Friday, July 14, 2017

HEY! I DIDN'T TAKE HER GOLD TEETH!!! Funny on Friday- AdNonsense

Thank you so much!
I love this necklace too.
You know Aunt Felicia always promised me
that it would be mine someday.

Well, when I went to the wake and
noticed that she was WEARING it..
I kind of panicked.

So, the next day when I went to the
funeral I made sure I was
the last one in line before
they closed the casket.

I leaned down to kiss her
and snatched that thing off her
neck quicker than a duck
on a Junebug,
slipped it in my pocket
and no one was the wiser.

After all, a promise is a promise!
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Have a most wonderful weekend...

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  1. Diana, So funny. Makes one wonder if things like that really happen :):) Hope you get to relax this weekend. It's been very hot and humid here...can not be outside much. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Giggling! Wishing you a very nice day and a blessed weekend. xoxo

  3. ;-)

    Haaaaaa! I shouldn't laugh at this, but it was hilarious!

  4. You absolutely CRACK ME UP!!!!! It happened in my family, except my aunt put my grandmother's gold wedding band BACK on her finger right before they closed the casket. My cousin (this aunt's daughter) died a few years before my grandmother, and my grandmother had always told her that she could have her wedding band. My aunt didn't want any of the other granddaughters to have it so she bent over my grandmother, pretending to be overwhelmed with grief, and put the ring back on her finger so none of us could have it right before they closed her casket. It was a very thin gold band, worth very little in monetary value, but priceless in sentimental value. Needless to say, may aunt is not a very nice lady. So while that wasn't funny at all, YOUR POST IS HILARIOUS!!!! Have a great day my friend!!!!

  5. Too funny Diana, have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs Diane

  6. LOL!!
    You are funny...

  7. Great story! Down on the Farm's story is really something, too.

  8. I knew I should have grabbed my grandmothers earrings!!!

  9. I can always count on you for a smile! Wonder if something like this has ever happened? Probably. Lol!

  10. You are a riot, my friend! Have a happy weekend. ♥

  11. Reminds me = my mom told me to get the gold out of her teeth when she died - I couldn't tho. sandie

  12. You are so funny! I hope things are perking along okay in your neck of the woods, D!

  13. You are such a fun lady. Sometimes it is hard for me to tell if your serious are pulling our leg. No matter, I enjoy it.

  14. Oh Girl!!! I do love you. Thank You for the Friday Funny!

  15. Well at least she got the neckless LOL. Great story

    Have a wonderful weekend Diana.


  16. A duck on a junebug??!! That doesn't make any sense and that's why it's all funny!!

  17. LOL, hope you are doing well and squeezing in some time to rest. Enjoy your weekend.


  18. LOL! That was hilarious... hope you are having a wonderful summer :) Hugs!

  19. Too funny..You didn't?? Wouldn't??? OK, so you would ;) Enjoy your weekend..

  20. Hilarious! I know people who would do this. Not me though!

  21. Giggling! Wishing you a very nice day and a blessed weekend. xoxo

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