Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I am at the 
this morning-doing my little bit
to honor the veterans.

I wish you could see some of the
men and women that come
through the doors here.

It would make you weep
but it would also make you proud.

Do yourself proud today-
If not for yourself--
for our service men and women.

Your vote DOES count!

God bless America-
After this is all over-
-right or left-
we are all still Americans
and need to stand together

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  1. I am going vote when the polls open at 6:00 AM. Then off to school for moi. No matter the outcome, we all need to respect the President. xo

  2. A big thank you to all our veterans. Praying for the election today.

  3. Diana, Thank you for helping with our vets. We are voting today. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Yes, vote please, many of my ancestors fought and died, or were seriously injured to protect that right for you.

  5. I will vote for sure! Our polling station is in the community center here in our neighborhood. Then I'm off to run errands!
    Wisconsin could determine this election, so I hope there's a huge turnout!

    Our Veterans have been so mistreated and it breaks my heart.

  6. Love the "vote for a veteran". I just shake my head at people who are not even registered to vote! My neighbors with 4 kids never have voted.....really?!! Drives me nuts. I think of my ancestors who fought in the Rev War on this day.

  7. I used to go bright and early but I'm trying to vote later in the day. The lines, the lines, the lines....

  8. We are headed out to vote in a little bit. Our veterans deserve far more respect than they have been given. When a solider serves, it affects his whole family. Hugs for you serving these heroes. xoxo

  9. Well said, Diana. <3 We voted early and it was so easy. Hug those veterans for us today. I know they're sweet on you anyway. ;)
    xo, T.

  10. I voted first thing this morning before I headed to work. It amazes me the number of people who don't vote. I believe it is the right and responsibility of every person to exercise their right to vote and to make their decision with much prayer. Our veterans are owed a debt that we cannot repay, but we certainly need to do a better job of TRYING to repay them. They fought for the right that so many people won't even exercise today. What a shame. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!

  11. Early voted here and the line was all the way out to the parking lot. It was like, stepping out of the car and being right in line. God Bless our Vets!! They need and earned our respect and care! Without them we have no freedom to vote! xo

  12. Love Veterans! I voted! God bless the USA!
    Hugs, Miss Diana~

  13. Great post Diana. Yes, I did vote by mail, so now i am waiting for the final results.

    You must feel so good to be helping those wonderful vets of ours. God bless you. How was your weekend get away?


  14. Joe and I went and voted about 9:30 before heading off for our day. There was no line and we were #134 and #135. My doctor was right behind me at #136. So sad. There should have been well over 200 people by that time of day. But we did our part. Thank you for all you do for our vets. Taking Joe to the VA Hospital for his appointment tomorrow. We know and understand how much you do for our heroes.

  15. I voted. My husband voted. My Daddy voted. My Mama voted. My son voted. My daughter voted. My daughter-in-law voted. My son-in-law voted.
    My Daddy is a veteran of WWII. We all count it a privilege and an honor to vote.
    We love our veterans....and since my son-in-law is a State Trooper, we love our men in blue, too.
    Proud to cast our votes on November 8, 2016.
    May God Bless America.

  16. We voted early, couple weeks ago, Diana.
    Have a good day!

  17. I have already voted (did it early). This election is so important. I'm anxious to know the outcome. If the person that I voted for is winning, I'll probably stay up late for the official announcement. If the other person is winning, then I'll just go to bed feeling defeated (and sad). Ha! Speaking of feeling patriotic and respect for veterans, have you seen the movie Hacksaw Ridge? It is SO wonderful! It's based on a true story of someone that served in WWII. He was very religious and refused to even hold a gun. It's about his persistence to overcome the rules of the Army and still serve his nation with the values he believed in. He ended up becoming a war hero! I encourage you to go see it if you haven't. It's SO good. It's a bit gory to watch some of the war scenes but it really gives you the feeling of the violence of war and the risks that our veterans take in war.

  18. I voted early. It is both a privilege and a duty.
    Thankful for this opportunity. Love the process.

  19. I voted, and a niece who is 18 voted for her first time!

  20. I early voted. My husband is watching the results on tv, but I can't handle that stress, so I am visiting around blog land. Bless you for honoring the veterans!

  21. Great job of "nagging" my friend! :) I voted early ~ so much easier and less time consuming. It's been rainy here today and a bit cooler so I hope people really did get out there and vote!

    It breaks my heart that our military personnel are not treated well or honored as they should be. It's such a sacrifice for them to be in harm's way 24/7, be away from their families, live in a sandbox for months on end without proper food or equipment. Just the saddest thing ever! All my uncles served in WWII and thanks to God, they all returned ok.

    Hope you get some rest!

  22. Praying earnestly for our Country tonight. Bless you for your work with the Veterans. xo

  23. Hi busy lady! I've voted and am now blogging and watching the returns on tv...it's so nerve-wracking! The returns, that is! Bless you in all you do for the veterans and congrats on the new job. Don't overdo and work too hard, ok? Take care and have a nice week!

  24. whatever happens, I hope Americans find a way to heal the wounds of this horrific election campaign and stand united for that which is good.

  25. I voted early but stayed up late to see the results! America has a lot of work to do! But we have a new commander in chief to help us!

  26. Thanks for helping our vets...You provide a very necessary service..Enjoy your day

  27. Thanks, Diana, for all that you do for the vets..xxoJudy

  28. I voted early. Been praying and will continue to pray for our country and the world. This is a very scary time. We as a country need to return to God. Blessings to you and yours :)

  29. Wonderful that you reach out for the vets, not enough is done for them. I am horrified by the election results, and I know you feel differently, as is your right. America does have a lot of work to do, and I am thankful for the grace that Clinton and Obama have shown today in moving forward. I can only pray that the president-elect will do the same.

  30. We heard as much about this election as our own so glad it is over now.

  31. Getting my vote in gave me a huge smile of relief to have it over. I enjoyed the whole thing, but after over a year, I was getting tired of politics!

  32. An awesome post. when girlfriend was treated at the VA in Denver as was my late father-in-law. Some many Veteran's were so ill and so sad while others, like the WWII Vets were, as you mentioned earlier, so proud. I am proud to say my phamily voted. Now we must pray for our country and the latest president and his phamily too.


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