Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Backyard Makeover You Won't Believe

I spent two days sorting
through old pictures.
Take a seat and a cuppa
coffee cuz this is a 
LONG post!

I think most of  you know
that we have moved
14-or is it 15 times?

We have NEVER bought
a house that 
DID NOT need work.
This house was no
The inside was a 
big makeover that I will
share later.
Today I want to show you
what can be done with
a neighbor's garage that
 looks like crap
has some serious issues.
First I want to show you 
the fountain in its very
first setting.
He has been moved a total of
8 times.
I still love him even though he is
showing a bit of age...
but -hey-so am I.
Too bad I can't use 
on myself.

This was in an old historical 
neighborhood where the yards
are not large but the houses are.
This was looking out the back
kitchen window at the 
crazy drinking lady that was certifiable
neighbor's garage.
Yeah- How would you like to 
look at THAT every morning?

FENCE to the rescue! much better

Now as you go back along that fence
which we put RIGHT ON the 
property line-CRAZY LADY'S
the neighbor's garage is built
ON the property line.
Uh- Not so great, huh?

So, I take cookies over and
ask, ever so sweetly,
"Can I paint the side of your garage
that is on the property line?"
What color-she wants to know.
Well, I thought we would just 
match your peeling, nasty paint
that is already on there.
Sure-she says-just don't
paint it white.
Lord forbid we cover that
beauty with white paint...
it would just look so so
sooooo awful!
Okay...and, oh- by the by-
Can I hang a few things on
that side of the garge?
Thanks!  Here's a gin and tonic
and you have a good day now.

Mama'sBoy scrapes and paints
the garage and we add a
shorter picket fence 
with an arbor that 
spans the back of the yard
dividing it in two "rooms"
it gets interesting.
on the side of the repainted garage?
I took two old windows,
spray painted the backs black,
an old door-spray painted the
back black and I
side of the garage.
After these pictures were
taken I painted the
shutters white.
I put another arbor over the
and the year after this there was a
New Dawn Rose that scrambled
right up over the side of the
Pretty danged cute, huh?
I'll tell you something really funny.
Sometimes I would hear something
in the garage and kind of 
peer THROUGH the windows
(which were spray painted black
and just screwed on, mind you)
to SEE what was going on
WHO was the crazy one in the
Not Me! I'm just blond! y'all want to see
more projects like this in the 
future cuz I found a 
ton of my DIY projects?
your photo name


suzyq said...

I did the same thing Diana - no door just windows!!! Alas no photos at all - those were my pre photo days lol
Yours looks just gorgeous!
Wow - that's a lot of moves

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea. It looks great. I am filing that idea away in my mind in case I ever come across something similar that needs making pretty.

Japolina said...

Brillant idea. Great execution. Did the crazy neighbor like the results?

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That was a great idea, Diana! I love the way it looks and you turned a con into a pro. The windows look real in the pictures. How funny that you tried to peer in them. I had a mirror in my garden and would startle myself everytime I was in that area and walked past it. I could see the reflection of myself out of the corner of my eye and thought someone was there. I know. : )

Blondie's Journal said...

You did a bang up job with that garage and space. And I admire your gumption in marching over there with your idea. Good for you!


Susan said...

Diane, OMG you all worked a miracle on your back yard. It looks beautiful!

LANA said...

It looks great, all quaint and cottage-y. I did the same thing with a fake window on my shed but did not paint the glass black, that was a great idea and I may have to copy you!

Infuse With Liz said...

Awesome! I like your concept of embracing her garage as a feature for your yard- especially since you don't have much choice! Painting the back of the glass black was ingenious! At a distance the windows and door look real! How the heck they got away with building a structure on a lot line is beyond comprehension! I guess they didn't have building codes in place when it was built! Glad she was cooperative with you on letting you fix the side of her garage that you have to look at! LOL about trying to peer into the windows!

Kim K. said...

How BRILLIANT are YOU! Absolutely genius. Gorgeous transformation.

Hope Filled Living said...

Oh my gosh, Diana! I am amazed by what you have done to transform your space. I would have never thought in a million years....never would have crossed my mind to hang a fake door and genius is that, girly girl! Love, Love, Love it! Wow!
Hugs to my wonderfully creative friend.

Debby said...

Amazing transformation.
You could get a job doing that. Glad that the lady didn't looks so cute.

Anonymous said...

I have never in my life heard of anyone doing this, of course I have never met anyone like you have I!!!
This is just amazing, just beautiful, they must have felt a bit foolish , did it not shame them into fixing things up a bit?You have such a gift you have, I'm surprised they didn't hire you to fix the rest of the garage!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Sort of a faux folly!
Such a charming garden spot!

Susie said...

Wow, so much better Diana. Has the lady ever looked at the back? It is amazing how some people fix things so nicely and others let it fall down . You did a fabulous job there. Smiles, Susie

Jettie said...

It is beautiful. miles there is a I know a place you should show up to spruce up. I've got lots of paint, and there is an old window or two that I'll let you use.

Beth said...

Wonderful idea. It looks beautiful!!

Julie Marie at Idyllhours said...

Wow!... that is just gorgeous Diana!... I can't believe the changes you made and how creative you are, love it!... xoxo Julie Marie

Patty Patterson said...

So cute! I love the windows and window box on the garage.

Donna said...

Yes, bring them on! We want to see more of your amazing transformations, Diana! I can't believe that is the same yard & garage! The windows and door idea is pure genius!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

That garage is fantastic. You are so clever. Cute post and lovely yard. Hugs, marty

Ellie VanCaster said...

What an awesome idea-you are so full of it, WHOOPS, I mean them...
as in creative ideas...yeah, that's it!
Yes, please more DIY, I can't wait to see.
XO Ellie

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have never heard of anyone doing something like this..and I AM BLOND! But it works and solves the problems! Mix me a drink! heehee!

Lucille said...

More, more, please Diana! Unbelievable what you did to that garage. A beauty and the beast makeover! You're such an inspiration!

Ruth Kelly said...

Very clever. Has your neighbor seen it?

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Well that's just about the neatest transformation I've ever seen. You smart thing -- to paint the windows black. It looked really charming.

Faye said...

Awesome idea! It looks 100% better. I would have never known it was such an eye sore if you hadn't shown the before pics. Yes, show us more!

Karen said...

Wow Diana, way to turn lemons into lemonade. It looks gorgeous. Is it the rule that everyone has to have a loopy neighbor? LOL

Blessed Serendipity said...

Diana that was such a great idea and it looks so good. You are one smart cookie with sprinkles on top. :)


20 North Ora said...

What a transformation!! It's amazing to me that some people don't take better care of their property. But, it's great to see how you overcame the problem. Great job!!


Maria Elena said...

Diana, this is just amazing! Not in a million years I would of thought of doing that! The windows and door look so real! You are very creative and even better at problem solving! Awesome post and backyard!!!

Tete said...

Oh, I like this. How did they ever let them build on the line????
But you made it look cute. How many bottles did you pass over the fence to keep that old woman that happy?
Wow, I need you. But I have a bigger project. I need to hide 2 neighborhoods! LOL
We have the best looking place on 2 different streets. Not sure a fence would cover it all. How are you at driving a bull dozer?

Teresa said...

That looks so cool. like your own garden "shed". I would like to see more of your DIY's.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Oh my goodness, that's awesome! You know I love gardens and this one is a beauty! And you know everyone is going to be hanging blackened windows on the back of their garages now!

Ron said...

I would LOVE to see more. I love what you did with that wall and the back yard. Good work and keep 'em coming! xo

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

that is a great improvement! what a great idea the door and windows!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Diane, WOW this makeover is incredible. You are so creative. I love it!! Yes, I want to see more!! So inspiring. I have to go back and view your wonderful pics again.
Hugs, CM

Pam said...

That is a fantastic way to hide the hideous mess of a garage. Love it. I'm just picturing her inside the garage after a few drinks and wondering where the door and windows are.

It's All Connected said...

That's an awesome transformation! I never would have thought of adding the fake windows and doors but it's such a great idea. ~ Maureen

Zoey said...

WOWZA, Diana! That is one great transformation! I would Love, Love, LOVE, to see more!!!

Jan said...

Really Cute, Diana....such vision:-)

Nellie said...

You are really a worker of magic, Diana! Are you sure you are not employed by HGTV?:) I love to see DIY projects. It gives me ideas for my sweet hubby!:) Gotta keep him busy, you know.:) xo Nellie

Gail said...

WOW that looks amazing Diana!

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

That was a wonderful solution! The yard and garage looked beautiful when you finished! A paradise! Not to mention I had yet another good laugh!

Flora Doora

Gina said...

You are so darn clever (even though you're peering through non existant windows! LOL)

That is an amazing transformation. You really turned that baby around!

Missy George said...

That's amazing..Looks great ..Glad she said OK..Love your post..funny one!!

Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

Awesome! That is a great makeover! And bring on more pics Diana - love what you've got going on here I want to see more!

camp and cottage living said...

You are amazing! I, never in a million years, would have thought of that!
Yes, I'd love to see more imaginative ideas like this one.

Shopgirl said...

You have done some real magic, sure I would love to see more. I am getting ready to build my picket fence headboard...and because of your sharing, I am using Annie Sloan chalk paint old white. yep we are still working on the upstairs, almost done.
Big Hugs, Mary

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow, what a great transformation, good for gutzy you to hang the windows and fence. She is lucky you did not make her take the garage down since it is on your property line! It sure looks great!


Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh it looks so sweet! I love the fake windows and the door with the arbor. You are hilarious!
Great DIY.

Jacqueline said...

You are amazing! I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it myself! Good thing you snapped that before pic because I often forget that. Would you come and take me on as your next crazy lady next door! Such talent.

PS We love blondes!

Sue said...

Fabulous.....can not believe it's that horrible garage..
you did a wonderful job!!

Rebecca said...

Funniest thing I've read in a LONG LONG TIME! LOVE THE TRANSFORMATION!

You are somethin' else. Come to my house and tell me how to fix the neighbor's tree limb that is about to fall on our 8ft fence. :)


Little Miss Maggie said...

Fabulous, Diana. Black windows? They look like real windows that you can see through. I love the whole idea, and I bet the New Dawn looks incredible in this setting. Yes, please, show us more.

Sarah said...

Absolutely want to see more of your projects. Thanks for sharing.

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Wow! What a transformation, that crazy lady is lucky to have you for a neighbor. Hopefully she isn't too crazy to realize that!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Diana! It would be wonderful to see more of your DIY projects! This one was amazing! I had hubby come and look at it for future reference. Thank you!
Love to you and Happy Thanksgiving, too,
Lily, WA, USA

pink*cherub*moon said...

I love it! The color is fabulous, kind of purple, like eggplant. So pretty! Love the way you partitioned off the garden - so sweet! The door and windows were genius! I was laughing at the crossed out sarcasms LOL! Gin and tonic LOL! Funny lady you! I would love to have something like this in my own yard, but now a neighbor's, I want it for my play house! xoxo

lynn said...

what a fabulous job, diane! it looks so wonderful now!

Sweet Tea said...

So fun seeing this. You did an amazing job making a " lemon" into lemonade. looking forward to seeing more!