Monday, August 12, 2013

Calling All Cottage Lovers

One day I had a few moments
to browse and I found myself
looking at cottages.
We live in a house on the lake.
It is a house, not a cottage.
Houses, to me, entail work,
lots of work.
Sometimes I dream of living a
A life lived in a cottage.
But---which KIND of cottage?
There are so many.
Let's see if YOU have a favorite.
These are all from the internet and I have
NO idea where they came from.
If these are your images I apologize for
using them and not giving you credit.

Anyway,  Tell me which one of these 12
 would be the cottage of YOUR dreams.

A sweet little Victorian cottage.
A small unpretentious cottage on the lake. 
How about a tree house cottage?
A grand cottage big enough to hold family and friends.
A sweet little gingerbread cottage. by the side of the road.
A little cottage with an addition set in a rural area
Rural not for you?  How about a row house cottage?
A cottage by the ocean
A floating cottage ON the ocean
A rustic retreat
Maybe modern is your thing
Last, but not least,
A true STORYBOOK cottage
What's YOUR pleasure?
It will be fun to see how much we are alike...
or the case may be.
I'll show the results tomorrow
along with my personal choice.
(Is there one with barred windows to 
keep MyHero in check?;>)
your photo name


  1. Number 8 for me. A cottage, waves and sand, yippee..

  2. Diana, I love the first one. I could never do the bare yard thing. I have to have something pretty to look at each day.xoxo,Susie

  3. I love 1, 5, 8 and 12, Diana. All those fairy tale cottage looks. I love 8 for the porch and proximity to the water. I've always loved the look of those Storybook homes.

  4. Hi Diana! Have not been anywhere near blogland lately and decided to drop in and see you! So happy you are still blogging, yours is one of my favorite blogs! I am all over the ocean cottage, #8!
    Have a great day,

  5. Number one, hands down, is calling my name!!

  6. Oh Diana they are all wonderful but who can resist a cottage on the water. Number 8 is dreamy. I do like number 12 the Story Book Cottage too. So sweet and full of character.

  7. I' m in for #6. Rural, with an addition, works perfect for me. Give me fields and fields! I want nothing to look at but nature.

  8. Fun post! I'm going with Number EIGHT. Not too fussy, but on the water. Perfect for me. We already live in the countryside, so I'm not looking for a country cottage and don't want anything fussy like Victorian or gingerbread. #8 is my favorite!

  9. So does the winner get an all-expenses-paid trip to our favorite cottage for a week???? LOL

  10. No.1!! Just what a cottage should look like in my mind!!

  11. So difficult to choose only one! I'll go for #8.

  12. My choice would be that sweet gingerbread - but further back into the woods and not so close to a the story book one but smaller.............

    Or a really small adorable one with a lake view and lots of trees.

    What about your favorite, Diana? Which one would YOU choose as your favorite?

  13. 5 or 12...but, I live in a New England-style cottage and I promise you it is more work than a HOUSE! (Well, it is our house.) Mice, anyone?

  14. They are all so sweet, but #1 has my heart....hugs, Penny

  15. I love the Victorian BUT I would not want to paint it!

  16. I say lake cottage!! Oh yeah If I had the money that's what I buy.

  17. I would choose gingerbread #1 and floating #2...all divine but since you made us choose!


  18. No. 6 LOVE IT! just gotta get rid of that wood stack on the side:)
    thats a spider and snake stack waiting to happen lol.

    I'm gonna keep that picture though cause I have a storage building that needs to be prettied up and how I would love for it to look sorta like that...

    this was so much fun.. do it again with other samples..please.

  19. Hi Diana,
    I like #5, but right next to a "Lake of Shining Waters" ~ not road, but with a "White Way of Delight". xo

  20. Well, I would have to choose #4 in order to have room for all the family to gather! Can't do stairs anymore, so everything must be on one level. xo Nellie

  21. Sory book. There would so many interesting pieces of it to explore. Nooks and crannies. I love the structure. Not to flat with all the different windows etc. But of course it would never need to be painted or anything like :)

  22. Ohhh I'd love to live in the first one!

  23. Love #1 - so pretty. But cottages are a lot of work also.
    Have a terrific week.

  24. I am in love with number 1.
    Smiles, Dottie

  25. They are all beautiful but can I pick two??? Number one and number 9 <3

  26. I love #12 and #1 both! Really like all of them though!

  27. Ummm...I have 3 favorites :) I am terrible at making a decision! I like 5, 8, and 12. Hugs to you!

  28. I like # 1 it is so cute but I can see #2 can look cute and fixed to ones like and hey how close to the lake can one get. really. A hop and a jump on a hots day . Bam!

    We have number 2 cottages up the lane.

    I moved from a big log cabin but it was so many bugs with the pond and the river and trees. Had to move. Neighbors a mile away.

    So I as I get older. Not long. Hubby is 74 this year coming. Will go to town into a senior bulding where all the stores are at my finger tips, library and the lake a throw away and all kinds of craft displays and fairs in the park and singers. All summer.

    As you get older. I think we get into the similar things in life.

    A roof over my head, food on the table and thank you Lord for the day. As you never know what to-morrow brings.

    I know I sound like a back country gal who why would she not the good things in life in the great choices here.

    Because that is me and you are You.

    Nice blog Nana my friend. Have a great day.

  29. Definitely #8 - Ocean Cottage. I live in a cottage like that in my dreams!!


  30. #8....I would love to live right on the ocean. Looks like a few others agree. For my second house...the tree house of course! heehee! Sweet hugs!

  31. It's a tossup between #5 and #6. I'd choose #5 if it were in a rural area like #6. If I had #6, I'd add more flowers, then it would be perfect! Fun post!

  32. Number 8 for today, but I will take any of those cottages. As home is where the heart is!
    Have a great week!

  33. Diana,
    First of all, I can't choose just one because I have many different styles that I like, but the Victorian cottage I love. The tree house cottage caught my eye too because it looks like it's in the mountains, and I LOVE the mountains. And the Storybook cottage is so charming too, although it's not where I would want to live. They are all nice, and can't wait to see what your choice is.


  34. I'm pretty bad at making decisions, but #5, #6 & #12 have all caught my eye!

  35. Oops...make that #4, 5 & 12!

  36. I'm thinking I like the rural area best.



  37. It's a toss up between #1 and #5! (But I wouldn't turn any of them down :)

  38. I love that grey gingerbread cottage, but not on a road, must be on a cove by the ocean or a very big lake!

  39. It would be numbers 2 and 3 for me. The outdoors surrounding them is just as much a part of their charm as the cottages themselves.

  40. #4 in my dreams...#8 for real...

  41. Number one please. I had just started writing a post about cottages(great mind's?? think alike). Think I'll put it off for awhile. Great examples :) xo Laura

  42. I want #1.
    No, #8
    No, #1
    No....make it #8.
    Is is possible for me to have two cottages???

  43. Torn between 5 and 12, but I think if I look at it literally, 5 is a bit too close to the road for comfort, so #12 wins out. Storybook for me! (I already have my Prince Charming, haha).

  44. This was easy...#2 the cottage on the lake. No question!

  45. #2 for me definitely! A complete hideaway and it seems very private. They are all very neat, some would make me nervous.
    Hugs, Ginger

  46. oh, i love #5 but, on the water, please, diana!

  47. I could be happy in any of them...but #4 and #5 call to me...

  48. I like the last one, it is like a story book...I have a cottage farmhouse, I love everything about it. I have lived in large homes, and they are wonderful. But if you want cozy, a cottage is the best. I loved all the pictures. Hugs, Mary

  49. That would be #5, could we be neighbors? Don't forget to stop by and wish me happy birthday, hehe

  50. Will you add it up and tally what you and we (?) voted on?

    I liked a few of them but since I had to pick - number 8!

  51. I like the idea of a tree house cottage with no grass to mow.

  52. I would take No 12, a fairy tale for sure! Blessings, Martha

  53. Well it's a close tie Diana - between the story book cottage - and anything on the ocean...........
    Gorgeous homes!

  54. Number 2 or 8...or that last one - 12! Fun choices.


  55. Hands down, it's number 5 for me. I always wanted to live in a stone house!

  56. Dianna,
    I love the first house- the little Victorian Cottage. I do like all the rest but that one is my favorite.
    The prices at Plains Antiques were not too bad depending on what you were looking at.

    Thanks so much for always stopping by!


  57. Wow I love them all. Sometimes daydream about living in a small cottage where everything is perfect and DONE! LOL.....I think that storybook cottage is mighty cute:)
    Hope your summer is going fabulously!

  58. I'll take one of each!! But, if I have to choose.....No. 2 on the lake!! Fun post, Diana!~~Angela

  59. Ok, I am in love with number #1!! But since I am special, I just have to have TWO cottages! So I will take the one by the ocean as well. Thank you very much, Diana! What a generous giveaway (haha!)

  60. I didn't get to read yesterday's post (yet). But I love the first one.....but the gingerbread on the road is adorable. Too bad it is right on the road. The storybook is great as well. I would be happy with the plain ole #3 on the water. I miss my cottage so much.

  61. Dang, now why can't this be a giveaway post, ha ha!!
    #8 for's beautiful!

  62. Diana: Yes, #1 is mine. Just enough garden to keep in check but still look like a sweet cottage garden, beautiful colors all put on at the very right spots, and small enough to be cozy and not hard to keep clean. #5 reminds me of the poem--Let me lived in a cottage by the side of the road and be a friend to man--or something like that. It's very cute also.I know it's too late for any of this to count..Happy Tuesday..Judy I think you should make this a return thing!!

  63. I'd pick number 8 primarily for the ocean location and not the style of the cottage. I love the look of the first one so move it to the ocean or lake and I'd be all set! The one that is sitting on the lake is too plain b t the location is nice but I'm sticking with #8. Hugs, Leena

  64. That treehouse cottage comes in a close second to #8 be the ocean. I love dreaming - keep em coming.


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