Sunday, February 14, 2016

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY and A Health Update on My Hero

Valentine's Day!
I can't believe it is 
the middle of February already!
In some ways 
the past few weeks have flown past
and in some ways
they have dragged by 
hour after excruciating hour.

One day while MyHero was up and about-
I got my sewing machine out.
I used to sew special things for 
Tara's little girls
so I thought it was time to sew 
for little miss
How cute is she?
The quality is not great.
It is an Iphone picture sent to me.
I guess she stole the show at her 
big brother's 
VALENTINE DAY at school!
Imagine that!!!!
She carries that 
with her everywhere.
Of course, Bitty Baby had to have a 
See the doll above?
SweetCheeks used to torture it by 
carrying it around with its head tucked
under her arm.
Only ONE EYE works!
Kinda scary looking 
when you lay her down flat!
(the doll-not SweetCheeks-lol)

Bright Eyes and Bitty Baby
both got matching underpants, too!
Sure do wish they lived closer
so we had more hands on
with her and her brothers.
That being said,
I am so thankful for kids 
that stay in touch
and that we can
FACETIME with them!

MyHero Update:
He is doing well.
Just finished Week 4!
He is halfway through at this point.
Our understanding is that each week will get
progressively harder on him.
We now have the feeding tube down to a science.
In the beginning he did it by himself.
It took at least an hour and was kind of a mess.
Working together 
we have a nice little game
we call
We can do an entire meal for him in about 
fifteen minutes start to finish.
I do the cooking ahead of time and have it all
blended, pulverized and ready to 
HEAT AND EAT shove down the tube.
Hey!  At least he can't complain about my cooking.
Everything "tastes" the same to him.
I could feed him ANYTHING and he would
not know the difference!
Leftovers?  NO PROBLEM!
See--even in adversity there are bonuses!

He is feeling pretty good most of the time.
His throat is quite sore but he manages
the pain with just Tylenol at this point.
(that in itself is a blessing)
He has not suffered from nausea very often 
and that, too, is controlled by the medication.

All in all,
we are doing well.
We thank you for your prayers 
and good thoughts.

I hope you have a wonderful
and that you have someone else in your life
so you can share the love that is in your heart!

As for me?
I won't be eating any chocolate today
in front of MyHero!
your photo name


Kathy said...

I am so glad to hear the report about your husband. I remember doing the feeding tube on my grandmother. You find the bright spots in everything, don't you? Halfway through. Just keep thinking that every week is one week less to go.

Bright eyes is absolutely adorable. And how cute that her doll has a matching outfit!

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Good to see this update. Sounds like he's managing himself pretty well (and I'm sure even better with your assistance). I didn't know you could feed a person with homemade food in a feeding tube. Hooray for being at the halfway point. I know going through this kind of stuff is so difficult and you wonder at times how you'll get through it all. I hope it won't get too much more difficult for him to deal with.
Oh my goodness Bright Eyes is just adorable and I love the outfit you made for her and her doll. She's getting so big!
Wishing you a sweet Valentine's Day. XO, Liz

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Thank you for the update and oh what a sweet sight little Bright Eyes is. Diana you are the sewing QUEEN here with these outfits...amazing! I tried to sew a doll dress once. It ended up like a bad apron. Once was enough, ha ha!

Anonymous said...

oh what a sweet heart she is,, she looks so cute in her ou fit you made,, dolly as well,
I am so glad hubby is doing so well, I knew he would,,, best news and best wishes!

JoAnne said...

So glad your hubby is doing as well as he is and I pray that he has a full recovery. Together with prayer and your wonderful sense of humor, you will get through this together. Oh my, little Miss Bright Eyes is so adorable, just a beautiful child. She and Bitty Baby will look so cute in the outfits you made. Thanks for the update, Diana. Happy Valentine's Day!

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Thanks for letting us know how things are coming along. Your granddaughter is a keeper! It's funny about children and their favourite toy that gets dragged along everywhere. I'm so glad to hear that the treatments and the pain are "tolerable" and I hope everything progresses as it should. Thinking of you and yours this Valentine's day! -Jenn

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Thank you for the update and oh what a sweet sight little Bright Eyes is. Diana you are the sewing QUEEN here with these outfits...amazing! I tried to sew a doll dress once. It ended up like a bad apron. Once was enough, ha ha!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I am glad to hear your husbands treatment is going along fine and under the circumstances, he is handling it well.

Your granddaughter looks like a doll herself.

Grammy Goodwill said...

This update is an answer to prayer. I planned to email you this week and tell you I had trouble with Caring Bridge. I don't know why but I could never get a password they would accept. I am so glad to hear that John is doing well, and I know your positive spirit is helping greatly with that.
I love the pictures of your little cutie pie. I'm envious that you can sew. What fun it must be to make things.
Happy Valentine's Day to both of you.

Susie said...

Diana, Thank you for this up date. So glad to just read Hero's 1/2 way done with his treatment. The way you are feeding him, now would be a good time to clean out that fridge. :):) Just kidding John. I have been praying for things to go smoothly thru all your treatments . We are all in your corner.
Bright eyes is a sweetie pie for sure. I love the outfits you made. Blessings and hugs to the whole family. Love, Susie

Mimi said...

Oh, Diana, it is so good to hear from you! First off, those darling little outfits are simply ADORABLE...and so is Miss Bright Eyes. :-) Praise God that your Hero is doing so well despite the circumstances, and bless you that you have retained your terrific sense of humor through it all. Happy Valentine's Day!

Pam Kessler said...

I'm picturing you hidden in the closet eating some Hershey's Kisses right about now :) Glad to hear you guys are halfway through. You're in the home stretch.

Pondside said...

Lots of courage and determination behind the humor and joy of this post. Thinking of you and your Hero!

camp and cottage living said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and John.
I'm glad to hear the process is going well.
Tim and I are praying daily, of course.
Your Bright Eyes is adorable, no wonder she stole the show!

Mountain Mama said...

Oh, Diana, it's good to hear an update on your hero - happy Valentine's Day to you both! Your granddaughter is absolutely adorable although that doll is a little frightening with the one eye working....tee hee! Hugs to you and John - xoxo

Kim said...

That baby just gets more gorgeous with each photo. The outfits are super sweet and I bet it was fun to have something creative to focus on...and pink! ;) So glad to hear that things are going well ~ well ~ as well as can be hoped for under the dreadful circumstances. I wish you love and send prayers that the next four weeks fly by and that your Valentine's Day does indeed include chocolate!! ;) xoxo

Connie said...

Dear Diana, I love that you took time out to do some sewing. It's important to stay busy with normal family events and traditions. Making your granddaughter's dresses with match doll dresses is so sweet, and I love that special little heart on the bottom. She is a cutie pie and it is easy to see her stealing the limelight from her brother. You and your husband are blessed to have each other and your love is so special. That love is what makes this time in life easier to bear, that and the love we know that our dear Lord has for us. God bless you both.
Connie :)

LV said...

Even in the worst adversities, a child can make a perfect day. So good hearing from you and that all is going okay. May the days ahead not be too bad and healing will begin soon. Hang in my friend, as things will get better.


Oh my sweet friend, you have such amazing spirit to even have some time for sewing and yes, it makes one happy to do things like this specially for that gorgeous little thing and her bitty doll, that bring you both such joy as grandchildren always do.
Thank you for sharing your heroes update and to know he seems to be doing some things on his own... specially the food, no complaints, everything is yummy, lol..
Enjoy this special day together loving and appreciating each other more each day as God wants.
Blessings to you both and I keep you in my prayers.

Ron said...

Prayers continue for your HERO. Congrats on being at the half way point. Enjoy this Valentines Day. xoxo

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

Thank you so much for letting us know how things are going...we are all praying for you! hugs...

a writing place said...

The outfit you made... For Sweetie and doll... Are so precious. And love how mommy is doing her hair now, that it is "long" enough to do it. Lovvvvvvvve those little high pig-tails or whatever they are called!

So glad that this journey is half way now. And that the feeding is down to a science. Well, as much of a science, as it can be expected to be.

Happy Valentine's Day to the 2 of you...

Gentle hugs,

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Diana, so good to hear that everything is going well. My Christmas lights are still up in the kitchen shining bright every day to remind me to say a little prayer for the both of you. That little outfit you sewed for the grandbaby is adorable, especially the heart on the bottoms. Happy Valentines Day to you and your sweetheart.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Diana such a sweet outfit for your sweet grandbaby and dolly. Happy Valentines to you both, sending you both prayers and love and hugs.

Julia said...

You're such a blessing to your Hero. Yeah for being at mid-point of treatments. Happy Valentine to both of you.
Hugs & prayers.

Lucille said...

Hi Diana! What a cute little outfit and what a pretty little granddaughter you have. So now the treatment is at half point. What a rough time he's having though! I continue praying three times a day for John and reciting this prayer I sent you. You're a courageous woman, Diana, and I admire you tremendously. I also pray for your well being and continued stamina in this huge battle you are both facing. Life can be so hard at times that it just simply overwhelms us but somehow when we're desperate enough, we just keep going one step after the other and this is what you're doing. Let's keep up the fight!

20 North Ora said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and John! So glad you have him with you to celebrate this special day of love. Love the little outfits you made. Glad you had some time to relax and sew.

I saw a special on St Jude's the other day and one of the children said her motto was "Fight with Faith" and I thought that was so deep for a child. But, very good advice. Hang in there. Praying for you both.


Regine Karpel said...

How cute

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Happy Valentines Day. Saying prayers for you both. You have given so much happiness and joy to others I hope it is returned to you soon. Take care.

Debby said...

Love the dresses you made. She looks so pretty in that color. You could get new eyes for the dolly at the AG hospital.
You have been through so much, both of you. Glad that he is doing well. I hope the next half goes well. Hugs and prayers.

June said...

You are an amazing Nana, Diana! I love these sweet little dresses you made! You have been on my mind and you both have been in my prayers. Actually your whole family is because as you know it affects all of your family when one is going through this. I hope you feel all the support and love my dear friend.
much love to you...

Sarah said...

All positive, just like you! Bright Eyes is too precious for words. I'm not surprised she stole the show! I suspect she is the center of attention where ever she is. Glad things are going as smoothly as something like this can. Think of you every day.
Hugs on Valentine's Day!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Bright Eyes looks so adorable in her sweet little dress! Hope the second half of treatment goes quickly and smoothly! xoxo

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Bright Eye's outfit is darling and the matching outfit for her dolly is to cute. I am so happy that John is doing well with his treatments. That Bright Eye's reminds me of you so much - she is beautiful. Enjoy your day and take care of your self too.
Sending special hugs to you and prayers to John.

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Valentine;s Day - your little granddaughter and friend are sooooooooooooooooo cute. I know you miss them as we do ours. Well 1/2 down and I pray the rest goes fast. I am sending prayers to you both - you have to make his food - not use ensure or something? Wow - a journey of true love. Love, sandie

Teresa Hennes said...

I am so glad that things are going well for your husband! Keep up the good work and I hope he continues to feel good. Well now you can see the end. like climbing a mountain you are on the down slope now and can see the finish line of those treatments.
I love the pictures of Bright Eyes and her dolly. I bet she did steal the show!

Sweet Tea said...

Amazing that you 've found the time to sew two dresses - very cute dresses too!!
Continuing to pray for your Hero. Glad you two have each other.
What a power team you guys are.

carolann said...

Thank you for update of your hero. I came by to check many times. Happy that you both are managing to work together. Your a blessing to him honey. And he is your Valentine honey.

Bright eyes outfit is precious and her dolly. Grandma your a talent lady Know matter what you do.

xxooo Love you. Praying for the second rounds for the treatment to be Positive.

Melanie said...

You and your hubby continually amaze me with your positive attitudes through his cancer journey. I can't imagine what either of you are going through and all I can do is pray for both of you. My SIL is also going through cancer treatments right now (breast cancer) and she too, is being so brave and strong and positive. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it because there are days where I whine and complain...and then I think about people like you and your husband and my SIL and I realize I need to STOP!
Your granddaughter is so unbelievable adorable...especially with that gorgeous outfit you made for her and her doll...looks like something out of a magazine!
Sending you and John love, hugs and prayers.

Anonymous said...

My hubby was diagnosed with bladder cancer about 3 weeks ago. Tomorrow he goes in for a procedure and that will decide on what chemo they will use. Cancer SUCKS. I have been praying for your hero and I will continue to keep him in my prayers - and you.

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Oh Diana, Happy Valentine's Day to you and John! What a sweet outfit you made for bright eyes and her dollie! I'm sending prayers to you and your family, dear one. So go have a piece of chocolate! You know you want it! ♥

Pom Pom said...

Way to go! Don't you LOVE the whir of the sewing machine? Well done! God bless good John. And God bless YOU!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...
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Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Let's try that again! Sweetest of Valentine's Days to you!

amazingsusan said...

you are mind-blowingly amazing. love to you and your hero <3

amazingsusan said...

PS: here's a love story right back at ya':

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Bright Eyes is such a joy, I can tell. One of my grand-nieces has Bitty Baby, too. I love the outfits. You're oozing with talents.

Prayers for your hero, and for the special lady feeding and caring for him.

Missy George said...

Happy Valentines Day to you, your hero and your wonderful family...You are an inspiration..Glad it's half way over and things are going pretty well..Love the dress you made for Bright eyes..adorable..and of course her doll had to match!!She's getting so big!! (Bright Eyes)...Keep carrying on ;)

Alex said...

Oh my goodness, you are gifted at sewing! That little girl is something else..
I thought of you a lot today, love to you and your hubby and so glad he is coping, and well, just...keep up the first class work, you are amazing.

Carla said...

Ah Diana so glad you get to facetime with that little cutie! I'm sure you are proving to be an excellent nurse. Praying for you all. Thanks for letting us know how things are going. Carla in Kansas

Carla said...

Ah Diana so glad you get to facetime with that little cutie! I'm sure you are proving to be an excellent nurse. Praying for you all. Thanks for letting us know how things are going. Carla in Kansas

Launna said...

Oh Diana... first I am happy that your hero is handling his chemo as well as he is, I know it is going to get worse but you are there for him to get him through and we are all praying and sending out good thoughts... You granddaughter is so cute... what a great little smile she has xox

Nellie said...

Diana, it is good to hear that Your Hero is tolerating the treatment as well as he is! That would be encouraging! Little Miss Bright Eyes is absolutely precious! It is always good to have matching outfits! No chocolate here today as yet. May make it through without it.:-) Sending along thoughts and prayers and always lots of hugs! - xo Nellie

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Sweet sewing for your sweet Grand. Of course she stole the show, she's adorable. Thanks for the update, your love and belief will help you through the other half of treatment.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

You are amazing to find time and energy to sew an adorable outfit, or two! That face is precious! So happy for the good update and that the treatments are going well. Can they tell yet if the treatments are working to get rid of the cancer? Thinking of you and praying often <3

Janet said...

Hi Diana, I am so glad that your hero is doing well. I do pray for him to continue to feel well. It is exhausting I know. With the Lord you can both get through it. :)

Sweet outfits for a sweet little Grand. She is so adorable.
You both are in my thoughts and prayers.
Take care, Janet W (((hugs)))

Cozy Little House said...

You are such a strong and inspiring woman. In fact, you are my hero.

Lorrie said...

Thanks for the Hero update. Half way through! Yay! I hope and pray for healing and for God's strength in the midst of this.
The matching outfits for Bright Eyes and dolly are so cute! No wonder she stole the show at school.

Kimberley said...

Hi Diana,
Such a cutie pie...You and Bright Eyes! You know how I feel about scary dolls...but I digress! ;)
Love the cute outfits you made...I think I would even wear those heart bloomers they are just so cute! :)
I pray that the next half of treatment goes as well as it has so far, just Tylenol and no nausea is truly a blessing when going through such drastic treatment!
Happy Valentines Day! Big Hugs and Big Prayers!! Kimberley

Diane said...

Wonderful cute pictures Diana, the heart bloomers are just too cute. Half way through the treatment must seem like a milestone. Best wishes in the coming weeks.

Hugs Diane

Red Rose Alley said...

Diana, I can see how Bright Eyes stole the show at her brother's school. She looks so sweet in her Pink outfit. And Yes, that doll is a bit scary looking. :) So glad to hear that your husband is doing ok and that he hasn't gotten too sick from all of this.

May God take care of you both during these treatments. And Happy Valentine's Day to you, dear Diana.

love, ~Sheri

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Hi Diana! Half way through - your Hero is truly a hero and I am so happy that he is doing as well as can be expected. It's got to be all the faith, love and laughter he is surrounded with. Not to mention your pulverized home cookin'! That Bright Eyes, she is such a little doll herself, so it's extra cute that she and Bitty Baby have matching outfits. You are so talented! Wishing you a happy and blessed week, Jane

Donna said...

So glad to hear that John is half way thru his treatments, Diana. And I'm glad that so far, he;s doing ok, and enjoying your blenderized cooking: And that you've still been able to maintain your sense of humor. Little Miss Bright Eyes is a living doll! She is just the cutest ever, and I love the outfit you sewed for her and Bitty Baby:) You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs and love to you!!

Rose L said...

I am happy for you to still have your beloved with you to share life with! God Bless you both and give you strength.

My Kentucky Living said...

Your bright eyes is just a doll! I am glad your hero is doing well. Continued prayers that he makes it through the hard part well. Sheila

Vee said...

Love that sweet little doll you're dressing and great outfits!

Halfway to the goal...excellent... and we know that the time will continue to fly because that is just what time does. Praying that John will have plenty of strength for the journey and that it will be better than you have been led to believe. Love to you both...

joanne said...

always a silver lining. And chocolate too! Glad to hear that he is getting through with little discomfort. Prayers continue for all of you lady

Wanda said...

So Precious is your little one and her baby. Very happy for the update. 4 weeks.....Prayers and love continue. The love you and your family show your Hero is wonderful.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said... are a talented those two outfits. Bright Eyes is such a cutie. I asked prayers for John at church today. LOOK....I can comment on your blog....wowsers!!!!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Oh, Diana, I can't say enough how much I enjoy you! Bright Eyes is too darn cute and love the matching outfits. So glad to hear it isn't too bad for myhero now. Hope and pray it stays the same. Give hugs all around for Valentines Day..xxo Judy

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

Happy Valentine's Day! That little one looks so adorable with her matching baby dress! I love things like that - so personal and special! Glad to hear that John is doing well and not complaining about your cooking LOL! I hope and pray that the treatments will take it easy on him and that he will be rid of this awful cancer soon! Love to you both! Leena

Katie Clooney said...

Diana.. these outfits are so cute. Glad to hear that your hero is doing well. I continue to keep you both in my prayers.

Gypsy Heart said...

She is totally adorable! You are so talented...both outfits are precious! I'm grateful that your Hero is doing well. I realize it's not all fun and games but he's a champ! Take good care of you too!


Sherri said...

Diana, it was so good to see your post!! I'm glad you and Your Hero are managing! I have been saying prayers for you and Your Hero :)! LOL about Your Hero not complaining about your cooking! I'm glad you two can still laugh! Continued prayers for you both!

Sherri said...

Forgot to tell you those outfits are just adorable!! Glad you had some creative time :)! I used to sew for my girls and they still talk about all the clothes I made for them. Memories!

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

Diana, Bright Eyes is adorable! He matching doll's dress is so cute too! How in the world did you make these and not have her there to measure? You're good! I can see why she stole the party!
You and John are too funny; even when things are difficult you keep smiling! Continued prayers for John you and your family! Thank you for the update!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

It's wonderful that you can still joke with everything that's happening. I hope things continue to go well for your husband. That little darling girl is just so precious.

Pat said...

Love the matching outfits for your grandlttle and doll. What a beautiful child. Glad to hear that the treatments are half over. Prayers continuing for you and John and the entire family.

Amy said...

Wow...those dresses are darling! You are indeed very talented my dear! I have a hard time sewing on buttons! ☺

I'm so glad to hear your hubby is doing well considering all he's been through.
I pray for both of you every day!
Have a blessed week!
Hugs, Amy

Amy said...

Wow...those dresses are darling! You are indeed very talented my dear! I have a hard time sewing on buttons! ☺

I'm so glad to hear your hubby is doing well considering all he's been through.
I pray for both of you every day!
Have a blessed week!
Hugs, Amy

Patty Patterson said...

I'm late - I had a houseful yesterday so didn't get to the computer. And I've been praying there would be no nausea, so I was happy to hear there has been little. Now I guess it's time to pray for comfort for that throat. And that these next four weeks are not as hard on him as one might expect. Prayers going up!

Kelly said...

I love the cute outfits you made for the doll and Bright Eyes!! So precious. Glad to hear that your husband is still doing well. I hope you're feeding him all the veggies etc that he wouldn't normally like but so desperately needs right now. Thank goodness there is a way to keep him nourished through this process.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Very, very adorable outfits and Bright Eyes must be so excited....thanks for the update on Your Hero.....I am not sure if I told you but we have a friend going through the very same thing....recently started his treatment and I think the next step is the feeding tube...
You are both in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Beemie said...

Love the outfits, my mother used to sew my dresses and a doll dress to match. Sew sweet. Good thoughts and prayers from me to your Hero.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I love the outfits! So cute with the matching underpants too! It is good to get an update on how y'all are doing. I'm glad to hear your hubby is doing well. Sounds like you have a good routine going on. Still praying and sending healing vibes. xoxo

Renee said...

Adorable outfits. I have an old pattern someone gave me of a little girl's dress I want to make for Piper.
Prayers for you and your hero. I am glad he is doing well with little nausea.

CIELO said...

That is so adorable... I am so happy to hear you all are doing good... keep close to God for comfort, peace and joy dear Diana... hugs to you and blessings from above.


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Diana, thank you for the update on John. To be at the half way point is wonderful and each day brings the end closer. We continue the prayers each day. Sweet Bright Eyes is a doll baby and she is so precious in the darling outfit you designed for her and her doll.
God Bless you and your Hero. Sending hugs your way!! xo

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Just dropped in to catch up on you and hubby. My 43 year old cousin finished this whole course of treatment 2 years ago. All is fine scans are clear, his taste buds came back, his throat is no longer sore, and he's got his weight back. Not an easy road, but all is well now and they are off the Merry go round...Keep your spirits up and you will be grabbing that gold ring soon...Hugs, Carol

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Oh such sweetness! Little Bright Eyes is just precious in her outfit and her dolly's outfit to match is just too cute!
I'm glad that your hero is at the half-way mark and I pray that the remaining time will go swiftly and with minimal discomfort. Praying, too, that good news is on the way once the treatments are completed and praying for you, dear one, as you tend to your beloved. Take care and thanks for the update! xo Cheryl

Karen@Southern Gal Meets Midwest said...

Hey Diana, I just love the outfit you made for your Little Bright Eyed Girl and the matching baby doll one is adorable. Being at the halfway point is wonderful news for you and your Hero!! Prayers for continued success and abundant blessings as you both continue this journey. May our Lord be with you every step of the way :)

SpicingUpIdaho said...

What a precious gift for Sweet Bright Eyes! There is something about creating on the sewing machine that brings a lot of joy, and such joy indeed it brought to precious Bright Eyes! You are doing a fabulous job with all you have on your plate, keeping such a great attitude, and we are continuing to pray for all of you, and especially that John will get a good report on the CT scan on Thursday! Much love to you friend!

Carla from The River said...

So sweet! I just love that Bright Eyes!
Prayers to John and for you and for your family.
We are just recovering from the Flu Bug! It was no fun! On the mend, thank goodness.
xx oo

Boopnut said...

I didn't know you were keeping your blog up. Love that little Bright cute! Glad John is "eating" your cooking! That is one thing I haven't had is tube feeding. (knock on wood).
Hugs to you both!

Bethany Carson said...

Thanks for the update. Glad your Hero is doing ok. You made a beautiful outfit for Bright Eyes and her little doll! Prayers and blessings are sent your way. Take care!

BeachGypsy said...

Thanks for the update! Hang on good and tight to your husband and have him hang on on to you and yall will get through this!!! Together you can do it. (and with Gods help)