Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I have been looking for 
for the last 2 or 3 years.

I have scoured every country road
for miles with no success.
I have even hunted along 
Interstate 43!
My Hero wonders who in their 
looks for BITTERSWEET along a
major highway.

I do. I do. I do.
I do because I want a wreath like this one!
Sadly my own wreath looks
They, apparently,  found the
MOTHER LODE of bittersweet plants!

A while ago MyHero and I took a drive
along country roads North of where we live.
After driving aimlessly for 
about an hour and a half
Suddenly MyHero said:
 I think we need to head back to
I said- Just one more road?(pleadingly)
So...I turned up the next side road and
headed to the main highway....
searching fence and field for 

The next day while he was at work
I retraced my steps route.
When I got to the place I had turned off
I kept going straight.

You guessed it!
About a MILE down the road I found it!
I found
Let me tell you- 
It is a mess in the wild...and invasive..
BUT  I love it.
Sadly, American bittersweet is becoming scare
because they have sprayed 
and rooted it out almost to 
extinction in a lot of areas.

But I found enough to use a few sprigs of it
here and there.
I made 2 wreaths from the bit I found.
It's a devil to work with-
wiry and not very pliable.

I also tied a few small branches together
to tie onto the trellis beside our garage
that supports clematis in the warm months.
I love BITTERSWEET so much
that my good friend, Carol, had a
watercolor of
commissioned for me by local artist-
Lois Christenson of Door County.
She painted it for my 50th birthday.
When Carol called her Lois asked
wants a painting of BITTERSWEET?
Carol said- Diana does!
Lois said- Well, I should have KNOWN!
It'll be a gift from BOTH OF US then.
And it was.
Sadly, Lois died almost 4 years ago.
Not only was she talented she had a 
wicked sense of humor.
RIP, Lolo...

This hangs in our lower hallway
year round because
You know what ELSE I love?
Ingenious ideas!
Remember in the past I showed you
MyHero in his suspenders
that he wears to keep his pants up?

Well, I found some GREAT suspender ideas at 
WALMART of all places.
And here, my friend,
is a close up for your viewing pleasure. they say at WALMART
"Have a nice day".
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Karen L. Bates said...

Not sure how you can put those pretty bittersweet vines with a Walmart picture like that and survive....but you! That sure did wake me up and it's only 3:30 here! Keep looking for your bittersweet and stay out of Walmart!

Sylvia said...

Your bittersweet looks great and I'm sure you had fun finding it, Like I've always said, "Don't ever give up"!
Now I don't know about that man and his idea of spenders!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, I love the bittersweet you found. It's gorgeous. The painting is so colorful and pretty; I love it. LOL on the suspenders. Sending hugs and prayers - have a pleasant day.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

I could just imagine you crawling through ditches and up over embankments! Glad you found some! Will it last past this season in your wreath? I don't think we have bittersweet here (or I just haven't been on a wild enough quest to find it!) -Jenn

Sandi said...

That wreath is FANTASTIC!

Susie said...

Diana, Yikes, those suspenders are not working so well. lol I like bittersweet too. I used to be able to buy it at the Earth Day Festival In Atlanta, Indiana. Along with sweet Annie. When we were on Martha's Vineyard, that place was covered with it. The painting is a beautiful keepsake. Blessings for a fun day there. xoxo, Susie

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That bittersweet painting is truly lovely. I'm glad you persisted and found your own wild bittersweet! And oh my, those D-ring suspenders, LOL!

G Dazeez said...

I will have to pay more attention for bittersweet in our area, the Orange is so strikingly beautiful. Oh those Walmart folks, they are so funny!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love bittersweet too and always see lots of it in NC. Your painting is lovely as are your sweet memories of your friend. I probably have hundreds of bittersweet photos...haha! Hugs!

Junkchiccottage said...

I love bittersweet too. It is a shame that so much of this is now going away. I remember going to fall shows here in the midwest and everyone was selling bittersweet and no you never see it anymore. Your wreaths look great. I love the picture that Lois painted for you too.

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

I'm glad you finally found some is really pretty. I don't guess I've ever seen it growing in the southwest....we just have tumbleweeds and sagebrush! I don't know if I'll ever get that Walmart photo out of my head....thank!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

We do have bittersweet here in NC and I love it. We have a local curb/farmers market and every fall you can buy bitter sweet wreaths and loose bittersweet to make you own. I didn't do that this year, because there was not enough time after moving. But next year look out!

Kim said...

I have never seen Bittersweet in my area. It's a very pretty plant, sad to know that it's so scarce today. And what a sweet pair of friends you have...xoxo

Mac n' Janet said...

What an interesting looking plant, I don't think I've ever seem it before. Love the painting.

Cranberry Morning said...

I love that stuff, but have never found it around here. I thought maybe it didn't grow in this climate. Glad you were persistent! Isn't it beautiful!!

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

i lover bittersweet and never seen any real myself either..I'm so glad you went back to the road and found some...Fake cannot compare with real. I finally found some real bittersweet at the last rally I attended, a woman I met, Cindy, daughter's had it growing in her BACKYARD, a lot of it! So she gave me a few springs! I love enough to create a bundle like you did. I remember suspenders, was't it? that held our mittens to our coats. But it seem like it really can hold up pants!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love bittersweet also but it isn't to be found around here it seems. Oh that photo is too funny with the suspenders!!

Diane said...

Wow I have never heard of bittersweet but I can see why you would want to make a wreath from it. It is gorgeous. I was lazy and just ordered a dried flower wreath for my door. Wonderful pictures.

Hugs Diane

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

"Viewing PLEASURE" - hardly, ha ha!! You're so funny, Diana! Your wreaths look lovely, the touches of bittersweet are perfect! How long will it last? I do love your inspiration wreath, how gorgeous is that??

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Bittersweet is so nice this time of year Diana and I love your wreaths. The painting is beautiful. Have a nice day.
Julie xo

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

Yes to bittersweet, it is beautiful and I like the few branches tied together more than the wreath accents. It just seems "right". I know someone who would use the suspender holder idea...yes, I do. That 'people of walmart' website is frightening because you know it's true.

Carla from The River said...

Did you find that bittersweet in Wisconsin? I have looked high and low for it!!

Tamara said...

Your wreaths are pretty.... I've never even heard of Bittersweet. What lovely fall colors. What a beautiful painting and gift. I'm sure you'll treasure it always. And ummm the picture with the pants??? well I just hope noone throws up! LOL what in the world?? whatever happened to self respect? That sure was a doozy! Happy Wednesday to you!

Tamara xo

Brenda Pruitt said...

Why does Walmart/Hellmart seem to be such a crazy place? Your comments are working, but many of us can't figure out what's wrong with ours. Getting all kinds of emails about it. Hopefully Blogger is working on it.

Estelle's said...

I adore bittersweet especially in a wreath...maybe I would just buy one....oh my lawd....Walmart!!!!

Pam Kessler said...

I bought a tiny little bunch of it at the Country Living Fair last year for $10. I had no idea it just grows in the wild. I guess what I saved in gas money if I would have driven all over the country with you and My Hero makes it looks like a deal.

Debby Ray said...

Oh my word! I have literally seen people very similar to this man at Walmart. What the heck?? Back to the bittersweet...I absolutely LOVE it and had a friend way before I was married who lived near the RR tracks. She used to find some all the time and had given me some. I think it is beautiful. I hope you find more although your wreath and swag are lovely!

Harold Emery said...

<3 the suspenders ... I don't think I've ever seen bitter sweet. The artwork is beautiful, lucky you.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Jettie said...

Just a bit of wondering, why don't you dig some of the roots and plant them and have your own bittersweet garden.
Oh, about those suspenders, I think they may be hooked a bit low.

bill burke said...

That is a lovely painting of bittersweet. What a nice gift and remembrance.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness on the suspenders.
Well you are bittersweet gal. I have to be honest I have only heard about it from you. I think it is beautiful. And how interesting that you went back and found it one mile further. Hubs don't have much patience when it comes to that kind of thing. I like your wreathe and i guess since it is so hard to work with and it is being eradicated - maybe people thought it was a weed??? sandie

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I'm wiping tears from my eyes, Diana, oh my goodness, that was hilarious. Ingenuity at its best! Well, how thankful I am that you found your bittersweet! It looks so amazing on your wreaths! I don't know if it grows here or not. I need to research that and find out. I don't think I'e ever seen it, if it does. Love that bittersweet painting too, it is gorgeous, and I definitely would leave it up year round! Hugs to you today :)

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweetie, I love hearing of your adventures with your hubby, not finding any Bittersweet and then going back and finding some. I love it too, but usually we just see the fake stuff.
Happy Hump Day!
Hugs, Noreen

Sandra said...

Linda inspiração. Adorei. Felicidades. Abraço.

Adam said...

That's why I avoid walmart most of the time, if I can

Simply LKJ said...

I too love bittersweet, but agree it is soooo hard to find :-( Dying over those suspenders!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

The inspiration photos is a beauty. I only have faux stuff here, but I have a dog and it's bad for them.
Your painting is lovely!

Lea said...

Well, I've heard of bittersweet but don't know that I've ever seen it. Lovely wreath. Wal-Mart, liable to see anything there.

Phyllis Brandon said...

I too, LOVE bittersweet. It grows in the north and when we lived in MA, I found a bunch in the woods. I didn't realize it was being exterminated.

OMG - that last picture - I am laughing so hard and just can't believe somebody would go out like that!!!! Bwahhahahaha

Lisa said...

I have never heard of a plant called bittersweet. I like it! Gotta love walmart people!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Did you know that Poison Sumac looks very much like Bittersweet? Do you know how I know? Yep, one year I thought I'd hit the jackpot. I made two beautiful wreaths and the next morning, my entire face was swollen as were my hands and arms lol. It was not a pretty sight! I learned though and I'm glad YOUR bittersweet was bittersweet haha!

Missy George said...

I'm sure that your hero looks better in his suspenders than that..I remember you and bittersweet last year..they sell,it in bunches around here in the nurseries..I like what you did with it..

Kay G. said...

That guy is funny in Walmart but I wonder if he ever burnt his underwear up in the microwave? HA!
You should tell your husband I will never forget that, EVER! HA!I
I love your bittersweet but I never knew that is what it is called. The painting is beautiful and very special. x

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Ah, the bittersweet! Yes, I love it and I just saw some this past weekend and passed it by. It is a mess and falls apart while you are trying to use it. I didn't want to bother with it. I would love a full wreath of it though. That painting is gorgeous and what a keepsake and reminder of your friend. Oh boy, what you see in Walmart! I have a few choice pictures I took of people I saw in Goodwill too :-)

Donna said...

Diana, you didn't drive far enough! There is a ton of bittersweet growing all over the place here! I love it too, and used to get some every year for fall decor, but it makes a mess once it sheds. Your friend was very talented, love her painting. And those lovely suspenders? Only at Walmart, I guess!

Blondie's Journal said...

You are very ambitious driving all over creation for that bittersweet. Believe it or not, I have wanted lavender and many other herbs and dried flowers, and crazy as it sounds- go to eBay! Friendly folks who will ship fresh and dried homegrown goodies! Still-glad you found it and the wreaths are so pretty.

So sorry about your friend and artist..a sad loss. The painting is a true treasure.

Hubby wore suspenders for awhile in the recent past...I think he still needs them.

Jane x

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh my gosh - how could he not feel the breeze? haha! So glad that you found your bittersweet - Your wreaths are so pretty! What a wonderful painting to remember your dear friend. xx K

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

Lol! I must say that I have never seen that method for holding up pants! Now, who sits at home pondering how to keep their pants up and decides upon some straps and clamps? Apparently, that guy does! Why not bungee cords? At least that way when he wants to pull his pants back up, they'll just snap back into place! And, if he ever wants to jump off s bridge, he's all set!
I know what you mean about bittersweet. It's so pretty and not seen often. I bought some years ago and used it every fall until it finally just wore out. I'm glad you found some. Hugs!

BeachGypsy said...

Oh I just adore bittersweet, I always have! Back when our kids were little, we would drive out country roads and there would be SO MUCH OF IT, ESPECIALLY in the woods where we hiked. I would tear off huge hunks/branches of it and bring it home. It was always so bright and cheerful! So I loved this post! About the morning glories and moonflowers---those have ALWAYS BEEN some of my very very best, biggest, healthiest, best growing and best blooms ALWAYS!!---until the past couple of years....they just dont seem to be taking off as well. I always grow from seeds so not sure what is up. Maybe next summer will be better. I do miss my big blue morning glories and my moonflowers! Last year we had blooms on the moonflowers, but no morning glories at all and none this year either.

Karen Ann said...

What a lovely friend - and a treasure to remember her by. We have some bittersweet growing along the edges of the field on the side of the house - I might just go grab some and make a wreath for the gate.

And thanks for the VISUAL!! BLeh.. some things can't be unseen!!

A Joyful Chaos said...

So that's what those are called! We have some growing along the fence right across the road from our house. You'd be more than welcome to have it. :) I had never thought of making a wreath with it, but it's so pretty!


bj said...

I love it, too...and so sad that it's so hard to find...and to buy it, you almost have to take out a bank loan. Several yrs ago, a blogger sent me a large box of it and it was one of the BEST gifts ever.

Faye said...

I love bittersweet too! So glad you found some! I planted quite a few when we moved here but we are in a woods and it became too shady. Some day I will try again.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

So glad that you found your Bittersweet. Now remember where you got it at and go back there next year.

I love that picture of the man holding up his pants.... priceless! You can see more crazyness at Walmart than any other place.

Enjoy your weekend and I'm so glad you found your Bittersweet. The picture is lovely.


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Growing up in California, I had never heard of Bittersweet until I read about it on the internet. I do love the look too. We stopped at Cracker Barrel in Missouri the other day and they had a beautiful string of it across their mantle. It was really lovely even though I'm sure it was faux. Keep looking friend, you're sure to find some more on those highways!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Diana, for a minute there, I thought you might have snapped a pic of my "friend", but he doesn't shop at Walmart! Bittersweet, I have coveted it for years, after seeing pictures in the vintage Country Home magazines. A friend gave me some a few years back, and I bought a very little bit from some shop, for more dollars than branches, I keep using it but it has gotten so brittle and faded. I don't think it grows in California. What a shame it is all going away, such beautiful little berries and such fun to see turn the fall colors..Have a great day. xxoJudy P.S. I remember seeing your beautiful painting before.

nonie everythingsewing said...

I don't know if Bittersweet grows in this part of the country but I sure would love to find some. There is a bush that has red berries and grows along a road where I would love to stop and cut some but it is such a narrow road I darn not stop. Just might have to do some searching.


Draffin Bears said...

Hello Diana,

Lovely to discover your blog and many thanks for coming to visit me.
How great that you were able to find some bittersweet and love the wreath you made.
I am now following you now and thanks for following me.
Happy weekend

Vee said...

What a beautiful painting of bittersweet. I think it’s a lovely and red perfectly companionable. Glad that you found a source! Hope it’s not too far from home.

Miss Kitty said...

Some many pretty pictures in this blog post! I love your "inspiration" wreath, the wreaths that you added your "found" bittersweet to AND the adorable artwork that Lois did for you. It reminds me so much of the art that my mother did over the years. She has passed away too but isn't it lovely to have art that reminds us of dear ones.

Cecilia said...

I've never seen real's a shame it's an invasive plant - it's so pretty! Glad you found some! Lois' painting is just precious.
Oh my word! Wal-Martians strike again. Too, too funny!

Melanie said...

You are hilarious, my friend! I love bittersweet, too ~ it's the perfect touch for fall. I've never seen it around here either though. Maybe it's a good thing since it's invasive.

Our Hopeful Home said...

I have bittersweet in my back yard! So when are you coming by?
xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

Launna said...

I never knew bittersweet could look so great... I love their I want some... lol

I went searching for bull rushes and pussy willows... these are not available in the city, I don't drive, so I was at the mercy of others when I went for drives... I finally found some and used them for years... xox

I could have lived my whole life without that last close up from Walmart... LOL... hahaha