Friday, November 4, 2016


My daughter, Mimi, and family 
came to town last weekend
for Halloween.

We decided to take the kids to the 
local zoo.
I picked CJK up from school
so he could join his cousins
for a fun day.
First up was the lions.
They are BigBoyE's favorite animal
in all the world.
Since he has been old enough to talk
he has said he wants to be a 
I always felt that was my calling which is
why I had 4 kids-
the last 3 born in less than 4 years.

You will notice, of course, 
that MAMA was alert and on watch
while the lazy daddy other lion rested.
Baby Bright Eyes was absolutely 
FASCINATED by something!
What was it you ask?
Well- absolutely the 
in the whole zoo---
Yes- it's a 
Only in Wisconsin, folks, only in Wisconsin.
We could barely drag her away
and on the way back out
we stopped once again for another
peek at this 
As you can SEE, he was equally 
impressed with us!
I could bore you with hundreds of pictures.
But I won't.
You're welcome.
I will skip right to the 

You get up on a platform so that you
can see them up close and personal.
For the measly sum of 
you can let them eat lettuce out of your hand.
We get up on the platform and
pony up our bucks.
We feed the giraffes.
If you are easily offended

Apparently, MS. Giraffe is in heat.
MR. Giraffe knows 
He proceeds to TRY to do so in
front of the pre-schoolers,
SweetCheeks, age 9 and Ria, age 12.

I thought SweetCheeks' eyes were 
gonna pop out of her head.
Add about 5 years to this picture
and you will get an idea of her expression.
To be honest-
I was quite impressed myself!

Apparently, Ms. Giraffe had a headache
and wanted NO PART of 
Mr. Giraffe's fun and games.
(after about a zillion minutes)
he left the 
Arena Of Love
and went back to his hideout.

Meanwhile, the guide is telling 

You will forgive me if I started 
laughing hysterically and walked
off the platform.

I WAS going to show you a picture
of the FUN but then thought
NAH--Even I can't do that!
Well, I could!
But I won't.  m'hmmm
You will have to use your imagination!
The highlight of the day for me
was watching the human animals
at play.'
From This---
in the blink of an eye!
You will notice how 
the youngest fashionistas

So, if you are looking for a
bit of an education,
feel free to check out 
your local zoo--
make sure it is mating season-
otherwise you might as well
stay home.

Have a 
I will be washing
the kids' eyes out with soap.
your photo name


  1. Lesson #1 in sex education, huh! Fun day with the children anyway. Love Sweet Cheeks expression.

  2. Oh boy. I had a similar experience at a park that had a bird area with peacocks, swans, etc. Two ducks were mating and a little one screamed, "It's trying to kill the other duck!" Giraffes?... that would be a whole other story. -Jenn

  3. I vividly remember visiting the Atlanta Zoo when the gorillas were "acting up!" Oh my!

    You guys have a nice weekend.

  4. How funny! Every time I go to the zoo I remember, "Wait. I don't like the zoo."
    The kids are all hatted and coated! Is it cold there?
    You're such a fun gran! (BIG HUG!)

  5. Lol! Word has it that they heard you were coming and staged the whole thing Diana ;). Animals are so funny to watch when they're going at it. No foreplay, no wine and roses, just slam bam thank you mam. Actually, not even a thank you! I don't blame Ms. Giraffe for giving him the cold shoulder.

  6. LOL- I know not to eat or drink when I come here. Today is a perfect example of that. Poor SC! You should have named this post "Lettuce Entertain You" ! Oh, now the rest of my day will never be able to compete against this...

  7. We have been to the zoo when that happens too! Everyone giggles and goes on. I think that was a cute story - I would think the giraffes being so tall would have a harder time - lol. The kids are cute.

  8. Adorable post as usual. Have not been to the zoo in years, but will be careful not to look when I go.

  9. Looks like a fun time in spite of the "entertaining" giraffes. So glad you got to spend time with your family. You are one blessed lady!! Strange to see kids in coats in the pictures. I mowed my yard Tuesday night in shorts and a t-shirt!! Blessings my beautiful friend!

  10. Diana, It had to so funny looking at the children's faces. Were there any baby animals at the zoo...beside the grandmonkeys er kids. I would never want to feed any of those animals, with my hands. LOL...I can't help it..I am always afraid they will spit or sneeze and I would totally grossed out. Kids are braver than me with bugs and animals. LOL. Blessings for fun filled weekend. It's beautiful here today. xoxo, Susie

  11. I don't think any of our zoos got one of those

  12. A visit to the zoo is always fun.

    My kids had better get busy and give me grandchildren when I am still young enough to enjoy them.

  13. It looks like autumn up there! We've been wearing shorts in November down here.
    LOL poor Mr. Giraffe.....

  14. Oh my, how funny! I remember taking our little ones to the zoo years ago. Our son was about 2 and had never seen a giraffe. He looked at it and said "Oh mama! Pretty cow!!" That's my boy!

  15. What a fun day with the grands, Diana! Love the photos and the tales of life in the zoo. Poor things, no privacy. xo ♥

  16. Sounds like a lot of fun. Most of the kids love the Zoo and what a great place to take them. Love the pictures of the grands.

    Have a great weekend.


  17. Ha, ha! Richard and I went to the London Zoo only once, years ago, and we also saw the giraffes engaged in the same thing! It was all over fairly quickly though, and being England, there were just a few guffaws!
    (Ha, funny how that word looks like GIRAFFES, am I right?)

  18. So funny. The stories they will tell about that scene. So glad you got to experience that, he he.

  19. What fun!! I'm still lol!!! You got some great pics. SC face is a hoot!!!!
    Have a great weekend. Blessings sweet friend xo

  20. LOL - never ever fails to bring a big smile to my face when I visit you!

    I love your sweet wee human animals.

    Grand daughter (3 months) just left a few minutes ago and my empty arms miss her already. Oh, how fast they grow!

    I live 5 minutes from zoo and have yet to go see the animals, haha. I know I will once she is a bit older.

    Your giraffe saga made me giggle!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs. ♥

  21. LOL! Thank you for my weekend laughter!
    It's good to see you out with your sense of humour again. Love it!
    Our wild turkeys have called our front yard their mating grounds, so should we want to watch, which we are kind enough to give them their privacy and do not, it would make for good education in the school of learning.

    Have a terrific weekend~~

  22. LOL! Thank you for my weekend laughter!
    It's good to see you out with your sense of humour again. Love it!
    Our wild turkeys have called our front yard their mating grounds, so should we want to watch, which we are kind enough to give them their privacy and do not, it would make for good education in the school of learning.

    Have a terrific weekend~~

  23. Haha!! Of course, it would be in front of the kids! Oh boy.

  24. Been there done that with a group of school kids but it was the elephants that time. Most impressive!

  25. Holy cow...nature at its best! Mr Giraffe needs to work on his wooing skills. You have the best time with your grands...they are adorable...

  26. You are too funny, Diana. I'm glad that the kids got to see all the animals at the zoo, and they got to feed the giraffes!! This is such a sweet picture of Bright Eyes. You gotta frame that one. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  27. That's so cute about the badger. She must like the black and white stripe! I can imagine how the kids must have been stirred up seeing the giant giraffes putting on a show!

  28. Ha ha funny! A day of memories for sure!

  29. Hahaha...oh my! I can just imagine the looks the kids were giving. Nature at its best! ;)
    Love the way Baby Bright Eyes wears her sweater...its the best!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Hugs, Amy

  30. Lord, have mercy!! :) Only you would be at the zoo and up close & personal when the giraffes had their little bit of a love fest! Thankfully, it didn't continue. As usual, the kids are just too cute! Miss Bright Eyes will definitely be a fashionista ~ my daughter and Abby were just like that!


  31. LOL. Now that's one zoo visit they'll NEVER forget!! 👀

  32. Oh kids at the Zoo always a fun day out.

  33. Oh dear! I can't stop laughing....You certainly got more than you bargained for! Love seeing those sweet little grands :) xx

  34. You're bad Di, bad...bad...bad! I would show this funny story to the dear husband, but I have a headache and don't want him to get any wrong ideas.

  35. Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard! I'd be scarred for life. Like the time I saw a part of the Walrus' anatomy that I hope to never see again and with I could unsee now!!

  36. The first thing I noticed was how warmly dressed the kids are. How nice to have cooler weather! And too funny about the giraffes! We have a safari place near us. They have a resident giraffe named Ralph that you can feed. Anyway, years ago, they had a donation jar set up to get Ralph the giraffe a girlfriend. Hee hee! I still wonder if he ever got his companion. Looks like y'all had a fun time with plenty of memories to bring home. ;)

  37. "DADDY! stop the car! those two cows are fighting! help the one underneath!!!"
    my words when seeing non giraffe's mating.
    maybe they just thought one giraffe was bullying another!
    that's what i thought about the "cows" LOLOL!!!

  38. Oh my, Diana! Sounds like you all got your money's worth at the giraffe exhibit! Bet your eyes were popping out of your heads! Kind of hard to explain all that to the little ones, I am sure:)!!

  39. I had to laugh at your comment of being a zookeeper with 4 little ones, lol! Many times it does feel that way... and so funny about the giraffes. Animals have no shame, nope, lol! Darling pictures of the sweet grands, they are always so fun to watch their antics. Hope you have a blessed weekend :)

  40. What a great are so much fun..I wouldn't get that close to a Giraffe..Have you ever been spit at by one? Yuk!! I love zoos..We always went to the local one when we traveled..Zoos and aquariums..

  41. Oh dear! That moment when you don't know whether to laugh or grab the little 'uns and run the other way :D I can remember one time at a zoo and one of the elephants decided to wee. They still talk about to this day!! xx

  42. This is just what I needed!!! Thank you for the laughs, needed that so much after all we have had going on this week in our little town.
    xx oo

  43. I was at the zoo a little late for Mating season, with a group of first graders, we got to see a baby donkey being brought into the world, and boy did I get to anwswer lots of questions, when it was brought to my attention.

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