Friday, July 26, 2013

I Gotta Pea-I Gotta Pea

Want to know what ELSE I got?
(yeah- I know- poor English skills!;>)

I have mostly perennials this year .
I only got around to planting a few
This one is in an old copper wash tub.
Yep- It needs deadheading.
Want to know what ELSE I have?

I have some gorgeous hosta plants.
I have some BLUEtiful Columbines.
I have some plants waiting to bloom.
Phlox, I think.
And....You know what ELSE I got?
I gotta PEA!
One lone little pea plant.
Where the heck did THAT come from?
So, when I rush into the house saying
everyone scrambles to clear a path
so I have a clear shot to the 
powder room.

If you don't know WHY-well, if
you live long enough you WILL know.

Remember the kid's song?
I got a carrot
I got a yam
I got a green bean fresh not from a can
Got a potato and as you can probably see
I also got a pea.

I got a pea, I got a pea
Why is everyone laughing at me?
So if you find a little pea
On the Floor after I leave
I think it probably belongs to me.

Yeah- Got it now?
Have a great Friday.
See you LATE today-
still working at Ruth's house.
We're finishing up the kitchen today.
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  1. I never heard that little tune, but it's cute and suits the time of the year!

  2. Your hosta looks very healthy, and that does look like a Phlox. I was bemoaning losing mine in my post this morning, so sseing yours thriving just rubs salt into the wound, lol
    I gotta pea too!

  3. You always make me smile. Happy Friday!

  4. Never heard that one lol
    But isn't that strange - 1 little pea???

  5. Diana, You crack me up :) I love the copper potted geranium. We have found tomato plants that the birds have planted.:) They plant mulberry trees everywhere. I hope you have a fun day. xoxo,Susie

  6. Beautiful plants and flowers and even better was starting my day with a smile and a chuckle..


  7. I don't gotta pea, this year. Have some green bean vines that haven't produced diddly squat, though.
    Don't work to hard, see you tonight.

  8. Pretty plants Diana!
    Oh I wish I had planted some phlox,mine had to be pulled because of a fungus,

  9. Gotta pea? There's a fix for that, but I'm not sure I'll tell you what it is - it Depends. (Get it? Sorry, couldn't resist it) :-) I wish I'd planted more annuals too. Oh well, there's always next year, right? Have a great weekend.

  10. I wonder where the one pea came from, could a bird have eaten one somewhere else and um, pooped in your yard, (sorry) a little graphic but if you didn't plant it,,,,,,
    thats such a cute rhyme I haven't heard that one, have a fun day, I know you will!

  11. Oh Diana, there is never a dull moment with you - you are precious! I can always count on you to put a smile on my face :)


  12. oh that is a good one Di girl. Pea but Peee.

    Oh your humour lady today.

    Quick on your feet.

    Enjoyed you blog.

    Happy Day it is Friday.

  13. Thanks for the morning smile!! So cute! Your flowers are lovely, really like the hostas! Mine are struggling this year.

  14. The tune is new to me and I love it!

  15. That's a new song to me too. Could it be a sweet pea? One lone little sweet pea? I think your garden looks great. I love the idea of the copper pot with the geraniums. Great idea.

  16. You are a riot!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  17. Lovely plants, Diana! Never heard that little song before, but it sure is a cute one! xo Nellie

  18. I have never heard that one, but I do remember, "Diarrhea, uh-uh, diarrhea!!" My kids sing it now. Of course, I taught it to them.

  19. Hi Nana Diana! I am visiting from A Vintage Farm Wife.

    I love my hostas. I always say hostas and cockroaches will be left at the end of the world. You can't kill those things! And I know why you ran to the bathroom girl, I'm a Nana myself :)

    Celebrate that pea! Great to get to know you, and a happy 'joiner' of your blog.

    Happy Friday!

  20. Pretty blooms!! And you always make me chuckle!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!



  21. dont think i have heard that one diana!!! but, well, i have now! Ive never heard of those hesta plants before?..! dont think we get them here, but it definently looks pretty healthy!!!
    going to catchup on your other posts now! my naughty boys have my computer all the time and i have trouble trying to keep up!!! When my hubby is home we have 3 laptops/pads floating around but but he is away atm! xxxxxxlaura xxxxxx

  22. Haven't heard that one! Made me smile!

  23. "Wanna know what else I got?"...
    Sounds like you have been hanging out with your grandkids a lot! :)
    Gorgeous photos!

  24. You always have such catchy titles!!! No, I have never heard that one but I bet if I had when I was a kid I would have said it a million times until I drove my mother crazy!!!

  25. when you gotta pea, you gotta pea...there's no stopping nature!

  26. Your flowers look gorgeous. The heat has about done all of mine in. You make me smile!


  27. I never heard that song..hard to believe..I want to know what recipe you're going to add that poor defenseless pea too...:) Have a great weekend..

  28. I am certainly at that age where I know about peas.

  29. Oh you are just a hoot and too cute. Love your blooms. Have fun at Ruthies and a great weekend.
    Celestina Marie

  30. You know what I got? A cute little nursery at church! Lol thanks so much for your sweet comment on it....I just love how it turned out!
    Your plants are lovely....and I totally get the I gotta pee thing!! Lol :-)

  31. Oh

    Always good for that chuckle.


  32. Too funny! Where did that come from? I love it that the path was cleared to the powder room! This is hilarious! Love your gorgeous flowers!

  33. That's the first time I heard that one, but thanks for making me laugh so hard because well now....... xo Laura

  34. LOL! I don't have a pea, or much of anything else in the way of plants this year. Your look so pretty! Have fun at Ruth's today! Hugs, Leena

  35. Well, that's the first time I've heard of that little ditty. Your flowers are beautiful. I love columbine and have only had yellow. So pretty.

  36. Oh, how funny! You, always make me laugh! Love all your flowers.. We didn't get as many annuals this year either.


  37. I had not heard that before but that is so cute.

    Where did the pea come from?


  38. too cute! I have never heard that song. I usually plant sweet peas and didn't even get them in this year. Next year I hope I can sing, "I gotta pea"! Love those blue Columbines. I want to look for one that color.

  39. Your a very busy girl lately, you must be taken your iron. May you be finished soon with your helping Ruthie! I know in a way you have had a ball. If anything it has been great Blogging material!
    Hey, I gotta pea too! My granson brought it in and he washed it and was so proud cause it was from his plant.
    Love Ya Girl!
    Blessings, Roxy

  40. LOL!! Never heard that song before, but LOVE it!! Crazy fun!!

  41. Oh dear..I think I'm too old for that little ditty! S'cuse me..I gotta pea!
    It's so cute.
    Enjoy your weekend. I am going to try. Hope it stays cool.

  42. Hi Diana! I've been away much too long and missed your wonderful humor! I love the I gotta pea song...never heard it before, or else my pea brain has misplaced the memory!
    I have a veggie garden this year and plenty of weeds to pester me! Keeps me busy, but I can only do a little at a time...still having health issues, but trying to ignore them doesn't work so well.
    GraceinAZ (Pat)

  43. I've never heard of that song...that's awesome! It's too bad you can't frame your little pea!~~Angela

  44. You are too funny!!! I've never heard that song!
    Have a great weekend...

  45. That is ONE sweet PEEEEEA!!! And you are one sweet funny ladyyyyyy!

  46. :) started a new song! You are so funny Diana.


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