Monday, November 13, 2017

PUTTING THE BRAKES ON FOR A BIT! Grab your lunch-this is a long post!


Grab your coffee, coke or tea-
This is a LONG POStT!

We went to the most beautiful wedding
last Saturday night.
MyHero performed the ceremony.
It was magical.
It was held in a spectacular exclusive setting
about an hour south of us.
The ceremony started at four 
so we left home at two,
following my son & his family down.
We wanted to be early.

On the way down,
we hit a steady fine, sleety rain.
The roads weren't bad yet
you could tell it was coming.

The ceremony started and the bride walked in.
Erin looked movie star beautiful 
there is a special connection.
Not only is she friends with my son
 & his wife,
she was MyHero's nurse for the radiation part
of his treatment.

Used to seeing her in scrubs,
MyHero's mouth dropped open
seeing her walk through the door as a 
He FINALLY recovered, 
told her she was beautiful,
and the ceremony commenced.

I will post some wedding pictures
in an upcoming post
because they deserve a post
of their own.

Following the ceremony,
we walked a brick walkway
to the main clubhouse,
greeted the wedding party,
and went to the Irish pub on the second floor 
for drinks and fabulous hors d'oeuvres.
(internet photo)

Later, we went back downstairs to the
main dining room to eat.
It was the best five course meal
 I have ever had at a wedding..
maybe anywhere!
It was all done effortlessly, 
at an easy pace,
while we chatted and listened
to a few speeches.
There was a dance that followed
back upstairs in the Irish bar.
It was fun to see my little grandson.
CJK (age5)
ask a little girl to dance with him.
She was shy and said NO 
and he was heartbroken,
and embarrassed, 
and hid until the bride's mom,Judy,
dragged him onto the floor.
Such a tender thing to watch unfold.
A hint of what is to come when he is a teen?

Okay--so the
for this

We left early because we heard
from latecomers to the dance
that the roads were bad.
My son & family 
decided to head home, too,
so we followed them.

The first few miles of road were fine,
clear, not even a hint of rain, ice, or snow.
About 30 miles into the drive,
the weather changed abruptly.
There was a heavy 'mist' and the roads looked slick.
They WERE slick.
We slowed down to about 20 MPH under the speed limit.

There was a line of cars behind me
and ahead of me,
 with only a few fools flying past, 
well over the speed limit.

About 5 miles from home we saw
a lot of police cars and the road was down
to one lane--almost to a stop.
We snaked through and carefully 
wound our way home.

On the news this morning I heard there were
The road we were on had been closed 
earlier for part of the night
the police lights and one lane?
Clean up from a fatal accident
on the overpass there.

When I got home I realized that
I had to peel my hands off the 
steering wheel because I had
been gripping the wheel so hard.
My neck and shoulders were tight
and actually ached.

I started thinking about all that is going
on in our lives at this point.
An upcoming move,
which means purging and 'letting go',
some family issues,
someone moving in temporarily,
a recovering husband,
and a recurrence of an old 
auto-immune issue that requires
steroids and anti-inflammatories for me.
That's a whole lotta stress.
10 years ago-this would have all been
a piece of cake to handle.
Today-I wish I was 10 years

But it doesn't stop there--
To punish myself further,
I decided to open an Etsy shop and 
a second blog to support it.

Hello, Blondie!

I had an ephinany!
I guess I needed ICY ROADS to point
out that I need to 

At this point, 
I have decided to put Etsy on hold,
along with the second blog.
My original intent with Etsy was to 
do all handmade items
and not use it as a 'dumping ground'.
I have not had the chance to do much creating
with everything else going on.

I want to thank everyone that made purchases
from the shop.
I did really well in the few weeks I was open
I won't close the shop completely,
nor will I kill the other blog,
but I am taking a 
BREAK by putting the BRAKES ON
for a bit.

I will still be keeping/using
Nana Diana Takes A Break
so you will always find me here.

I need to look forward to
my volunteer work at the VA
and my grandson's library/school.
I don't want either of those to become 

I think I'll go bake a pie...
because we all know...

Thank you to all of you that
read this whole mess-lol
You guys are THE BEST---
I don't care what anyone else says about you!

Now pardon me while I go relax~

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coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Wise move, Diana. I'm so glad you got home safely. I know that bare knuckle driving and it is exhausting. Take a couple irons out of the fire. They'll still be waiting for you when you decide it's time to put them back in.-Jenn

Susie said...

Diana, You have been in my thoughts since I heard of the bad weather in Wisconsin. I just hate being out on roads during snow and ice. I am so very thankful all of you arrived home safely. We all know that stress is not good for any of's easy to say relax, don't worry...but being moms , I think it is natural that we worry and stress over our families and friends. I am keeping you in my prayers. Blessings to you and all your family. xoxo, Susie

Pam Kessler said...

Sound like the right move! For a blonde, you certainly have your head on your shoulders :)

Sylvia said...

WOW you do need a brake, Diana. I had to read the whole blog, putting on brakes and an icy road...was praying all along it wasn't you broke down are stranded on the road!
Enjoy your pie and rest!

Harold Emery said...

Desserts take care of all in the world, Di. :) <3

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Diana, I am so happy and thankful that you and your family made it home safe. Sometimes things happen that make us stop in our tracks and take stock of everything around us. I had mine in the past few years with the illness of my son. You are dealing with quite a lot and I understand why you have to put the brakes on somewhere. I will always follow your blog and will always be your friend. You bring joy and sometimes, hard truth to the Blogging Community and I thank you for that.
Love to you my friend.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I am so glad you made it home safely in that ice storm! I don't blame you for taking a break from your new venture. The place the wedding was looks amazing!

Adam said...

That's why I'm glad the roads only ice maybe 5 days a year here

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Well that looks like such a dreamy place for the wedding. So glad your “Hero” was able to perform the ceremony especially with the tie-in to the treatment he received from her as a nurse. Glad you made it home safely. We’ve experienced that kind of craziness on the roads here too so I know what it’s like. There is always someone who thinks they can defy anything related to safety. I hope you can get over the old auto-immune problem. Taking steroids has it’s challenges. The Etsy shop can wait- at this time of year it’s best to reduce pressure since there is added pressure with all that we take on. Big hugs, Liz

Consider It All Joy said...

You are wise in taking more time for the things and people you Love! Sending you prayers and cyber HUGS!!

Gina said...

Thank goodness you all got home safely! I’ve driven in conditions like that & it’s awful. Neck, shoulders, hands...everything aches afterward.

Cindy - ClochesandLavender said...

Wow those rides are so stressful. I don't breathe much when the road are bad and icy. Ice is worse then snow. Take a break and enjoy some rest and family. You sure have earned it for s ure.


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

The wedding looks like it was most lovely and so thankful you all stayed safe and sound. You have been going at a crazy clip and the decision to slow it down a bit is wise. You are so gifted and able to multitask but even you have your limits so take it easy and find some rest. Always enjoy visiting this blog! Hugs!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're very wise to assess how much can be realistically handled at one time. There's no point biting off more than we can chew!

I've driven icy roads like that too. I know exactly what you mean about peeling your hands off the steering wheel afterwards. It is SO stressful!

tammy j said...

oh my Diana.
I had gotten out of the habit of coming here. and now I see that I let go of a GOOD habit!
I have wrestled myself with health issues these past months. ER visits and hospitalizations.
that over used saying of 'getting old isn't for sissies' might be boring. but it's TRUE!
as always your beautiful sense of humor is golden. and the best part of your being blonde!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my goodness! The wedding venue looks absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to see the wedding pics. I'm so happy you and yours made it home safely; and YES, put the brakes on and take it easy. Life is hectic and it sounds like you were bringing on more stress than you needed. Enjoy that pie. :)

Hibiscus House said...

I love you! Whew what a wedding, what a great ETSY Shop and new blog you have! I understand take it easy it will unfold naturally, because you my dear are so talented! Relax and enjoy every minute.

Sandi said...

Beautiful photos!

That’s so sweet about the dance. :) Oh...poor little guy!

Love the fork quote...ahhahhaha!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

What a day! So thankful that you made it home safely...I always say ice is far worse to drive in than snow! What an amazing spot to have a wedding in and even more amazing the connection that your husband son and the bride had in common! I'm so thankful that you made it home safely and I think you're making an even better decision by letting go for now of some of the things that add too much stress to your life. I'm glad that you will still post when you can here because we all would miss your fun posts!!! I will be praying for you that this autoimmune thing gets resolved with the steroids and that you can get back to doing everything that you love to do! Much love and hugs to you dear friend!

Mac n' Janet said...

Driving on roads like that are just nerve-wracking, can't do it, in addition to the weather you have to deal with distracted drivers playing with their phones.
Sounds like you've made a wise decision about slowing down.


Oh my dear friend, how beautiful and fun that wedding you and attended and your hubby performed the ceremony. You must have been a knock out blond at the reception Dianna. I'm also very happy you could rest after such a stressful ride, since ice is very dangerous after all, much so then snow.
I loved your post as always, but how amazing it was for your hero to see his nurse from scrubs, to turn into a gorgeous princess as a bride.
I can't wait to see the wedding pics.
Blessings sweetie, and thanks for sharing this adventure with us.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

What a fabulous venue for a wedding. I'm glad you got home safely. So sad about the fatal accident. Yes, you must be a bit stressed with two blogs, an etsy shop and family matters. I'm glad you are going to cut back!!

Jettie said...

With all that has gone on in our family, my health, and our son's death, I know that it is time to slow down and breathe, and enjoy life. Same for you gal, you have been through so much in the time I've known you, that it is time to learn to relax, enjoy life, and not stress about all the things that you think have to be done. Besides you are only about 3 weeks younger than me, and you make me look bad.

Debby Ray said...

Wow...that sounds like some wedding and am looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more about it. Life certainly changes...lots going in my life too so I totally relate and sometimes it does a visual of some sort to make us rethink some of our decisions when we feel we are getting overwhelmed. I really appreciate your transparency...HUGS!

Donna said...

Hi Diana,
First off, I am glad you are scaling back and taking a bit of a break. Keeping two blogs, your Etsy, AND everything else in your life is alot! So I'm happy you are doing what is best for you!!! That wedding must have been amazing! The place looks gorgeous, like something you would see in Europe with the stone walls and wood beams. So glad your Hero was well enough to perform the wedding. Can't wait to see pictures.
And icy roads! I would have been a wreak (no pun intended, hahahaha!), glad you made it home safely. Take care of yourself, and send me a piece of your pie:)

Pom Pom said...

Good for you, Diana. Smart! I know just what you mean. I had a wave of aches last week and I asked myself, "Why is it so hard to admit this slows me down?" Hmmmmm.
God be with you. I'm glad you made it home safe.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm so glad you made this decision! We can easily get ourselves over extended and then we don't enjoy anything! I'm just glad you aren't giving up this blog. I need you and your honestly and caring in my world. Take care of yourself and your family. The wedding site was lovely. What a Joy followed by terror. I've driven in weather like that and its so scary. Enjoy the upcoming holidays and much love to you and your family.

bj said...

Of all people in the world, I sure can relate to this.
With all the stress of losing my husband, having gout flare all over my olden body, having our house painted and having to move everything and then going back trying to "change things up a little" and my bedroom looks like a hoarder lives in it with all the stuff I don't want to use anymore but don't know what to do with it, I am living right on the STRESS saving grace is a tiny little white pill I take at bedtime.
Yes, indeed, you should slow down...waaay down. You can open your shop after you are rested...
(sure am glad I got my little M.Roberts fairy from you...:)

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I firmly believe stress causes illness, so I’m happy to hear you’re slowing things down. Sometimes we feel if we’re not ‘doing, doing, doing’ we are somehow not being as productive as we need to be, but that’s all in our heads. Just having a blog and taking care of yourself and family is more than enough!

Oh, and that wedding venue?! Oh. My. Gawd. Gorgeous!!


Gayla said...

GOOD choice! I know you feel blessed and fortunate to be able to make a decision based on logic and self care. If we wait too long, our decisions are made for us... and they aren't usually pretty! Love ya! GAYLA

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Dearest Diana, even though I have stopped blogging, when I saw your link on Facebook I had to click on over and see what's going on. Whew! Or I could say WHEEEEEEEE! You've been on a ride and there appears to be more loops ahead for you, but I know you can do this. Slowing down is required, even coming to a complete stop is necessary for good health, both mental and physical. I've not regretted one day that I haven't blogged. While I do miss my blogging friends, I am blessed to be connected to some of them on Facebook and that makes me very happy.

Please take care of YOU.


Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Diana! I’m so thankful you made it home safe and sound from the glorious wedding. There are times in our lives that sure can grip us and make us decide to make some changes. Your wonderful shop and blog will be waiting for you. Take some time, my dear friend. Your auto immune issue, so can relate too! Slow down and take some time for you. Love and blessings.

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

My goodness, all that fun and then the icy roads to make it stressful! I would have been tied up in knots by the time I made it home and thank goodness you all arrived safely. Sometimes it is a good thing to slow down and just enjoy the moments. Have a blessed day!

Kim said...

Yes, time to take a break...and I am right there with you. I'd like to cut a whole lot out, but short of shipping the kids off or moving out myself, not going to happen. Sounds like a smart plan, my friend. Sometimes you just have to say, NO. PS...glad you're safe, that sounds like it was super scary. xoxo

NanaNor's said...

Dear Diana, I'm so glad you are putting some things on hold. Your etsy shop and blog will still be there after the holidays-but girl you've got a lot of your plate and need to be careful that you don't make yourself sick-after all who would take care of your man?!
I have a tendency to pile too many things into my schedule as well and then my blood pressure soars and I'm a bear. That drive sounded horrid, so thankful you and your son weren't involved in any of the accidents.
Hope your week is peaceful!

Our Hopeful Home said...

Wise woman, Diana! We'll all be here, come hell or high water, so take all the time you need! So glad you all got home safely.
xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

nonie everythingsewing said...

I am here to give you a big hug. Life, seems to get in the way while we are making other plans, but I am glad you made it home safe. sometimes we need to take a step back.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Sounds to me that you have enough on your plate without the second blog and Etsy. I don't blame you. Need to scale it down a few notches and take care of yourself!

Linda said...

My sister, Deanie, has a saying - Dial it BACK! That’s exactly what it sounds like you’re doing and probably in the nick of time!
The wedding venue looked magnificent! Looking forward to more photos!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You are smart to know yourself and when to slow down. And I know how awful drives like that are! YIKES! Take care...xoxo

Linda said...

Good news Diana...take it slow and easy...♥️...smell the Roses!!
Linda :o)

krishna said...

I'm so happy.. you and your family is safe...

LV said...

What a blessing you made it home safely. I will not drive in conditions like that. Would just had to stop somewhere. We can overload ourselves and you where on that road. Take time out for just yourself and as they say "stop and smell the roses".

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh, what a gorgeous setting for a wedding and so glad to hear that your hubby is well enough to officiate! So glad you made it home safely, too. Sometimes it takes something like this to give a wake-up call to not stretch ourselves too thin. You have a lot going on - slowing down sounds like a good idea. Now go and eat that pie :) xo K

Launna said...

I don't drive but for the life of me I will NEVER understand how people will not slop down for terrible weather. I would prefer to take an extra hour home then to run and get into an accident where I might die or where someone else dies... saving some time is not worth it... I am so glad you got home same and wow... 125 car accident... that is scary xox

I think it's good to take time and not overwhelm yourself, otherwise you might get nothing done xox

Simply LKJ said...

So thankful you all arrived home safely. With my hubby having grown up in MI, we know all too well how quickly the weather can change this time of year. I am not a fan of driving at night nor in the rain, and have had those moments of "gripping the wheel" to the point I have popped a blood vessel in my wrist!
As for taking some things off your plate, good for you! It takes a lot for people to recognize when their plate has become too full. And, I am sure you know that the stress levels also effect your immune system. Praying that subsides as you take a bit of a break. There is a book I recommend to young moms, but it is great for anyone really, called the Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst. Saying yes to the things that truly matter, and learning to say no those that don't.

Amy Chalmers said...

Aren’t you the wise one to get the message. Good for you. I’m in the slow lane too and it’s grand. Xo

Carla said...

Ditto to what everyone else said. I used to wish I was 10 years younger. Now I'm going with 20!!!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Bless your heart dear Diana. So glad you and your family made it home safely.

Learning to step back and take things easier can be hard, but it also can be a wonderful thing to do.

God's continued blessings on you and Your Hero ~ love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Kay G. said...

Happy you were even able to MAKE it to the wedding! The wedding sounds lovely, look forward to seeing more about it!
Good for you to know that you need to scale back a bit, you MUST take care of yourself!!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I am so happy to read this!! I was wondering when it was all going to be too much for you. I know you like to keep going, but I was a little worried about you. I am glad to know you will still be here posting your posts full of humor, personality and wit. So glad you made it home okay in that storm....that is so scary. We haven't gotten one of those yet but it's coming this weekend I think. What a gorgeous place to have a wedding! Is it a hotel too? I want to stay there!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I was wondering how in the world you were going to do all that you had to do. I for one am glad you are slowing life. We go to fast and miss the small things. I hope you will feel better and more relaxed. You will know when you are ready to open it again. The wedding was gorgeous - - I have never ever gone to anything like that in my life. Love, sandie

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

First what a beautiful wedding and second so glad you both are safe! It stuck me you were doing a lot starting an etsy shop and another blog for it..I know you have high energy but girl you need to slow down. So there was a message that came in the rain to you and your heeding it. I have been feeling the same way and we are exhausted with all that we've had to do on our own with the remodel. I feel i can't caught up. With the remodel i missed getting all my Fall stuff on my shop and here it is 11/13 and haven't been able to get my Christmas stuff up. We finally moved our furniture up Saturday and enjoyed our first night sleep in our beds in over 6 weeks. Take care....these kinds of stresses cause illness.

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Girlfriend. Great decision. Sometimes Life takes over and blogland has to take a back seat and I think you are doing the right thing by paying attention to your life and not worrying about blogging or the Etsy Shop. You deserve this break my friend. Too much on your plate! Everyone will be here when you get your crazy showing again and re appear!!!

God's Grace Overflows said...

Gosh Diana...glad you made it home safely and God kept you and your family safe as you white knuckled it home!

You deserve a break, no rush, come back when you are rested and ready!

Thinking of you,

Donna said...

Diana, I am so glad you are okay after driving through icy conditions. In Wisconsin you get to that kind of stuff but still... The up side is that you decided to take things slower for a while. Lots going on in your life and you don't want to wear yourself out. Stress is not your friend at this point. You're'll figure out what can be set aside. xoxo

Lea said...

Goodness, what a way to cap off a lovely affair. So glad you made it safely home and for your realization to slow down and put the brakes on. Good idea! Blessings to you!

Cheryl said...

Oh, my, you are under SO much stress, bless your dear heart! I do hope you can find time to take care of yourself and get some rest. All will be there waiting for you, after your break. God bless you and restore you and give you the strength you daily need, sweet friend. :)

Cecilia said...

I hear you, sister! Glad you recognize when to put the brakes on. Funny how it seems a lot of us are kind of in the same boat. I've been pondering the old blog myself, wondering if it's time to let it go. Take care of yourself, my friend. You have lots going on!

Carla from The River said...

Totally Understand!!!! Take care and enjoy family and friends.
Lots of love my friend!

Wanda said...

Been gone myself, so glad to be back to visit my blog friends. What a beautiful setting for a wedding. So beautiful...will look forward to seeing more pictures.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Dear Diana, I am so glad that you have finally put the brakes on. For the last year you have been doing 150 miles an hour. Now it's time to sit back and enjoy life,, before something happens. That is probably why your sickness reared it's ugly head. It's telling you to slow down. You are such a giving person, but now it's your time to relax and take life easy.

The place where the wedding was held is simply stunning, everything looked terrific. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures.

Take care my dear friend.
Lots of hugs,

Gert said...

Oh Diana...I could feel your anxiety after driving on those icy roads.. I have done it many times too...but always drove with fear! Now, I just stay And yes, you do need to slow down. It's never good to take on too much. We always pay for it in the end. I'm thinking and praying for you.


Rose L said...

I would not have driven in that at all! You were so brave. That is a lot of accidents and thankfully none involved you all! Looking forward to seeing the wedding shots.

Happy Harris said...

Hi Diana, you are so brave driving in that terrible weather...but I so know where you are coming from with regard to letting go of certain's the creative mind that you have that makes you want to take on so much, but every now and then we have to let go and make time for ourselves...that is the most important thing, otherwise you will breakdown! It sounds like you have the same things on the horizon that I have gone through..a sick hubby, a move, a creative mind! will get through it, but you definitely have to make time for yourself! lean on those near you...ask for help when you can! even email me for a chat when you feel low...dont feel guilty for not persuing the etsy shop and blog...think of it as a new chapter ;)

Love and best wishes
Happy x

Theresa said...

First of all, OMG gorgeous setting for the wedding! I look forward to more pictures:) Secondly, SO happy that you all made it safely on those icy roads! I don't do well driving in rain, so I am terrible on ice! Take a break and give yourself a spa day, sounds like you need it! HUGS!

Karen Ann said...

WOW!!! What a wedding location!!!... looking forward to those pics! And.. smart to slow down and give yourself a break. Life's too short to be going full tilt all the time. Enjoy -

Pam Jackson said...

I hated driving on icy roads.....I don't trust the others out on them. Wow...what a beautiful place for a wedding.

Jan said...

I taught my younger brother to drive. When we would be going down a narrow street (with parked cars on either side), I'd hold my breath and squeeze my bum cheeks together. After one particularly tight squeeze, I let out my breath and told Daniel that I was squeezing my bum cheeks together. He admitted that he did the same. We giggled, but from then on, when one of us was in a tight squeeze, the other would say that they were squeezing their bum cheeks too.

So, my this time in your life, just remember that Jan is out there, squeezing her bum cheeks for you!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Glad you made it home safe. Love the place where they were married...but even more your husbands nurse! How wonderful is that as a nurse makes my heart happy!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

So glad you made it safely home! Even in summer a squall can become threatening on the open road when you are just so exposed to the elements. The wedding venue was spectacular! Such a beautiful setting. Glad to hear that you are being so wise about all the demands. Give yourself some TLC! Happy days ahead!

Lisa said...

I am glad you guys got home safe and I cant wait to see photos of the wedding. Such a beautiful place.
I think you made a good choice to slow down. I think you have a wonderful Etsy shop and I saw it thriving but I agree, its a lot of work to keep up with everything. I have thought many times that I need to slow down. Blogging a a form of relaxation and my Etsy shop, well its just there. Im not sure what I need to do to make it better and bring more views. They say you have to spend time on it every day to get the items moving but I do not quiet understand what I suppose to do there. haha. Its just for fun. I have even thought about giving up blogging but I would miss my readers. :( I like it better than facebook.

Red Rose Alley said...

First of all, I'm so sorry to hear of the fatal accident that happened on those icy roads. That is really scary, and I loved what you said....."with only a few fools flying past." It makes me angry when I see that. The bride sounds so lovely on her special day. This was a beautiful setting for the ceremony. That breaks my heart about your grandson and the dance. That was great that Judy got him back onto the dance floor. I'm glad you made it home safe. I can't believe all the accidents that night, oh my!


*I've always loved that picture of Marilyn and the Pink bubble gum. : )

Anonymous said...

Hi friend. I understand completely; I admire you for sharing here on the blog the need to slow down and enjoy life. So sorry you are not feeling well, also. Sending prayers and hugs. I usually slow down on blogging during the holidays. Like many, holidays depress me. When you are up to it, I would love to see the wedding pics from this gorgeous venue. Love you.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Diana, that probably was a beautiful wedding if the venue is any indication. What a mess that was on the roads. There is always some idiot that can't read the signs and starts a chain reaction of bad things! I'm so glad that you all made it home safe and sound. You really have had some bumps in the road, though, and I'm glad you are taking it a little slower. Take care of yourself and your family and we won't lose touch. We will always turn back up like a bad penny!!..Have a great week..xxoJudy

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hi Diana, that sounds like a nice wedding and looks so pretty. I'm glad you all made it home safely. Having the shop sounds like a lot of work and now is the time to slow down to enjoy the holidays. Take care.
Julie xo

Curtains in My Tree said...

Yes sounds like you need a good cup of hot tea and a piece of that wedding cake and maybe a soft sofa to chill out on.
I love weddings however hate icy roads and dread driving on them to work this winter.
So glad you had a good safe day

Missy George said...

Wise decision Diana... I often wonder how you get everything done that you do and then you go and add more things to it. There comes a time when we all have to slow down a bit. Glad you all got home safe and sound. Enjoy the rest of your week. Hugs

bill burke said...

Icy roads are not for me either. They are scary and stressful. Glad that you decided to slow down and take life in the slow lane for a while. I never knew stressed spelled backwards in dessert until you mentioned it, I like that. Take care and have a wonderful day!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Very wise. Icy roads scare the heck out of me. Very cool about stressed backwards is desserts. You are one cool calm chick. The wedding sounds and looks lovely. Sounds like your hero did them proud. Have a nice night. xo

Rattlebridge Farm said...

Diana, I so enjoyed reading about the wedding—what a magical setting (though icy roads age me 29 years in 29 seconds. Glad you made it home safe and dry. Your words really hit home, too. Every other conversation with myself begins with the phrase, “ If only I was 10 years younger.” Chronic illnesses take so much from everyone, especially women who were used to powering through life. I always think of it as “spinning plates” on sticks, a full and busy life. Now I have to stop and think, “Yeah, sounds wonderful, but how long to recover? How many hours on a heating pad? I am loving the idea of slow blogging. Just trying to figure out how it is done. 😀

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The wedding looks beautiful! Wow! I know you were glad to be part of it. But driving on bad roads is VERY stressful! And so is adding things to your 'to do' list. I think you are smart! Of course...we're both natural blondes so smart is our middle name! Hugs!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Just one day at a time....that's all you need to do. Yesterday is past, the future is not ours yet....and today is a present from God. Wedding sounds beautiful. Don't worry about Etsy, it will be there when you get back to it. Glad you made it home in one piece...I would prefer not to travel in those bad storms...if at all possible. Storms in WI can be scary!!!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Goodness - what a crazy amount of emotions and events all crammed in to one! Sounds like the first part was perfect and the second, well, I can't imagine that drive!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Brakes are good, Diana! You do have a lot going on, and desserts sound like the best remedy!
The wedding venue sure looked pretty and I look forward to seeing more pictures. I can sooooo understand how your hands had to be peeled from the steering wheel. God bless you!

Lorrie said...

What a nail-biting experience! Glad you are stepping back a little. It's hard to grasp that we're not 30 any more. Sigh.

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

How terrifying, Diana, I hate driving on icy roads....even though I drive a Subaru WITH studded tires!!! SO glad you're ok, and yes, you need to know when to slow down and take a break. Hugs to you, can't wait to see the wedding photos!! xo

Vee said...

Driving in that kind of weather is the absolute worst. I hope that you took a nice warm shower and sat with a heating pad for a good long while. The wedding sounds so lovely and the “connections” made me smile. You take care of yourself hear! (BTW, I need to snag that graphic because I feel the same way.)

Miss Kitty said...

The wedding venue is just beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing those photos! I think you are doing the right you said, you don't want things that should be fun and rewarding to be a chore.

Sally said...

Thank the good Lord y'all made it home safely. You must have nerves of steel, Diana. :)


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Diana, WOW the wedding sounds spectacular. Not a fan of driving on icy roads via all the days in my home state of Michigan. Glad you all made it home safe and sound. I think you are doing the right thing putting the brakes on for your shop at the moment. Timing is everything and slowing down, taking a break and collecting yourself is always helpful when you have so much going on.
Take care and enjoy a nice weekend ahead. xo