Saturday, November 4, 2017


It's raining (here)
It's pouring (yep)
The old man is snoring (SO true)~

I am up and drinking coffee,
waiting to figure the day out.
We may, or may not,
go out of town today....
It all depends on 
MyHero 's mood.

No matter WHERE we are,
we will remember to 
do this!

Now I don't mean YOU should fall back...
Some of you might break bones doing that...
People will think you have been drinking
and we all know you don't do that ANYMORE.

Have a most wonderful weekend
and enjoy the extra hour of sleep.
See you in  a couple of days,
Lord willing!
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  1. No, we definitely don't want to fall! Hurts a lot more now! Hope you have a lovely time, wherever you're headed. Are you visiting some grandchildren? -Jenn

  2. Have fun and enjoy that extra hour of sleep!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. No, don't mention falling!!!!! I bought a tiny footstool to put in front of my rocking chair, it is very petite, and every time I move I trip over it!!!! lol
    God bless and keep you.

  4. Diana, Be safe today, no matter what you decide to do. IT's chilly right now and my daughter Kathy is moving to Carmel today. Ted , Jeff(SIL). Karen and Kathy are doing the moving...I am staying home and cooking a pot of chili , making a veggie/cheese tray for their lunch. I pray this move goes well. Kathy did get a job between Fishers and Carmel. So thankful God helped her. Oh how silly I was when I was young....I thought getting my girls raised and thru school would be the end of my "mom" worries, they just get multiplied. ..what with grands and in-laws. LOL. What can a mom do , other than pray and worry. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. An extra hour of sleep?? That is FANTASTIC!

  6. Thank you for the public service announcement! I predict that everyone will be waking at an early hour tomorrow. I was up at 4 this morning...3 tomorrow morning...Accck! Hope that you have a pleasant day wherever you spend it!

  7. Hi Diana...
    Loads of rain expected this weekend...
    Enjoy whatever you decide to do!
    Linda :o)

  8. IT is foggy here but I have a few errands to run. Home game so traffic will be bad until a bit later. (I live in a college town). I look forward to the extra hour tonight! Hugs!

  9. Thanks for the reminder. It's nice weather here today.

  10. I love falling back a whole lot more than springing forward! However, we have at least one clock in every single room plus one on the front porch and one in the gazebo....not counting the microwave clock in the gazebo! Falling back takes a whole lot longer to reset them all but that’s the saving grace of moving the hour hand forward in the spring.
    We should be able to get to church on time in the morning!
    Hope you get to go out of town today. And I hope you get to see a lot of fall color!

  11. I hope the weather improves...if not, come on down here! Enjoy your weekend...give your Hero a Hug!

  12. Phooy...I wish they would leave the time alone...we have too many clocks in the house!!!!! Have a great weekend!!! Despite the time change!! Gas up too cause the price of gas is going up, up, up!

  13. Hope you are able to do some fun travelling, if possible!

    Thanks for the reminder.....thank goodness these days iphone clocks reset automatically! And no one really cares if my all the other clocks in the house are correct for a day or two, haha.

    I remember we'd always botch up the spring one when I was little and would be an hour late for Mass - oh my gosh it was awful - we'd get there and it's more than halfway done - so Dad would take us to get some Mayhew's Doughnuts at the mom and pop type old fashioned diner across the bridge......and we'd go to the later one. I bet that was rough on mom, five kids all sugared up. LOL. Never thought of how it affected her till just while typing this. She was a SAINT of a mom......wish I could call her up and ask her about it! She's been gone for over 20 years already. : - (


  14. No falling here....but I will have to remember to change the clocks. At least my phone updates on its own ;-)

  15. Thank you for the reminder! I wouldn't have remembered. Luckily, my phone will do it automatically. Hope you have fun in town or out!

  16. That was so cute! I will remember to set my clocks back for sure. Have a nice trip! sandie

  17. Hope you got out of town for a nice visit to somewhere.

    We are waiting for rain that never seems to come to or area.

    Enjoy your weekend and if I could drink I would be having a delightful cocktail LOL


  18. 85 degrees here today. I wish they would stop changing the time, us older fold likes things to stay pretty much the same. Have a great day whatever you decide to do.

  19. We changed our clocks back last week here.
    Have a nice weekend!

  20. I really have to remember to get to church at the right time because a lot is going on there tomorrow. At least I would be early if I didn't remember. Have a good time this weekend no matter what you decide to do.

  21. Yes.. hopefully I can sleep an extra hour...

    Love n hugs for you...

  22. We're looking forward to sleeping an extra hour. Have fun on your little getaway! xx Cheryl

  23. Thank you for the reminder. I honestly would like to keep it to just one or the other and no longer change the clocks.
    How about you?

  24. Falling back and looking forward to an extra hour's sleep :)

  25. I'm going to enjoy this extra hour

  26. I was going to do it earlier and got interrupted. Totally forgot until I saw this. Thanks for the reminder. Xxoo

  27. Thanks for the reminder! We have our 5 year old granddaughter staying the night - she's likely to wake up at her regular time, which will be an hour earlier than we would like to get up! Good planning on her parents' part, I think!
    Enjoy your getaway!

  28. We flopped back one hour last weekend. Why can't the US keep up? My Dutch hubby blames George W. Bush for not joining the rest of the world on this matter. Personally, I think "falling and springing" hours is not really necessary. By the time I get back home to Louisiana in over a week, maybe my two dogs will have adjusted to the winter time. I read that house pets have a difficult time with this change. Greetings from The Netherlands 🇳🇱 Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  29. Hey Diana! Enjoy that extra hour. Knowing you, it will be another hour of mischief!
    Hope all is going well on your new site!
    I am remembering I need to write a post about your book, is it okay to link to your Etsy site when I do? xx

  30. I hope the Hero is in the mood so you can have some fun!

  31. Puppies don't fall back...they stay on the schedule they were born into....hence I'm up now at 5:30:(

  32. Thanks for the reminder, Diana. We had actually forgotten it was time until we went for breakfast yesterday morning and the waitress told us. We then reminded ourselves throughout the day and what did we do? Went to bed and forgot to set them back. I got up at 9:00 AM and felt good that it was actually 8:00..Have a wonderful weekend..xxoJudy

  33. Yesterday was gorgeous and sunny. Today it's raining. We're apparently a day behind you....and that snoring old man is here now. ;)

  34. We remembered but didn't notice any rewards from an extra hour!!

  35. Not feeling any better rested, unfortunately! I️ wish we could do away with this.

  36. I don't feel like I gained an extra hour... lol... I am still tired. Thankfully all my clocks change back all by themselves... I don't have to worry I missed any :) xox


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