Saturday, October 4, 2014

Giving You The Bird

Yep-It's true-
Today I am flipping you a picture of

This one sits on the right side of 
my mantle.
This one sits on the left side of the mantle.
Just realized that he looks like he is molting.
AND look at that "wing tip" hairdo.
I'd say he will be flipping off and headed to
after this season.

I don't like to overdo the mantle
in our family room
because I don't want to cover up
our artwork done by local artist
Carolyn Barnard.
It is called
 Sorry-best I could do with
the light that floods this room.
            Our youngest daughter got married
there-out back by the water
a few years ago.
What you see is the back veranda of
the pavillion.
So- That's it-
 A bit of Fall in the Family Room.
I got lots more to show you...
but first I got another 
BIRD to take care of.
Is it just me or does
look shy?  

Happy Saturday!!!
your photo name


  1. Pretty daughter's wedding photo;, congratulations!
    That bird looks like it's all cuddled up for a nap.

  2. lol! I thnk that chicken does look shy! dont send the bird to bird heaven! just make him a party hat! Im cooking a bird today too.. a nice big ol turkey breast! (so its just part of a bird!) Im on call and it started out BUSY! worked 3.5 hours last night and Im looking at probably 5 crazy hours today. maybe I should cook that turkey this morning before I go out.. in case I dont get back early enough to cook it. hmmmmm...
    have a great weekend!

  3. Awww, I love your old raven. Even if he is getting a bit worn. ,-)

    Happy October,
    "Here there be musing" blog

  4. I have a few of those crows, left on my doorstep as a prank, by a friend. I need to set them out! We're off to a wedding today, so I don't have to think about any other kind of bird. We're getting fed! ;) Your daughter is beautiful.

  5. I'm making chicken tonight for dinner, too. I just took it out of the freezer. I think your chicken looks a lot shyer than mine, though... lol.

  6. I think its wonderful to have the painting of the place they were wed, how perfect! I think the ruffled feathers give that old crow character!!! We had an old shabby crow strutting around the yard yesterday, looked just like this!

  7. Such a beautiful bride! Lovely fall mantle, and your black bird does look like he could use some Dippity-Do...remember that stuff?!
    Have a great weekend...

  8. Diana, I really like that picture. I think the mantle is just right. As for that naked bird, it'll look better all roasted brown. I bet it's cold there today. It's 45 here today, so far. xoxo,Susie

  9. Ha, what a title to see first thing on Saturday morning! : ) I think you did a good job on your mantle, the picture is still viewable but you've got your touch of Fall in.

  10. Beautiful and bride and lovely touches of fall :)

  11. Yup that chicken looks real shy to me! Love the artwork & mantle! v

  12. I hafta's time for the bird to go. Otherwise that mantle looks great! Sad to say but I have been feeling the way your chicken looks......but am slowly coming out of it. I'll be back to my old sassy self soon. Looking forward to more fall decorations.

  13. You goofy girl! Fall mantle looks beautiful

  14. Thanks for giving me the bird!!! Love the Bay Beach picture and especially that it is so meaningful to your family. I am actually watching the first snowflakes of the season right now.....brrrr! Not sure I'm ready for it! Have a super weekend my friend!

  15. What a beautiful print! Love the fall touches. And, as usual you have me laughing!! It's gonna be a great weekend. Baby girl flew home to surprise me.

  16. Beautiful painting and such a pretty mantle! I think there is bird on the brain I'm lovin it!


  17. That is a gorgeous painting! Crows are not my favorite, though. Or - would yours be ravens? xo Nellie

  18. Hi Diana, I love the crows and where your daughter got married looks so pretty. I love the painting. Have a nice weekend.

  19. Diana,
    Your mantel looks nice. Sometimes simple is best. I love all the oranges and reds and golds in this season. Your mantel displays them all.

    Jess' birthday is on Sunday. Stop on by if you get a chance. Have a great weekend, dear Diana.


  20. by the way, I was wondering is that a crow or a raven? I can never tell. :~)

  21. Love the mantel. Ha ha I see the final bird as looking shy too. How funny! Have a great week end.

  22. Mantel looks really cool. I too have Ravens in our house. Love the painting. Happy Saturday.

  23. lol....of course he's a little shy...he's buck naked for the whole blog world to see!!!
    Love your mantle, Diana! It's done just right! BEEEEEAUTIFUL!!
    Have a joyous weekend, dear friend of mine.

  24. Diana , you are too funny. Love the art work and the mantle!!

  25. Love the art work and mantle they look real good together. You missed your calling in life ... Good luck with your birds. LOL

  26. Great mantel. The poor chicken is probably cooking as I speak.

  27. I really love that artwork, and the fact that it's done by a local artist, and is sentimental is even better! Love your mantel too!

  28. Such a gorgeous print. I like viv's idea of a party hat for your bird.

  29. A bunch of old crows? hmmm. That chicken looks cold..I'll bet you're going to warm it up.

  30. Gorgeous painting! And I've never had more fun being flipped the bird! :)

  31. A great painting. I agree with Viv, the bird needs a party hat. That poor chicken has seen better. You'd be shy to if you had your picture butt naked.

  32. I think you've started something with the bird? Does he have to go to birdy heaven? Too funny!! Your mantel and that painting is gorgeous~~love it~~ Blessings~~~Roxie

  33. My husband went through a crow period a few years ago...we had them everywhere. Thankfully he is over that now..and we are back to normal.

    Your's look rather dashing.


  34. The chicken definitely looks shy! haha :)

    Your Fall decor looks lovely, Diana, and the crows are fantastic. I have lots of the live ones around my yard that squawk and squabble...I much prefer your "silent" ones.

    Hugs to you!

  35. Looks lovely. Love the bird peeking out of the bush.

  36. Your mantle is perfect! I love that you let that gorgeous piece of art just shine! And the bird is perfectly awesome!!!! And your daughter's wedding photo is stunning!!! A wonderful weekend lady! And yes that chicken looks a bit shy!! HA! You crack me up! Nicole xo

  37. You're hilarious...
    I love your birds. Seeing them reminded me... I crocheted a crow LAST YEAR! I need to find it and put it out for Fall. I really don't decorate for Fall... I keep saying that. But I have some junk SOMEWHERE I CAN THROW UP! .... so sorry, but that is probably about how it would look too.
    Nice that you have a painting of the place your daughter was married. So wonderful.
    that chicken didn't look the least bit shy to me... more like exhibitionist chicken! LOL

  38. Diana, what a beautiful bride!! I love the painting, and your mantle looks great!


  39. I wouldn't want to cover up that beautiful picture either. I think a molting bird is perfect for Halloween. xo Laura

  40. AWWW! Don't you dare send that sweet crow to bird heaven! He sits in a box for 11 months waiting to come out only for this season! I say let him live! He'd be happy to just peek over the top of your pretty pumpkins!
    And speaking of pretty - look at that radiant bride! Your painting keeps that happy day in mind every single moment!

  41. That bird looks cold so you better get it in the oven and warm it up. Your fall decorations look nice Diana.

    xo Danielle

  42. My cats ensure that all decorative birds in my house look like they are molting. The mantle looks very pretty and just enough to not take away from the lovely painting.


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