Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sweet Cheeks Recipe For Octopus For Children

Yes- I know.
It is hard to believe that a 6 year old
could have developed a taste for  Octopus-
but- it's true.

When I first started blogging I did a post
about this but I think it is time to
do an updated version.
IF the littles in your life have
you are going to be surprised
at how quickly they embrace this recipe.
Now- These are NOT your typical Octopuses.
No Indeedy.
SweetCheeks says these are Wisconsin octopuses.
Here they are in their "live" state.
First you must filet them.
They do NOT like this.
The picture is blurry because they kept trying to 
wiggle and get away.
Unlike regular Octopuses, Wisconsin octopuses only have FOUR tentacles.
Here they are-filleted and ready to be nuked.
I close my ears so I don't hear the screams.
 Oh- No!  It's the HOT PLACE for us!
Here they are-
As you can see there is a bloody discharge from
eyes and mouth-not pretty.
We have been collecting macaroni shells
and boiling the germs out of them.
We have also collected  and steamed seaweed broccoli.
And here, my friends, lies
poor Olly Octopus.
Slated for the dinner table.
We fondly call this
Octopus On The Rocks.
Now I ask you- Does this look like
The Cat That Ate The Canary?
The Kid That Ate The Octopus?
Pop by tomorrow.
You never know WHAT is gonna happen here.
We might do something REALLY wild and crazy!
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  1. Lol! You are too funny! Neat way to serve a hot dog. 😊

  2. Diana, I used this famous recipe of yours and SC,for Emma once....then she tells me she doesn't like hot-dogs. Why that un-Ameriacan. Tell SC that I would eat this with her.:):) Hope she has more recipes.xoxo,Susie


  3. Not thats some octopus I could eat, if sweetie left any that is:)

    thanks for starting my day with a smile.. I appreciate you in more ways than I can express.. your sweet smile , kind words, funny posts and bright spirit have been a blessing in my life. I've meant to tell you this for a long time , so todays the day..

    Its really true that we dont know what we mean to other folks unless they tell us, so I am telling you NOW..


  4. I see the Food Network knocking on your door any day now!! Great storm last night!

  5. That's the cutest thing! What a great idea.

  6. oh those are so cute, its been years since I saw this, Sweet Cheeks is such a beauty, she is growing up fast! Its true they do scream!!

  7. You make hanging out with the girls so much fun! That's my kind of octopus!

  8. What a cute idea...Always something new!!

  9. Wow, our Mom's/Grandmom's were never this creative, were they?? :)

  10. Cute - I should be more creative for my grandkids.

  11. What a cute and fun idea for a meal! I can see why she loves eating octopus!
    This is certainly different than my Grandma cutting my cinnamon toast into strips and calling them cigarettes! hey, it was the 70's.

  12. I love these! Great post on how to do them. I wonder what my guys would say if I made them for supper tonight? One of their favorite meals is hot dogs, mac and cheese and fried potatoes. They never get tired of it.

  13. This is a really cute idea, Diana! I think my grandchildren would really go for it! xo Nellie

  14. Hi, I remember when you did the post of Octopus-I was so impressed because I have known a few children who love Sushi and raw fish....then I laughed. Haven't yet tried it on my grands but thanks for the reminder.
    Have a fun day!

  15. Oh my, Diana, I love it! I will have to make "Octopus" for my son :)

    Hugs to you!

  16. What a cute idea! That was a really cute post! Enjoyed reading it!

  17. Well if that's not the cutest seafood dinner I've ever seen lol - what a great idea!!!

  18. So much fun!
    I've got to remember this when the g'kids visit.

  19. Cute.

    My grand and I have made the little hot dog mummies for Halloween.

  20. Well that's good idea, very creative.

  21. What an adorable post! (and cool advice) My little grandson is in the picky eater stage, and I'm going to need some pretty fancy tricks to get him to eat, too. This is a keeper!

  22. Where's my plate? Will there be cookies for dessert?

  23. very clever and just so cute! hope your feeling better:)

  24. Cute! I've made those for my kids before too - tell Sweet Cheeks they live in Ohio too ;)

  25. I bet the kids sure loved this, heck I would love this, hot dogs with macaroni, is right after my own

  26. This was GREAT. That looked really good. Hey even I could eat that kind of octopus! lol sandie

  27. You are the most AH-dorable Nana! Oh, this ever cute! ;P


  28. This is waaay too cute and I know it really went over well with the grands.
    love it....:)

  29. You are really too much, Nana Diana! You are in the major leagues of fun grandmothers.

  30. I burst out laughing at the sight of those hot dogs...have to try this with the grandkids!

  31. OOh Diana this is the bestest octopus meal I have ever seen :) my granbabies are going to love you for sharing this recipe xx thank you so most for a most adorable post yet again xx

  32. We have got to do these for our great nephew Jordan. He would LOVE these.

  33. What a great idea!! Must try this one for sure. I have to admit that I actually really like octopus...grilled is very tasty, and it does not have a fishy taste. It's very similar to calamari's taste

  34. I love this idea.. YOUR such an awesome NANA .. I love all your posts.. Those kids are going to look back someday and just be in awe of all the sweet memories you are making.. HUGS

  35. Darling idea! I'm sending the link to my sister. She'll love this for her grands.

  36. Wow, what a diverse and mature pallet for such a little one!!!LOL


  37. I'll never eat a hot dog again. (But I'm gonna pin your recipe for octopus, to make for my grandkids.)

  38. You are beyond clever - even making a meal this much fun.


    Give SC a hug for me - and have a wonderful weekend.

  39. O, the things kids love. She is such a doll. One day she will loathe the hotdog/macaroni or spaghetti-O combo, for for now, it's the tastiest thing in the world.

  40. Oh gosh, I haven't seen these in years!!! How fun!!~~Angela

  41. My grandkids are going to love this! Pinning.


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