Thursday, February 18, 2016


Good Morning!

Just wanted to share a picture of
MyHero with three of his granddaughters
at the annual
Daddy/Daughter Dance 
at their school
taken last Saturday night.

This will most likely 
be his last social outing
until his treatments are completed.
Sorry for the poor quality.
It was an Iphone in the entryway-
that is not the real reason for this post.
I know- I know-
I feel like I am starting to sound like
We need some prayers here.
If you are not a pray-er, please
send us well wishes.

John has a CT scan scheduled today.
There were some small spots on his lungs
when he started this whole process.

They 'think' the spots may be from
something that he inhaled
when he had the severe infection
in his neck-
or a residual effect from that infection..

If that is the case,
the spots should either be gone-
or should have remained the same.
The spots were too small to biopsy
so the CT scan is the only way
they can track them.

Please pray there are no new spots
or that the ones that are there
have not enlarged--
or best case scenario--
the spots have disappeared!

I will let you know what happens
when we get the results back.
We are hoping to hear something
by Friday.

We need to get this old boy well
so he attend some more dances 
with these sweet girls..
Also, pray he can keep his weight steady 
and even gain a bit of weight.

I don't know about most of you,
but praying to gain weight 
is not something
I have ever done!
It just kind of goes 
against the grain, doesn't it?

Okay-Now that you all have been 
so patient with me and my requests,
I want to show you something pretty special.
This is my 13 year old granddaughter, Lulu,
dressed up for her last 
Daddy/Daughter Dance
at her school.
Isn't she a beauty?
I might be a little biased-lol
I can look at her here and picture
what she might look like as a bride someday!
Here she is with her two sisters.
Ria has 2 more years of 
Daddy/Daughter Dances
and SweetCheeks has 5 years to go!
Is there anything sweeter than sisters 
laughing together?
There you have it-
another dance step in our lives.

Hmmmm...maybe the old boy will take
ME dancing when his treatment is behind him.
I think there is a special event 
coming up at the 
where I volunteer.
I've got the perfect little number!
Won't MyHero be proud to be
seen with ME in THAT?!!??!!

Thanks in advance for your prayers!
Have a wonderful, blessed day!

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  1. Diana, YOUR wish is my command! You've got all my prayers that all goes well. How could it not with such beautiful escorts waiting in line for him?!...:)JP

  2. Prayers sent for the best possible outcome.. and I want to see you in that dress!

  3. Hi Diana, sending prayers, positive thoughts, and good energy your way. I hope the spots are gone!! As a side note, your granddaughters exude such grace, sweetness, and light. There are so many young ladies out there who are grown up beyond their years and full of attitude and anger. Every picture I have ever seen of your girls shows that they are well-adjusted, happy people. Kudos to you, your Hero, and their parents!! -Jenn

  4. Hi Diana! Lifting your hero up in prayer! How wonderful that he was up to going to the dance, such sweet moments. As a former dance mom, those recitals are near and dear to my heart. Although I think you should start a Go Fund Me page to pay for those lessons - three dancers in the family, yikes! Love n luck to you and your hero. Jane

  5. He looks so handsome all dressed up in a tuxedo surrounded by his lovely granddaughters! The girls are all so beautiful. That's such a sweet thing to do too. We witnessed this when we visited our daughter a few weeks ago. All these handsome fathers/grandfathers out with their daughters dining. I don't know what other events took place but it was so cute to see them all.
    Prayers definitely going out for a good outcome from the CT scan. I wish I was closer to give you big hugs. I know how lonely it can be going through all this. XO, Liz

  6. I love that you're able to keep your sense of humor, Diana! I've already prayed for Hero this morning and will continue to whisper his name in prayer all day. He looks good in the picture and oh my goodness, your granddaughters are gorgeous! Now, I can't wait to see you in that dress and headed to the VA dance. And I know your Hero would be proud to have you on his arm. Hugs and Prayers!

  7. I will continue to pray for your dear hubby/hero, specifically today for no spots or no change. God knows.
    Your granddaughters are beautiful and I bet they your have same spirit. I think you will look great in that ball gown when you "paint the town". I continue to be amazed by your positive spirit. God bless you both.

  8. I'm holding you and your family in my heart, Diana dear. Those girls of yours are growing up to be beautiful young ladies. John in his tux? Handsome beyond belief.

  9. Praying for all the best for your Hero...and you...and those beautiful granddaughters. :-)

  10. I'm praying for your hero!


  11. I always knew you were a fashion icon, but I'm not sure even you can pull off that patriotic gown!

  12. What beautiful girls! Praying for a clear CAT scan!
    If anyone can pull off that gown, you could! You'd be the belle of the ball!

  13. Your granddaughters are beautiful Diana. I think you will look great in that dress at the Veteran's Dance!
    Prayers sent up for your "Hero"!

    Hugs, Sylvia

  14. Your granddaughters are beautiful! What sweethearts! Prayers that the CT scan comes out clear and that he can go to more dances....

  15. Prayed every time I woke last night, and pray for both of you, and our friend, Laura, daily.

  16. Good grief, Diana, they are growing up so fast! And yes, beautiful. What a sweet photo of the girls and their GrandHero. Praying for disappearing spots and clean scan!! xo

  17. He looks so handsome with the girls! Hard to believe he isn't a picture of health. We are keeping him in our prayers and will add some extra prayers about this next test. Take care my sweetest friend. Hugs, Diane

  18. Your granddaughters are so beautiful! Prayers that the scan goes well!

  19. Diana hope and pray everything goes well for your hero, having a wife like you beside him gives him a head start your always so positive and upbeat ,thats not easy when you must be so worried look after yourself. i have been going on your blog for a while now and never posted a comment but i wanted you to know you and your family are in my thoughts . Lulu is going to to be a stunner when she gets older so are her sisters. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on your husbands progress.

  20. you are incorrigible in the most magnificent way!!!
    this will come out right. your strength just grows.
    and we are filled with prayers and light for this ongoing healing.

  21. Prayers X 18 and love.


  22. Prayers and love, and grins over that outfit you're going to wear. I do pray very nicely for others to gain weight. Sometimes it has the added effect of making me gain weight so you know that it is a very generous thing for me to do. Silly me! So anyway, I am now offically praying for three to gain weight. Oh how plump I could be by spring! Keep looking up!

  23. Oh, Diana, praying right now. Dear Lord, we ask for complete healing for Diana's hero. Please, Lord, may that CT scan be clear!

    Your granddaughters are just beautiful, but how could they not be with YOU as their Nana? Bless you, sweet friend!

  24. I pray for your family every day...but will say an extra one today!

  25. Your grandkids are so beautiful and I love that photo of them with granddad! Sending prayers for you all! :0)

  26. Diana, Yes, I am praying for your Hero. To have clear lungs and put on a some weight. You all have been in my daily thoughts and prayers. Your granddaughter are growing up . They are all so pretty. I miss hearing about them. Glad their grandfather could dance with them. May God be with you all today. Stay strong. Blessings to all, xoxo, love, Susie

  27. Ah the girls look just beautiful and John looks so proud and handsome with them. Yes, praying. So when you wear THAT outfit will HE dress up like Captain America?

  28. I read your blog often but I'm not really a commenter. Love your sense of humor, and always look forward to your funny posts. Seeing you go through all the cancer stuff, and still keep your humor is so good to see. Be sure to ask for help for yourself too, caregivers need support too. Its really hard to watch someone you love go through illness, and tests and so on. I have done this with my youngest daughter who has has medical issues for four years, and I can tell you its a journey you need support on. Your husband is in my thoughts and I check frequently to see if he is doing good. My mother in law went through almost the same thing during her cancer, with spots on her lungs. It ended up not being cancer, it was from a childhood virus, but it did give her a scare. Sometimes scarring can look like spots too. Hers never changed and they finally realized it wasn't cancer. Be sure to get a second opinion if you get a cancer diagnosis. A good doctor will respect you seeking a few other opinions before any treatment. In the meantime you and your husband are in my thoughts, take care, and keep that humor, its what has gotten me through some dark times. It really helps.

  29. Your granddaughters are gorgeous!! I am so happy to hear that John was well enough to take them to the dance. He looks so handsome and proud with his beautiful girls. I'm not too sure about your dress though. ;-) I will be praying for a clear CT scan for John today...and for your peace, as well.

  30. What joy for John to be able to do this with his granddaughters while he still felt okay to do it! They are just the sweetest three girls! Most certainly praying with you for good results today on the CT scan, and I'm sure John would go anywhere with you, even in that ah.. patriotic... dress! Have a blessed day Diana, believing with you for good things!

  31. Hi Diana! The girls look so pretty and sweet and loving! Hang in there is all I can say. Thinking of you and John every day and praying for his healing. xo

  32. Sending lots of prayers for a positive outcome and total healing. Love the pic of the girls. They are beautiful!
    Can't believe how grown up they are!

  33. Sending lots of prayers for a positive outcome and total healing. Love the pic of the girls. They are beautiful!
    Can't believe how grown up they are!

  34. Dana, good hearing from you and that things are progressing pretty well. You need to take care of Dana, take care of yourself too. Believe me I know. It is much harder on the care taker than the patient in most cases. I took care of may husband at home a long time. It took its toll. My poor sister is going through a lot like you, except her husband has so many things wrong, really do not know how he keeps going. However, far as we know he does not have cancer. Not sure if I would put too much on your John by wearing that dress. MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU BOTH AND FAMILY. THE GIRLS ARE SO PRETTY.

  35. Best wishes...

    Beautiful photos...

    You are amazing! Keeping your sense of humor, through all of this.

    Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs...

  36. My Christmas lights are still up above my kitchen cabinets and each morning I turn them on and say a little prayer for you both. And again at night when I turn them off. Hoping and praying for only the best of news for John regarding the spot, but if not, let me say my father had a lung removed and lived a hearty "golfers" life (meaning golfing every weekday) for 17 more years before we lost him to a different illness.

  37. Oh yes, I am praying for your hero, linking him in prayer with my son. We have been overwhelmed by the number of friends in Blogdom who continue to pray for our son. Together we can hold one another up!

  38. You know I am praying "big"time" for good results on his CT scan. Your your granddaughters are adorable and "oh how handsome" their Grandpa looked!! I understand about the weight...I never thought I'd pray for that either, but there are certain times in our lives it is very necessary!


  39. Praying hard! And what adorable dance partners!

  40. Praying for John and his scans today! The girls are beautiful and I know a bright spot for their granddad.

  41. Diana...I have prayed and will continue to pray for John.
    You have beauuuuutiful Granddaughters.
    Sending prayers for you as well, my friend.

  42. Continued prayers for all of YOU!! Such beautiful girls and a proud Grandpa!

  43. Just want you to know that I'm praying for your well as for you and the rest of your beautiful family!!

  44. Hi Diana, you can count me in for prayers.
    Your granddaughters are all beauties. Love those gorgeous eyes... They must all be getting the beauty genes from you Nana.

  45. Dear Diana..
    I will be certainly be praying about this new development. You are both amazingly strong and an inspiration! What sweet beautiful girls. And yes it always warms my heart to see sisters having so much fun together. My daughters are like that. I'm sure their Grandpa was so very proud to be their escort and I can see that they were very excited to have their special date as well! Blessings of strength wisdom and comfort for your family as you take another step forward.. (BTW.. Your fancy dress would certainly get a lot of attention! ;) Love it.)

    Love and Hugs,

  46. Prayers. Lovely photo of Grandpa and Granddaughters. A treasure. Hugs.

  47. Prayers thast the results are great! I bet he was so happy to dance with his grand-daughters!

  48. Sending prayers, Diana! Beautiful girls! xoxox

  49. The girls are gorgeous! I am so glad that he was able to go with them. I am sure that was a great morale boost! Prayers, of course, you don't even have to ask. Thinking about you guys all the time. oxox

  50. Diana, I just said a prayer for your husband. These sweet girls are beauties, and look at Lulu all grown up! What a special picture of all of them with their grandfather.

    I am thinking of you, Diana, and sending a comforting hug. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  51. I've had you and your Hero in my thoughts and prayers today! Lovely, lovely girls! Hugs, Nellie

  52. The girls are so beautiful!!! Love seeing pics of them. :) Praying the spots are completely gone and never come back. Wishing you all many blessings and prayers for the greatest of good news! xoxo

  53. Hope all goes well and the news is good.

  54. Praying for a clear CT scan! The girls are beautiful and John looks so happy! I hear you on gaining weight-lifting you both in prayer!

  55. Oh, Diana! I'm so glad your hubby got to take the girls to the dance. I am praying for him and for you too. Your grands are just the prettiest little things. They didn't have the Daddy daughter dances when my daughter was in school. Continued praying!! Thank you so much for the book. You're just the sweetest thing ever!
    Shelia ;)

  56. Hi Diana,
    I see that nothing can keep you down and that you are tackling every issue that comes your way with energy and never losing your sense of humor. I love the picture of the children with their Grandfather. Also, your granddaughters are so pretty. You are blessed.
    Prayers for you and your family.


  57. I said a prayer for John this morning after reading about him on his Caring Bridge website. I hope that you get good news tomorrow about the test! John has been doing well to be able to continue doing family events with everyone. He looks so handsome in his tux! The girls all look so pretty dressed up in such formal attire too. It looks like they're off to go to a wedding.

  58. I will ask God for a healing prayer tonight at lent mass
    I am ready to go dancing again also
    prayer for me a dancing partner LOL

    Girls are adorable

  59. Hopeful thoughts are coming your way and may good news follow.

  60. I know those beautiful sweet girls were so proud to dance with their handsome grandfather! Prayers for him and that dance that you have the perfect dress for! Prayers for everything, dear Diana, prayers for head to toes and everything in between and for all the future dances.

  61. Hi Diana, beautiful pictures how sweet they look. I'm always keeping your John in my prayers, in the name of Jesus I declare health and wellness for him.

  62. Sending prayers and best wishes your way. That pic of the three sisters is priceless. If they were my granddaughters I would have to frame it. Take care of your hero and yourself.

  63. Sending prayers and best wishes your way. That pic of the three sisters is priceless. If they were my granddaughters I would have to frame it. Take care of your hero and yourself.

  64. Sending prayers my dear friend!
    Your granddaughters are so beautiful!
    Are you still volunteering at the VA? Love your outfit for the doings. ;-)

  65. Sending hugs and prayers...that's a priceless of your hubs with your beautiful granddaughters...he needs to stay around for more dances...

  66. Yes indeed, I am still praying for your handsome husband. Those girls are beautiful, just like you.
    AND YES, wear that little number, Diana, I double dog dare you!!

  67. Prayers for your Hero and all your family..

  68. I guess volunteers ca get away with wearing anything..They can't fire you..Sorta...The girls get prettier the older they get..When does that stop happening?? Glad John could go to the dance..I just know those spots will be gone...xxoo

  69. Sweet, sweet post! Praying for a good report on the CT scan tomorrow!

  70. Hi Diana, what a great photo of John with the gorgeous girls. They are growing up so fast and prettier then ever. Prayers for John and a clear CT scan. I know the spots will be gone and a good report is coming.
    Yes, I think you will be going dancing in the near future. The dress, well, I know you would be brave enough to wear it!!!Sending continued prayers and well wishes each and everyday. xo

  71. That dress in the last photo is definitely patriotic! My prayers and heart are with you.

  72. Beautiful girls and great picture of John with them. Yes, to praying and praying HARD.

  73. On bated breathe for Friday! And your granddaughters are beautiful and I mean it sincerely. And no I have never prayed to gain weight. Hugs and prayers.

  74. Always in my prayers, Diana, and always for healing so I think that CT is covered! Your granddaughters are all beauties, and John looks like a very proud grampa.

    Warm hugs,

  75. Oh, Diana. I pray that everything goes well. John looks so happy in the pic with the girls so I just know that everything will be alright.

  76. Tim and I will pray right now for these spots specifically.
    The girls are gorgeous and Your hero looks so proud to be their escort!
    I sure that works both ways-the girls, no doubt, were so proud to be with their Grandpa.
    You take care, Diana.

  77. I've kept you two in my prayers and after reading FB this morning, I've focused on more. John looks great with the happy he could attend with them. Lulu is gorgeous and yes, growing up! They're all beautiful and I love the photo of them laughing ~ priceless!

    Hang in there, sweet friend.
    Love & hugs,

  78. Diana and John - prayers continue for a full recovery and for your comfort during treatments! Hugs, Leena

  79. I'm praying for John every day. You have lots of friends so I know
    Heaven is being flooded with prayers. Will be watching for the good news after the lung check.
    btw! The girls are really growing and beginning to change into beautiful tweens. So glad
    John got to acompany them to the dance.

  80. Extra prayers being sent to John for a clear CT scan. I know that it will be a good one. The girls are beautiful, you are so lucky.

  81. Your Hero is looking pretty darned good and I hope this is a sign of good health. Sending much love and prayers that his CT scan is good.

    Your girls are precious! Growing so fast, too.

    Much love to you, my friend. I'm thinking of you very much as you've been there for me. xxx


  82. Diana, You are in my prayers daily. Special prayers going up for the disappearance of those spots. I treasure having gotten to know you and your sweet family through your fun play. Love to all. Ginger

  83. Praying for your hero and for you that the scans show NOTHING, absolutely nothing unusual at all!!! My Toby will be getting his scan next month so I know what you are going through. Keep the faith.
    Love and Hugs,

  84. I've been praying that the treatments kick this cancer out of your Hero permanently and I will pray for good news Friday! Take care!

  85. Lulu is beautiful. I will save my prayers tonight for no spots.

  86. What a beautiful bunch of girls they are!!! A great iphone pic of Hero and his three beauties. Praying very hard Diana. Wishing you guys nothing but good news today!

  87. I can just see this photo in the future...bride with her maids. gosh...they are lovely girls, Diana!
    I'm sure the dance was one everyone will forever remember.
    I prayed this morning for you guys, and will keep doing so.
    Love, love, love you.

  88. I do pray things went well. How precious he was able to go with his grandaughters for a special occasion and making wonderful memories. Your little girls are so pretty. Please take care.

  89. Lovely photos, Diana. I'm glad John was able to go to the dance with his beautiful granddaughters. Every day he and you are in my prayers. Looking forward to good results of the scan. Hugs, Nancy

  90. Dear Diana I continue to pray and check in! What beautiful family and such wonderful moments shared as you all dance through this life together! Keep the faith my friend!!! You are surrounded in love by many! Big Hug!!! <3

  91. Prayers for a complete clear CT.
    John looks amazing in his tux and the girls are beautiful too.
    Our love and prayers go out to both John and you. Stay strong and keep the faith that everything will turn out the way we are all praying for.
    Miss seeing you guys.
    Give John a hug from both Dan & I and hug yourself for us too.

  92. Beautiful girls! Love all the pictures and he sure looks proud. Hope good news came today...always in my prayers


  93. So glad I saw that you got good news! Your hero looks great and the girls are beautiful! I know they helped to lift his spirits!

  94. Diana, I was happy to read that the news was good.. I will continue to pray that your hero will be able to handle the rest of the chemo treatments.

    The girls look beautiful, their curly hair is so pretty xox ♡

  95. I was at my knitting class all morning and after noon so right away I came on my computer to check in if any updates.
    Oh wow the girls look so pretty. Oh John with his Grand-girls how precious indeed. Awesome pictures. The weight can be caused by the shock of his system. So do not be too concerned sweetie. All things will be in place when he becomes stronger. I mean he has gone through a lot and still is . The Lord will take care of him. I will and all your friends here. Will keep praying. And for you as well. I ask the Lord to give him the strength and the will to beat this cancer and he is a brave Hero to be with his G.Girls as you show for the Special event. That is having a positive will for them. Praise the Lord'. We pray again that those spots will not be any re-occurrence of cancer. Love you Di. Sid and Carolann. xxoo


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