Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DEAR Me! Look What We Found In The Woods

First off I want to apologize
for not visiting like I usually do.
This has been a crazy time since
CJK got sick.
I am behind all the way around and 
trying to play catch up.
Bear with me- 
I promise to be back to my old schedule soon!

Is there anything sweeter than a 
Daddy and his three little girls
going on the hunt for the perfect tree?
BEFORE he married my daughter and had kids,
my son-in-law, The Brawny Man,
was a hunter-a big hunter.
He used to go into the woods and bag himself
a deer every year.

Now that he has kids his hunting skills
have gone rapidly downhill.
Now the deer find HIM and his family!
Lulu, SweetCheeks and Ria
have sworn off venison for life now!

Hope your DEEREST wishes come true today!
your photo name


  1. Thank goodness she's being hugged by a deer and not a bush this year!
    I hope they checked to make sure there aren't any squirrels in that tree they brought home...that might be an interesting post.
    Do you have the baby today?
    You know, when real life happens, this stuff just has to wait.

  2. Girls after my own heart...I've sworn off venison too...and I'm married to a hunter! lol!
    I'm way behind right now to...due to a broken toe. I didn't realize how much I would miss one little toe that was under the weather!

  3. what a wonderful time they had, love the deer, don't ever feel you need to apologize, you are the most kind loving considerate blogger in blogland, you do what you must do,

  4. Tree hunting days are days that memories are made from...so much fun and a great way to begin the holiday season. Hope your little one is getting stronger every day.

  5. Really, is there anything sweeter than seeing a father enjoying his kids?

  6. How darn sweet are those pictures! Love this time of year! Such fun Christmas memories are being made.

  7. What a sweet picture of the girls and the deer! I would swear off of venison too.

    Really, do not worry about blog visiting. Do it as and when you can. We all understand.

  8. That is so precious Diana! The girls are really growing quickly.
    We went Sat. and just about froze to death. Oh man, this cold is starting to wear me down.
    I have a really beautiful buck on my blog if you get a chance.
    Hugs friend,
    so glad the little guy is better.

  9. Diana, Such cute photos. You better start squeezing those girls down..look how tall Lulu is getting to be...they are growing up. Getting the tree with daddies is great fun for daughters too. Blessings to all, praying CJK is recoverying rapidly. xoxo,Susie

  10. What a great shot of a father and his three girls! Happy Holly-days!!! xo

  11. I bet they had fun searching for the perfect tree this year! That's a great tradition.

  12. Good Morning, What a cute post friend!

  13. So cute - having daughters melts a he mans heart - it did for my hubby too!

  14. Diana,
    They are just the sweetest family. This post was too cute. Loved it.

  15. Awwww, I love the picture of the girls and their dad walking into the woods in search of the perfect Christmas tree! Hugs, Penny

  16. Getting the Christmas tree is a wonderful adventure! ... And please don't feel the need to catch up or blog on anyone's schedule other than your own!

  17. Good morning Diana! We are just so happy our prayers were answered and CJK is doing so much better. Have a great day and keep those posts coming, they always bring a smile in the morning with my fist cup of coffee!

  18. "Baggin'" the purrrrfect Christmas tree! Grrrrrreat! So cute, are they!

    I'm sort of sorry to hear that your son in law has let his abilities wane. Hope he still does target practice, even though he's not actually hunting-to-eat, anymore.

    And I hope he is teaching his girls how to use a gun, with care. Yup I do!!!!!!!!

    Me, from way up in the NE, who has never been lucky enough to handle a gun at all. But would love, love, love to learn how to do target practice. And to know how to handle a gun. Yeah, even at 76!

    Hey, you're never too old to try to learn a skill!!!!!!!!!!


  19. You're too funny! We've talked about cutting down our own tree every year but never seem to actually do it. Your grandkids will have many happy Christmas memories!

  20. No apologies needed, Diana. You are taking care of what matters most, just as you should be. Adorable photos of the tree hunters. xoxo

  21. That is the cutest pic of them on the hunt for the perfect christmas tree. Then you scroll down and see the precious kids with the DEER --See Daddy taught them well. They have captured their own sweet deer. xoxxoxo HUGS to you and your beautiful family this holiday season .

  22. I think that is so sweet how m en mature and the hard hunter guys - has three girls and goes gets the tree. That is awesome and awesome girls.
    Is this the family having another baby and did you find out what the sex is - did I forget?

  23. Those girls are so cute. I love the photos!

  24. Hope that they found a wonderful tree! What a cute threesome!

  25. That deer is invisible to me apparently...

  26. Fun times ~ where is the snow? I wanted to tell you how happy I am that your sweet little boy is all better ~ won't you have the happiest Christmas!

  27. Love your post and your heart!
    Sweet Cheeks Birthday pictures of memory lane. Tree chopping, Tree hugging or deer Hugging whatever!
    You always make me smile :)
    Lampshade on his head are you sure it wasn't YOU??
    Merry Christmas XO Roxy

  28. Look at those precious girls :) And the picture of all of them going tree hunting is adorable! Please do not apologize, sweet Diana, for not visiting like you often do - we completely understand. You are a blessing, friend!

  29. Diana, your love for your family is so huge, it makes me smile and warms up the whole blogosphere like a big furry blanket :)
    1 - so glad CJK is home and on the mend.
    2 - I've been enjoying your funny funny pictures of your elf, especially the one with his sleep mask :)
    I often read your blog on my phone while I'm waiting in the school pick up line, and giggle to myself with your fun posts. Thanks so much! :)

  30. Oh Diana, what a great picture of your daughters husband and girls going to get their Christmas tree.
    How fun.....
    Love your posts they make my day.
    Have a great one and hope the boyo is dong great.

  31. Such a sweet picture of the girls with their daddy. Brings back memories of when ours were their age. So many were blessed today by CJK's story. It put things in perspective for a lot of us doing this crazy busy time, and gave us pause, and a time to reflect on what truly matters!

  32. So cute- and great memories for all! Where's the snow!!! We have so much!

  33. Hi Diana!! No Reply???? hmmmm I will have to change that???? !!!

  34. too cute, diana! your girls are very photogenic!

  35. Aww, that warms my heart! Such a sweet family :)

  36. Love it! Sweet memories in the making.

    Diana, you do not need to play catch-up. Girlfriends understand such things.

  37. Great pictures, Diana! I'm reminded of our annual walks into the woods to find the perfect tree! xo Nellie

  38. Hi friend,
    I am a bad blogger too - visiting everyone isn't happening these days - I barely get a post off here and there.
    Sorry you had a sick (grandchild?)
    Hope everything is better.
    I do love all of your Christmas decorations and enjoyed catching up with SweetCheeks. She has grown!
    If I don't get back over, please know that I adore you and your beautiful family and I hope this Christmas is the best one ever!!

  39. Diana what a precious outing to hunt for the perfect tree. Memories the girls will remember forever.
    Love it!

  40. Silly lady..You owe no one an apology. You're there for everyone..The deer are much better off this way...

  41. Precious memories, Diana! We cut our tree for many years too. The girls are so pretty! Thank you for sharing such fond memories!

  42. How adorable they are. I love that they get to cut their tree. So much better than hunting. xo Laura

  43. Such a sweet picture of your darling granddaughters!

  44. So sweet that he is holding hands with two of them. The second photo is what the holidays are all about!

  45. Such beautiful girls and such a great dad! What blessings!

  46. What a cute post, and there is something special about a Dad hunting for that perfect tree with his family. Husband still goes with me every year. What a sweet picture.


  47. The picture of your sil with his daughters is definitely frame worthy. Very sweet!

  48. love it! I always wondered if my son was slightly disappointed that he only had a daughter. He was hoping desperately for a boy since this would be their only child. BUT, he could not adore, cherish, love any child as much as he does his little girl. She had him wrapped around her finger the moment he was born and they have never been apart. Dads and daughters are so very special.

  49. Has he taken the girls deer hunting? We have a young friend that has always taken his oldest daughter with him hunting and fishing. She loves it!

    Hope that found that special tree!

  50. I hope the little guy is doing well so you can get back on a routine.

    Love the pics of your family.


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