Tuesday, January 21, 2020

GIRL TALK- NO BOYS ALLOWED -(to make snarky comments)

Some of you will be too young 
to relate to this post.
Some things bring my mind right back 
to a certain

A while ago I spotted something in the store
that made me stop and stare.
It was THIS!

My mother washed my hair 
with this for years.
I had to have some for my grandkids!
It is probably like using 
dishwashing liquid
 on your hair
but I sure do love the smell 
and the memories that accompany it.

When I got to be a teenager 
I declared my independence!
Yes! I! Did!
I bought this instead.
Yes'm - I was a Breck girl.
Yes- I washed my hair with BRECK
and  then I brushed my teeth with
It came in one of those 
horrible old metallic tubes
that rusted and hardened like
 gun metal as you emptied it.
THAT  was my mother's choice 
and when I was a teenager
I chose
Don't forget your white gloves, ladies.
Let's hope your teeth are that white 
from using Crest!

After brushing my teeth 
I would get dressed for the day.
My mother's choice for me
was something like this
only mine would have been 
about 8" from the floor...don't ask.
Let's just say I scandalized 
everyone in sight
the day I showed up in this:
Yes-That is really me! 
I was definitely a thorn 
in my mother's side.

The one thing she 
That I threw 
You used THOSE with one of these beauties
Those were the most miserable
things ever- I am sure they were
invented by some man!

As soon as I saw the ad 
I rushed out and bought these.
imageWHY did I buy these?Well, I bought those because theADVERTISEMENT SAID:
I could swim, play games
and, best of all,
I could 
which is exactly what my mother
often told me to do!

How about you?
Any Girls Only Stories you want to share?
Mums (deodorant)  the word here.
After all, 
I can keep a 
C'mon- Tell All

ps.  come back soon-
I might be up to 'sumthin'.....
your photo name


mxtodis123 said...

Some awesome memories there, but, oh that sanitary belt. Talk about discomfort and it was even worse for me because I was allergic to nickle and each month I'd have a rash around the metal hooks.

Tom said...

...I remember these. What's wrong with a snarky comment now and then?

Laurie said...

Those were the days, can’t think of any you haven’t touched upon here though, you and I had much in common lol, have a great week my friend, I know you must be so excited to get in your new place! It sounds amazing !

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Oh what fun to see the pictures and remember the good old days!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I went to Catholic school and the “ Disciplinary Nun” would occasionally greet the girls as they entered school and checked the length of their uniforms with a yardstick. If she deemed it too short, she would rip the hem out and you would have to walk around school like that all day in shame . She would also give you a five day detention. We got even and when leaving the school at the end of the day, many would hike their skirts up to with their belts to their knees.. We all so welcomed the new style of mini skirts when we graduated.

Kate said...

What a walk down memory lane this was!!!

16 blessings'mom said...

The sanitary belt is a bit before my time, my mom bought me those tiny little OB tampons, better than the huge-0 Kotex pads. We used Prell though, and then maybe Pert, and I always wanted Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific, but if we didn't have a seven cent coupon, it was too expensive. I don't remember that toothpaste, we used K-Mart brand, back when K-Mart had a deli near the front of the store, and sometimes sliced ham was a blue light special...oh the good old days!


Susie said...

Diana, I knew that long legged beauty was you. I would have loved that outfit. :) Here's my story...when I got my period, I had to go to the neighborhood grocery two blocks away. It was ran by a family. I hated when the older brother was running it and I had to buy sanitary napkins.I would stall around till the other customers cleared out and get them , pay and run home. My face as red as a beet. Kids will laugh, we used to be modest back then. LOL My mom would use dish soap if she was out of shampoo..it would work, but you would have straw hair if you used too much. Thanks for those old memories. Blessings and prayers, xoxo,love you, Susie

Gay Van Beek, Canterbury Cottage Designs said...

Don't forget Noxema! I loved that stuff and it gave me horrible pimples! I can't believe we were subjected to the horrible sanitary products of the past. I remember carrying a huge box of pads through the store and running into one of John's clients. I wanted to cry. He stopped to chat with me while I was standing there holding the HUGE box.

Debby Ray said...

LOL... thanks for the memories! I can relate a story to nearly every one of these products including a couple you didn’t mention...Noxema and Modess. When I was a tiny girl and I noticed that box of sanitary napkins sitting on top of the cabinet in the bathroom, I asked what it was and my mom stammered around and told me it was ice cream! How dumb did she think I was anyway?? Everything was a big secret back then! Fun post!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I like Secret better....and still use it! hahaha! Do you still have that mini skirt? Wow! You look adorable...and still do! As far as the things for women only. My mother gave me the booklet and told me to read it! Then my neighbor that was older filled in the details! lol Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Debby Ray, your mom sounds just like my mom! When I found her sanitary napkins in a top drawer she told me they were for putting Vicks salve on them and tying them on your throat. What? She thought I was too young to know the truth. I'm sure it was traumatic for her when the time came that she had to tell me what they really were. I remember all the items that Diana mentioned.

Lisa said...

I Remember the “beer enriched” Body On Tap shampoo. It was 1/3 beer. “But don’t drink it” said Kim Basinger in the shampoo commercial. I really believed it gave my hair that extra shine. Plus it was pretty cool.

S H Elliott said...

If today’s youngsters only knew how COOL we were at their age. 😎

Sandra said...

I remember all of these but the ipana, don't know that one. and that horror of a belt I used kotex with mine and hated it. after I married I went to tampons but for the first 2 days had to wear both. at one time. how is that for sharing. at age 28 I had a huge benign tumor and they did a complete hysterectomy which made me the happiest girl on the planet. could not get pregnant and no monthly torture. until of course I hit 47 and went into menopause anyway. I had hoped to skip it. plus it lasted 10 years, went away and came back from stress in 2017 when bob had a stroke. who knew that could happen. I wanted to be a boy but it never happened and all of this was why I wanted to be one..... prell was in our home for all the years I lived at home. my grandmother used only Suave..

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Oh I remember it all...like yesterday. I also remember wearing garter belts with stockings...I thought panty hose was the best invention! Love the photo of you!

jack69 said...

Okay, I didn't read this, I didn't look at the pictures! BUT when I was 6 years old my SIL was staying with us. She found me with a large kotex trying to tear it apart, my nose was running. "What are you doing honey?"
"Trying to get this crazy Kleenex open so I can blow my nose!" Ruth was a sweetheart. She found me a better Kleenex. Well to a 6 year old the boxes look about a like!!!
I did enjoy the read, I invited Sherry over.
Sherry & jack

CHERI said...

Wow! Did these ever bring back some memories. I always loved those BRECK girl ads in magazines but we didn't have enough money to afford the shampoo:( I have no memory at all of what kind I did use! And, dear sweet Lord, I hated, hated, hated those "belt" things! My mother refused to let me use Tampax...you can probably guess the reason!!! As soon as I got in high school though I insisted and she finally relented. Some memories are best forgotten:) It's amazing when you stop & really think about it how very much has changed between the time we grew up and the time our grandchildren are now going through.

Junkchiccottage said...

This was a trip down memory lane. I used all of these too!!!! Wow it is so different now. I guess we were blazing he trail with these new trial products to be improved through the years for our girls and grand girls!
Happy New Week.

bobbie said...

I remember all of these except the Ipana... and yes, you can't forget the Noxema!!!
Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!
Hugs ~

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my how things have changed since those days....you mentioned some products I've not thought of in years. I think I must have tried out every kind of shampoos there was. The pictures on the bottles all made the hair look wonderful and mine had a lot to be desired.

Jan said...

Oh yeah-all of these plus Adorn hairspray and Camay soap! I loved the way it smelled!

Patti Gardner said...

Cute post. I remember some of those things, but not all. Never even heard of the IPANA toothpaste. We used Pepsodent when I was growing up, and my shampoo was Long & Silky. I SO wanted to have long and silky hair, and I was convinced that if I used that shampoo, I would have it. It would somehow magically removed the curl from my hair. Of course, it didn't, and the hand-held flatiron hadn't come my way yet, so I spent many an hour crying when I looked in the mirror.

happyone said...

I remember all these things. Oh that sanitary belt was the worst thing ever!! I hated it.

I remember the commercial where they dropped a pearl in the Prell bottle.

The toothpaste we used was Pepsodent.
Remember the jingle?
You'll wonder where the yellow went
When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.

Fun remembering all these products again!! : )

wisps of words said...

Brrrrrr..... Oh yes!!!!!! I remember!!!! -giggles-

Oh those sanitary pad "clips on rubber-ish straps"... -head desk-

Wow, sexxxxxxxxy you, Babe!!!!!!!!

OK, how about Dippity-Do, to be applied, to hold the curls you made with pin curls and other weird things?

And I am older than you but I remember girdles! Which of course, back then, I didn't need. But they had pinching things, which held up stockings. Yes stockings!!! Before your time, I'm sure.

White gloves, of course!!!!!!!

Oh this Young Generation, doesn't know what-it-missed!!!!!!!!!!!!


Terri D said...

That was lots of fun, Diana!! Oh, those old Kotex pads and the belts were so awful, but all we had for so long. And if you started your period at school, you had to use safety pins because the belt was at home. So glad times changed!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hated pads and belts too. Thank Gawd, self-adhesive pads came along eventually. I don't even care that they were/are bad for the environment.

Linda said...

You rocked that short skirt! I love it!

Brenda said...

The memories...used all of these except the Ipana toothpaste-don't remember that. Loved Breck shampoo, and after I married, my husband used Prell, so we changed, and I loved the bounce it gave my hair. Crest, of course. Those were the days...we have enjoyed many new inventions-one of my grands asked me my favorite-the microwave, of course...

Dewena said...

You were so cute in your mini dress. I have some years on you but was in on the mini dress in my first years of motherhood and looked good in them too, hard to believe now.

Prell was what Mama bought too and Jergen's Lotion--I still associate that with my mother and the Chloe perfume she wore.

My story is about rushing to buy panty hose when they first came out. I drove a cool red MG Midget then to my first job in downtown Nashville and parked on the roof parking lot, got out of my cool car wearing my new panty hose and strode towards the elevator. By the time I got in it my panty hose were inching towards my knees and I was walking as if my legs were glued together. Walked that way all the way to the nurse's office where she found some safety pins to pin my panty hose to my full slip--yes, we wore those back in those days too.

It's fun to look back!

Wanda said...

Oh Diana...I grew up with all of those. Also my mom used Jergens lotion, the cherry smell I'll never forget. That was all mom used. Yes, got our hair washed every Saturday morning with Prell.

You were a rebel...haha and a cute one at that.

I needed a walk down memory lane...but good news on the home front. With the new pill, my dearest was down 6.4 pounds of that fluid he's carrying. Yeah!!! God is Good!
Love and Hugs.

Wanda said...

PS...Sanitary belts....PURE TOURCHURE.

Buttercup said...

A whole lot of memories. When I go to the dentist and the news is good I still think to myself "Look, Ma, No cavities." I don't remember which toothpaste, but the commercial has stuck with me for decades.

Latane Barton said...

Oh gosh, Diana, what a jolt back to the past.and laugh, you made me laugh just thinking about some of that stuff...

SImple and Serene Living said...

Those sanitary belts were the worst. I remember when I first tried Tampax. I was 16 and in boarding school. My two roommates stood outside the bathroom stall offering me words of advice. LOL. xo Laura


I remember very clearly both brands... Prell and Breck. So funny to see those products from way back... those sanitary belsts, lol.. I have enjoyed this fun post, only you can come up with my friend !


Hello There Sister! You know I remember every single thing on this post. Do you remember the pearl that was found at the bottom of the Prell bottle at times? Love your picture and I have some mini skirts myself mama hated...Love you fun post!

Ann said...

I remember all of these except for the toothpaste. I never heard of ipana. That belt was horrible. I think I cried the first time I had to wear one of those things.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh wow. You and I are in a similar mind set this week...see my post from yesterday about what our Grandmothers had to wear. But you were a bit more graphic than I dared to be! LOL. I remember all of the above, but I don't think I ever used Ipana. We used either Crest or Colgate. I still use Colgate for sensitive teeth now. I loved the smell of Prell too. Those belts/pads were awful. Glad we had an alternative eventually. I was even gladder when all of that was over and done with... I still like Secret.

Adam said...

I thought she was holding dish soap.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I used Breck for quite a while and then changed over to Herbal Essence (the original, that smelled so good). The last time I saw some at the drugstore, quite some time ago, it was not the same scent at all, it could have been called Gerbil Essence. Now, I use Prell because it gets my hair clean in one lathering, is easy to rinse out, and mostly because it doesn't make the tub too slick to stand in while showering. Products with conditioner tend to make my hair oily these days.

I loved cleaning my face with Noxema at night. It removed my makeup which consisted of Angel Face Powder, Cover Girl blusher, eyeliner, mascara,and a little tiny sample lipstick from Avon.

I hated those giganto pads and the belt. The pad always used to shift forward on me and stick out in front, and then I had to find lady like ways and various discreet contortions to try and move that pad back where it belonged. Humiliating.

One year it seemed everyone changed from girdles with those horrible snaps for our nylons, Those snaps were painful to sit at our desks all day with them digging in to the back of the thighs. Then the next year everyone started wearing pantyhose. What a relief, if they didn't stretch out and fall down during the day. That is when all of the dresses and skirts really got short, and fun to wear.

Kay G. said...

Lets see you dress up in that mini skirt again!!
You know I know all of these! Along with CREAM RINSE for my hair!! xx

Rick Watson said...

Hello Miss Hotty-Totty! I remember all these things but I didn’t use most of them.
I did use Rose Hair oil. It’s what my dad used:)

Terri Steffes said...

I was a Noxema and Herbal Essense (the original) girl. I wore hot pants and gogo boots. I wasn't a trouble maker but boy, did I like my fashion.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Phil still uses Prell to this day!! Wejust bought another bottle!! I remember all of these. Do you remember Bucky Beaver, the Ipana Beaver?

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I'm just thankful I was born after the era of the pad belt!! Makes you thankful for all the choices and options available today! Always so funny to reminisce with you and all the other gals. I do remember the massive amounts of Adorn hair spray we always used, lol!! And foam curlers, and the hot sticks. Glad those days are in the past!!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

I remember everything. So fun to see these items again. Some things are like torture such as the pad belt, so uncomfortable. I did like the hot pants. Xo

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh my gosh, so many memories from these photos of things used when growing up.

Theresa said...

Oh this post made me giggle:) I am not familiar with some of these items but most "rang a bell" with me! Thanks for the look back and I think you look mighty cute! Enjoy your day, HUGS!

Mama Pea said...

Oh, what a great post! I remember everything you talked about. And those awful, terrible long-legged girdles we wore every day throughout junior high and high school. (So long ago, we were still wearing skirts or dresses every day, no slacks or jeans.) I remember walking to class in the crowded halls one day when I sassy girlfriend came up behind me and gave me a playful smack on the butt. She said in a loud voice, "You don't have a girdle on!!" Oh, mortification. I had spent the previous night at a another girl friend's house and, horrors of horrors, forgot to pack MY GIRDLE along with a change of clothes for the next day at school!

What a babe you were in that stylish outfit!

Doris said...

Don't know the tooth paste, I think we mostly used Colgate. I went to a Mennonite HS where our skirts couldn't be too short. Some girls got sent to the matron (I guess that's what she was called) to have their skirt measured from the floor. They would just unroll the waistband, got it passed, roll it up again to where they wanted it....not me, I was a good girl! (PK and all ☺)

This N That said...

Unfortunately I can remember all of those products...The post seems familiar as well..maybe I dreamt it...cute in your uniform....those were the days...hope things are good with you...I’m at the dealership getting my car serviced...yippee

Preppy Empty Nester said...

OMG Diana I love this post. I can still smell Prell. That was my standard shampoo until I discovered Lemon-Up. My father asked me why I always smelled like furniture polish. The nerve! Thanks for taking me down memory lane! xx

Mevely317 said...

Oh my word. You look like a model for TEEN magazine! So many memories, save the Ipana. Not sure I ever heard of that. Remember Ayds diet candies … and Tab soda? Yesch!

PS - My hubby still prefers Prell to other shampoo brands.

bobbie said...

@Mevely317 ~ I remembe4r those Ayds candies; my Mom was addicted to them!! I thought they were awful!

BeachGypsy said...

OH I LOVE THIS POST!!--so fun! Yep, I remember it all, wonder of wonders. I cam't tell you what I said 3 minutes ago, but I can remember all the old songs and bands and all the clothes, etc. Yep, we used Prell, I remember the commercial where the pearl floats down in the shampoo bottle and yes, I loved the Breck girl ads! Then along came Herbal Essense, loved it so much, I think they make it today, but it does NOT SMELL THE SAME. My FAVORITE WAS Lemon-UP, came in a bottle with a big yellow plastic lemon on the top, Ha ha! Gosh, it smelled SO GOOD. Remember Space STicks snacks and the "nestea plunge" commercial? Love your cool mini dress outfit.......yep, wore those outfits for sure. Gosh, this takes me back to all the Yardley of London make up and Twiggy and Coty Musk Oil perfume and Dr. Scholl sandals, ha ha LOL! I never had that toothpaste tho, we had pepsodent. Did you read the Teen magazines?--which one was your favorite?

BeachGypsy said...


Susan Kane said...

How amazing! I was there with you, down the road maybe.

Oh, those tampax things. I even had "plastic panties", if even. Our daughters are so lucky!

Melanie said...

Ha ha, I remember all these except the toothpaste...and thank goodness sanitary napkins finally had adhesive strips by the time I needed them! Oh, what us women go through just for our daily routine!

living from glory to glory said...

Well, I guess were all moving on up! I remember trying the pearl in the Prell shampoo, lets just say my Mother did not appreciate that one bit!
Remember the mascara in the little red box who made that? I kid you not we would use water with it, or our spit YUCK...
Hugs, Roxy

Kim said...

One of my all time favorite movie lines is from a movie called Frankie and Johnny with Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer. She's getting ready for a date one night, with the help of her buddy Nathan Lane, and when she takes her hair out of the rollers she yells (in some very colorful language) that she looks like the Breck girl. My kids don't get it, but if you grew up when we did, it's actually really funny. And OMG, I just read Roxy's comment above and YES, I remember that mascara!!! Wow...that's a total throwback!! Keep warm! xo

Jeanie said...

I remember those awful belts! Actually, I remember a lot of these and yes, we carved out our own way! What a fun post!

Cecilia said...

Ah, Prell. I can still smell the fragrance! Those belts - gross. I switched to tampons too and the pads with adhesive strips. What about Monkey's Blood (mecuricome? Not sure of the spelling) and black salve? Those did wonders on our scrapes (if nothing else, we just lived with them to avoid the sting of the medicine)! I can't remember the deodorant my mom used but I switched to unscented Secret when I discovered that. Plus no rollers or hairspray (aquanet, anyone?) for this girl! Yikes. Fun times.

Pom Pom said...

Ha ha ha! I still buy Prell sometimes but it turns my hair a little green, I think. Maybe not. It does smell like childhood and I love that! I remember when I discovered cream rinse. I couldn't believe we hadn't used it at our house. Remember Bright Side? It smelled good and I think it really did have "optical brighteners" LOL!
We used ARID Extra Dry at our house. Funny!
What ARE you up to, Queenie?
I have seen that mini skirt photo before. You're a cutie!

Saimi said...

What a little hottie you were wearing that adorable outfit being a thorn in your mother's side haha. We always brushed with Crest and I still am funny how somethings don't change. As far as my growing up girly secrets, they were all shared with my dear sweet horse when the two of us rode off together. Sorry he's long gone by now and all my secrets went to the grave with him. I did use peroxide and lemon juice to bring out the highlights.

Such a fun post as always!!

Jackie said...

These bring back the memories!!!
Thank you for sharing them.
I smiled as I remembered....

Rachid Afinis said...