Saturday, September 1, 2012

Alphabet Laughs- R Is For Roses And Robins And Rides

The other night I was
trying to save what roses
I could -those leftover from
As I was re-cutting the stems
I thought how much like
us those roses are.
There are some that 
are just opening,
with the blush of early life
riding on their brow,
untouched yet by the rain
and storms one finds in
They are full of promise
and hope of the blooms they
will become.

And, next to it,
a rose in full bloom-
having seen the joys of life
she has come into full bloom.
She is in her full glory...
right here...right now...
unblemished yet by the pain
that aging brings.
Which brings us to those of us
that have lost the blush of youth
have moved quietly into the
next phase of our life.
We are still full of life but a bit
paler, perhaps less vibrant,
but still a thing of beauty.
Are you with me?
We are all beautiful in 
God's eyes-Beautiful creatures
 from birth-
to our last days on Earth...

What is another of God's beautiful
Why-Robins, of course.
Here we have a robin that
is nesting right outside our
bathroom window....
Isn't that a beautiful robin?
Well, if you are nodding your head
I know that you aren't really
reading - you are just skimming
again, aren't you?
Caught ya!
This is a 
Mourning Dove.
Here are her babies.
They are almost ready to 
fly the nest.
Aren't they sweet?
This is the third batch of babies
raised here this year.
It has been a joy to watch
each family grow, spread its wings
and fly away.

Speaking of flying away
I think I need to get off here
and get a few things done.
My ride is here....

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  1. Diana, Are you saying we are beautiful birdbrained witches?LOL I have seen so many beautiful flowers on everyone's blogs. I had a few growing too. We are in for some bad weather this weekend, you may not want to be riding that broom around.:):) Enjoy your weekend , stay dry. xo, Susie

  2. Those dove babies are sweet as can be! We received some roses in a vase last week and I have enjoyed them so much. Have a great Saturday.

  3. I thought you lost it a little looking at your "robin" before you called it a dove lol!

    Lovely metaphor with the roses. Life is a beautiful thing regardless of age for true beauty is timeless.

  4. Yes, we are a lot like those roses, I'm about to fall off my stem.

    LOL I was about to call you and tell you that you wouldn't know a robin if you saw one. I never found my nesting Doves this year,

  5. Yep...I was saying ..that is NOT a robin?
    Love roses..that would be my favorite "R"

  6. I thought you were losing it there for a minute when you said "robin", Diana! LOL! That is some very deep thinking for a Saturday morning, but it is an apt analogy.

  7. I was thinking... do I dare tell her this is not a robin?

  8. What a lovely analogy! I guess dried roses are...well...I'd best not go there...


  9. LOL At first I thought you had lost it when you called the dove a robin. I do read your posts, all of the way through because they are always interesting.

  10. What a great metaphor. I didn't have to wait for the pictures to up load I already knew which rose I am most like. Beautifully written.

  11. What beautiful and deep thinking. I enjoyed it and love roses. We have more doves around our house than robins ever. The babies are so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great post and I was just about to point out to you that you need glasses, cuz that's not a robin in there! Love your ride! Suits you. Crooked! Ha!
    Come see me and snag a photo- posted on Tori.

  13. I wonder if any of us would have told you that wasn't a robin? Probably, those of us in the paler stage would have let it go by as unimportant. We don't want to look like witches, do we? ~ Maureen

  14. I knew all the time I was reading this beautiful post that you would zing us in the end, you never let me down you silly goose, "your ride", you made smile and you made feel all warm and fuzzy, such a beautiful post.

  15. My dearest Diana,
    I thought that perhaps you had taken a nose dive off of your ride and knocked yourself senseless.
    That happened to me years ago. You just have to get right back on that broom and keep flying!
    I love the mourning doves...they calm my nerves after those long rides.
    xxx, T.

  16. Lol, I looked at the picture and thought, their robins are very different in the States!

  17. Was that you riding by in front of the Blue Moon? Have a FUN weekend!

  18. I was going to say that that bird did not look at all like a robin. I enjoyed your thoughts about the roses -how true. We are all in different phases of our lives!

  19. What a lovely analogy about the roses. I actually think the fading blossoms are so much more interesting than the buds! And I wasn't going to say anything but I wondered why you were calling a mourning dove a robin! ;-)

    Enjoy your weekend!


  20. I like the analogy you made about the rose. It's so true! And yes, I'm glad you cleared that up for me regarding the bird, because I thought to myself.....that's not a robin! Isn't it fun to watch baby birds grow like that?

  21. Hi Diana! Oh, I'm with everyone else - loved the analogy with the rose. You do know your birds! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Awww! I'm glad they are in a sheltered place...aren't doves just the most notoriously shabby nest-makers? LOL Bless their hearts! Speaking of is the first day of dove-season and it has been pouring too hard for the hunters to be out...(Yay!)

  23. I wondered about that robin! Love your ride! Very neat post - beautiful prose and rose(s).

    Happy Pink Saturday.

    (I'm just visiting pinks today - my post is just general . . . probably shoulda posted pink - oh well!)

  24. Great post about the roses, Diana. I kept waiting for your punch line about thorns or something!! And you thought we weren't paying attention, huh? We enjoyed watching a mama and her two babies right outside our kitchen window when we moved home. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  25. Hi Diana, This is such a beautiful post...LOVE all your roses and your wonderful story...I actually LOVE this phase of my life and I really enjoyed your interpretation... I have had a dove nesting in my planter on my bedroom balcony for 2 years now. "I LOVE that family" and how the Daddy is just as active with the family as she is! They are the SWEETEST Birds! Last year we had a HUGE wind storm and Hubby made sure the planter was anchored so they wouldn't upset,hehe..."TOO CUTE"!!!
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us...
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  26. Beautiful post, what sweet birdies

  27. What a wonderful post, Diana! Sometimes we need to hear those words of encouragement! Thank you!

    Now, it appears to me that the broom needs some major repair. It could be that it has landed at the wrong place - especially if you think it is what you are to use for your transportation!:)

    Have a good evening!

    xo Nellie

  28. Diana, your roses are lovely! The "robin" is very different from southern robins! Just kidding- I read the post! The dove is gorgeous and her babies are adorable! Didn't you have another bird family earlier this year? They do love your house and the play house! Amazing photos!

  29. What a beautiful post, Diana. I love your analogy with the stages of life & roses.

  30. Oh sweet lady, I'm loving this post! The roses are so pretty and the Mourning dove nest is adorable and a beautiful sight to have in your garden.. 3 times already; if I was a dove, I'd love to nest in your house too! Thank you for your wonderful words of encourement, so beautiful how you compare our lives like a rose and yes, that's it, specially, us women. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. Enjoy your long weekend, honey. I love your sweet visits, always too.

  31. Love your rose comparison- we are just "blooming" beautiful!

  32. This is a beautiful post, Diana! And I was just taking your word for it that that was a Robin! At first glance I wouldn't know the difference between a Robin and a Morning Dove. Now I do!

  33. your rose analogy is so very pretty but then you went and called us "not so bright" and witches and such that I forgot where I was going with this sentence. See ya??

  34. How I love the soft cooings of little quails! Often, when I am sitting outside on the front porch I can hear them and they always bless my heart.
    God gave them such sweet little voices!
    Have a happy Sunday, my sweet new friend!

  35. Love this! You are one of my favorite reads!!!

  36. Hi Diana,
    Looks like every one was worried about you and the robin thingie. I was thinking "Does she really think that is a Robin?". I certainly was not going to correct you.
    When I tell Bob I am going somewhere, he says "gotcha broom?".
    I get off of it long enough to hit him upside the head.
    Hope you had a great day, Ginger


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