Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Silver Smells Or Is It Bells

Our oldest son is 
staying with us for a while
till MyHero gets tired of
him and me ganging up 
on him and making him the
brunt of our jokes
and it has been working
out quite nicely.

Mom, Is there anything
I can do to help you out?
How do you feel about 
polishing the silver
for the Holidays?
Let me tell you...
His joy knew no bounds!
He polished and rubbed
and shined and buffed
until Gramma Clara's silver
set shone like the sun
off a bald man's head.
Look at this!
Is that gorgeous, or what?
It sits on the bombe chest
in our dining room
below the painting of
the first place MyHero
ever took me when I came
to meet his family in Wisconsin.
Sorry about the reflections
it is hard to get pictures
in this room.

Well, imagine our surprise
when the 
I saw instructions on someone's blog
to clean silver.
(and PLEASE let me know if it 
was your blog-I can't remember
where I saw it)
AHHHH-One smart reader knew!
It was Ann-On Sutton Place
Thanks, Pam!!!!
This is SOOO easy
you are gonna die....well, not literally
so you can keep reading.
Take tinfoil...
Line your sink with it.
Add HOT TAP water.
Sprinkle with a few tablespoons
of salt...
and DROP your silver in.
Presto- Bango
You can see the Tarnish lift
right before your eyes.
If you have bigger pieces
you cover them loosely 
with the foil and let them
soak a bit.
(for heavy tarnish you might
have to do it a second and third
time-AND you MUST change
the tinfoil every time)
This is a only a 30 second bath 
for this piece.

My son wants to know what is
wrong with you people
that you didn't post this
"recipe" sooner.

How do feel about putting
up outside Christmas lights?
I think I'll go hide-
I hate naughty words.

I'm gonna miss my silver bells.
your photo name


  1. Oh my goodness. I never ever heard of this method. Seriously easy! I can't believe it. I think my mother might cry if I show this to her right now though. She's been busy polishing her beloved silver.

  2. Bwahahaha - poor son. We have heard of the cleaning method but never tried it. There is something soothing about polishing silver to me. Of course, I don't do it often. Love the painting of the sentimental spot.

  3. OMG Diane, thank you for this information. I have all this beautiful silver I keep stored because I don't want to clean it. I definitely plan to try this project.

  4. Oooh your gramma's silver is just stunning!... and soo shiny, I am going to try that!... can your son come over for a bit later today???... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. He did do a splendid job though! I am going to try this with some little silver dishes I have. The decorative edges are difficult to clean in the regular way.
    Hope he does as good a job with the lights!

  6. First of all, your son did a great job. you should not have shown him that quick method until next year!

  7. I think maybe it may have been Ann at Sutton place? I have never tried it, but with all this thrift store silver I need to get me some tinfoil.

  8. My g.son Jake is 21 living at home going to college..working as coach of the b team...that's low pay. My daughter buys a big screen tv ...I asked her "don't you ever want Jake to leave home?" LOL Don't make it too nice Diana, he'll never leave. Just kidding around. It's nice if your son helps you out. That is exactly why I don't do outside decor with lights.No tall kids here. I will try that silver polishing. It's almost so easy it's scary.xoxo,Susie

  9. LOL... ooh, your poor son! But he did a magnificent job, tell him that for me, will ya?

  10. Diana- This is the BEST post. I have to polish all my silver for a photo shoot next week at the house. I despise polishing silver of any kind. I hate it immensely. Do you get my hate from my comment. LOL. I will be trying this method soon. I'll let you know how I like it. xoxo

  11. Hi Diana, Your grandma's silver is stunning.
    Your son did a great job of cleaning and buffing!! He sounds like an amazing young man.

    Thank you for sharing the easy cleaning method too. I am going to try this one for sure.

    Your pics look gorgeous.
    Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  12. What a great idea-I've never heard of that method before. I bet alot of people are thrilled that it was posted before the holidays.
    Huh, think I can do that to soften rough patches on skin?? LOL

  13. I can't wait to try this! Thanks. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Love the beautiful painting of where you met.

  14. This post is priceless Diana! I have a boatload of silver that needs polishing for Christmas! Thanks...cannot wait to try it!
    So great you have a "helper" around, is he free and for hire the week before Christmas? LOL.
    Wising you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

  15. Ouuu! I've never heard of this method either but will definitely be trying it soon. Oh I hope it works well! However, I have to say I am 100% sure it will not work as well as what your son did. Your silver is stunning! Great job to him!!!!

  16. I needed this recipe a week ago :(
    I saw a post a couple of weeks ago where they planted paper whites in a bunch of small containers for Christmas and I happened to have a bunch of silver containers and I spent all day cleaning them. But this is sooooooo good to know for next time :) What do you mean you have to change the foil everytime? Sorry, I am a little slow? and Happy Thanksgiving....Hugs, Petie

  17. Your silver looks magnificent. Your son did a great job. I definitely will remember that trick. Thank you.

  18. Does that work on silver plate . I have my grandmothers and it is very tarnished.
    Have a good Thanksgiving. Send your son over when he is done with the lights. I have some that need to go up.

  19. I saw Ann's post about that the other day. Haven't tried it yet. He did a fabulous job the old fashioned way.

  20. way to go son! now, he might think twice before he asks you again if there is anything he can help you with...

  21. Your blog is delightful - I enjoyed perusing it very much! I could use a grown kid to polish silver - not going to happen!! Happy Thanksgiving Week. Sally

  22. You, your son, and your silver has served us both brilliant and beautiful today! Thanks for the cleaning tip a la Sutton Place!

  23. The silver is gorgeous and so glad you had a helper! I read this same 'recipe' for cleaning silver on a blog the other day too but can't remember which one! I've got to try it.
    Happy Thanksgiving and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. I have never seen such bright silver! I use baking soda and it seems to work well too.

  25. You have a wonderful son! My boys came back here to live a few times and I really enjoyed it...not that they ever cleaned the silver! Thanks for the tip! I saw something similar on a blog where you use a foil pan and baking soda. I'm game for both, I have a ton to clean in 3 days!


  26. That's AWESOME! Does it work on Copper? I have more copper than silver but, if it doesn't can your son come over to my house and polish it? I don't mind naughty words; they're usually mine.

  27. What a great son, he did a fabulous job with your silver!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family Diana!

  28. I am not sure how it would work on sterling silver jewelry!

  29. Well.... it LOOKS easy enough. I'll have to try it.
    And one of my sons still lives at home and helps out around the house when help is needed. He's doing the Thanksgiving baking this year, too - because I'm playing in the floor and changing diapers instead. I kind of like having him around.

  30. I thought salt was bad for silver..Oxidizes it?? Looks beautiful..I'll have to try it on my flat ware...Happy Thanksgiving

  31. “ Happy Thanksgiving “ My dear friend to you and your family..Many Blessings..Hugs and love Gloria

  32. Everything looks beautiful and I know you appreciate all of the hard work your son did. Now to remember this recipe for future cleanings! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!

  33. I need to polish silver so will give this recipe a try. Thanks......Sarah

  34. That's what you get for being all fancy. People with cheap junk, like me, never have to polish anything. One day you'll learn.
    But, if your boy wants to come over and vacuum, I would not object.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Your Friend, m.

  35. Your silver service is gorgeous and your son did a wonderful job of polishing. Had to giggle about hanging the Christmas lights. I'm a new follower and thanks for folling me.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  36. Susan Branch had this method of cleaning silver on her blog last year. I've never tried it as it was posted "after the fact." Then, I forgot all about it! Thanks for the reminder, Diana! xo Nellie

  37. Get out-----it really works? I have heard of this, but never wanted to put my good stuff in with salt.....usually salt is not good for silver.

    I may have to give it a try now that you have done it.

  38. Your silver set is just gorgeous, Diana! You just may wanna keep your son around longer! (oh, and don't tell him that tarnished silver is now in vogue!). I remember trying a similar process in an aluminum baking pan. I think you used baking soda too, I forget. But it really worked!

  39. Love that silver set and so glad Tyler likes helping out around the house. Let me know what you found out at the drs.

  40. It's beautiful Diana! I've seen that on Pinterest but I think your son's is so much better looking:)

  41. I am typing this by memory..I was blinded by that silver! Wow, now I need to try that. I usually get all messy, my back hurts etc from all the time I spend cleaning my silver.

    Happy Thanksgiving dear friend!

  42. Hi Diana, Kids can be a big help to us parents at times. I know my son help a lot while he lived with us while looking for a job. He took care of some things for mom while he was home earlier this month for a week. What I want to know besides polishing the silver, did he put up the Christmas lights for you? Have a great Thanksgiving with your family. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  43. Thank you, thank you, thank you...I am going to try this next week on my Mom's silver. Will let you know how it turned out. Sorry about the no commenter thing, I have never seen that until you pointed it out. I am so old....hugs

  44. Diana, the silver looks stunning! He did an awesome job! I will have to try the foil. Great tip! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  45. Diana your posts are just so fun to read! :) Tell him the silver looks amazing! And when he is done with your Christmas lights he can come string some for me ;)

  46. You just HAD to wait to post this AFTER I polished all of my silver BY HAND, didn't you, Diana??? lolol! I can't believe how simple this technique is! I do enjoy using the old silver polish and rubbing til my fingers blister, believe it or not. It reminds me of The Husband's mother who always asked me to bring her my silver so that she could polish it. She loved doing it. But I just may be coerced into trying your way next time..... :) Happy Thanksgiving, my sweet friend!

    xoxo laurie

  47. Wow, thanks for sharing this amazing recipe. I have used a baking soda detergent powder before with foil, but not salt. Tea service here I come! Woo hoo!

  48. Your son really did do a great job on that silver...it is beautiful!

  49. Well if I had some silver to clean, I'd surely be using your recipe! Your collection looks mighty fine, all sparkly and ready for Thanksgiving. I think that blog break was really what I needed, how about you?

  50. Aluminum foil and salt! Who knew! Your tea set is beautiful! Webs gotten lazy about outside decorations here so I relate! I think for us it's the amount of snow and how cold it gets! It's no fun to remove them when it's 20 degrees outside and we don't leave them on til' spring!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  51. I've heard of using baking soda and something else...perhaps vinegar? A girl I used to work with did that. This method sounds fab!


  52. I've heard of using baking soda and something else...perhaps vinegar? A girl I used to work with did that. This method sounds fab!


  53. Isn't that clever!!!

    I see you on all the blogs I follow, and have no idea why I haven't followed you until now. BUT, now I am your newest follower - hope you will follow back. :-) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - even if that turkey does escape your cleaver. Yikes!! :-)

  54. I'm going to try this! I have three sets of antique silver plate to sell and have been putting off polishing it. This is awesome! I think I saw the post in my email but hadn't read it yet. So glad you posted about it! Bet your son is still not so happy LOL! He did a fantastic job though! Hugs, Leena

  55. I've tried this before and it works so well but I couldn't remember how to do it the other day. It works for jewelry too! YaY! I'm so glad you posted this.

  56. I don't have many silver pieces, but I detest polishing, so I will definitely be trying this tip. Thanks for sharing!


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