Monday, November 2, 2015

Romantic Homes Post-

I tried to sneak this in before the end of
but I moved my scanner and lost my 
WiFi connection to it.

Well, I went old school and
So, this is from the 
and is NOT Halloween-y.
It is all about FALL!

Opening the pages you will find this
that looks like a rose.
Wouldn't this be fun to serve at the end of 
a Fall meal?

Rosemary Cathcart is featured this month
and has the most amazing collection of lace
I think I have ever seen!
Her blog is here.

Jeanette Feather has some beautiful antiques
and look at the soft palette here.

Here is a shot of the bathroom at her place.
I thought this was a great 
do-it-yourself fix-up for 
those blah looking 
many homes have in closets and halls.

The cover this month is an unusual one for 
It is bold and bright with color-
but I kind of like it for Fall.

Did I get paid for doing this?
But I just love doing it.
It is one of the few magazine I continue to subscribe to.

I don't get paid for 
but I do it anyway!

My dishes yours?

That would be especially true in
Hope you all have a 
your photo name


  1. Love these photos!!! So pretty and great ideas for bi-fold doors.Have a wonderful week!

  2. I will have to pick up a copy. Very clever idea for closet doors! I love this magazine on account of all the layering. Lots to look at!

  3. Picture one I have same table cloth design and had it given to me as a gift. It is triangle sort of nylon only not big and I have a huge dinning room table. And honest that table cloth has been on every table in the house. I love the colors and design but to be honest. I guess I just don't know how to make it come alive for appeal. Diana if you have any suggestions. Email me. When you get time. I like the photos picture 2 but I would feel I am at Buckingham Palace to visit the queen. Wow lots of frilly lace. Oh Had a great time on Halloween. I put my pictures up of some children.

  4. You should get paid, though. Hope you are doing okay. Going to try to get back to packing today. Hugs

  5. I'm not a very "frilly" girl, but I must say that the table layered with lace is amazing. I have a hatbox filled with lace from my grandmothers. That image encourages me to revisit that box find a little spot to highlight it's special contents! Have a great week Sweet D! Thanks for popping in to 34! It's good to have you back and blogging. You always bless my day!

  6. I haven't seen that issue. What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. I love beautiful magazines but rarely get one any more. I know I'm missing out when I see this one! Enjoy your day sweet lady! Hugs, Diane

  8. Great to see features from Romantic Homes magazine. There is so much creativity out there it is mind boggling. Thank you for sharing. This reminds me I haven't read the new issue of another magazine I subscribe to. I love magazines but blogging has cut down on the time I used to spend reading them.
    I greatly appreciate your sweet visit. Your comment was encouraging.
    Have a great week.

  9. Hey sweet lady, I have been a bad blogging friend. Very crazy the last month. I never knew that this time in my life would be so busy. Anyway love the pictures and romantic french styles. I will be coming back soon!!!

  10. I love Romantic Homes magazines. I have quite a collection of them...although I haven't picked one up in a while. They are wonderful but a little pricey for me to get every month. But I still love going through my old issues.


  11. That looks like a good issue! I always enjoy seeing the magazine through your eyes. I often flip through it at the newsstands when a new one comes out. I don't always buy it. I don't subscribe to any magazines anymore because I find fewer and fewer that I like. I think blogs, pinterest and instagram have become my magazine replacements! LOL! Sure saves me money.

  12. This is a lovely post, Diana.. You're always so sweet to put others out there! Romantic Homes is a beautiful magazine. I love to look through and dream....The cartoon is too cute. Love your sense of humour! You always make me smile :)
    Happy Monday to you and I hope all is well <3

    Tamara xo

  13. Diana, I love that magazine. I take it too. The cartoon at the end just reminded me of my eye dr. He was my mom's dr. also. He was always amazed that she had 11 children...just last week he asked me if she had a dish washer. I said Yes, Susie, Jeanie, Brenda, Pam and and my sisters.LOL Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  14. It is a beautiful magazine. I always like to peek when you share. I don't subscribe to anything anymore. I am rarely awed by what I see and they are so pricey now. Every now and again, I will pick something up at the bookstore, but it's rare.

  15. I like seeing this through your eyes! The apple rose dessert has been all over FB and I believe that our friend Linda (Life and Linda) made them.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  16. You don't really think, that if I served that gorgeous apple dessert, I'd let anyone eat it, do you??????????????

    -sigh- All-the-white-decor-everywhere-in-the-US...... -sigh-

    Some time ago, I noticed that French decor was all-shades-of-gray. And of course, I was enamoured...

    Then came all-the-white-decor-everywhere-in-the-US...... And of course, I was enamoured...

    Guess what? I am no longer enamoured with either....

    Just sayin'.....

  17. This looks like such a lovely magazine Diana. Thanks for sharing the inspiration with us.
    I hope you have a lovely day!

  18. Every year, I get completely burned out after our HUGE Halloween bash. I'm ready to put away all my Halloween magazines and focus on other things now. Looks like a beautiful issue.

  19. Pretty pictures...when we moved into this Summer House, romantic cottage flew out the door...just doesn't work for me in this house.
    Still a pretty magazine, tho. :)

  20. I have to stop by Target today so I am going to try to find the magazine.

  21. Diana,
    It is a dreamy and beautiful issue. Hey my dishes talk to me too... They say "you missed a spot you fool - put on your glasses"!

  22. Morning Diana, lovely pictures and what a romantic place.

    Hugs diane

  23. Morning Diana, lovely pictures and what a romantic place.

    Hugs diane

  24. dishes are always talking, "WHEN will she wash us....uge?" Sadly, I always have dishes in the sink, guess I cook way too much!!!!! Sometimes the husband takes pity and does them also, but that is seldom. Pretty pictures of those fancy homes, and oh I like that apple dessert too. Have a good day. Oh-oh looks like I am back to being anonymous again. Switched to Windows 10 and many things have changed AGAIN!!!

    1. OOPS forgot to sign my name!!
      Louise @

  25. What a clever solution to fancy up bi-fold doors! Oh, and that apple dessert looks amazing! I had to laugh at that cartoon too! :)

  26. Rosemary's table cloth is gorgeous!!! I wasn't familiar with her blog, so I checked it it Thanks for sharing with us.........hugs...

  27. Yummy! I have got to find this magazine. I never can find it and so many bloggers that I know are featured often.

  28. Well I bet you do love the magazine Romantic Homes. I have to say that one room sure had a lot of lace. I think about how to keep it clean! lol Love the dish joke!

  29. Such pretty photos. I'm not sure I have ever seen so much beautiful lace. xo Laura

  30. Wow, that's a lotta lace! Look at the face on that one dog in the photo. Made me laugh. You'll have to stop over for coffee, Diana. :-)

  31. So pretty, Diana. I need to check out these blogs. xo ♥

  32. I got the magazine, but have forgotten all about it, Will have to find it and re-read it again. I do that about 3 or 4 times. Sometimes to many magazines come at the same time and I have a hard time catching up.
    I am so excited - we are going to have rain today, but I will believe it when it starts raining. Everything is ready here for it and i may just go out and dance in the rain yea yea yea.
    Have a good evening.

  33. Hi Diana, This is a beautiful issue and I can't wait till mine arrives. I love lace and this photo is incredible. Have a great evening!

  34. Looks like my kind of magazine! I love going through them, starting from the back! Anyways, the dish pan cartoon would be my kitchen, husband is the dishwasher and he doesn't rinse much...just throws it all in. Yuck!

  35. A magazine I've never read...and to be honest with you I'm so not a romantic, and don't like muted colors :-{ I do love what was done with the bifold doors so I might have to buy the issue to figure out how to do it! Thanks for the share..

  36. Actually, the dishes in my sink are calling loudly at this moment, but I'm ignoring them to check this blog!:-) I do like the treatment of those bifold doors! xo Nellie

  37. Love the dish talk. That Lace is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Oh my, that apple treat that looks like a rose is delightful. I really like that bathroom mirror and shelf. What a romantic and lovely bathroom.

    Have a nice November week, Diana. It rained here in California for two days, yaaaaay!

    love, ~Sheri

  39. I love the photo with the two dogs in the chair! So sweet! Good magazines are few and far between!

  40. I hope mine don't talk, They would be saying "We are a grotty bunch".

  41. Romantic Homes is still one of my very favorite magazines! Let's hope they stay true to their style. I wasn't a fan though of some of the gaudy (at least to me gaudy!) colors of the October issue!! I just received my December issue today, and I have been totally drooling over the pages! So many gorgeous Christmas ideas! Oh, congrats on your win over at Sissies! You lucky girl!!

  42. i don't know about the magazine...
    but those two adorable dogs in the chair... that's MY kind of décor! LOLOL.
    love it.

  43. Diana,
    I have a subscription to this magazine and I love it!!
    I had to laugh at the comment that you left over at Penny's about her Christmas post about the 2 of us!! I do already have the upstairs decorated for Christmas!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  44. I am not familiar with that magazine; it is always good to find one that delights!

  45. Hi Diana,
    I am new here...I found you through your comments on a couple of the blogs I visit.
    I just spent quite a bit of time here getting to know you and I love your sense of humor! :)
    Those bi-fold doors are amazing, what a great idea, I have never seen that done before.
    Beautiful pictures! The dogs in the chair are cute.
    And dishes, not my favorite chore! ;)
    Have a wonderful week!

  46. The homes are lovely! And the goodies...look good! My dishes insist on being rinsed off before being put into the dishwater if they're dirty!

  47. That bathroom is a-maz-ing. Hi Diana!

  48. Looks like a lovely magazine! Congrats! Your photos are great. I love the dogs!

  49. So many pretties...the pups are precious!
    Hope you have a great week. (You and your talking dishes :)

  50. you crack me up.. (the dish cartoon) silly you! I have that issue of romantic homes.. so many pretty pages inside! I have broken down and bought several christmas issue magazines recently..... I love magazines but up to the past week or so, Ive been pretty good about not buying them because I can see all the same things on line pretty much! lol!
    ok.. welll, have agreat day my friend! Im off to day but have lots of bears to work on. toodles!

  51. What is it about magazines? Back in the day, I couldn't get enough of them. Had stacks of them and folder's full of cut out pages of the things I liked. Now, I buy a magazine, and it sits and sits and sits, sometimes, I don't even read it. What? The computer and social media has ruined my all time favorite thing to do...thanks for sharing the pages.


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