Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Santa I Painted And Elf Turns Peeping Tom

I have 500 things to show you.
Okay- I lied- I might have 100 things to show you
but I am running out of time here, folks.
Today will be short and sweet 
because I am off and running for the day.
I have this little Santa crock that I painted back 
in the 1980's.
It sits in our first floor powder room.
I copied the idea from somewhere I am sure.
The chair is one my kids sat on when they were little.
As you can see,
the chair and the crock got a bit banged up
over the years.

Now as I was sitting having my coffee 
and minding my own business-
the Elf on the Shelf jumped down
from the tree.
I followed him blindly like 
any other dumb blond
would do.
Where is he headed?
Say it isn't so!
Why did I get the NAUGHTY elf?
Can you believe this?
He's a shower peeper!
MyHero is NOT gonna be happy about 
No sirree bob!
That elf is gonna be in BIG trouble now!
You should have seen the one he 

Elfie better hide REALLY good 
when MyHero gets home from work...
and that's all I'm gonna say about that!

Have a great day.
I am trying to get around to visit
as I can.
your photo name


  1. You needed a coffee spitting warning at the top of this post!!! That naughty elf. hee hee. Love your Santa painting, you talented gal!

  2. You are too funny, Diana. Love the hand painted piece on the little chair. Hope your little one is doing well.

  3. I am not even going to say what I am thinking! LOL

    I feel like I am at an all night slumber party giggling about boys in the locker room..."and stuff"!

    La la la la...la...la...la...la... LA!

  4. LOVe your pot painting and chair. But I sure do look forward to seeing what Elf is up to next. I did upstairs and finally found my Elfie, so far he's being good!

  5. LOL! I just knew your Hero was going to get the brunt of this, Diana! : ) Love the Santa you painted. I wish I had that kind of talent. My Santa would be a stick figure with a beard.

  6. Diana, I don't know who's leading who , in the shower peeping. LOL Good thing Hero couldn't chase you at that time. Once I gave a friend a card with a twisted looking santa on it...it said "this is santa's perverted cousin Ralph. He sees you when you are showering" I think of this everytime I see a Santa that just doesn't look right. Can't help myself. Hope you have a fun safe day. Boy it's cold here today. I need to see the sunshine. xoxo,Susie

  7. I love the Over-the-years chair. The pot, you painted? Wow! You have hidden that talent! So impressed.

    Thank you for dropping by. So thankful that Jesus is our light and the journey often gets dark and we can only see one step in front of us.

    Have a beautiful Christmas! Let the elf have a little fun:)


  8. -gigggles- Oh oh! Elf is in trouble now!!!!

    Run Elf, run!!!!!!

  9. WOW! You are a woman of many talents and activities! The elf is darling :-) I am certain that your Hero is going to be sooooo happy when that elf goes back into hiding after Christmas....he does? doesn't he?
    Have a great day!

  10. Thanks for the morning laugh, Diana! I love your elf, your Santa crock and your sense of humor! :)

  11. That elf! Up to mischief as usual.

    I like the Santa you painted on the crock. It adds a very festive touch to your powder room. xo Nellie

  12. HA!! Diana, I just love your, I mean the elf's, orneriness!!(Is that a word?)
    Your little chair is so cute!

  13. Dang it. I'm headed for the shower now, and you've got me all freaked out over that Elf dude.

  14. It's a good thing you have a frosted glass shower door, Diana! Otherwise I think you might be in a bit of trouble:)
    Your crock is cute!

  15. That's pretty hilarious! I actually laughed. And our elf is pretty good, most of the time. He leaves us surprises and he stole the potty chair and left surprises in it's place. Because - the girls are big enough to use the big potty now. I'm so thankful he took that little one. No more dumping!

  16. Now, Diana, how to you expect any of us to be commenting on your pretty blue Santa when the shower elf is distracting us--it's not your hero we're thinking of, of course, just the elf!

  17. OMG Diana...too funny!! Now where do you think your Elf learned all his mischievousness from...just sayin;)
    LOVE the painted Santa crock and that sweet little chair!

  18. Oh my gosh, this is too funny and I feel I may here you yelling for help all the way down here!! Could it be you are a naughty influence on little Elf??
    Love your painted Santa. He looks like many designs I have done over the years. Pat Olsen style Beautifully painted!

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  19. You are such a talented artist Diana! I love your Santa. That naughty elf needs a time out.

    xo Danielle

  20. oh very darling crock and elf Nana(:)
    yes yes please help me on my comment problem.. do you mean a place for me to reply that can be sent right under the reply someone post?
    lOL I sound confused --help please ..hugs..Patty

  21. Hahaha, I love that little Elf On The Shelf. I just saw him today when I was out shopping, but didn't want to spend that much, even though it was 20% off. I must get him before Christmas though hehehe. I like that you did some painting back in the 80's. I also painted a couple things myself, but gave them away.....why did I do that? The stool is so cute, Diana.


  22. Merry Christmas Diana. Karen has kept me updated on your precious grandson. What a miracle that God used a blog friend to help your family get him the help he needed. Praise the Lord.
    Your home is looking so pretty. I see that you and Sweet Cheeks have had birthdays. God bless you all during the holidays.

  23. You might want to stay out late shopping yourself! =D

  24. ok thanks Nana (:) I will try it another day when time is better hugs..p

  25. Oh Diana! I shouldn't have been eating my lunch while reading this! You made me laugh out loud! Too fun - love your Santa :)

  26. Little Elfie may find himself in the garbage can if he doesn't shape up!
    Of course I got a feeling he wasn't able to climb atop that shower stall by himself, Diana...

  27. That wasn't even close to 100 things.

    I like your naughty little elf.

  28. HAHAHA, I needed that after the busy day I’ve had, and it’s not over!!!!! Naughty elf. I love your trip down memory lane, adorable crock and chair memories.
    Have fun while you finish up, that’s my motto.......


  29. You are such a twisted woman and now you have a twisted elf running lose! LOL- You and your elf are not allowed to come visit me during the holidays! You can come after you pack him back up for the year. John is so going to get you now. Thanks for not posting the naughty photo.

  30. That elf could could get you into a lot of trouble. Have a wonderful week. Love the Santa. Blessings, Martha

  31. Who better to have the naughty Elf??/ Only you could have so much fun with him..Your Hero is so very tolerant...or fun, as the case may be..

  32. My elf sits in the Christmas tree...I have never seen him do any naughty things, course I keep my eye on him. Not sure what he does in the off season, but he always seems to be in the tree come Christmas time :)

  33. ROTFLOL You have a naughty voyeur elf! Creeptastic!!!

  34. Diana, I knew you were talented, just didn't know how much. Love your Santa on the crock-huh, that should be a joke. I hear you with trying to get to everyone each day-nearly impossible.
    Love you girl.

  35. Too funny and so darn cute. That elf is a naughty one for sure:-)

  36. Love your sweet treasures from years past! And I thought I was n aughty! Look at that elf! You just never know where they will show up. haha! Don't worry about visiting every post I do....I'm just goofing off with pics this week! Sweet hugs!

  37. That elf just gets naughtier and naughtier. I am seriously shocked :)
    xo Laura

  38. Your little crock is very sweet, your naughty elf is just that, naughty! Enjoy your week!

  39. Just what everybody needs, a silly shower stalking elf! How funny. Merry Christmas!

  40. oh my gosh you are hilarious!! I love your posts!!


  41. That is hilarious. I love the crock. So cute!

  42. Your elf is very naughty!!! He's a little peeping Tom. Your husband is a trooper for letting you post these pics! LOL.

  43. Oh my goodness. Nothing worse than an elf that is a shower peeper!!


    Your crock is beautiful, by the way. Great job!

  44. what on EARTH would we do without you?
    never stop this blog. change it if you must. but NEVER stop!

  45. A very unique and interesting presentation. I am sure the little elf knows how to handle heroes. Best wishes to you and family for a glorious holiday.

  46. I love Elfie - how funny he (you) is. Your crock Santa is still looking pretty good after all of these years. I really like blue in holiday pictures. It is different, but very attractive.

  47. Oh, my. He sure gets into some trouble around your house.

  48. He's a dirty, little elf for sure! The one on top of the shower, I mean.
    You are a very talented painter!

  49. LOL. You need to have a talk with that elf of yours!!!!


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