Monday, August 19, 2013

Sweet Cheeks And The Topaz Necklace

My daughter treated all
the girls in the family
to lunch for Lulu's birthday.

SweetCheeks managed to
restructure the seating arrangement
so that she was right next to me.
Oh! Goody! Goody! Gumdrops!

Several years ago I worked for
a family member that owned a
jewelry store.
I now possess some beautiful
pieces of jewelry although I 
seldom wear much of it.

However, I do love my 
Blue Topaz necklace.
I don't know if you can tell
but it has a small crown of diamonds.
(not a great picture-it has a lot of
sparkle to it in real life-more like this:
I have often told SweetCheeks
that it will be hers "someday"
because it is her birthstone.
She has chewed on that for a while.

Sitting at lunch she said
to the other grandmother, Gramma G,
and pointing at my neck.
SCheeks:  THAT necklace is going to be 
MY OWN someday-
When Nana dies- it's mine.

Me: I hope I don't die for a while,
yet, SweetCheeks.

SCbeeks: It won't be long, Nana, cuz
you are REALLY OLD.

Gramma G:  Well, I'm even older than
your Nana.

SCheeks:  Yeah- You're  gonna die first.

Gramma G:  I'll have to think of something
to leave you in my will, too.

SCheeks: (pause)- Wait for it-----
 I like your earrings.

I thought we were all going to wet our
pants laughing.

So, if you see anything you want
that I have-let me know-
otherwise YOU KNOW WHO is going
to claim it.
your photo name


  1. Oh how funny.
    I am looking forward to seeing Sweet Cheeks as a comedienne on TV!

  2. Oh, my that is a hoot. What kids will say.

  3. Tooo funny!!! There's a girl who knows what she wants!!

  4. That's funny! Bless her sweet little heart!!

  5. Too funny! Yes, our Little Munchkin knows she will have the "sparkly" that I wear around my neck.:-) xo Nellie

  6. Diana, At SC age..everyone is old.:):) I would have loved being there in person listening to those conversations. Hope it's a long time before SC gets your necklace.xoxo,Susie

  7. LOL! She is too funny! Well, at least she's laying claim to what she wants while everyone is still kicking.

  8. Lol that is just too funny! Thanks for the smile this morning!

  9. Well old girl, I hope you hang in there just a bit longer! SweetCheeks can wait for her inheritance! ... She is too funny!

  10. Kids say the "cutest things"! Our 6 year old looked at H the other day and said "you're going to be dying pretty soon" He said "why?" She said " cause your hair is getting grey" Hugs, Penny

  11. Kids come out with the darndest things! She is growing fast!

  12. LOL! Gotta love little Sweet Cheeks! Take your vitamins, Diana, we want to keep you as long as we can! Oh, by the way, my birthday is in November! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Where is the photo of grandma G choking on her food? And we need to see if the earrings match the necklace.

  14. Holy cow! You better start wearing depends around that kid. Hard telling what she will come up with next.
    That would be the perfect thing to give her for her wedding day. Or loan it to her then- something borrowed, something blue...

  15. I wasn't exactly expecting this and just managed to spill my coffee on my desk howling with laughter.

    Oh my gosh what a pickle she is.

    Out of the mouth of the babes, I swear - you and the other GMa must have just about fell out of your chairs.

    Hahaha. Too funny.

  16. oh no!!! thats so funny! love how matter of fact she is about it!!

  17. Well, you gotta calls dibs if you want something! Would probably be better AFTER someone has passed away, but at least she's thinking ahead.

  18. The oldest isn't always the first to die. I do hope that Sweet Cheeks never experiences the loss of a family member due to an unexpected accident or sudden illness. But - we all have to remember that none of use is guaranteed a tomorrow. If it's IMPORTANT - do it NOW!

  19. OH MY! I'm sure she would like my jewelry AND think I am very very old! haha! Enjoy your week my friend!

  20. She is too funny! It is sweet that she still doesn't comprehend the loss involved at the moment.
    Years ago the family of my sister in law's first husband had all labelled things at their parents house, laying claim to what they wanted in advance!

  21. OMG that is hysterical!!! Maybe you should just give it to her now and then she won't have to be on a death watch LOL!


  22. How funny! You never know what those crazy kids are going to come up with!

    Enjoy your jewelry while you can!


  23. Hi Di,
    Man she's gonna be a riot when she starts dating! I can't wait to hear those stories someday!

  24. oh how funny...I tell my Betty this house will be hers and she's all the time telling me it

  25. Thanks for the belly laugh Diana, so innocent but oh so funny!

  26. Heehee, I love it! I just love the things that come out of that kid's mouth.

  27. Better watch her..she doesn't miss a trick

  28. Oh my goodness! Too funny! Out of the mouth of babes ... but they can get away with it!

  29. Oh, Sweet Cheeks... What great taste. Such a sweetheart.

  30. This sounds like a Nancy Drew novel- SweetCheeks and the Topaz Necklace. What a girlie girl!

  31. In the words of our beloved Art Linkletter, "kids say the darndest things".
    xoxo Ginger

  32. Well, as you apparently will be kicking off any time now, I'll be watching to see what I want. :)

  33. Once upon a time, my grandmother made the mistake of telling me I would inherit a beautiful ring upon her death, and I said "I can't wait!" It was a horrible mistake. I do have the ring--love it--but I can't wear it because I am a chunky monkey.

  34. She just gets better and better! When my nieces were here, the youngest asked me what was going to happen to all my stuff when I died. The older one yelled "how rude!" but Anni just needed to know she said. Turns out that she wants my bed and all my shoes! Hahaha...what would we do without our little girls?

  35. Fabulous!! I love that child!!! LOL~~Angela

  36. Little Girls like your SweetCheeks are the best Gifts in the world.



  37. What a hoot! Oh my word but she is the best! So glad you share what she says with all of us!

  38. She is such a hoot! I just love her stories :-)

  39. This should be a good way for you to get her to be nice to you in her terrible teens!

  40. That is the cutest thing I have ever heard. I love how children just say what they want. Too cute! Stick around a while please! Hugs, Martha

  41. Oh my gosh...that girl keeps you laughing! Such a cute story...xo

  42. Oh, SweetCheeks is too funny. I can see why she wants that blue Topaz necklace, it's gorgeous! That was sweet that she rearranged the seats to sit by you.

    Have a great week, Diana.


  43. Sitting here all alone and laughing!!!What a girl!

  44. Tooooo Funny!!!! Out of the mouths of gotta love em!

  45. What a beautiful granddaughter. Seems to be a lot of openness to discuss the inevitable in your family. ; D

  46. Humbling, isn't it? But such a natural attitude and shows the comfort she feels with her grandmothers. I like that.

  47. :D That's just too funny! Oh boy, what kids say!

  48. Oh my gosh....she is a gem isn't she? Next thing we know, she'll be going through your house putting her name on special items!!! ;)

  49. Had to laugh. Kids are so honest. I have all my good stuff to my granddaughters already. Now only buy myself the costume stuff. I had a lot of things from Mum and gave those to my daughter. I have just a few favourite things left and the girls have dibs on them.

  50. Too funny!! Well, you'll never have to worry about her. That's a girl who will get what she wants in life :)

  51. She's a smart gal with good taste!

  52. Oh boy. "I like your earrings." :) She keeps you on your toes, I see. :)


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