Sunday, October 26, 2014


I think I told you that Laura is a 
I think there is a certain security
that surrounds you when you are 
used to being a private person.
Cancer takes that security away
and Laura asked for prayers.

On Thursday I got an update from her.
I asked permission to see 
what I could post as an update.
 She replied that I can
post anything I wanted to post.
So, I am posting this email from her
because then I won't have to explain things 
second hand.

If you get queasy reading about blood
or details you might want to skip 
this email and just pray for her.
Just wanted to warn you.

I, again, got home from the hospital yesterday (Wed.).  At about 2 am Tuesday, I started coughing up large amounts of blood.  I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life.  Anyway, a trip to the ER (1/2 hour away) and they slapped me into the hospital almost immediately.   I was really, really down about it because I had just been discharged on Friday and here it was Tues. and I'm back in again (I've spent 29 days in the hospital since the 24th of August).  I had stopped coughing up blood for a while so nobody really knew what to think, but they all seemed worried or concerned.
Everyone loves to hear positive feedback, even Prayer Warriors, and I think all of you wonderful people who took the time, on my behalf, to pray need to know that GOD really does hear your prayers.
Now here's the really cool part..............only GOD could take a bad, scary negative experience like that and turn it into a positive.  Hours later that day (Tues. afternoon), all the drs I have (my cancer dr., my lung dr., my primary care dr. and an infectious disease expert) looked at my recent x-ray, taken in the ER that morning, and compared it to one taken last week and all came to the conclusion that my latest x-ray was much improved over the one earlier.  Could it be that the coughing up of that stuff could have been needed to help get rid of the cyst & infection I am still fighting?  Apparently it was, but even the drs. were baffled.  I'm on these 'horse sized pills' (antibiotics) and the drs were expecting me to get rid of the remaining infection through coughing, but didn't imagine it would take the form it did. scary, bad experience turned into a really good outcome.  Isn't GOD great?  All those prayers everyone is sending up for me are really working!!!  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! 
I was told yesterday, before they released me, that I could resume chemo next week (if all goes well) and I'm looking forward to it because it was working before this other stuff got in the way of the treatments.  Please keep praying that I stay well and don't catch anything else, or for a full cure if you feel led to ask for that.  Thanks so much again!
Hugs and love,

Please, Please, Please
continue to pray for Laura
whenever you have a moment to do so.
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  1. will pray some more for your friend Laura! for a full recovery!
    have a great sunday my friend!

  2. What a praise. I'll be praying for continued healing for Laura.

  3. Ohhhh how up lifting for Laura. God is good and hears all our prayers. Positive attitude and hope are good to have along with prayers. So happy to hear Laura is doing better.

  4. Diana, I so believe in the power of prayer. This is good news. I am still praying for Laura. Blessings to you too. xoxo,Susie

  5. will pray for sweet laura that god will heal her and not allow any more infections in her body.

  6. God IS great! Always in my prayers.

  7. prayers and more prayers for Laura and all those in need,, whatever their need may be.
    I TRULY BELIEVE in Miracles as I have experienced several myself. Miracles are real and I am praying for one for Laura.

  8. Dear Laura,

    You have our thoughts and prayers, brave girl. It's in Jesus' name we pray-- the name that is above every name. Keep that beautiful chin up!

    Hugs and strength and courage,

    P.S. Thanks, Diana, for passing this on!

  9. great news, scary at the start but sounds like it was just part o the healing!!!!!! I will continue to pray for a complete recovery!!! Take care Laura,

  10. That's good news..Hope she can get back on her chemo very soon...

  11. Sending hugs and prayers to Laura. I am a firm believer that prayers have helped tremendously with hubby. So I think that it should help Laura. Prayers that her chemo continues to work and that she continues to heal. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  12. Will continuing praying for Laura. While quite a scary ordeal, it is wonderful to know that God has reasons for it and was able to reveal them to her.

  13. Continued prayers said. Cancer is so scarey!

  14. May our prayers of HOPE continue to strengthen and heal LAURA daily. Thank you both for sharing her journey. Blessings<3

  15. Diana,
    Thank you for sharing Laura's letter, yes difficult to read but uplifting in her brave struggle and in her strong belief. I will continue my prayers.

  16. Every day I add the intentions of my blogging friends to my own. Consider Laura included. And thank you for being such a great friend to her. "Wherever two or more are gathered...."

  17. Diana, thanks for the update on Laura! What a great report that her x-ray was improved! I'll keep her in my prayers.

  18. Laura Dear
    Our Lord has a thousand ways
    Where at times we see none

    When all our fears have reached the peeks

    The Lords ways have just begun


    Remember his Grace is sufficient for you. We as a people will pray faithfully for you Laura in unity.

    Hugs Carol Ann .

  19. I was thinking of Laura the other day, so I'm very glad for the update.
    Mary Alice

  20. I have been praying for Laura in my daily prayers for a speedy recovery. It seems like most of the people I pray for have cancer or had cancer. I also pray that someday a cure for cancer will be found.
    So glad to hear that Laura is better - God is good.

  21. I will pray for Laura. Thank you for letting us know so that so many people here can lift her up, you are a good friend.

  22. Awww. Laura has been quite a bit. Prayers and healing thoughts. Diana, you are so kind to do this for Laura. xo

  23. Continuing to pray for Laura. Sending her lots of healing thoughts and prayers.

  24. Prayers for Laura and for continued strength and healing.

  25. Nothing quite like positive thoughts and heartfelt prayers! More coming for Laura. Jane

  26. What a scary thing to happen to her. I will continue to pray for her to be healed. xo Laura

  27. That's fabulous news, and I will continue to keep her in my prayers and thoughts.

  28. Many prayers for Laura. Thank you Diana for passing on the info so we can lift her up in our prayers for a full recovery.
    Hugs and Blessings

  29. God does work wonders. I think he was telling Laura all is headed towards her getting well.

  30. Many prayers from our family. Thank you for sharing and we will be praying.
    xx oo

  31. I am definitely going to be praying for Laura. She has an amazing attitude -- looking forward to resuming her chemo is major. Thank you so much for sharing, and I'm sorry that I missed your prayer request earlier.

  32. What a praise! Laura will certainly be in my prayers as she continues on in this journey. Praise the Lord she is trusting Him through it all.

    Hugs to you!

  33. What a wonderful positive women she is and i am so glad her outcome right now turned out to be a positive one. She is a fighter. Prayers for Laura! sandie

  34. What a wonderful testimony! She has such a great attitude! Sending love, hugs and prayers for Laura!

  35. Thanks, Diana. What a trooper. Laura has gone through so much. But, sounds like better news is coming and will continue to pray for that end..Judy

  36. I love reading good reports! I'm sure that was scary for her but happy to see God is answering her prayers! Will continue to pray as she resumes treatment and seeks total healing! Blessings!

  37. Happy to hear things are looking better. Continued prayers!

  38. "God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform." Praise Him and continue with the prayers! She's such a trooper and deserves healing and perfect health. I'm glad she was ok with sharing this update! Please keep us posted ~


  39. I am always amazed by the power of prayer. Hugs and continued prayers.

  40. He answers prayers in his way, not always ours. Glad things are going good now and that it didn't turn the other way. Praying for a complete healing and that the drs have an understanding of what's going on and stay on top of things.

  41. scary situation, but sounds like it was indeed a good thing. Praying for Laura

  42. I am praying for full healing for Laura, and for her to feel the security of God's love, and the warmth of friends and family.

  43. Amazing and such a miraculous blessing!

  44. I will continue praying for Laura, she is really quite a trooper. What great news! Yes, God is good!!!

    Blessings and prayers,

  45. I'm praying for Laura, Diana. What a sweet spirit she has. xxx ~ Nancy

  46. Praying for Laura! Please pray for Tracy. She is my daughter Noelle's friend and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer! Prayer is a powerful thing. God is awesome and He answers us in His time but cares for us as if each one of us were His only child. God Bless Laura and you for being a dear friend.

  47. Sending prayers and positive thoughts to dear, brave Laura. xo


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