Friday, September 7, 2012

Alphabet Laughs- U Is For Umbrella And Ugly

U- Did you think I would show
you a UTube video of myself?
Nope-Not gonna happen.
I am going to focus on
Umbrellas and Ugly.

I  found this Umbrella
online for all my ruffle loving
Wouldn't that be beautiful
for a bride on a rainy or
hot sunny day?

My daughter, Mimi,
bought me the most
beautiful umbrella.
No- That is NOT me...
but that IS the umbrella.
You can click on the picture
to order one for yourself.
I think it is one of the prettiest
umbrellas ever.

This is perfect for my
friend, Donna, over at
Of course, Donna, being Donna,
would have to coat it with this.
I don't call her 
without reason.

And what is the most perfect
umbrella in the world
for my little
See, I remembered that
PINK is her favorite color.
Do you think they would see
her coming at school?

Speaking of SweetCheeks..
She always very matter of factly
states whatever is on her mind.
(No filters in place, thank you)
After her half-day of school
yesterday she was at my house
watching her favorite movie
Beauty and the Beast.
Papa joined us for few minutes.
Here is the word-for-word
conversation that ensued.

Papha!  Did you know that when
Behlle kissed the BEAHST
he turned into a handsome prince?
Yes- I knew that, SweetCheeks.
I used to be an ugly beast,too,
until Nana kissed me and I turned
into a handsome Prince.

SweetCheeks glances from the
handsome movie prince to Papa,
looking him up and down.
Very seriously she says....
It's not working, you are 
still kinda ugly.

Only invite her over if you
have a lot of confidence in
Just sayin'.....
your photo name


  1. Donna would definitely cover her umbrella in glitter (tee hee). I just the honesty of our little girls. Happy Friday.

  2. Sweet Cheeks is cute as can be. My great niece who is 3 1/2 is pretty plainspoken, too!
    Love the umbrellas. Grandma had a friend who walked all over town with a sun umbrella when I was a kid. I thought that was so odd (as a child).

  3. lol poor G'pa.. the young dont see princes like we smart mature gals do..

  4. Oh poor Papa! Perhaps he needs kissing some more.

  5. Noooo way! That kid kills me! lol

    Love your new umbrella! Very pretty & very chic.

  6. Diana, Papa needs some kisses from sweetcheeks.:):
    LIke your umbrella. I have lots of umbrellas...but never the ones I love when caught in rain, always end up with a timy half broken one in the truck.LOL
    Now start kissing that beast, xoxo, Susie

  7. I lost my favorite over-sized automatic umbrella on a Black Friday a couple years back.. left it at the restaurant. Now, I have a short (why would they make them so short?) and cheap little one that I'm sure will turn inside out in a breeze. Usually, it's just so annoying, I allow the rain to redecorate my hair into it's exciting "just add water" wild woman style.

    I really like your umbrella AND that pretty blue one!

  8. Pretty umbrellas!! Love yours too! We have very plain boring ones here. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments:-)

  9. Sweet cheeks tells it as she sees it, no sugarcoating for her.
    Pretty umbrellas, all of them. I have an Avon Breast Cancer Awareness umbrella. Nutin fancy but it is serviceable.

  10. HAHAHAHAHA You better kiss that poor man again! HAHAHAHA

  11. children just say what they think...which it might be good or not, depending on the context :)

  12. Too funny, Diana! Poor Hero:) And you are so right, I would cover that aqua umbrella in glitter! Waterproof glitter, that is! Love your ruffly one!

  13. I had to laugh at that one. Poor Papa! Maybe you should kiss him again.

  14. That's too funny. Poor Papa. Somehow kids have a way of getting in the last word, don't they? The umbrellas are really cool and I'm going to have to go online to search for the monkey umbrella.

  15. Kids are kids!... sometimes, I wish adults would be as honest with their opinions... I would rather someone told me I had chocolate all over my face than let me walk around that way... LOVE your umbrella, and the one above it!... xoxo Julie Marie

  16. Sweet Cheeks is precious. I love her conversation with papa.

    Nice umbrella which you could use here as it has poured down rain all morning.

  17. Well, John opened his mouth and got it good. Ask him if the truth hurts??? I know he's laughed at what she has said about you before. Keep her away from me until she can at least not say anything if she can't lie.

  18. That's hilarious!!! I think you're not kissing him enough Diana lol -
    get cracking!

  19. By the way Diana... I told you what a HUNK I thought your hubby was in the wedding pic you showed a while back... I still think he is!... xoxo Moi

  20. OMG that made me laught!! Out of the mouths of babes!!
    Love it!

  21. Out of the mouth of babes! lol I am liking the monkey umbrella. ~ Maureen


    This reminds me of when my Miss K asked me if I was VINTAGE! WHAT?



  23. When our daughter got married she needed an umberella quick. Weatherman said sunshine . My poor hubby ran all over town to get a white Pretty one for her but not a black handled one. Back then he paid big dollars. I am sure today would be triple.

    Now to your comment with sweet cheekes.

    My husband would say to our Grandchild that age. He was the beauty not the beast. She said your not the Beauty Grandpa.Grandma is the Beauty .So I had a big laugh what you wrote what your Granddaughter said..

    Out of babes mouths for sure.

  24. Oh my gosh...that Sweet Cheeks is too cute...funny how they can say things like that and we just laugh! And you're right..a aqua glitter umbrella would be perfect for Donna!

  25. I love the ruffle umbrella and sweet cheeks last comment.

  26. Oh, Sock Money - Jess loves Sock Monkey!! That was the funniest thing what SweetCheeks said to her Papa. Tell her that Beauty And The Beast is my favorite too. And give her a hug from Sheri. That red umbrella is a beauty, but since I have curly hair I just let the rain come falling down on me hehe.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  27. How funny, Diana! Perhaps you need to give him another kiss!:)

    xo Nellie

  28. Hysterical I say; I can see she is pretty forthright. Love it! Loved all the umbrellas you shared.
    Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your sweet comments about my quilt.
    Hugs, Noreen

  29. Giggling here ~ Big time!
    Love my visits for your daily doss of humor........Sarah

  30. Oh, the kiddy garden age is priceless! She is better than priceless. ;)
    How long did you her Nana laugh???
    xxx, T.

  31. Oh my, Sweet Cheeks is too cute! Love the umbrella and your doughter looks so beautiful holding it. Thanks for stoping by my blog and helping me out.

  32. Oh my gosh.....better send out a warning to ALLLLL her future boyfriends. They'd better be able to stand on their own! lolol! What a personality!!!!

    xxo laurie

  33. I love that Sweetcheeks. Kind of reminds me of when I almost got run over one day and my granddaughter looked at me and said "it wouldn't be nice to run over an old lady". She usually prefaces her zingers with "I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but....."

    Love the umbrellas. Mine usually get lost so I just buy the cheap ones.


  34. Oh, is that just too funny!

    And the umbrellas, gotta love them,
    I came via "Viv on a Whim" and I am so glad I stopped by, I am now a follower!
    I am just getting back into blogging and loving it now that I am jobless. If you ever want, come on over and visit sometime.

  35. Aah, poop papa. Were his feelings hurt? Those umbrellas are fabulous, Diana. The one with the ruffles is adorable and so is that white "bridal" umbrella. Great examples for the letter U.

  36. Well, that was a major typo I caught just as I hit publish. I meant POOR Papa!

  37. Oh, what a cute post!
    Carolynn xo

  38. Poor, poor Papa. :)
    My daughter once told my mom she saw a commercial for some wrinkle cream she was sure would help her.
    Kids. :)
    Have a great day!

  39. Sweetcheeks is hilarious!
    I'm wondering if a glitter covered umbrella would hold up during a rainstorm?? Well, it would be sparkly!

  40. We could have used some of those umbrellas on my daughters wedding day! And oh my, I don't have near enough confidence to invite SweetCheeks over. If I were her Papa I might still be crying. One day she will appreciate the dapper handsomeness of 'older men'.

  41. Three cheers for Sweet Cheeks!!Love to all, Ginger


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