Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baptism Sins And Smiles

Our friends, 
Rocco and Amy Canadeo 
had their two children.
Natalia and Giovani,
baptized in church last Sunday.
Yes-I know- I know-
I usually use CODE NAMES but Amy said it was okay.
Now I hope Rocco doesn't hunt me down and hurt me.
Isn't this a beautiful family?
Natalia is wearing a beautiful 
dress her Mom found for her.
It has little crystals sewn all over it.
Sweet Cheeks acknowledged that it
was a 
However, not to be outdone she
showed Natalia her necklace.
Here she is showing if off.
That's pretty, said Natalia.
SweetCheeks smiled with pleasure.
Thank You! My Mom's friend
bought it for me in Paris (true)
and it is REAL DIAMONDS.
(so her friend told her).
Now that was NOT a sin because
she did not know she was lying.
See the church is still standing 
behind her...(and behind me-whew)
Don't ya love that "windblown" look?
This is not our church but it is beautiful and we
were honored to have been invited to 
attend this special family event.

So-wondering what the sin was?
Well, I think it is illegal in the 
state of Wisconsin for first cousins
to kiss in church-
At least that is what I heard!
Ask if HE cares!
Some sweet little girl pictures.
What's worse than being cousin kissed?
Being in the center of a 
Cousin's Sandwich!
Doesn't BigBoyE look like he is in pain?
I will be back with some 
more staging pictures tomorrow-
Lord willing and the church still standing!
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  1. The kids are all so cute!
    I think the sun was shining through the beautiful windows at church a little brighter with all those smiling faces around!!

  2. The girls all look so pretty together; Natalia's dress is gorgeous. Oh dear, BigBoyE looks like he is suffering!
    Your church looks impressive from what I can see in the background.

  3. Diana, Everyone is happy...that's so nice. All the children getting along is wonderful.Love the church windows. xoxo, susie

  4. Lovely family. Isn't it nice how all the little cousins get along?

  5. Great looking family ! Hope you have a wonderful day !

  6. I love the 'diamond' necklace, and it is on such a beautiful girl. We won't call him and tell him he was blogged.

  7. The girls look so pretty! What a fabulous time! BigBoy is getting so big!

  8. Good Morning Diana, The kids look like they are having fun, but I can see where Big Boy E is coming from. Surrounding just by girls, but it will change when he gets a little older. The church is beautiful and I love looking at the stain glass window especially with the sun shining behind them. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  9. I happen to LOVE Sweetcheeks real diamond necklace!!!!!!!

  10. what a beautiful event, the church, the dresses and such beautiful children,

  11. What a special day, the girls all look so happy to be all dresses up, Mr E maybe not so much! Ha

  12. Baptisms are beautiful and the girls are growing up. Wow...

  13. That is a beautiful family. And Sweet Cheek's necklace is beautiful, too! And all the girls look so pretty! Those poor boys look like they need a few more boys to team up with, though. They are so outnumbered! LOL

  14. Such lovely photos of all the children! That is a lovely necklace SweetCheeks has. Natalia's dress is lovely and so is her hair. All the children look so happy and they seem to get along so very well. You are such a busy woman, Diana! I just can't get over how you never seem to stop. But then, it's so much better that way because you don't get lonely or bored.

  15. Cute pics. Your post made me think... remember venial sins and mortal sins? Do they still teach that?? Have a great day!

  16. Your family is all so beautiful Diana... you are blessed... xoxo Julie Marie

  17. Those little white gloves take me back. Such a happy occasion!

  18. What a wonderful blessed occasion! The girls are such lovely young ladies! xo Nellie

  19. Cute bunch of kids. Looks like they were all having a good time.


  20. Such a sweet post! Beautiful family and children. Loved all the photos, the kissing cousins photo is just precious!

  21. Diana, you make my day. Your family is the greatest, you are blessed.
    I can hardly wait, my granddaughter is coming to see me Friday and I am rushing all around to get everything that she likes. Haven't seen her since Christmas - I'm excited.

  22. Great looking family. The children look so pretty and your Grandson is young still but if he was like 15. I am sure he would love that attention. You think?

  23. Beautiful church and family. Natalia's dress and hair are beautiful! Love Sweet Cheeks' necklace and all the sweet smiles from the whole group!

  24. Such a cute family. All the pictures are really good. Lovely church. Fake diamonds, real diamonds.......still diamonds, hah.

  25. Beautiful families. One day BigBoyE will like being the center of all the girls' attention!

  26. What a beautiful family and the kids are just gorgeous. God bless them. And no , it's not a sin to kiss your cousin in church. Im Catholic so I know.. LOL!! Beautiful church :)

  27. I personally believe, church is a great place to be baptized.

  28. Hi Diana, what a beautiful family and the church is gorgeous.
    Your family of kids are darling too and I love SC's necklace.
    What a happy event!
    Have a nice evening.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  29. Love that last picture..He's really hanging on to that dress...

  30. Gorgeous dresses and so glad the day was lovely and not dreary...what a blessed day!

  31. beautiful family...theirs and yours:)

  32. Such a sweet and fun post depicting a loving family, ...
    first up, the kissing bandit
    then you have girls gone wild!
    What a hoot!
    I love that the church is still standing though, by the grace! LOL

  33. Such a beautiful family!! The Church is gorgeous too. I'm glad the cousins had fun ~ the pics are adorable.


  34. Beautiful photos and such a special day! Love sweet cheeks bling!

  35. Adorable their pretty dresses and tell sweetcheeks that I love her necklace too!

  36. The grandkids all look so cute, Diana. Glad to see the church is still standing. I wouldn't have wanted to read about you in the National headlines. xo Laura

  37. Definitely a beautiful family AND necklace :)

  38. Such little sweethearts! And that dress is beautiful!

  39. Stunning children, it's so nice to see children that are so loved.

  40. ...just move to Arkansas...they marry their cousins :) (so I heard) Beautiful church indeed

  41. What a beautiful church, and beautiful families, too! That is so funny about SweetCheeks and her necklace:)

  42. What isn't wonderful about this post? Pretty, sweet, little girls, kissing tiny boys and pained older boys in a beautiful church for a special day = perfect to me!

  43. Cousin sandwiches are great. It is wonderful to see all the family so close. Beautiful too.

  44. What a beautiful family...a beautiful church....and beautiful cousins!! Have a wonderful and blessed week~~~Roxie

  45. Beautiful pictures! Love to see the girls wearing those pretty dresses!

  46. Diana, Such a sweet family and You know how I love your sweet family.
    xo Ginger


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