Friday, July 12, 2013


Ruth, Tom and I
hit it hard yesterday.
We got a HUGE china cabinet
emptied AND the dish part
of her kitchen cupboards emptied.
Oh!  What treasures we found!
Love FireKing, do you?
You should SEE!!!
Okay- You CAN see-
Love that FireKing!
FireKing not your thing?
Like my rhyme there?
A rhyme everytime

Do you like to SEEK Belleek
(there's that darn rhyme thing again)
with the shell pattern?
How about a BOX of it?
All green label for those of you
that know about Belleek.
And let's not forget the 
 Haviland Limoges.
Nothing really rhymes with Limoges-
darn and I had a thing going there-
oh-wait- Limoges- Rose-but how do 
I work that in?
Oh- yeah-One Limoges Rose plate
But this?
Service for 12+ extras

 Now- If you are very good
and promise not to make mud pies
using your good china
tomorrow I will show you
Christmas in July.
And I am the lucky recipient!
Yes. I. Am!

ps.  I probably should tell you that
Ruth used to have an 
Antique Store.
Now you know WHY she has so
many beautiful things.

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  1. WOW!! Diana, I love it all!!
    Thanks so much for your visits and for your kind and encouraging words!!


  2. Oh my. I can hardly stand the wait.

  3. Diana, I know fireking, a bit...but not the other brand you named. but oh that big set of china, wow !! When I was young I dreamed of a set like that. But hey, I was just as excited when I got my first set of melmac.:):) Hope Ruth isn't broken hearted about having to part with things. I have had two beautiful women in my life as true friends and they were both named Ruth..hug your Ruth for me. xoxo,Susie

  4. What beautiful treasures. And my good china is called Corelle, lol.

  5. I wish I lived closer. I would love to come to the estate sale.

  6. Wow, Diana! What beautiful treasures!!! Wish I could be at the sale!!! Have a great day and weekend!!~~Ang

  7. Hi girlfriend, The Beleek is calling me! I have two pieces straight from Ireland and would love more. I saw a bowl recently but it had Shamrocks-which is perfect but also Sunflowers. Although I also like sunflowers, they just don't go with Shamrocks.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Noreen

  8. Love that china! Your friend does have some lovely things. It sounds like you are having fun! Can't wait to see what you show us tomorrow.

  9. Oh my goodness, so many treasures! You must be having so much fun!

  10. What gorgeous dishes Diana - now I have to ask, are you actually helping or are you busy taking photo's while Ruth and Tom do everything LMHO!!!!!!!

  11. I'd lend a hand in a heartbeat if you needed it! I would be the same way if I owned and antique shop!


  12. OH MY Goodness.

    Ruth surely knows if she were to open an Etsy or Ebay store she could make a mint with that stuff?

    Wow. Just, um WOW.

    Thanks for the droolin - stuff is gorgeous, Diana!

  13. Love the shell china. What fun you must be having!

  14. How much fun!! I would probably just be putting it all in the trunk of my car!


  15. First, I love the rhymes sweet pea, you made me smile! The Belleck pieces, the Havilland china and all your toys are gorgeous...such fun, you must be enjoying every minute! Lucky you! Thanks for your always sweet visit. Enjoy your weekend.

  16. Wow!! I am totally drooling over those gorgeous pieces! But I feel so let down that you didn't come up with anything to rhyme with Limoges!!!!!

  17. Wow!... I would love to be at her house and shop, shop shop!... people often ask me why I don't open my own antiques shop... for exactly this reason... I would be my own best customer!... can't wait to see your Christmas in July!... xoxo Julie Marie

  18. What a beautiful china set! I have some of my grandmother's china but I also have the set I bought myself back in the day of singleness. It is surprising that through the years, I only seemed to get it out for holidays.

  19. OMG the china is beautiful. What fun to find all those wonderful pieces of china. I LOVE LOVE that rose plate, its stunning.
    Have a great weekend.

  20. alway a nice perk of are tight there when people say "do you want this?"

  21. Very nice... bet she is finding things she forgot she had!!

  22. Yes I love that jadite. The china is pretty too.

    xo Danielle

  23. Your friend certainly has lovely things. I hope she will be keeping some of them. It must be hard to chose what to keep and what to get rid of!

  24. Diana, I collect Belleek and Limoges! Wow, these are gorgeous pieces! What a fabulous eye Ruth has! I love the FireKing too! Have fun!

  25. Love these! I sadly love all three! You can tell by my cabinets! Plus more, of course. See you at Christmas in July!

  26. Wow! I bet you felt like you were in a china shop! Can't wait to see what you're getting. She has some beautiful dishes.

  27. Oh, lawd!! I LOVE CHINA--except my house looks like it belongs to someone 84 years old. Oh, well...I gotta be me!

  28. I only know those names from watching Antiques Road Show.
    In my house, it is Corningware, all the way!

  29. I love Fire King! I love Fire King and especially Jadeite! :) So much fun and those dishes are most gorgeous! Thanks for popping in to my little Kiki blog and the tip on the bread box! I'm learning.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. I love Fire King. I have a couple of baking dishes I have had for many many years.

  31. Oh my, I need to go and read your other posts to find out where are you?! I love that china set.

  32. I adore fire king that pink mug. Hope you are well and your Summer has been awesome so far. Hugs. xo

  33. Ye gads.....what pretty things you have unearthed. I'm trying to get rid of mine......could I send it all to you! LOL LOL

    I'm telling you downsizing is the pits...especially when you have collected so much stuff over 66 years.

    stay well dear lady,


  34. How delightful! Love the fireking mugs :) I'm hoping to find a set of china - about 6 place settings sometime before my September event - I have a table and six dining room chairs to sell and would love to disply it with it set :)

  35. Beautiful treasures, Diana. Looks like a fun time!

  36. Oh you lucky girl you....

    Love everything you showed us.


  37. I know doing that sort of thing is work, but it must also feel a bit like working in a candy store - her things are all "luscious"! I don't know brands and such, but I do know what I like, and I see LOTS of things I like...You are a great friend to help in such a BIG project. I've been reading through some of your past posts, as I'm behind on visiting my blog friends. Your sweet "boy" is really growing and a real Cutie Pie, even when he is sick!

  38. Di, just ship it all to my house, don't even bother with the auction.

  39. Oh my! What pretty things! I love all of it! You'll have lots of fun displaying these dishes in your shop or home! Great finds!

  40. Oh my, I do love that China,,,,,,,if only. Sigh..I would just love it.
    Thanks for showing us

  41. Oh my, rhyme time!
    sounds like you are having much fun...beautiful collections wow, is she going to be selling them or are you the one to inherit these beauties? take care and don't work too hard ladies.

  42. Wow my wallet is burning! I'd buzz over if I could! I'm planning a garage sale for next weekend. I hope the sale goes well!

  43. I was just wondering if your friend had any idea of the value of her china. Now, I see she knew perfectly well what she was collecting. What a sale that will be!

  44. What a wonderful collection! Of course, the rhymes are pretty special as well!!

  45. okay, I am definitely drooling. Where in the world did I put that bib?

  46. Yes, these are gorgeous things! What a thrill it must be to sort through them with your friend. I've a longtime friend who has quite a collection of antiques herself, and even had a shop, too. xo Nellie

  47. I LOVE Fire King! And it loves me.
    Nuff said, ya think? LOL


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