Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A HOME I JUST STAGED FOR FUN! Befores and Afters

Hi there!
Lest you think I am sluffing off when I am
not on the computer
I will prove otherwise.

I met a new friend a couple of weeks ago.
She recently retired and decided
when she grows up she wants
to be a realtor.
Her name is

You know how it is when you meet
someone new and it is like you are
Well...not that we are OLD...
but we felt like we were not

Guess what!
Cindy got right out there and got her first listing!
Whoo Hooo!
Cindy asked me if I would be interested in 

I have kind of quit doing that over the years but,
being the sucker that I am
I decided I would stage this one for her.

The bonus is that the owner, Brenda,
has some wonderful pieces
AND she has a good eye for color.
(She's a quilter extraordinaire--
and you know how quilters are with color-
okay---if you DON'T know- they are GOOD)

So, I had good bones to start with-
It just needed a bit of shaping up.
I won't tell you that my 
daughter-in-love calls me the staging Nazi-
but she loves me anyway--or pretends
she does.

So- I did a walk through one day and went
back and spent a second day working.
I am using pictures from the realtors' listings
so bear with me.

Going to show you 
In case you CAN'T tell-
the BEFORE shots are on the left...

First up-
The Foyer
The Kitchen

Dining 2
Living Room

This was probably the biggest change.
This HUGE bedroom was set up as a
Sewing room.
We made it back into a bedroom.
And then, we combined the 
Sewing Room & Office in the other
is on the first floor.
There is also a nice sized 
There's a large 

There is also a 
on the first floor.
And a nice sized

Here's the link if you want to see more.
It's a really lovely home-
bright, airy and a great use of space.

There is also a lovely club house
and pool.
And, the best part of it all-
If this sells she is moving closer to me.

Hmmm...swimming pool, huh?
Well---I might just pop over for a swim...
Or....Maybe not.............
Have a great day!!!!
your photo name


  1. Looks great, Diana! Now will you give me a makeover?? I wanna look 20 years younger. Have a great week!

  2. Well, aren't you the smart one, Diana! Great job. I looked at the listing and was shocked at the low price of such a large home. Watch out for those warm pools. xo ♥

  3. Diana you have done a great job for your new friend. How kind of you. But I'm not surprised that you jumped right in and gave her the help she needed.


  4. I am at a loss for words. WOW. That was amazing. The home to begin with - but what you did for with was fantastic. Wish you lived closer to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, sandie

  5. Wow!! Diana this is awesome.. the staging is beautiful..

  6. The home is beautiful inside and out. Will you please come to all of the rooms in my home.

  7. You are so good at this!!
    I know what you mean about bing instant friends. I have had a few kindred spirits over the years!

  8. Oh that would be fun to do! The home looks great. How fun to meet someone you hit it off with so easily!

  9. Oh my gosh what a great house! What fun, I'd love to stage homes!!

  10. You did an awesome job! I love looking at homes for sale and home furnishings!

  11. What a gorgeous home. You did an amazing job. Looks so fresh and airy now. I am all for less is more, and giving the eye a place to rest.

  12. You have such wonderful style my friend! what we all say! Hugs, Diane

  13. It looks so good. I could never keep my home that tidy! Just being honest here!

  14. When do I get some decorating help? LOL ~ Lisa

  15. Looks great, Diana. I wish you were here to stage my home!

  16. You did a good job! Congrats On her listing! I think it will be a quick sale.

  17. Great job. Lovely home with big rooms.

  18. Is it hard when you have to tell people, "You need to hide all your junk"?
    Young buyers want everything painted. They don't like all the oak-y features. I like the way you whited it all up as much as possible.
    How nice that the seller is so great and you made a new friend (two, actually!)

  19. Diana, That was probably fun. I know you are to depersonalize homes when selling them. Hope it sells soon. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  20. I love doing stuff like that..Decorating is one of my passions..Good job Diana..Hope it sells fast..

  21. Great job! It looks really good. I bet you had fun!

  22. Beautiful staging...and I somehow know the instant friends thing for some reason...yep her name is Diana, and she's a nana.

  23. Hi Diana, Beautiful. You did an amazing job of staging this home. Great use of space and color. I know you enjoyed doing this and had fun too. Hope they sell quick!! xo

  24. What a fun thing to do! Did you do it as a job at one time? I would love that as a part time job. Everything looks clean and streamlined, something buyers like to see.

  25. Good work and MUCH better camera angles :) Brava!

  26. The home looks really nice, Diana. You did a great job improving all the rooms. It always baffles me when I hear that a homeowner staged their home to sell because my home was cleaned, polished, and decorated by me, and it sold the first day of open house. Is staging something that is done often where you live? I don't here a lot of that going on in California. I like the outside of her home, it looks like a small castle. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  27. Such a lovely home. I am sure it will sell quickly.

  28. Looks great! Bet you gals had fun, too. May it sell quickly.,.

  29. Amazing!! I think you did a great job!
    Fun, fun!

  30. You did a bang up job...what a beautiful home. I see a sold sign in her near future!

  31. Wow, great job Diana! I love that. It makes all the difference, doesn't it. I mean even the shot of the bathroom, it's not like we really need to see the whole toilet, right? And the white tablecloth and mirror on the wall in the dining room really brightened things up. What's the thing above the fireplace. Art? or does it have some function other than looking pretty? I can see that I really need a course in staging. It's something we're going to be thinking seriously about within the next two years. xo

  32. Beautiful house and you did a good job - staging. I love that pool, perhaps if I lived there I would be in the pool all day!!!

  33. Super job! Would love someone to come in and stage my home just so things would be different. They've been the same since we moved in with only a few small changes. Very small. You did a great job. The home is pretty. I'm happy you found a new friend and that she will be moving close to you.

  34. Wow! Great job! So nice that your friend will be moving closer, too! x K

  35. You really gave this beautiful home the warmth it needed, Diana. You are GOOD. Please come here and help me! This sounds like a great place to live on top of it. Oh...the cartoon nearly made ME pee myself!

    Jane x

  36. That's a beautiful home and you did a wonderful job with the staging of it. Nice your friend will be closer to you! xo Cheryl

  37. I really like the differences in the dining room and the fireplace/living room. Just simple changes like the color of the draperies made the room look so much better to me and the larger artwork over the fireplace was definitely needed.

  38. I bet that was fun! You did a great job staging it.

  39. Great job, Diana, and now I'll bet the home will sell so fast! I love the art piece over the fireplace, and all the additional changes that you made to the home, to enhance it's beauty.

  40. Beautifully done, Diana! No wonder she wanted your help :)

    I just read about bj on your post... I feel just terrible for her. I've known her for a very long time and she's been a great friend to me. Time to visit her...

    hugs, my friend,

  41. Oh Diana what a gift you have to stage. This looks so great. I love how you showcased the fireplace. Her place looks so much brighter and bigger with all you did. I know this place will sell fast. It is so open with great amount of light and the rooms seems really good size. Great job.

  42. Great job! Could HGTV be in your future???

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  43. A staged house sells quicker. It is a nice home but you moved things around so everything shows the rooms to the best advantage. Well done! xoxo

  44. Wow! It looks great! You did a beautiful job! Those rooms are huge too. Great idea to combine the sewing room and office. What a nice home. And that!!! I'm sure it'll sell quickly.

  45. Well done, Diana- what a beautiful home.

    I went to check out the listing from your clicky and nothing happened, not sure why.

    Hope it sells fast for your "new" but feels "old" realtor friend. : - )

    Hugs! ♥

  46. This already lovely home became even more appealing with the attention to details that you applied to stag this home to sell. Great job Diana!!!

  47. You've got skills my friend! Great job!

  48. Diana I looked at the listing. The price is very low - but real estate in general in my province is expensive. I am not familiar with staging but I would find it very difficult to live in my home after this is done - something about the absence and not being able to find my stuff!! I think you did a great job / it really brightened up the home, brought in more light and space along the way. I hope it sells quickly and you can pursue your new friendship.

  49. Wow!!! Looks great!

    Have a great weekend, Diana!

    Hugs, Amy

  50. You did a great job, Diana! I do believe you have found your true calling. Adding the large print over the fireplace made all the difference in the world. Before it looked pretty wimpy, but the large piece really makes it stand out. I see more work in your future:)

  51. Is there NO END to your talents? You can come and stage my house anytime, it will be your biggest challenge EVER! :-)

  52. You did a great job, Di. Hope she sells quickly and gives you a big bonus.

  53. Nicely done, Diana. Your work made a big difference. xo

  54. Oh wow! There is a *big* difference in the before and after photos. It's amazing what making a few changes can do to an area! Thanks for showing us, and great work!

  55. Amazing Diana! Just a few changes, but a different angle of picture, better lighting, neutral colors... you really took it over the top! Way to go!!!!

  56. I think a really clever thing you did was to add the leaf in the kitchen table to show that that room could accommodate more people, and setting the table really made a difference.

  57. You did a great job. You are very good at staging. That was a lot of work.
    I hope the house sells quickly and how nice your friend will live closer to you.

  58. Can you come out and stage my home when I get ready to sell? You did a terrific job on staging. They make alot of money those stagers - maybe you should do that and make lots of money. Just a thought.


  59. Oh please come visit me!! I don't want to sell, but I could use some tweaking for sure! What a difference a creative and artistic eye can make!!

  60. Diana, the make over is subtle, it looks great... I don't have an eye for that sort of thing... Maybe if I had the room and the money... lol... probably not xox

  61. I just got some before and afters so, this post caught my eye. You're good at it, Diana! That's lots of work, an entire home! I love the pretty tablescape you created and your photography.

  62. Oh, how beautiful! GREAT JOB!! I can see why realtors are so successful when they take advantage of your amazing talents!


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