Thursday, January 31, 2013

Never Fail Caramels

Yesterday I promised you a
Here it is!
There's a storm brewig here today.
We have 3-5" of snow coming
followed by a few hours
of freezing rain.
Can you see the big fat flakes
falling on the playhouse
in our backyard?
When I was a kid my mother
often whipped up a batch 
of fudge from scratch
after the chores were done
on a snowy Pennsylvania night.
I make caramels instead.
As you can tell, I love to bake
and make candy.
I don't know how many 
caramel recipes I have tried
over the years.
Some of them called for
stirring for what seemed hours
and then...
they might or might not
"turn out".
These are quick!
Less than 10 minutes from
start to finish AND they
to set up properly.
Get yourself a nice big 
microwave measuring cup.
Edited to add this message
from Debbie (see below)
 Be careful though, I have a friend who was making caramels in the microwave with her daughter, but they were using a glass container, not a measuring cup. At one point, the glass fell out and my friend received third degree burns over her hands and legs. I would caution your readers to make sure they use a good quality measuring cup, as you mentioned, not anything else! Just a heads up
I use the 2 quart one.
Everything that is measured out
is in 1/2 cup increments.

Melt 1/2 cup butter.
Remove from microwave.
Add 1/2 cup Karo syrup,
1/2 cup light brown sugar,
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup sweetened CONDENSED MILK
(not evaporated milk)

Stir until mixed and dissolved.
Microwave on high 3-1/2 minutes.
Stir down.
Microwave on high 3-1/2 more minutes.
Remove from mic.  Add 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Add 1/2 cup chopped nuts-if desired- I don't.
Stir until few air bubbles remain.
Pour into 8x8 buttered dish.
Refrigerate until set.
Cut into squares.

You can wrap these if they last long enough.
Ours never seem to make it to the
wrapped stage!
Serve these to your husband.
Make sure he eats twice as many
as you do.
Remember- the fatter he gets
the skinnier you look
standing next to him!;>)

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  1. The caramels sound so yummy! You're so bad.... And I love it. Stay warm. It is actually cold here too but no snow. Brrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. I always enjoy seeing your special little house. It looks so darling against the snow. Isn't this weather crazy? The backyard rink was a pond...and we now have storm warnings again. Your caramels look heavenly. I might try and do some baking today while I'm home with a sick Josie.

  3. Enjoy your snow! Those caramels look yummy.

  4. I want that little house!!!!
    You guys have more snow than us but it DOES look gorgeous!
    And those caramels look far too good for me to make...........

  5. I love that playhouse!! The caramel looks good - and I'm not even a fan of caramel.

  6. Love caramel! GREAT tip, I'll start making she my hubby eats MUCH more than me! :)

  7. What an adorable little playhouse! I'll bet those beautiful granddaughters keep it busy in the warmer months. I've made toffee many, many times, but never caramel. Will definitely have to give this recipe a try! Be careful though, I have a friend who was making caramels in the microwave with her daughter, but they were using a glass container, not a measuring cup. At one point, the glass fell out and my friend received third degree burns over her hands and legs. I would caution your readers to make sure they use a good quality measuring cup, as you mentioned, not anything else! Just a heads up. Have a great Thursday Diana!


  8. LOL...

    and yum! Except I think I have too many fillings to chance it.

  9. That looks yummy! I didn't know there was a difference between condensed and evaporated milk. Guess that is why they don't let me cook!

  10. Great recipe! They look delicious!

  11. I have been wanting to make caramels foreverrrrrrr...this is just the inspiration I needed and you've done all the dirty work by finding a recipe that works. Thank you for sharing. Stay warm...

  12. I love caramels! I've never made them homemade before though. I loved your serving suggestion at the end too. LOL

  13. You have a winter wonderland! I'm so jealous, although we have a beautiful morning here today. I love caramel as much as chocolate, so I'll have to try these out for Valentine's Day.
    Thanks, D!
    xx, Tina

  14. oh you are so bad, lol, your poor husband!! These sound wonderful, I have never made caramels,!!

  15. YUM Diane! We are only a state away and not too far from each other why not take a drive and bring some of those with :-)
    Oh my husband is better than I am.His will power for sweets is stronger than mine.
    I am going to make those seems pretty simple and they look delicious!

  16. The snow is absolutely beautiful ... and the carmel looks so yummmy. I love that the recipe is so simple, I think even I could do that. Enjoy the day and feed that hubby well. Hugs!

  17. The playhouse looks just magical, Diana! Maybe I will buy it and live on the property, once you sell your house:) Wow, your caramel looks amazing. Yep, I am getting fatter just thinking about it!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. That playhouse looks like taken out of a story book, beautiful! The caramels yummy!
    Have a great day, Diana!

  19. The snow looks dreamy! And the caramels look yummy! I'm definitely giving these a try!

  20. Sweet joys over here today....I really need to make this fudge of yours! Pure yummmmm!
    Ok...please keep your snow...don't send it our is pretty but I really don't want any right now as I am most certainly want to be on the road to Spring...our weather is WET and foggy.
    Hugs for a wonderful Thursday. xoxo

  21. Diana, You are wicked...fattening up your husband,LOL. That seems so easy...I'll write this recipe down for my daughters. The playhouse looks so sweet in the snow. I would like a bigger version for me. xoxo,Susie

  22. They look delicious! I'll have to try them sometime when the girls are here.

  23. These look and sound delicious, Diana! I haven't had caramels in awhile now. It seems the store bought ones have wheat in them {and I have Celiac's}, so they are a no go. I'm going to save your recipe and give it a try.

  24. We got 11 inches on Tuesday and 6 more on Wednesday but they say the sun is coming out to play today.

  25. Hi Dianna, I love baking, but never have been a candy maker . . . maybe I should spread my wings and give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Looks yummy:)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  26. oh how I love caramels!!! I do not love the 5 1/2 inches of snow we just got...or the -40 wind chills today. brrr- send me a caramel?? ;)

  27. I love caramels. Thank you for the recipe.

  28. Yum, those look wonderful, now I need to get the syrup and then we will be ready to make. Thanks for the recipe.

  29. nice optical illusion trick there at the end! the caramels look delicious!

  30. Dianna,
    Now isn't that the yummiest looking fudge!!!

    Thanks for always stopping by!!


  31. Caramels are just as good as fudge and LOVE your comment about standing next to your husband. When Dave and I stood next to each other, I only looked fatter. He was sooooo skinny!

  32. Diana, What a wonderful recipe! I always wanted to give caramels a try!

    Flora Doora

  33. I think I want to take up residence in your charming backyard playhouse and eat caramels all day.
    I'll certainly be trying this "caramels for dummies" recipe, because EVERY attempt I have EVER made to make candy has been an epic fail.
    hugs, Lisa

  34. I gave up trying to make caramels as they never turned out, but I am going to try these - they look wonderful.
    Thanks so much for sharing and I love the playhouse.

  35. What a perfect winter treat! YUM!!!

  36. Diana, I can tell how delicious these caramels are. Will I make them? Probably! Will I eat some? It could be that I will eat a few or all of them. I find it so hard to resist anything caramel. My son is also a caramel lover. He will love them. My daughter, not so much. She likes chocolate.

  37. LOL, Diana. I love that last sentence! so true.

    These caramels look good and very easy. I am saving the recipe.

  38. Diana, I've never been much of a candy fan, but I DO like a good caramel! But I better not make these - no matter how much my husband eats, he's a skinny guy!

  39. Hi Diana,
    I just love caramels...
    And are these the soft chewable ones?
    Thanks for sharing the recipe...
    I will surely give it a try and let you know how mine turned out.
    Stovetop way though.
    We decided to get rid of our microwave.


  40. Your home is so pretty and I can just imagine how the snow falling accentuates everything:). I can't think of a better way to pass the time than to do some cooking. Your caramels look so good! Have fun!

  41. Yum, these sound delicious and easy, thanks for the recipe! Stay warm and enjoy those caramels!!!


  42. Girl this looks so good-I can feel the pounds just jumping on me as I drool. Hey could you email me directions for deleting blogs from my reader-I went into Google Friends but could only unsubscribe if I was a subscriber. What I want to do is delete(off my list)those who no longer have blogs.
    Have a snowy winter evening, snuggled up with your honey!
    Hugs, Noreen

  43. YUM! I never make caramels cause they never turn out. Maybe I shouldn't try this - it sounds too easy and too yummy - I might need new clothes - bigger clothes!

  44. Oh, yum! How good these must be! What a temptation, Diana! xo Nellie

  45. I was in here very early this morning, but didn't leave a comment. My brain cells weren't firing yet. I love this. Its one of Steve's favorite things. I am going to try it in a week or two when I can get out and get the stuff for it. Thanks for sharing it!

  46. LMAO - oh no, getting him to eat twice as many won't be a problem at all since he has a sweet tooth! Not that I mind looking skinnier mind you ;) And I agree this recipe looks good and do-able unlike the others where you have to stir until you arm falls off. Thanks for sharing! Romeo wants to know if you can add tuna or catnip to these instead of nuts. Yes, only Romeo would ask a question such as this.....

    Hugs and purrs,

    "her" and Romeo

  47. Dang that looks yummy. It looks like someone would have invented lickable screens by now :)

  48. Yummy!!! What if you don't have a microwave?? Can you make it on the stove?

  49. I've been doing that to my poor hubby! He's gained 20 pounds. This morning he was disgruntled because he couldn't get a pair of socks to fit. He thought they were his but they were mine. I had to laugh.
    Thanks for the caramel recipe~I've never been able to get caramels to turn out. I'll have to try this!

  50. Love that play house and the snow and the post.. Love what you said at the end.. The fatter he gets the skinner you will look next to him. I died laughing.. Awesome LOL

  51. Again, the neighbours can most likely hear me laughing at the last part...oh fat husband. Poor guy.

    I am sooooo craving caramels tonight, but no, I am going to be virtuous and not make them...yet.

    Love this recipe, and it sounds great.


  52. Snow...Snow! OMG I had no idea it was snowing in different parts of the country, oh yum to the carmel and LOL on the fat hubby!


  53. What a "sweet" post! I never knew you could make caramel so quickly, and in the microwave? Fabulous! I have to give it a try.
    Thanks for stopping by, we missed you!

  54. Love the snowy picture, I want some caramels now, and great advice about the hubby! Mine recently lost 30 lbs. The nerve!!!

  55. What? No fooling with a candy thermometer that I usually end up breaking? Nice! But does it pull crowns out? Have to keep my husband away from them if it does. Guess I'd have to eat his share too.

  56. The playhouse looks sweet enough for a magazine cover!
    I would love to make these carmels,
    but I'd eat them all, for sure.

  57. There is no way I could stay away from candy like that. NO way!

  58. that little playhouse yours or a photo you is just positively adorable. Makes the cutest header!!

  59. Oh, my dear Diana--I LOVE caramels. I'm going to have to take a deep breath and try this. It looks sooooo yummy!
    Stay warm!

  60. I've gotta try these. LOOK AMAZING! Gosh must never rest...just like MOI! :)


  61. Oh, all that snow! Beautiful picture and your caramel looks so delicious! I can smell it all the way from here! :)

  62. Ooooh yum!... wish I had some (a whole lot!) right this minute!... I want to live in your playhouse... xoxo Julie Marie

  63. Love, love, love your little house. It looks especially darling in the snow.
    Oh...those caramels look yummy too!
    Enjoy your day!

  64. Diana,
    I can't tell you what a treat this is to see all the snow falling around your house. Living in California, I don't see it that often. How did you know that caramels were one of my favorites? Oh, so yummy.

  65. I know all about snowy Pennsylvania nights...and cold, windy ones...Caramels look yummy..


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