't into as many scents, as these. -grin-

But I did have L'Aire Du Temps. What a gorgeous bottle!

And.... Ahemmmm... I think I remember this.... Amarmis was "hawked" by then gorgeous Robert Redford. And I seem to have read somewhere, or something, that women could wear it too. And I did.

OK, pick your chin up off the computer desk!!! LOL You know, I was always a nut. >,-)))

¨ *•.¸💛¸.•* ¨

Karen said...

I remember them all, we did have a few in the house but we lived pretty thrifty - so things like Loves baby soft were not in the cabinets. Because the men in our family worked at the Procter & Gamble plant, we had a lot of their products.

Adam said...

Like a time capsule there

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

We had lots of those products. I used the wear musk and Taboo. Sweet memories of products we all used. Definitely used Noxzema. Thanks for sharing some throwbacks. xo

Ann said...

I used to love Charlie. That was one of my favorite. There was another perfume I used to wear all the time and I can not remember what it was called. I used to work with a lady who wore Tabu and she always had way too much on. I grew to hate that perfume.

Patti said...

Oh, yeah, Love's Baby Soft and Heaven Sent! I liked Sweet Honesty too, but those others, were my faves!

Jan said...

Those all bring back good memories-I love the way the old Herbal Essence smelled! Loved Windsong too. Had to lose the Noxzema,though. My boyfriend (now my husband) said it made me smell like his grandmother!! Nothing felt as good on a sunburn as Noxzema that had been kept in the refrigerator!

happyone said...

I've never wore perfume.
My mom always wore Coty Laimant perfume. I'd know that scent anywhere. :)
I do remember using tame and still wash my face morning and night with Noxzema!

Elaine in Toronto said...

I remember my mom wore Tweed. A couple of years ago I was able to buy an unopened bottle still in its box with cellophane in tact on eBay. It smelled just as I remember. I use it sparingly but it does bring me comfort when I'm missing my mom who has been gone 17 years in November. And I've always loved the smell of Noxema. Thanks for the memories.

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Remember aqua-net the hairspray....great stuff. I still love Jergens

Lisa said...

I remember almost all of these. I used to think White Rain shampoo smelled good.
“Sweet Honesty” was one of my favorites.
“Heaven Scent” Is the first perfume my daddy ever bought me. I could go on.
Remember the Jean nate’ perfume?

Terri D said...

Joe wore Aramis when we were dating. My mom sold Avon so we had all the Avon scents at home. I remember she had Chanel #5 for special occasions. Now I am allergic to strong perfume scents so never wear perfume or strong lotions. Joe uses a Bay Rum aftershave that smells really good and doesn't bother me. Herbal Essence was great back then and I think we all used Tame conditioner. We kept a Tupperware glass in the shower so we could mix a capful with water to pour over our hair. So silly to think about now! This was fun Diana!!

Debby Ray said...

Yes, there's that Noxema! :) When I was really little, my neighbor sold Fuller Brush Products and used to bring by these tiny little sample bottles of "toilet water"...a watered down cologne of sorts. Later on, I was a fruity kinda gal, myself...Love's Soft Lemon and Lemon-Up Shampoo were favorites of mine and Herbal Essence was my favorite shampoo...I wish they still made it. I had a teacher who I really liked and she smelled so good...she wore Emeraude...I started to wear it too. Then I was a Charlie Girl...for years. Tabu nearly made me vomit. I sold Avon for a while and never really had a favorite. I realize now how STRONG most of those perfumes were and I don't wear anything but a light body spray these days. I had a boy friend in high school that wore British Sterling. I wanted to EAT HIM UP (I didn't though) but have always loved that scent. Jim used to wear it but I don't even know if it's still on the market. I need to check that out....

Dewena said...

I still have an empty flask of L'Aire DuTemps in my bedroom, just because it is so pretty. And I have the empty tiny black bottle of Joy that my husband gave me the Christmas we had our first child. I love wearing perfume and love smelling it on others, so thankful I'm not allergic to it. Today I wear Jo Malone's White Tuberose but next year it might be something else I lose my heart to.

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh I loved Tame. Miss that so much and the smell was so great. All of these bring back memories.
Happy Weekend.

Saimi said...

My dad was an Old Spice guy and my mom was a Channel #5 I've never been a perfume girl but I do love scented candles or wax melts or those Bath and Body Works scented plug ins. I do remember the shampoo Gee your hair smell terrific. Fun post!!
Have a great weekend

Rita C at Panoply said...

Lot of memories in those products - Love's Lemon and Baby Soft, and Herbal Essence. I also liked Jean Nate's lemon fragrance. And don't forget Bonnie Bell's Ten O Six, lol. I wore Cachet perfume by Prince Matchabelli, loved it. My brothers wore Brut and English Leather, and my Dad, Old Spice, of course. My mother used to seemingly smother herself (and the rest of us) in Germaine Monteil perfume.

Gay Van Beek, Canterbury Cottage Designs said...

I used to practically bathe in the Herbal Essence body splash in High School. My best friend and I would pour it on our clothes. We smelled horrible but no one told us!

This N That said...

I think the only thing I wore there was Charlie..Wore Jean Nate for awhile, Joy too..The guys were all Old Spice or Mennens...Hate, hate hate, Musk...I guess my scents go back to the 50's...Hoe you are having a great weekend..Hugs

Pom Pom said...

I loved Oh de London! I wish I could find some!
Lemon Up was good and I still LOVE lemon.
Aw, those were the days before we thought about products being poison. Drat.

Pam said...

Ooh, I can just smell all of these products. especially Love's Baby Soft! I always wore it. You can still find some of the products on EBay but they are asking a lot more than we paid for them at the time. Thanks for bringing these memories and images back to us!

Buttercup said...

I loved L'Aire du Temps. My mother surprised me with that gorgeous bottle when I came for December break my freshman year. One of my favorite gifts ever. For "every day" I wore Chantilly and Emeraude, which was pretty strong for every day. In high school I was a fan of Jean Nate. Thanks for bringing back great memories.

Gina said...

Oh what fun memories! I was too young to wear a lot of these scents, but I remember my Mom & older sisters wearing them. I do remember the commercials for some of them as well.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Channel #5 will always be my favorite. I just bought some Channel #5 lotion for a blue million dollars! Still smells as wonderful today as then.

Kim said...

We had all of these around the house growing up...but the ones that stand out the most in my head are Channel #5 - my mom's favorite scent- and Aqua Velva. My dad used to wear it...Sweet memories of days gone by. Thanks for bringing me back to them for a bit. xo

CHERI said...

Although I was a teenager in the 60s I have to say I don't remember most of these scents. We all seemed to wear AMBUSH. I didn't even know they still made it until my husband gave me a bottle last Christmas:) I also remember liking WIND SONG but I really thought I had "arrived" when I got my first bottle of L'Aire Du Temps! Today I like scents of gardenia. My favorite came from Bath & Body Works and wouldn't you know it, they discontinued it!!!! Boo!!! Thanks for the memories.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

So many memories here Diana! This is finally in my age bracket, ha! I well remember Jovan musk oil, Aqua Net hairspray, Charlie, Beautiful, Tame and oh my... how delightful the scent memory lane you took us on! Isn't it funny how certain smells take you right back to a certain time and place? Thanks again for sharing all these.... :)

Lowcarb team member said...

I still wear L´Air du Temps :)

All the best Jan

Jenny the Pirate said...

Oh wow; where to start? I haven't read all of the comments but I did skim and I can see I'm in fine company. To begin with, I never wore Love fragrances but I LOVED a product called Love's Hair Fattener. It was in a green bottle and the bulbous top was blue. I used to stockpile that stuff, which is funny because I had enough hair on my head for two people. But I was convinced I couldn't live without it.

Seeing a bottle of Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific made me laugh out loud! Just so seventies.

As for fragrances ... at last count I own 35 bottles of scent and I always wear fragrance. My all-time go-to prestige fragrances are Shalimar (I wore it on my wedding day), Chanel No. 5 (husband's favorite), Opium, Coco Madamoiselle, Clinique Aromatics Elixir, and Magie Noire. But I have and wear L'air du Temps, YSL Rive Gauche (wonderful), Chantilly, Emeraude, Alyssa Ashley Musk, Coty L'Aimant, Bill Blass, Halston, Giorgio, Tou Jours Moi (my grandmother wore it), Bal á Versailles, Je Reviens ... I love the classics.

My man has a nice collection too ... he never wore Aramis but we loved Jovan Musk and he still wears it occasionally. I love for him to smell goooood hahahaha xoxo

Anonymous said...

"Oh de London" and Yardley little pots of lip gloss take me back to high school! Late 70's I loved Ralph Lauren's "Lauren" in it's red bottle. Still do!