Tuesday, July 25, 2017

MY COTTAGE ON COOK---A Previous Rehab-House #6

Most of you that have followed my blog
for a while know that we have moved
many times.
Since MyHero and I got married we
have rehabbed 15 houses (I think)
I may have forgotten one or two~!;>)

I thought it might be fun to post 
a few pictures of some of our rehabs because 
I started this blog for my family.
 I imagine each one of them thinks of 
a different house as
In the beginning I didn't take many pictures.
I only had a Polaroid.
Remember those?
So, the first few houses have sporadic pictures
but I will try to dig some more 
out of my old books as I go.
Here you have Move to House#SIX 

Cottage On Cook
This house had been on the market for 5 years.
It was an obsolete floor plan which we 
figured out how to fix by moving one wall-
which gave us a huge family room.
It had 4 bedrooms and 2-1/2 baths.

It reeked inside because they kenneled
dogs in the basement.
Yes! Real kennels!
In the basement!
It was a mess!
It was also a BARGAIN!

The most dramatic transformation
was on the outside.
I don't have any befores that I can find.
But we painted it from red stained 
(dark red) board and batten
to what you see here.
We replaced windows and put up a picket fence.
After we were done the front looked like this.
in December.
Summer snippets-Dining room window

Living room window (again)

Front entry and little window in the attic
There was a little light behind that window that went on automatically at dusk.
All the kids believed a family of elves 
lived up there.
I'm pretty sure they did!
MyHero went up to replace a lightbulb and
 was going to paint the window grid 
cream color but he 
got disoriented and could 
not find his way back to the ladder- 
I had to tap on the opening
to guide him back----shhhhhhh
I think the paint is probably still sitting there.
This was a cute house-good-sized- 
with about 2500 sq.ft
plus a full basement that we fixed up.
It had a nice yard that backed up 
to an undeveloped field
and I copied ideas I had seen 
in someone else's yard.
If nothing else I am a good copy cat!

So---what do you think?
Do you like these posts of old houses even if
some of the materials and colors, etc.
 might be "dated"?

Let me know -because I have a 
Otherwise, I am going to resort to showing you
pictures of MyHero doing things like
Yes- He was jumping over a chair.
Yes- He was over 60.
Yes-He has issues!
And YOU ALL think I am
your photo name


  1. Oh I like looking at before and afters or even reading word pictures of before with afters. Why? Yes, why was he jumping over a chair? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. LOL!!! I love seeing your pics of the homes you fixed up and reloved. You are the house whispers for sure. Love that you took this sweet cottage home to new beauty. I bet you miss that home. Yes yes show us more. Have a great start to the new week.

  3. I'd LOVE to see the before and after pictures!!! And I'd love to see a picture of YOU jumping over a chair :)!!! And where are you on that new novel??? Sending love and a hug dear friend!

  4. Yes Please - more pictures of more of your houses.

  5. Such a lovely cottage. Outdated is a word I do not like. I love older details. ❤️

  6. I love seeing old pictures of homes. I think there is still a lot to take away from them.

  7. I'm sure the kennel smell took a lot of headache to fix

  8. Yes, love the old photos! Keep 'em coming! Did you ever get the dog butt smell out of the basement?

  9. Looks like your Hero is a bit of a dare-devil! Love all your photos.

  10. Love looking at before and afters of houses. These photos are charming. Keep em coming!

  11. I love seeing photos of homes and crazy heroes. LOL! I am sure with the moves, you have plenty of memories.

  12. Love your home photos. Have a great week:)

  13. Love looking at the homes you have lived in. We have live in a lot of different places too, being in the ministry. We never owned a home, but lived in parsonages or rentals. None as pretty as the one you show. You and your hero have a knack for making things beautiful.

  14. I really enjoy the old house pictures. I think we are on the same wave length because that "flowers in the wheelbarrow" shot could've been my old house! One never knows if you're joking about your husband or not. But, I was married to a clown who jumped out of trees, and when he had one beer too many, tried to somersault over a rocking horse and on and on. We divorced after 20 years of that and I have nothing but pity for his current wife!

  15. Love the picture of the house.. please make series of all the houses with such little memories.. love to read and see the pictures...XOXO

  16. I enjoyed reading this post, so yes! Please post more photos of your previous homes!!! Your hero is funny!

  17. You really fixed but that cute little cottage. I really enjoyed seeing this one and would like to see the others.
    When are you moving out of your house that you have now?

    Enjoy your week dear friend.

    Lots of hugs,

  18. I enjoyed this post! What a darling cottage and the garden was adorable. Are you serious did your Hero really do this??? That's just crazy!

  19. Hi Diana, yes. I love those pictures! Even better if you have before and afters. And hey, don't let your hero do that again. scary!

  20. LOL... if you're NOT the crazy one.. well. :-)

  21. That picture with the snow and the picket fence looks like it belongs on a Christmas card. So pretty! I'd love to see more of these!

  22. Oh...yes! I love before and after pictures!!! That little cottage is just adorable. Just think of all the skills you have gained over the years! ;)

    And why was he jumping over a chair? Did he think he was Superman? Lol.

    Enjoy your week my friend!

    Hugs, Amy

  23. Oh yes...before and after's are always fun to see. Go for it! I always say. I have a saying I think you would like, I heard it last night. I might put this in a few of my cards. "Sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes God calms the person".

  24. Ha! Your hubby is just as nuts as you Diana, who else puts his underwear in the microwave? :-)
    I like your photos showing your houses, show us more! I bet you did great renovations on each house you have owned. (Dog kennels in the basement? Oh, better you than me!)

  25. I very much enjoyed seeing the houses and yards. Love the window box and picket fence. My Ex remodeled houses for many years but we didn't live in the ones he worked on. Amazing what a difference a few changes can make! I wish now I had pictures of them.

  26. Hello Diana. I love this little cottage. It reminds me of our first rental home back ages ago! Love the white picket fence and the mysterious story about the light in the attic window. Can Mr. Nana Diana still do those acrobats!


  27. Loved seeing this charming cottage!! Beautiful!! Looking forward to see more!!

  28. I love seeing before and after photos of houses that were remodeled. Now, are these houses you're showing us ones you lived in? I really like the living room window with the flower pot, and I love the view in December with the snow. That always makes my heart sing to see the snow surrounding a home. Yes, indeed, I would enjoy these posts very much, Diana.

    love, ~Sheri

  29. Before and afters of refurbished homes are my favorite, so bring on the pictures! I remember polaroids, and the old 110 camera that we had most of our early married lives. I sure wish I had a DSLR back when the kids were little but I have one for the grandbaby that's coming in November so I'm all set :) Did your hubby make it over the chair he was trying to jump?

  30. I do like seeing photo's of your homes, Diana. Keep it up.

  31. Such pretty homes! And that last picture takes the cake!

  32. I love to look at rehabs, no matter how long ago they were done. The photo of your Hero jumping over the chair has left me speechless. Which is rare. Very rare. xo

  33. Yes, please share more of your homes. We would love to see them!
    xo Kathy

  34. Dear Diana, I love that house and all the touches(especially lace curtains, which I am thinking of adding lace toppers in my kitchen-is that out of date?). That's a huge house for a first home; we didn't get one that size until we had been married 13 years. I loved it...it was our last house in Ca. In fact, our best friends still live next door and we get to see the house whenever we head out there.
    Share some more of your homes please.

  35. I'd love to see the homes you and your Hero rehabbed, Diana. I admire folks that have moved so many times as it terrifies me! I know, I'm a wimp. xo ♥

  36. Haha, as funny as your hero is, I think I'd rather see your old houses! This one looks like it was cozy! Love the exterior pictures!

  37. Your houses are gorgeous sweet friend!! OK? So please show me MORE HOUSES instead of your hero accidental pics, lol..
    I love them, I think you always had such great taste for homes and for decorating.
    I hope you're both well, as well as your family.

  38. Prefer artistry to acrobatics :P

  39. I would to see your fixer upper houses! I love befores and afters because I like to steal ideas :-) I am a good copier too!

  40. Love....I would LOVE to see your fixer upper houses!!

  41. I love seeing your former homes and how you transformed them! Keep them coming! Altho, pics of John are tempting. He does have such grace and poise! Thanks for sharing! 😙💜

  42. I love seeing your former homes and how you transformed them! Keep them coming! Altho, pics of John are tempting. He does have such grace and poise! Thanks for sharing! 😙💜

  43. YES!! Please share, oh my, how lovely.
    Add John too, I need the laughs as well. ;-) In fact every time you share his lawn mowing incident I laugh and laugh. It never gets old.

  44. Diana, all of your houses are lovely. You did a great job, and have very good taste. A designer you are! So pretty, that yard, with the bike, fence. Love it. The only thing about your hubby and the chair is when i saw that, I could only imagine it being my husband doing the same thing at the moment, and I haven't stopped laughing yet. Sadly he is asleep, beside me right now, lol. I hope yours didn't get hurt to bad. And, sorry I laughed, but only imagined mine doing that, my hubby is always doing silly things. I really do love the way you fixed your houses up though. I love reading your blogs. I don't comment much, but I do enjoy them, and you're right amazing yourself !! Hugs, Susan

  45. Hmmmmmm. That's a tough one. I kind of like seeing pics of your husband doing funny things. 😂 Your house was really charming after you got your hands on it. That had to be challenging.

  46. What a beautiful home you made! I am not talented in seeing what could be done and enjoyed looking. Would like to see more. I like looking at magazines for ideas. Nancy

  47. Diana it is always such a delight to read your posts. I would love to see more of your rehab homes and this one was super pretty. Loved the picket fence and the window box. So keep those rehabs coming girl.

  48. Love it!! Please keep showing us before and afters of homes you have had over the years. I am always so in awe of people who are fearless when it comes to taking on a project like that and actually finishing it!! Now, as for your husband, he certainly is fearless. Maybe you can just add a little picture now and again of some of his antics to go along with the houses. -Jenn

  49. Please share more - I loved this post!

  50. Love that last picture---that's me celebrating a good day.

    I really love what you did to the exterior of this house. To me that's a tough job. We are working on it now with the city house. I can't decide on the accent colors against the existing white brick. I hate that term that paint can be done over---not at $40 a gallon and labor!!!! Duh.

    Keep more reno's coming on!

    Jane x

  51. Diana, Your home was probably the cutest house on the block. I loved the fence. Poor hero. I see people on the funny video show doing crazy things and I always wonder...Why?? Hope he is doing well. I would love to see photos of all your houses. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  52. Your Cottage on Cook was adorable. Miss Kris is right: you are the house whisperer. If anyone can take a stinky, neglected house and make it into a charming and inviting home, it is you. I would love to see more pictures of your homes. Your Hero looks like he should have been wearing a cape...ha! xoxo

  53. OMG I love these-remember the house and the wall removal-lol

  54. Oh how adorable, Diana...it looks like a doll house! I absolutely love that garden area and I think that's what Pinterest is all about...us being copy cats...I am also a good one, LOL! I haven't been following you for that long and I did not know this about you and you Hero man. I would love to see the pics from inside as well! I will be looking forward to your upcoming posts as you share more!

  55. Hello Diana, I enjoyed looking at your home you used to live and look forward to more. I can't believe your Hero did that! LOL.
    Take care and have a nice week.

  56. Ha..You are a pair , for sure..Ant house that you buy would be lucky to have you..I'm sure they were left better than they were found..You might think about buying something a little more move in ready this time??? too

  57. I LOVE looking at your house pics. They are so charming and you are quite gifted in making a house a home. I love the flower boxes. You and your husband are perfectly suited to each other!!! Lol!

  58. Well that last shot has got to be the best of all! LOL Humor is such a gift from God, isn't it, and should be well developed. You two do it so well! Now about the houses, yes, I love seeing photos of renos.(sp??) I won't even show the photos of the house we bought and gutted in the 80s. The front porch was two feet deep in used Pampers diapers and there had been dogs left (yes, LEFT) in the house. We had to take that house down to the studs. But anyway, yes, I always love projects. I wish our current house (28 years) weren't still a work in progress, but it is. LOL

  59. I am laughing at the last picture so hard!!! Holy Cow! That is so funny!

  60. Yes, yes, yes! I am a house junkie, new, old, this decade or ones past. Keep 'em coming please! :) Love the last picture. So funny!

  61. HI Diana...
    Yes please...more renos!
    Love the store of hubby stuck in the attic...😂😂😂😂
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  62. YES!!! I would love to see more!! So neat! You do a great job. :)

  63. I like seeing house pictures, old houses, new houses, any houses :)

  64. lol - can we get both - your awesome old home pics AND funny (hope he didn't get hurt) silly hubs pics??? ♥

  65. You are beyond talented Diana...these homes are so lovely!

  66. Does this mean you have sold your present house??
    These pix are great! Love looking back...don't you?
    Miss you in my comments....

  67. I love seeing these pictures. That backyard was wonderful. As for your hero.... xo Laura

  68. I loved seeing the previous houses! Show us more! And what in the hector was your hero doing? lol!

  69. I always enjoy before and after photos of homes. I got addicted to HGTV because of it! This ranch looks like a classic. It must have been a chore to get that basement to smell better. I'm assuming bleach was involved? The back yard was cute- love the bicycle. You two were workaholics! Okay so my abdomen hurts just looking at the picture of your hero taking a dive towards that chair!

  70. Love the photos. They all look cozy and picture perfect. I cant believe your hero did this stunt without his cape on!!

  71. I do hope that you find a sweet little cottage all on one floor for the years ahead...
    The last photo left me speechless****
    Love Ya, Roxy

  72. I would love to see the houses you have rehabbed! Can't believe there's been 15 of them. All that work involved and then all that moving - oy! This house is gorgeous. I don't think I would've wanted to move!

  73. That is a lot of houses to rehab! So I can now assume you know how to do it! Ha ha! If hubby has energy to jump like that (hope landing was good!) he can definitely do the work!

  74. Sorry, I am still giggling over your hubby diving over chairs - I truly would break my neck! You've moved almost as much as I have, although most of my moves were involuntary air force brat moves...having to go with my family. I like to steal ideas from my neighbors yards too, except out here in the country I don't have any neighbors!
    Have a super day and please tell your hero to at least wear a helmet if he is going to start leaping tall buildings in a single bound! LOL! Blessings!

  75. I didn't know you were a house whisperer Diana! I'm impressed, but not nearly as impressed with you as your hero. He's got cute buns :).



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